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Shopka Baap - Burrp User

Shopka Baap

June 24,2016

ambience is good

This is one of the cool places to hangout with friends and the food is delicious with awesome ambience...!!!

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Deb  - Burrp User


July 15,2014

Sad Food, Tiny Portions, Crazy Expensive and a Complete No-no if You are Going With a Child

Correction: Price per couple: Rs 2000 at least (not Rs 1500)
We were 3, and our bill was Rs 3170, with 2 starters, 2 small beers and 2 biriyanis.

In addition to the above, starters are tiny portions - good for one person only
Biriyani smells of preservatives, chicken is stale.
No diaper changing place - staff will tell you the same blatantly
Baby chair doesn't have a belt or a stopper between the legs - so the child may actually slip and fall.
Get-up is of a mahal, but music and seating is of a roadside dhaba - confused in terms of theme.
I didn't find anything that could bring me back here in the future.
Please pick another place if you can.
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technotaz2004 - Burrp User


February 15,2013

Good food

People habitual of Hyderabadi / other forms of biryani from south india, should not order it here simply because they don't claim to have it here. Good food, good ambience. Expensive but I guess you are not a fine dining restaurant if you are not expensive. Loved it all the times I have been here.
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tarangdce - Burrp User


January 01,2013

little overpriced

food is very good and specially dal makhani. interior is very good and friendly staff.
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lweaver - Burrp User


December 10,2012

Disparity between the PRICE & the QUALITY of FOOD

It's not the money that matters. I don't mind spending even a 1000 bucks over a meal for a single person. But if the Food isn't good enough then I might be a very angry person. We were there last week over the weekend. I like what they have done with the ambiance and the whole Mughal feel. BUT WHEN IT COMES TO FOOD IT'S QUITE DISSAPPOINTING. My Biriyani was nothing but White Rice which was not even mixed well with the Biriyani gravy. What is the whole point of having a Biriyani then? The quality of food is not even close to a restaurant which charges three times lesser then them.

Totally wouldn't recommend the place. But if your desire is to sit in a palatial place and compromise heavily on the food. Then there is no better place then this.
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sandeepvnargund - Burrp User


November 20,2012

Overpriced food

This is a themed (mughal?) restaurant serving north indian cuisine. The waiters are dressed in mughal attire. The prices are on the expensive side but the food is not up to the mark. They used to play some videos on a screen that would come down from the ceiling earlier but don't think they do it any longer. Meal for two would easily cross 1200 rupees.
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PravKrish - Burrp User


November 10,2012

must try

Their appearance from the road is totally different and when you step into it you will know you have reached a palace. Their seating is quite sufficient for a large group. Their food spread was really nice:) The biriyani was really nice and also their rotis which was really soft and tasty. the starters were good especially the tandoori items. overall its a nice place but quite expensive
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Prettyprav - Burrp User


November 10,2012

lovely place

I had given a surprise for my husband here. Loved the place. Their ambience was outta the world. The attire worn by their staff was so mughalai.. it completely gives you the feeling of being in some mughal palace. Their food was so lovely... and i have never had tasted and felt such soft tandoori rotis.. their spread of both veg and non veg was superb...hats off !!
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Reena Chowdhury - Burrp User

Reena Chowdhury

June 29,2012

good food & decor but service needs to improve !

one of those Friday lunches with colleagues !-Jalsa was crowded with IT folks all around. well expected considered bang in the middle of the IT hub .Nice ambience liked the decor , its different . soothing with instrumental music playing of old hindi songs . ordered for some malai kababs and a blackcurrant mocktail , now that came fast . the kebab was soft and succulent so pretty satisfied and the mocktail really NICE !! next ordered the main course - Dal makani , chicken rara and nans ! realised need to go back and work so no rice dishes ! now the main course took ages to come we actually ran out of patience . SERVICE needs to improve ...
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June 02,2012

Jalsa for some

Restaurant has Dev D colors...some may like and other may like to be away from such ambiance. Food is average but price is not. Try for mini jalsa before finalizing for big occasion.
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kaustubh basu - Burrp User

kaustubh basu

May 25,2012

Awful Service

I have visited this place couple of times. As my office is in Marathalli so we came here for team-dinner and found the food okay.

