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coolsandeee - Burrp User


November 20,2013

One of the Best Idlis in Bangalore

I am currently exploring vegetarian breakfast dishes in Bangalore and I have been routed to this one. So, its a usual tiffin centre with self-service with stand and eat facility. Located in a good residential area, the place seems to be always crowded.

I had a plate of idli with filter coffee. I must say that the idlis were definitely soft and spongy and one of the best that one can find in the city. And the chutney is worth mentioning. A very yummy, delicious chutney. I absolutely have no idea what is the formula of that, but that was the tastiest idli ka chutney I ever had. I did not like filter coffee much as I have had better ones.

The whole area is neat and clean with proper facility to dispose the plates and drinking water facility. Though the area is crowded one would not hesitate to have a quick bite from here.

Probably, the next time, I might try the other dishes from their limited menu of vada, kesari / khara bhath.

Food: 3.5 / 5
Ambience : 3.5/5
Price: VFM
Service: Self-service, nothing to complain about nor to praise about.
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Abhishek Mutha - Burrp User

Abhishek Mutha

September 07,2013

“Not The Best In Bengaluru But One Of The Best”

Residing in Shankarpuram, I have been here quite a lot of times. It's pretty good and a small restaurant with no seating facilities. It's basically meant for breakfast and is also open in the evening. The menu is quite short and simple comprising of idli, vade, khara bath, kesari bath and filter coffee.

Quality: 4.5/5

Value For Money: 3.5/5

Taste: 5/5 -- Especially khara bath and kesari bath. Being a foodie, my taste buds can sense pineapple and a bit of banana in kesari bath. It's rich, yellow and mouth-watering. The 'watery' chutney also tastes amazing and is the highlight of this eat-out. Vade's are yum and crisp and expensive and high on calories.

Atmosphere: 3/5 -- It's crowded most of the time throughout the week. It's sort of a stand-and-eat place.

I would not say they serve the best idlis in Bengaluru but definitely one of the best. If you love filter coffee then try it here. Definitely worth a shot.
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mandayamr - Burrp User


March 03,2013

Hot hot idlis

Have been going there once in a while for the last 20 years. Prices have increased immensely, but idlis are still good; used to be a eat first pay later trust system when i started going there, but has since then changed to the regular pay first and eat later system.

The serving was super fast, the place is always crowded, and even though i have to park my car at a distance and walk to the place, I am always drawn to it every now and then.

Feb '13 pricing - 2 idlis - Rs. 24/-; 1 vada - Rs. 20; makes it one of the more expensive idli-vada combo in Bengaluru
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rajsraman - Burrp User


February 26,2013

Food Tasty, but Arrogant workers

One of the oldest and much hyped place in bangalore. Taste of breakfast, idly, chutney etc., are very good, but the attitude of the servers, cashier, and everyone inside the canteen are atrocious , you can't believe their behaviors. You have to wait for a long time to get your idly in your plate, no place to even stand , no place to park your vehicles, its like they are doing some charity even though you pay handsome amount for the food. Just for once due to the hype it has got, one can try, then avoid it. You get the same and better tasting food in Chat street too :)
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Shankar Mandagadde K - Burrp User

Shankar Mandagadde K

February 13,2013


Go to hell with this coffee bar. Workers are so arrogant and indifferent that they openly say that they are not bothered whether you eat there. Customers are nothing to them. Worst service.Compare quality. We can eat 5-6 Idlis and 2 Vadas if prepared in our home and here you can not eat more than 3 idlis and 1 vada. Coffee at 11 am is horrible.Even if offered free I have decided not to visit this bar again in my life time.
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jain_anirudh - Burrp User


