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king_anand - Burrp User


September 25,2014

A 'Hatke' Beer for a change..!!

"Must Go" place for beer connoisseurs...!! The Destination for Beer Lovers..
Definitely to be tasted - The Wheat Beer..!! Order a pitcher and savor it for reaching heaven.

Rather than drinking the regular and notorious Ales, The Biere Club gives a Hatke feeling for Beer days...

Ambience is perfect for couples and hang outs in the Ground and First floors.. But, the smokers are to be at the top. A nice view of the Lavelle Junction and Harley showroom... Great place to Hang out with frens.

Their food not too good. But, suits perfect for the beer. Pizzas are the best. Thin Crust and out of box tastes...

Its expensive but it would be justified for the experience. They levy a service charge @ 10%, which is too much for their service.

On a whole, its a pretty nice experience..!!
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Aayushi Sharma - Burrp User

Aayushi Sharma

November 06,2013

Chilled Saturday Brunch

Biere Club appears to be the ideal place for brunch on a Saturday morning. It isn't overflowing with people and it's nice and chilled out.

The food here though was the cherry on top of the Saturday morning cake. We ordered the grilled bacon wrapped sausages with salsa verde, which were pure inspiration! The salsa verde was a creative touch to the heaven that was the bacon and sausages. The American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup were decadent; the pancakes were thick and generous, yet fluffy with oodles of maple syrup topped off with good bacon. The pizza (I cannot recall the name) and an oozy egg right in the middle, true to its description as a breakfast pizza.

The food is a definite thumbs up, the Sangria however was passable. I'd suggest sticking to the beer here. The service can be slightly unenthusiastic sometimes, and that is probably something they need to pick up on. That aside, this place is definitely worth going to!
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Deepesh Tarun  - Burrp User

Deepesh Tarun

June 29,2013

Loved It

Have visited this place a couple of times whenever I visit Bangalore. I love this place and always wish we had some place like this in Chennai. The first time to sample we had all the different brews. My favorite is Ale but the Wheat and Stout are also really good. The pitchers are a better option to order once the best brew is set. The food is slightly expensive but the platters are really good. Depending on the time of day, most of the items on the menu are not available. Also the place is pretty crowded in the evenings. But definitely the place is a must visit in Bangalore. I love it.
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aditisom - Burrp User


April 22,2013

Wheat beer and some truely great Food!

As the title suggests...one of the few drinking places where the food, stands out extremely well! No doubt the different beers - wheat, stout, Alt Ale, all of it was different and worth an experience!! And the staff (Captain) so very courteous and polite... A must visit again... :-) Keep up the good work..
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karankapur14 - Burrp User


April 18,2013

Great beer

The wheat beer and the Indian ale(club special) are my favourites.The wheat beer is very smooth,frothy and goes down very well,while the Indian ale is a little bitter and much stronger than the wheat.My strong advice is to follow a pitcher of wheat beer with a pitcher of the Indian ale.Accompany it with a seafood platter.Avoid the steaks on the first level.
The place is pricey, but definitely worth it.
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daehgge - Burrp User


March 02,2013

Biere Club is awful

Here's what you will go through if you ever visit this place (I suggest you might as well spend your money somewhere else) -
1. Once you go in, if your stars are favoring you, you will manage to grab the attention of the waiters otherwise might as well decide the order and convey the same to the chef / kitchen.
2. This is such a pompous place where the waiters think they are doing a favor by listening to the customer's orders.
3. Also they don't know what menu to display when - when I went here Pizzas / Pastas weren't available but apparently the waiter did not want us to know that. It was only once we asked were we told "hey you village folks this menu ain't available so go take a hike".
4. The tables aren't set up with cutlery so once the food comes its when the waiters realize "Hey how the fuck are the customers supposed to eat?" they give the cutlery (You could request them but hey good luck catching their attention). The fork comes first and then after an inordinate wait of 10 minutes comes the knife and spoon (Sorry we weren't offered any spoons because they did not think we required spoons).
5. If you are there - please drink the beer and come out. The food is beyond pathetic - one of my friends was fed an undercooked omelette which he had to vomit because of the same reason because it was undercooked.
6. The final straw - them waiters dont know what is a feedback form. When we asked for one we were given a fucking birthday details card. How presumptuous of that waiter to assume "hey we love this place". What the fuck guys - are you uneducated or simply unmotivated to work on a saturday. If no please don't wait on my table - go take a hike somewhere else.
7. FYI to all future customers - when we asked for a plain glass we were given a stained old unwashed glass and sorry they serve beer but not water (apparently they don't want to).