On 24/04/2012 we came here with my Parents. We came in a bit late @ 9:50 as the timing mentioned was 11 PM.

When we came in and sat down the main waiter came and said this is final order and we need to order immediately. We thought that as it might take some time to prepare so they might be taking order @ one time only.

We ordered and within 10 mins they came with the starters. They did not bother to check in the group who would take what and they started pouring on the plate. Even before we were half -way through the starters they just came and started putting the main dish on the plate. IF they were in Hurry they should have told in the BEGINNING and we could have gone to some OTHER restaurant.

Coming to food:
We ordered
1) Keema Nan - Excellent
2) Peshawari Nan - Good
3) Rara Mutton - Good
4) Prawns - Pathetic (Costliest item)
5) Chicken -Horrible
6) Biriyani - Never ever try( Seemed made from Left-overs)


Now my Question is if we would pay 8.5K for 7 ppl (without liquor)and get this kind of food/Treatment would n't it be better to go to some other premium hotel in Bangalore and spend the same amount?

Make a wise choice before going there is all I can say.
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Neeraj Misra - Burrp User

Neeraj Misra

May 21,2012

Worst food

Bill No. 002950
Email id- mneeraj2005@gmail.com

On Saturday night we went to celebrate our marriage part at Jalsa with wonderful mood and high expection . We ordered the soup , veg platter and noor - e - mohabbat . Did not like veg platter . we finished the dinner with sahi meetha tudka . After reaching home felt smalll stomach pain and finally suffer with lose motion . Next morning doctor confirmed food poising .
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masaldosai - Burrp User


April 30,2012

Good ambience, food not worth the money

Been there a couple of times. The gravies and the other side dishes dont have anything great to offer. They are pretty much the same as what you would get in any north indian restaurant. But highly over priced. Would not reaaally recommend, unless you want to visit it once in a while. Pretty pricey for hardly anything unique
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hungry_panda - Burrp User


March 27,2012

Great food!

Place looks similar to Heera panna (church street). Food is great, waiters are a little over attentive :) I usually don't like someone hovering around, when I am eating...
Must try : Hara bhara kebab

Masala papad and chaach were a bit of a let-down, masala papad was not fried, and chaach was too watery..

Will definitely visit again for the kebabs.
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Alberto Olivera - Burrp User

Alberto Olivera

March 22,2012

Overpriced and Unclean

Jalsa looks amazing from the road, but that is all. When you visit Jalsa, the ambiance makes you feel like you have stepped into a palace. But the music and the lighting sadly ruins it all. The music definitely needs to be changed else people might think it is a dance bar and not a restaurant. The food was of really bad quality and overpriced. The chicken Rarra was extremely oily and had an off taste. We asked the waiter to change it and he said we shall be billed for it. The rice was not well cooked .The desert bowls were unclean and the Gulaab Jamoon was extremely sweet. Overall, terrible experience. Avoid this place.
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criket2007 - Burrp User


March 19,2012

Expensive but worth it

The food (at least the vegetarian part) is very good. Nice ambience. A little on the expensive side, but on balance its worth it.
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Murali kumar - Burrp User

Murali kumar

March 13,2012

Outstanding ambience with good food

First thing the ambience is like Wow!!!! the owner definitely has a passion towards giving people something different. However the food is just good, i can't say bad or great. The biriyani was ok and the starters were good specifically the tandoori items. For my opinion if they could serve the best taste for that ambience, this restaurant will be totally unbeatable for its cuisine
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iaFoodie - Burrp User


February 17,2012

Great Ambience

The ambience is no doubt one of the best u can find the city but the food is just not worth it. It is extremely rich in flavour and that doesnt really add to the taste. You could just try it once and that too if you havent got any booking on the new years eve. Its the only decent place where u ll find a table!
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Ramya Rao - Burrp User

Ramya Rao

January 07,2012


Really bad service and average food.The decor is beautifully done but isn't well maintained.All in all - Overpriced and Overrated.
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Indian Bison - Burrp User

Indian Bison

December 29,2011

Good place for Mughlai

I've been here on couple of occasions and found the food to be good.
I tried their Mutton dishes and I liked it.