February 02,2013

Lost some of the old charm but still ok to try

I first visited this "coffee bar" 3 years back when it was actually a "hole in the wall". The width of the shop was almost that of a wardrobe. At around 6PM they had already run out of some of the items even though closing time was 7PM. It's most well known for idlis so I tried idlis and kesari bhath. Vadas and khara bhath were already over. Liked the idlis and chutney but really loved the kesari bhath. It was prepared almost like seera (a fluid halwa of aata/ besan made in North India) and was served piping hot. Tasted heavenly! Visited again today. The shop has expanded to 4-5 times its previous size and equals a typical Shanthi Sagar sort of restaurant. Orders are taken and executed briskly even after the closing time of 7PM with the entire menu available. Tried idlis, vada, kesari bhath and tea. Fairly good quality with no complaints but nothing worth taking a long trip either. Both idlis and kesari bhath were prepared almost like run-of-the-mill. I guess part of the charm has vanished with the shop becoming a more commercial "restaurant". All in all, worth to drop by if you are around but wouldn’t recommend it for a long trip for its own sake.
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thinkfood - Burrp User


December 20,2012

Must try for breakfast !!

So far the best that I have come across, a small joint ,which is always crowded and to everyone's delight the queue moves faster. Menu offers Tea,Coffee,Idli,Vada,Khara Bath and Kesari Bath.
I tried idli,vada , kesari bath and light coffee. Idli, vada and khara bath gets served only with chutney, they donot serve sambar. Idli is porous and soft in the literal sense and melts in your mouth when had with chutney, vada is crispy and stays that way till the end , the khara bath is soft and melts in mouth too.The coffee was also nice. Breakfast was pure bliss that day...sorry for the elaborate review but thought I must share my experience so that the other foodies have enuf info to try this place ...Must try ,don't wait ,just go for it, you won't regret
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Ranjiny - Burrp User


August 20,2012

Best idli-vada-chutney combination

Almost always crowded, but there is not much delay in serving. This place has earned the name years before and is still maintaining the good name.
Surprisingly they don't serve sambhar for idli/vada.., you only get ample amount of chutnis.., which is very tasty.. :-)
Never the less, taste is very good, excellent location and good atmosphere.
Small Menu: idli/ vada/kharabath and kesaribath, tea and coffee.. but they have always maintained the standards with respect to taste.
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ravim84 - Burrp User


August 10,2012

Taste Rules all else

This age old institution in Bangalore has been serving up idlis and vadas with chutney for many many years now, and with such consistancy... The coffee tastes superb too.
The taste is very good, though the items are limited and they have peculiar timings.
But worth the wait soleley for the taste and quality...
Pls note they close before 7 p.m everyday and are closed on Sunday's too, so plan accordingly.
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ajlo18 - Burrp User


March 24,2012

Reviews of Brahmin's Coffee Bar

I had been to Bangalore for some for Marriage and we some 20 - 25 odd people decided to go to this place by chance at 7.00 in morning. this was 2 years ago.
The place was small one lungi clad owner was at the gate and overall place looked dull and okayish. but the we started with Kharabath followed by idlis again we had kharabath . i CAN TELL YOU ITS MIND BLOWING ISTILL REMEMBER THE DISTINCT TASTE AND STILL DIE TO GO THERE.
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srinivast - Burrp User


October 19,2011

Exceptionally delicious idlis...

I must rate this joint, primarily on account of the consistently delicious and hot piping idlis that are dished out to the customers. Idlis are fluffy and sort of make you addict, specially with the lops of butter( if you preferred).
The renovated joint is much better than its earlier avatar...its spacious...orderly...and definitely hygienic.
However they could improve on the "mindset" while serving the customer. Ex: they expect you to devour the idlis "with" vada...though you have bought separate coupon for Vada and want to eat it separately...
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Anup Rao - Burrp User

Anup Rao

October 12,2011

awsome place

one of the best place in bangalore to have idly, vada, kharabath ,filter cofee
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Jason M - Burrp User

Jason M

September 14,2011

Idlis that just melt

this is a small place, and like lots of other such places in bangalore there is no seating facility. I tried the idlis there and they were good, melts in your mouth kind of thing. But unless you are a die hard idli fan, its not worth wasting too much effort to go to this place. 4 stars for the quality of food, the cost and speed of service. But 2 stars for the very limited number of items. Not exceptional, but i can now say that i've been to this place.
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Deepthi Ramakrishnan - Burrp User

Deepthi Ramakrishnan

July 12,2011

Best Coffee Bar!