End word - Pompous, presumptuous, bad food and extremely disgusting and repulsive waiting / ordering experience. What a colossal waste of money, energy.

Thanks but no thanks Biere Club : your restaurant experience is like getting kicked oneself shot twice in the head and still not dying and living to tell the tale.

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akisood12 - Burrp User


March 02,2013

Thank you Beer Gods

Thank you beer god for the Bieri Club. Convinient, simple, no nonsense pub. Me Likeee a lot.
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theno1kulk - Burrp User


February 26,2013

A different place

The Biere Club scores over all the other pubs in Bangalore for location and ambiance. Its near the UB City and attracts the best crowd of Bangalore. Please do reserve your seats prior to your visit else you would be seen arranging for chairs.
The environment is bustling and they really play some good music(numbers you would prefer while you drink). Now I dont drink but I can assure you that this place offers "some best beer"(quoting my friends who had drinks).
The place is very expensive and hence no prizes for guessing that it attracts a lot of foreigners. Its not a place where you would go for just catching up a drink with your friends. It can be good options for people looking to have drinks with their foreigner friends/clients.
The staff is really busy and the service is just OK.
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twiferme - Burrp User


February 06,2013

Pure and Tasty!

If you are from bangalore and have not visited this place then you've missed out on something really cool ..its a fresh made beer and has the best taste which makes me come here very regularly!
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zeroerrors - Burrp User


November 18,2012

Nice ambience/beer. Average service. Bad food.

Was there last Saturday. What really put us off was what excuse of a dish they turned out in the name of fried squid/calamari. All we could taste was the batter, and some research revealed that they had taken care to split the squid so as to put in very thin portions of it!! The menu promised the dish would have pancetta - it would have needed us a microscope to spot it on the dish!

It was served with tomato sauce straight out of Kisan/Maggi bottle, and just did not do justice to the price.

While the beer was good (Toit has better IMHO), we totally changed our mind about staying there after seeing whatever we had seen of the food, and moved to another place for the rest of the evening.
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jainaditi28 - Burrp User


November 18,2012

Best place to hangout in bangalore

This is probably the best bar in bangalore. Firstly: the freshly brewed beer is awesome. Way better than what you get in Toit. Wheat beer is my perennial favourite, but found all others to be good too. They also have nice beer cocktails, like coffee liqueur or spicy tequila added to it.

What makes this different from many other places that the food is also good - both starters and main courses. And when I say good, I mean really good. No wonder the first floor has become a fine dine restaurant.

The place is large, but still it becomes difficult to find a table on the weekend. 30-45 min wait is usual on friday and saturday evenings, but you can stand at the bar and guzzle that awesome beer.
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jagjeevan - Burrp User


November 16,2012

Looks like the service improved!

A lots of the reviews below complain about the service - but my latest experience, on a busy Saturday night was excellent.
I have complained about the service before, but looks like they lost a lot of business to Toit (certainly mine) and bucked up.

We ordered 2 beer mugs and a hummus platter. The beer was great... the food, well, was nice, but not worth the cost. It was also the first time I tried the dark ale. I'll definitely go back again.
Also, it'll be 4*'s if the food improves.
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nidhajalal - Burrp User


August 17,2012

breath of fresh air

walking down the sunny road one day my friend and i walked into Biere Club.
we had just a beer mojito and it was amazing for the afternoon heat!
the ambiance was good and service was excellent.
the mojito brought us back up on our feet for a long day of endless shopping.
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ashishk1 - Burrp User