Decor is good, service needs attention. Price is a bit on the expensive side though!

I would love to visit it again to try something different.
Go if you don't mind the cost!
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C D - Burrp User


October 09,2011


Well the food was really good... And the ambiance is jatang but nice... But I got some after effects after eating there... Dunno why really.... need to find that out....
The shorba was ok, it did not really have the paya taste in it... And this is the first time i had paya shorba so didn't know what to expect....
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poulomi roy - Burrp User

poulomi roy

October 01,2011

Visit 'JALSA'... only for ambience....not food.

Well "jalsa' decor is not worth the money they charge for food. We got quite few dazzling Mughal corners to click ourselves. Once the 'wow' factor of their decor gets digested....food taste nd service seems 'Average'. Expensive indeed....not for regular weekend visits. Its the usual tandoori chicken ...priced at 450rs, Chicken rarra at 350 rs ....nd their waiters seemed too confused in their Mughal dresses. They took the wrong order nd also did a wrong billing by adding extra 250 rs. For me nd hubby ....it costs us 1500rs. In short...Jalsa can be a one time visit....just to get a glimpse of their decor nd ambience. Rest all are just too overpriced.
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Alcor - Burrp User


August 28,2011

Fancy place, but un-fancy food

Overall: 3
Food: 2.5
Ambience: 3
Service: 3

Went to this place for an office treat. The first thing you’ll notice is the Arabian Nights- influenced décor but waiters dressed in traditional Pathan attire (swalpa confusion regarding what it aims to project!) Ordered palak shorba, which was quite insipid, requiring copious amounts of black pepper to give it some taste. For starters, I had two types of chicken kababs. The Murg Acchari Tikka was your regular chicken tikka, but the Murg Cheese Kabab was an insult to the name of kabab, with strips of cheese thrust between sausages. Saheb, if I want to eat sausages, I’ll go and buy a pack from the store; I won’t pay 295 bucks to eat it with Amul cheese!

We went vegetarian for the main course, kulchas with Bhutta Palak Methi and Kaju Khumb Mutter, both of which turned out to be quite good. I particularly enjoyed the corn and palak combination; I can’t remember having anything similar before. Though I went with the plain kulcha, I’ve heard good reviews of the Peshawari kulcha too.

The food is expensive, and despite all the glitter of the place, not worth it.

P.S. They play old Hindi songs on a projector. Enjoyed hearing Kishore Kumar’s golden voice while eating.
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Amrit Noronha - Burrp User

Amrit Noronha

August 13,2011

great place and great ambience

had a great time with my colleagues on the weekends, but i just think they need to work on the ventilation a little more, cause we were all feeling claustrophobic.....

will recommend for the food any time!!
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Utkarsh Jain - Burrp User

Utkarsh Jain

July 08,2011

Awesome place

Awesome place,went on a team lunch here.They offered us buffet .It was simply amazing .Everything was nice.The only part missing was a welcome drink .But its totally value for money :)
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Siddharth Shukla - Burrp User

Siddharth Shukla

June 07,2011

Great Food along with Gazals.

A must visit for all Mughlai Food Lovers.
I tasted the best Non Veg Food in Bangalore here at jalsa.
There Butter Chicken, Chicken Biryani reminds me of Lucknow.

The waitors are dressed in the perfect old Raja Maharaja's - times dresses with turbans. They offer these turbans to you also.

The best part of this place is its food only which is un parllel to any other dining place in bangalore.