Have been going to this place since childhood and i was never disappointed. I'm not very fond of idlis but this place is an exception. Great South Indian food and the coffee is something you can die for! Very reasonably priced and a must visit if your in Bangalore.
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vijayanand_raju - Burrp User


May 31,2011

I'll go with Veena Store... i'll check this again.

Tried the place, Will go with Veena Store, more choice if you get bored of the idli vada kharabath, there is puliyogare, shavigebath, avalakki, etc.,...

maybe i should try this place a few more times again... so many people cannot be wrong...

Take it in the spirit guys!

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amar6277 - Burrp User


May 29,2011

Best Idli-chutney in the world

Best Idli-chutney in the world, period. Vadas are excellent too, but they tend to get over unless you go early. Limited menu - Idly, Vada, Kharabath, no dosas. Must visit place for south-indian foodies...
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burrp456 - Burrp User


March 18,2011

Awesome Idlis .

This place is really good for Idls & vadas. I strongly recommend it. You won't be disappointed. Do chk it out u r self.
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SharathGhorpade - Burrp User


March 09,2011


Been a regular for that last 7-8 yrs, not once have I told myself, today it tastes different... Same quantity / quality. People who are not used to spicy accompliments, be wary of their Chutney.. Suggestion, order Butter along with your Idlis, if you cant handle spice.

I travel almost 26 kms to treat myself, by eating here and dont regret one bit. Highly recommended. Be ready to stand at cross roads and footpath and eat the piping hot stuff.
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gomeg - Burrp User


December 01,2010


serves a very limited menu. The idlis and vadas are the most sought. try the vada. its the crispiest vada i have ever eaten. the place is always very crowded. you gotta hold the plate and stand next to the road and eat.
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Shreyas Tonse - Burrp User

Shreyas Tonse

October 23,2010

Sumptuous Breakfast

Based on my friends' recommendations and after seeing the reviews on Burrp, I decided to wake up early on Saturday morning and pay a visit.

I was treated to the softest idlis and the crispiest vadas I've ever had. I tried the khara bath too, but didn't find it as good as the idli-vada.

I reached the place at around 8:30 am and it was already over-crowded, so that speaks for the popularity of the place. The prices are also pretty cheap, the only thing is that they don't have any places to sit and eat, its your old hole in the wall kind of shop.
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bevarsee - Burrp User


October 05,2010

Consistent for 30 years

This place is just the best ,

The key is 100ds of people cannot be wrong ! so i went stood in line and got my khara bath and idlis and then i left to heaven!

Pros : everything is great

Cons : parking , wait and stand and eat still worth all the cons

my 20 paisa is : go for it and u will continue to go , this is the best idilis u can get in the world period
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Sapna Sunil - Burrp User

Sapna Sunil

September 17,2010


This is probably my most fav place in b'lore and tops my list. The place hasnt changed since the time I can remember and so do the people there. I still remember the same guy sitting at the counter during my college breaks. The only thing different is the price. The coffee and the chutney are to die for, actually everything there. I can never get enough of Brahmins!
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shreyas_p - Burrp User


August 09,2010

home made taste

very crispy vadas soft idlis n tasty kesribath over here r d best...very difficult 2 imagine d taste in such a small place...its been der from ages...without ne renovation
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Anju  - Burrp User


May 20,2010

Jay ho ! Brahmins

I wanted to come here since a very long time and so I did. We ordered chow-chow bhath and idly vada. Khara bhath was so yummy, just like my home made, I was glad I was there;The kesari was melting in my mouth, idly vada almost the usual. I liked Brahmin's better than Veena Stores. All have to stand and eat which is ok. No complaints. But it's expensive when compared to darshinis. But no one complains due to exotic taste ;)
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May 10,2010

Good Idlies

after Vb it is another old place where me and two of my older generations have been burrping.... the taste of the idli vada with chutney is excellent.. i regularly go here for a quick idli vadaa and coffee.. the kesari and khara bath is also quite good..
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mlkarthik - Burrp User


May 04,2010

Too Costly

I agree that the food served here is not bad but definitely not as special as the hype created is.