July 12,2012

Roach fest

We were here on July. This is my take on this place:
- Beers were really good
- Food was average, typical bar snacks, nothing worth the price
- Health & hygiene was ok until 2 cockroaches landed near our food and started nibbling on leftovers. One of the staff actually saw it and walked away..??!!
- Service was average until billing. Since we were at the bar counter, the cashier informed us the bill value and asked for the card. I asked for the bill and he said it was getting printed. He meanwhile swiped the card for a higher amount and gave back the cash difference with the bill, no apologies, nothing... The money wasn't a big deal but thanks to lack of courtesy the experience was crappy.
Maybe it wasn't my lucky day but don't think I'm going back ..
* If the management is interested, the bill # was 32593
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coldplay1905 - Burrp User


June 18,2012

Horrible Arrogant Servers

Being a Beer Lover, was one of the first people in the place during the inauguration week. Minus the getting used to the odd smell the beers(whichever was available) was pretty good. The Food well let's just say its a good thing I got drunk first.. :P
The servers were arrogant since day 1. I went abroad for 2 months, so visited them after a long time. I was a big fan of their Special "Hot Chocolate Pudding". To my suprise it wasn't on the special's board. On inquiring with the Server I was told that they never served it and that I was mistaken it. I mean I was always lead to belive that the customer is always right, but the arrogance of this guy was that " I have been working here since day 1, so please F@## off".
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Hemanth Kumar - Burrp User

Hemanth Kumar

May 22,2012

Bad food and extremely bad service !!

Dear readers, This is a long one, kindly read through this with patience, as it will enlighten you about this restaurant. This was one of those places i regretted going with my friend on 17th may, a thursday night. I did not have a reservation at this place, which was a mistake. but anyway, we got a table, which was not cleaned and they had their table cloth laid upside down, no attention given. we ordered a caesar salad, chicken wings, two drinks, a pasta and two paninis: a tomato mozzarella and a beef panini. the caesar was the most saddest one ever tasted, the dressing was not enough, the lettuce was wilted like it was under a heat lamp, the chicken wings was dry, the drinks had less alcohol, and let me tell you, their beer is not really all that great, seriously. may be for a person who has not tasted any other beer other than KF or carlsberg or the others available in the market, he would find it a great let down. The pasta was over cooked, less in seasoning and no cruet set on the table. so we cant season it, then for the worst panini's ever. they were grilled so much that they looked like a crisp biscuit. The beef panini was dry the beef was overcooked, tough and was of a cheap quality, I could tell by the taste of it. the tomato mozzarella panini was a complete disaster. The service was " F*&@ed up ", sorry to say this, not a single attentive steward. the IPL seemed to keep them busy amongst themselves, I had to shout and call for anything needed, they just stand talking amongst themselves. Wonder whats so important. All through the dinner not a single person came up askin if everything was fine. Not a manager in sight to give my feed back. By the end of it the evening was a let down, burned down a huge hole in my pocket and left us craving for more food and completely dissatisfied. If they had a manager or a feedback/ comment card, maybe this would not have been posted online. Ciao !
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lemon_wedge  - Burrp User


May 13,2012

Awful service & abominable billing issues

We loved some of the beers, but it just ruins the whole experience when we have to reiterate everything we consumed a hundred times before they finally get us the correct bill.
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Caleb Hobart - Burrp User

Caleb Hobart

May 12,2012

Good Pub to Watch Cricket

Good beer, good venue, reasonable bar food.

As to the rooftop (I didn't check out the rest):

Had the appearance of you come with who you will talk too. A good group place, but if you're going with 2-3 to connect with other smaller groups the rooftop is not the place. I think the 2nd floor looked like that could possibly happen, but more of a "date spot" type vibe.

Overall, an American's view from Austin,TX and average pub at best that didn't really do too much to impress, but if I wanted to go out with some buddies to watch a cricket match I know where to go....but shouldn't plan on talking to any women unless I bring my own.
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Chayan Deb - Burrp User

Chayan Deb

April 09,2012

Drink! Don't Eat :P

A great beer place, but definitely not a place to look up to for food. Do not order the 1600 bucks' Jumbo Platter (the waiter will patronize it a lot).
Though I'm a wheat beer lover, I liked the ale better. Brilliant ambiance on the top floor overlooking the street below.
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burp_reviewer - Burrp User