They play gazals on the screen - I was waiting for some gazals from Umrao Jaan which they did't played. :(

Visiting this place will definetely give you an amazing and different experience.

Visit this place for tasty Non Veg food in an Arabian Nights Ambience.
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maxxxxx - Burrp User


May 14,2011

sure shot

This is a sure shot when it comes to north indian food.
place: may not be too sophisticated, but is surely different and looks like an arabian tent. they have live cricket broadcast at times and old hindi music at other times. seating options are plenty, to support couples and large groups alike.
Food: we, as always, order veggie food which tastes very good here. the quality of ingredients is high class and the taste is invariably good. I dont recall ordering a dish here which disappointed us.the breads are soft and fresh, so is paneer; biriyanis are nice too. overall you cant go wrong here!
Service: the service is not the best here but not bad too. At times you can experience delays in your order and hear those loud clanking of cutlery and dishes. but overall they are able to manage it decently.
Dinner for two costs around Rs.1100.
I have been here atleast 6-8 times in last couple of years and look forward to it again soon
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nithin.a - Burrp User


May 12,2011

Nice Restaurant but Expensive

8 of us visited Jalsa and the ambience was amazing.Even the food eventhough touch expensive was good.Its basically a mughlai experience.The waiters wear turbans and even we can dress up as Mughals.The starters,main course and even the desserts were good.They also play old hindi songs on the projector which was an unique experience.Overall a nice restaurant to visit.
Cost:Above 1000 for 2 persons
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kabiburrp - Burrp User


May 04,2011

Fantastic food but expensive

we visited Jalsa quite a few time and every time the experience was really good.although expensive, good for corporate team dinners.you can try the non-veg platter if you love non-veg.Kulhad Biriyani,karela salad(starter) was good too.worth visiting if you don't worry about spending a little bit once in a while.there will be screens for old bollywood songs, which you can also enjoy.
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Parag Ghate - Burrp User

Parag Ghate

February 07,2011

real average

Ambiance good
service was fine

some portions of food was GREAT! and some was ok.
and when the food is not good rest does not matter.
want to treat some firangi please take out to here
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ragpicker1 - Burrp User


January 14,2011


Wanting to give a foreign acquaintance of mine a taste of "India", I took her to Jalsa for dinner. This is my third visit here and I must say that the ambience never fails to impress me. It is very well-done and takes off the theme of a beautiful royal home to perfection. The waiters with their turbans add to the setting. The menu is elaborate and expensive. However, the food is worth it. My acquaintance ordered a Pineapple Juice and I ordered a Butter Milk. For our main course we ordered a Ghosht Dum Biriyani and a Bhurrani Raitha. Also a Garlic Naan and a Vegetable curry (I have forgotten which one). The drinks arrived quickly and tasted lovely. The food also arrived fairly fast and was quite tasty. I particularly enjoyed the Bhurrani Raitha, something I have eaten here before. Feeling too full for dessert, we called for the bill, took a couple of photos wearing turbans which were provided by an obliging waiter and left. All in all, I would say the ambience is great, the food is good, though expensive and the service excellent. The private alcoves for two (we sat in one) add to the charm of dining here as it lends that measure of privacy needed for a quiet conversation and a peaceful meal unhampered by noisy bellows from large groups who might occupy tables in the near vicinity.
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wink_srp - Burrp User


November 17,2010

good place to celebrate

we had been to jalsa last week for my hubbys bday celebration..i was a little skeptical about the place after going thru the reviews but still took a chance. i'm glad i did, coz we enjoyed thoroughly . ambiance is gr8, food (eps non veg ) very good. service is pretty fast. and i found it to be value for moeny. we were 9 of us and the bill was arround Rs. 3000/- so 350 to 400 per head.. i think is decent.
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foodaholic686 - Burrp User


September 16,2010

Hefty on the pocket, not so much on the tummy!