But the quantity served is too less and the price charged is too high.
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mani the foodie - Burrp User

mani the foodie

April 07,2010


I wonder why only 6 reviews thus far for this wonderful eatery which has been delighting generations. Such a small place, so much crowd n such a consistent taste and quality. KUDOS to the owners of this joint. The best of the idlis, chutney, no sambhar thats the best one kara bath and vadais. crispy n crunchy. writing this sitting in chennai. miss this place like hell. would need to do a trip to bangalore shortly.
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Anitha whats the big deal?? - Burrp User

pukka South Indian tiffin saar...

well well well..one of those places whose details are handed down from generation to generation..my dad's hang out,n tho i confess its not mine i go there when all the oily fare one usually eats makes u think of giving up on food(for a while at-least)..their menu is very simple..our old and faithful tummy filler the humble idlis,khara bath,kesari bath,vadas dunked in chutney or sambar and what a lot of people swear by..their coffee(im not a coffee drinker meself) even tho the prices are on the steeper side compared to the darshinis,its well worth it as they are all home made..altho be warned the place gets pretty crowded what with people clamoring for this yummy stuff to pack in their children's lunch boxes..its a pleasant eat out all in all if one gets an arms space on their tables outside..
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Roopashree Narayan - Burrp User

Roopashree Narayan

July 01,2008

For the best idly, vada and chutney in Bangalore

Being one of the oldest eat joint in Bangalore, they serve the best butter idlies, crispy vadas and of course mouth watering chutney along with it.

It’s a very small place, one needs to pay for whatever they want to eat at the counter which is almost on the footpath, sneak in and place the order. The man who takes the order, would be passing it on to the people in the kitchen. And this, he does verbally and continuously… I wonder how the order comes out perfectly, don’t people there get confused?? There’s nothing in written they count on. Its all in the mind. Well, whatever, they are the perfectionists and have been doing it for ages now.

The idlies and the vadas are completely dipped in the chutney…. Believe me, many people, like me, go for the second and the third servings of chutney. To avoid the rush and the spillover of chutney, there’s a different counter outside, where this man, serves only chutney. How can a bangalorean’s meal get over without sipping the hot and fresh filter coffee. Its an amazing way to end the meal with satisfaction.

People who want to try this super soft idlies, need to be there before 12 in the noon, between 3-7 in the evening and definitely not on Sundays as they remain closed.
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Rahul Rao - Burrp User

Rahul Rao

May 13,2008

Yummy food, but too many people

The food here is pretty revered among the locals and loads of folks throng the place when they get a chance.

However, the place is just a hole in the wall. This owner needs to at least expand the place, if not start a branch elsewhere.

It's almost an ordeal trying to get your food out from that serving counter, but once out, you can dig in, baby!!! And you'll feel like going back for more. A minor improvement that is there's an unfriendly elderly gent standing out on the footpath who serves up some extra chutney, in case you need it. This means you don't need to fight Brahmin's Battle to get your second filling.
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Bagavathi Adithya - Burrp User

Bagavathi Adithya

April 14,2008

Mmm...... is the word for it

Nothing beats hot and soft idlis with dollop of butter in the early in the morning.

If you want to beat the crowd ... go at 7.
Vadas are very crisp and the chutney is just perfect.

The timings is very limited though. It closes around 12 pm and opens again around 3pm.
A must for idli lovers!!!
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thodu - Burrp User


March 31,2008

Best Idlis in Bangalore

Awesome idlis and coffee. Only drawback is that the place is so crowded that getting your order is an endeavor. But the manner in which the proprietor remembers the order and calculates the amount is amazing in itself.

Definitely scores over the over-hyped and oily MTR offerings

Google map here - http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=106033510491531402591.00000111c26d8d4c39fc1
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rvasanth - Burrp User


October 06,2007

Excellent Idli Chatni

This fast food was rated no. 1 in Idli vada Chutney + Coffee competition conducted by Times of India. Idli, Chutney along with butter is excellent and the prices are very economical. Kharabath is also very good. Carrot is put in Vada which makes it even more tasty.

The fast food is not in a busy area - hence cars can be parked nearby. Lot of people take the food and have it in their cars.
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