March 23,2012

Warning - Beware Of The Final Bill Amount

Nice place to try out different beers. Not much offering for Veg. Starters . Qty. is also less for the price paid. Visited this place last week.
FINALLY - BEWARE of the bill amount. We were charged for two beer samples when we had just one.
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shazzer06 - Burrp User


March 22,2012

Good beer

Went there last week for a friend's treat. Loved the beer. Especially the wheat beer. Even friends of mine who don't like beer, drank it. However they could do better on the food portions. Service was prompt although I wish they had warned us a little earlier on the closing of the kitchen. Enjoyed the experience. Will definitely go back.
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Abhishek Mahanty - Burrp User

Abhishek Mahanty

March 19,2012

Vikings dugout

A great place to biere out with friends. Must try the jumbo platter. Kickass place....
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piscean_mm - Burrp User


March 05,2012

Place for beer lovers strictly..

Beer was good, but quite expensive.. probably Happy Hour is a good idea for beer lovers..
Ambience -I'd expected way too more than what it was!!-biggest disapointment.
Music quality was terrible.. u can hardly listen to vocals.. its all base in the music that u can hear..
Crowd was not of youngsters, atleast on a weekday late evening..

Good place for trying different kinds of beer though..!!
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Mayur Sinha - Burrp User

Mayur Sinha

February 11,2012

Must try

After ages there was an intelligent beer tender. The restaurant is open and well light. gives a feeling of sunday brunch. the beer tasting shots was a great idea and the person serving us was well informed.

For a change the food was well made as well. Definite visit on my next trip to bangalore
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E Khan - Burrp User

E Khan

January 20,2012

A Happy Hour must!

Wanna drink great beer with friends and chill out after a busy day. Then come to The Biere Club! There is nothing like beer brewed in the same building you are drinking in. The food menu is diverse and since I'm partial to Mediterranean food, I was in heaven.

There is a great crowd, warm ambiance, and affordable beer, so there is nothing more to ask for!

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santoshblore - Burrp User


December 18,2011

WARNING::: Please check your BILL before PAY

WARNING::: Please check your BILL before PAY @ The Biere Club (Bangalore)

17 dec 2011 visited The Biere Club for first time with my friends. Club ambiance is good great beer and worst food :( . Beer menu says inclusive of tax and food menu + tax.

We had 4.. 500ml beer and chicken drumstick ( 4 pieces of worst tandoori chicken - mankind has never seen :( )

when i observed the bill i was shocked they added additional one more food item which we are not taken. When i asked i got worst expected answer " sorry... today quit busy... waiter made some mistake......

Next, The Biere Club corrected the mistake and i paid was 1706....

Menu says 400 for chicken drumstick ( 4 pieces of tandoori chicken) with tax...

That means with tax 706 for chicken drumstick ( 4 pieces of worst tandoori chicken - mankind has never seen :( )

WARNING::: Please check your BILL before PAY
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Amit  - Burrp User


December 17,2011

Expectation was too high

Thats right, all my buddies had been to the place and the expectation was sky high. The location is fantastic, parking is easy, valet available. the ambiance is great, family friendly (clean bathrooms et al)

But we had gone there for beer and food and the place just couldnt keep up to the expectation. Beer was just about good. Food portions were pathetically poor. My kids ate off two servings of pasta :) (Hey... we live to eat, eh?) And we actually grabbed a bite after we got out of there ;)
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iamfamishedd - Burrp User


November 18,2011

Must visit

So, i was told that this was the second micro brewery in town. I was excited about making it to the first one in Bangalore only to realize that the first one actually had not started brewing yet... so how does it become the first ?? Who is the "Einstein" who came up with this theory...

Anyways, sceptically called "The Biere Club" to find out if they actually brew their own beers.. and they said.. but obviously.. we are the first ones in all of South India to do so.. Made a reservation for 9pm on a monday... On reaching, had to wait for about 10 minutes to get my table since the place was choc-a-block. There was one floor closed, why would they not open one floor ?? Only the owners will be able to answer this.....