We went here as a surprise dinner that my hubby had thrown for my birthday. First things first, if you are here for the ambiance, then you have found the right place, its tucked into a a quiet area on the way to Marthahalli, it is done up in mughal style, right from the stewards dressed in silky jackets and turbans to the interiors which is done up tastefully. The service was quick and fast, i guess this was because it was a weekday. We were seated in a nice corner which was overlooking the "courtyard", here they have projector screen that comes out every 30 mins to play old qawwali classics and old tracks from umrao jaan,pakeezah etc. Then we ordered a a toffee fantasy (or something similar to that), this was a great drink, full of chocolate,toffee and sprinkle...yummy. Then we ordered a kebab platter, this was also tasty, but @ Rs 875 i've had better, but the naan ordered was really soft but too greasy and salty because of the excess of butter on it. The gosht biryani, which should be actually named "Ghost biryani" (pun intended) really hit rock bottom, the rice was flavorless and the mutton was not cooked well and the masala was too pungent with the excess of spices in it. We felt ripped off paying 300 odd rupees for such a tasteless dish, but the sweet dish helped redeem some of the damage, we had the rabdi malpua, this was tasty, even thought the quantity was again too less, but i guess this is how such restaurants work! This much came to around Rs 1800, though we had totally expected something above Rs1500, we felt the food doesn't deserve this much.
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vaibhav gupta - Burrp User

vaibhav gupta

May 03,2010

Good food,good ambi..,very bad service.

ambiance is mix of mughalai,morrocan,arabic,indian,persian....etc..but whatever it is,its good..food is too good to repeat a visit...but,but,but....service is sssssslllllloooooowwwwwww llllliiiiikkkkkeeeee aaaaaaaaa ssssssnnnnnnaaaaaiiiiilllllll.......we literally asked twice each for menu than food(which come after 50 mins of order) than water than finger bowl and finally even for bill.I paid exact amt. of cash + tip...otherwise bringing balance amt.would have killed my another 10 mins...i spent 2 long hours to have 2 rotis..i had to avoid desserts...
but they play music videos on projetor sometimes...which was good...
i'll come again but not on a busy evening...
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dev2010 - Burrp User


April 27,2010

Great Place, but expensive

We had a birthday party at Jalsa last Friday.
The location is good, far away from the maddening junctions and busy thoroughfares. they have ample parking. The decor is Mughlai with the waiters all dressed up in Mughal era costumes. The Sheesha/Hookah and the nautch girls were missing.
The food was superb for both hard core veggies and non-veggies. The starters were quite yummy. The kebabs were well cooked, soft inside yet crisp on the outside.
The biriyani was too good. We had three types of desserts. Kulfis, Gulab Jamuns and icecreams. Kulfis were outstanding.
So was the bill! The amount came to around 550 bucks per head. Sample this: one Mango Lassi for 125 bucks!!
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sreeja - Burrp User


March 10,2010

Nice Place

Good food. Try the chef special lamp starters..Quite expensive but worth it. 1500 average for 2 people.
Biryani is good and spicy..
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sjenigma11 - Burrp User


February 07,2010

Awesome Food

Though its a old review but worth writing it.

Don’t miss out
Murg Surkh Lal Tikka
Chicken morsels marinated and finished in rum, cooked in a clay oven

Subz Potli Kabab
Marinated minced cheese and potato stuffed with chopped bell peppers

Also you can try
Ghosht Raan -E - Junoon
A whole leg of lamb marinated with rum, cooked in a yogurt base, with special spices in a clay oven

Check out yourself the rates of the restaurant on their website www.jalsa.co.in

A Restaurant is one place where each and every individual has his own unique experience and I would not deny if my earlier readers/writers had a bad experience. But to be very honest, I had a lovely experience. May be the day, timings everything worked perfectly fine.
I went to this place located on the outer ring road after marathalli flyover with my wife, friend, friend’s wife and their cute little kid. The day was Sunday and we reached there around 7:45 PM. The ambience was awesome with those mughlai and rajgharanas look. After getting settled down we were immediately provided with the kid’s chair so that the seven month old can also enjoy the royal dinner. We ordered 2 Budwieser, I Juice and 1 Shorba as appetizers. And Wow they were there in another 5-7 minutes. Warm peanuts were offered along with Beer. Now I have seen restaurants serving peanuts but never warm. we gulped down the beer and in between the bar steward came in to ask if we would like to have more budwieser because they are left with only 2 bottles and other customer is demanding. I was taken aback by the careful attitude of the staff with so many customers in the place. Kudos!!! While enjoying our beer we ordered for some non-veg and veg snacks. The service was quick and the whole stuff arrived in 10 minutes. In the mean time we asked the staff to get us some pieces of carrot for the kiddie to enjoy the dinner. They were quick enough to provide the service. While having the appetizers, the screening of old hindi songs started and we enjoyed it thoroughly. After that we ordered for our dinner and it took some time around 15-20 minutes or so to bring in the dinner. We were busy talikng with each other and taking photographs with all those shahi turbans on our head and talwars in our hands. And in the mean time our food was getting cold especially breads but the steward came in and ask if we want the bread to be replaced. And we said yes!!! And in another 4-5 minutes we were served hot Roomali Roti/Tandoori Roti/Missi Roti. The food was awesome. For the very first time in Bangalore I happened to have such a great food. After the food we were served with sweet paan. The sweet paan left the sweet memories to be taken back with us. And it didn’t made the purse any lighter. With all the sumptuous food the bill was meagre 2100 including a tip of Rs 100. I am not able to select more than one option in ideal for, otherwise I would have definitely recommended it ideal for friends as well as romantic evenings.
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extreme - Burrp User


February 07,2010

nice place

it's ambiance is great.. must see place .. and great food,, moghul style food..especially biryani.. excellent service.. and ample parking space.. it's one of the best restaurants in Bangalore..
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extreme - Burrp User


February 07,2010

nice restaurent

it;s got a very different ambiance,, great food,, excellent service.. ample parking space,, over all had a great time there.. must see place,,, nice moghal food,, yummy biryani...
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tarun20072007 - Burrp User


January 19,2010


I had been to Jalsa many times before..though the decor is little bit over the top for me..i did enjoy my food...but the last 2 occasions have been pathetic...i couldnt justify myself eating that awful food at that price..phew...i dont know if it was one of those days or Jalsa has just lost its shine..whatever if i am paying money..i expect a restaurant to be consistent!!! sadly most of the restaurants in Blore do not maintain consistency once they gain popularity!!
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gauthamv - Burrp User


January 01,2010

On New Year's Eve

I, along with my friends drove to Jalsa on New Year's eve. We had no prior booking but were accommodated due to a few cancellations. The ambiance at Jalsa is among the best in the city of bangalore. But, the service is very slow. We ordered food at 8 15 PM and the dinner was served at 9 00 PM. And the biryani tasted awful. It simply killed my hunger. We ordered for a second botlle of mineral water which showed up only in the bill. The rates too were on a higher end. All in all a pretty bad new year experience.
Restaurants are concentrating so much on the ambiance that they are neglecting their reason for existence, food. The two stars are for the ambience.
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Hima Navarro - Burrp User

Hima Navarro

December 14,2009

Over the top theme restaurant

This is a theme restaurant which is supposed to recreate the mughal period. But only one word that describes this restaurant is gaudy. Too flashy and "in your eyes" for my taste.

Anyways, the food is at least somewhat authentic mughalai. The kebabs, biryanis are good.

In cocktails they messed by my olive martini very badly. But other cocktails they served were average.

Overall, I would recommend one visit for the purpose of viewing the gaudiness of the restaurant.
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Paritosh Agrawal - Burrp User

Paritosh Agrawal

November 15,2009

Good Food, Poor Service

Had been to Jalsa Recently, Good thing is that I called them up on Saturday evening @ 9 for reservetions @ 930 and the place was available. Ambience is fultu Raja Maharaja Types, food is good, service is also ok but waiters have no sence of serving, they served the roti directly on the vegetables served in the plate. Over this, if u complain about it, the person will say sorry thts it... huh.,.. they need to have some trained waiters... Otherwise the plce is good.. worth visiting... and food for 3 costed us 1500 (without drinks)
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chen_0707 - Burrp User


August 09,2009


i had been to this place on my bday.... n i din regret even one bit! the place is really beautiful especially if u like a very chandini chowk kinda ambience! after i placed my order i only hoped that the food impresses me equally n i was not at all disappointed! the food really lived up to the expectation! whether veg or non veg its all very sumptuous! the service is great! price is on the higher side but its really worth it! a sure re-visit to this place!
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Vineet Arya - Burrp User

Vineet Arya

June 12,2009

Good experience

I found this place something different in Bangalore , nice spacious decor & the variety of food is also available. Not a place for heath concious people as the food is quite rich in content.

Price is quite high for the food that they serve almost matching the 5 start hotel prices so i suggest only be visited on occassions.
A good treat for people looking for northing indian food
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Amit  - Burrp User


May 02,2009

Fairy Tale not so fair

Had heard a lot about this place, and wanted to try it out.
Found the interiors normal, but not extra ordinary as they or some regulars claim.
Normal food, good service. Above average prices for the decor I guess, the most shocking was the price of the platter. Nothing else to compain about.....so.....One can give it a try, may be you'll like it more than I.
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raol g - Burrp User

raol g

February 06,2009

very different....

went to this place for dinner to celebrate my 8 year old nephews b'day.
first thing that hits you is the decor inside. on the funny side, you half expect the 'nautch' girls to come running in and do their thing in front of you (no nautch girls, just a screen playing old hindi bollywood songs)

the food was very good - i had the mutton shorba along with butter kulcha's, malai kofta, bhindi and mutton biryani. I dont expect much when i eat 'North Indian' food, but this food was tasty, hardly an floating oil and the waiters were quick to get what you wanted.
Be sure to choose one of the corners-it offers the best privacy available.

All in all, a quaint place with an in-your-face decor
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talentmappers - Burrp User


February 06,2009

jalsa service and food is not good

food is not so good and also.
they having some projecter show that is also one side only.
by the price, food is not good.
even if you order somthnig. the we order two biryani but at last the given only one and then they forget that order.

dont go any time.its only show off that it.
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megabytes - Burrp User


October 07,2008

Not a romantic quiet place

Avoid if you need to enjoy desi northy food with subtle soft music and soothing interiors. This place is as "jalsa" as it can get. We went with our family decidedly not wanting to be quiet and had a great time with the sword and pagdi snaps, very typical north indian food and loud bollywood presence.
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Karthik Sulibhavi - Burrp User

Karthik Sulibhavi

September 26,2008

Disproving the fourier theorem.

Yup... Fourier... You've got it wrong!

MAY BE you are just NOT ready for something different.

Praise or abuse, I like to give it in as less words as possible.

So... as I walked out of the restaurant, only two fingers out of my ten made sense. and they were my Thumbs.... :)
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Fourier - Burrp User


September 12,2008


Ewww - I am not sure if it was overdone kitsch ambiance that got to me OR the look that painted an image of a "bordello w/o the chicks" in my mind. But, either way, this place was "ewww" to my aesthetic senses.

I certainly didn't "enjoy" the mirrored ceilings, the lights changing from pink to blue to orange and yellow over my dinner plate, the Bollywood songs playing through the projector in the middle of the restaurant, the tiny cubby holes hidden away around the sides with cheap mirrory-stringy stuff used as a curtain (I wonder WTF goes on there!) or the waiters dressed as mogul emperors. Yes, it made me laugh over what I had gotten myself into, but at the same time it was highly disturbing. Who did the interiors for that place again?!

Interiors aside, the food wasn't great at all. Jalsa does not serve authentic mughlai cuisine (period!). O, did I mention that we had to howl down the waiters for water every time, to take the order and to get the bill? One of the waiters got angry when we wrote a review and came down to argue with us - "I thought I gave good service!" he said.

As we were walking out and laughing at our strange luck that got us to that place, we saw a bunch of ditsy-wannabe-bollywoodish chicks get in with a nasal "awwh, what a keeewl place - so pretty naaa?" :)

P.S. go there with your friends for a good laugh at the decor when not so hungry - Jalsa is not meant for a family/quiet dinner.
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archeogal - Burrp User


June 17,2008

Good food but very expensive

Jalsa is a beautiful restaurant, gives you a great feel when you enter. The interiors are extremely attractive & makes you feel like you are in a mughal palace! I was quite impressed by the look of the restaurant. The food is extra-ordinary! Yeah the food here is very delcious & the service is quite good too. Only hitch is that its quite expensive. A bottle of mineral water also costs Rs.75!! A good meal for 2 will cost you around Rs.800. But its worth going there at least once in a while!
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John  - Burrp User


May 06,2008

A different experience

When I first walked into this place I just stood there soaking in the ambiance. Never before have I been to such kind of a themed restaurant and it was quite an experience.

The only sad part being that they have this screen right in the middle with a projector playing ghazals. I think when people go out to eat, the last thing on their mind is to have the telly for distraction.

The food is simply amazing and quite rich and heavy on the stomach. For one of those offbeat experiences, this is definitely a place to visit, atleast once.
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reeeehana - Burrp User


December 23,2007

Best mughlai indian food

I went to jalsa after reading two reviews. One was in business today- rating it among the 10 most exotic eatery in india (wow...hhmmm) and the second one (that actually got me going)was a review in cosmopolitan mag where it was clubbed with Jamavar and Zaman!! So ..i had to go or waht!! Pronto planned our next team lunchthere.

And woah! it was in my face when i entered. the interiors are mind blowing and teh food was dreamy good! bit costly but what the hell- what an experience! Kudos.

PS: we are planning all our next team lunches there!
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kvsrini - Burrp User


December 02,2007

Over the top Indian restaurant

This has been a very poor attempt to recreate the glory of the fabulous Mughal interiors. Food and service are indifferent. Certainly, this is not a place to spend quality dinner time with your family and friends.
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mudpuppy - Burrp User


October 15,2007

Overall good. Best option on Ring Road

I have been 3 or 4 times now, for lunch and dinner. Both veg and non-veg are good, and there is a fairly wide variety of food.

The service can be slow, but the dishes are generally of good quality and decent portion size.

If (like me) you work on the ORR, this is your best option today for a decent meal.

Prices are a little high (especially drink prices), but there isn't much competition in this area of town.
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imanis - Burrp User


July 21,2007

Much ado about nothing

They have tried to create a Mughal Darbar kind of atmosphere but to me it came across as tacky. The waiters and waitresses dressed in Mughal style clothes were hurried and grumbling amongst themselves, not a good thing to see in a "theme" restaurant.
They got our food order wrong! The waiter then argued that he had got it right. I promptly called the "manager" who apologized but didn't remove the charge from by bill. The food was not much to write home about either. Another irritant was the dim lighting when a Bollywood song was playing on the screen in the restaurant making it hard to see what we were eating. IMHO, they have tried to create a "theme" restaurant but have come way short in terms of ambiance, atmosphere and service.

Overall, a dreadful experience on my first visit. Not likely to visit again.
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Gita Baratam - Burrp User

Gita Baratam

June 30,2007

Smiles all the way

I smiled when I saw n enetred the place and it was tough to get that smile off as long as I was there. The suroundings are really cool. The place is like a Mughals Darbaar. The waiters and hostess all in Mughlai Attire with the pagadis and pearls. The food, too, is good like at Chandni Chowk. You feel as if your in some palace in another age.

I really enjoyed my lunch. Good food.
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