Having found our table, we were ready to order, but confused about which style of beer we should start with... our server very politely brought us a 'sample' of the 4 'bieres' that were available that night... (that too for free... about 60-70 ml of each of the 4 beers.. so thats almost 240-280 ml for free.. generous owners i must say... and im thinking why didnt they have all 6 beers so we could have got one full glass of 330ml almost.. for free... lol !!) They had a club pilsner, a wheat, a golden ale and a belgian strong.. i know i was going for the strong (:)) and my friends went in for the wheat.. The wheat was probably the best beer i had ever tasted.. almost like the hoegarden... (no kidding, but i still went for the strong at a whooping 7% alcohol for a beer.. you dont get too many of those often)...

The food was very decent too... the pizzas were the claim to fame.. probably again the best pizzas in town... really nice.. thin crust.. just enough cheese... plenty of variety in the menu...

The service was a packed monday was friendly (ya.. we got almost a glass free through the taste sample)... but one needed to get their attention for orders... i dont think thats too much of an issue..

Overall this place has the potential to remain in the history books on bangalore as a place that changed the way bangalore drinks beer... a must visit.. even often...

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Gaurav Vartak - Burrp User

Gaurav Vartak

November 10,2011

Nice place for a pint

Visited this place during a weekday with some friends. Excellent beer. Loved the Wheat beer. Ale was good too.
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Kulkin - Burrp User


October 18,2011

Great concept poor delivery

Maybe my expectation was high, but the place stinks (donno why) The beer was decent. Service is ( what service?). Its good if you wish to try a fresh brew. Else good old KF at a better laid out place seems like a better idea.
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Sridhar Ravi - Burrp User

Sridhar Ravi

October 09,2011

awesome beer and nice food

Heard of this place and and finally got a chance to visit the place. The usher is rude and doesn't seem to care for customers. Found a table for two immediately, The choice of beer is awesome and am glad I didn't have to settle for any of the regular brews.

Tried the Ale and the Wheat beer. Both were awesome. Wheat was the best.

Finger food is good but the quantities can be better for price.

Overall a nice experience. Must visit if you are tired of all the KFs, Fosters and Green beers.
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Aperna Deb - Burrp User

Aperna Deb

September 27,2011

Serves decent brew, but try it out on a Wednesday

Summary: A microbrewery which churns decent beer. Not recommended on a weekend night, unless prepared for a long wait. Maybe good for a larger party, and definitely not the place for a quiet drink.

The Biere club is the city's first (and only?) microbrewery, I am told. No wonder everyone wants to try it out. We landed there on a Saturday evening at around 9pm. The place was quite chaotic -- all the tables were occupied, and there was no one who could be contacted to know about the wait situation. We ended up standing most of the evening and finally got a table at around 10:15pm.

The place offers four kinds of beers - stout, lager, ale and wheat. They haven't given names to these, which I think is odd. I am a stout person, so much so that I didn't taste any of the others. (On a saner night I might've asked for a sampler). The drink was OK - it had a slight acidic tinge much like certain coffees. Indeed one of the members in party compared with the MTR filter coffee - a stretch, but not completely without reason. Overall, I would have it again at this place.

I can't comment on the food as we didn't have any, and I didn't look at the menu at all. The decor of the place is reminiscent of Cafe Mondegar in Bombay with one whole wall carrying a graffiti of people at the joint. At one point of time there was some fire juggling done by the bartenders, and at some other point a server dressed as a harlequin was walking around the tables. All in all, we had a fun night - but the fact that we were seven and two helped.
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vikasjain9 - Burrp User


September 26,2011

Bad Service

I visited The Biere Club, Vittal Mallya Road, on 17th Sept 2011 at around 7:45 pm with 2 of my friends and had a very bad service experience. At the welcome desk we were told by the in charge that we could wait on the ground floor and whenever a table is free we could take it. She could not tell us exactly as to what the waiting time would be. We were also previously told by the club that that they do not take any advance bookings for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We stood near the bar and ordered some drinks and waited for a table to get free. After some 45 minutes of waiting we were told by a staff member that a two seater table was about to get free. As soon as the guests of the table left we went ahead to take the table, when the Floor Manager came there and told us that we could not sit there as he had booked the table in advance for "his guests". We told him that we had waited for almost 45 minutes and that its only fair that we get the table, but he insisted on giving the table to his 4 guests who were with him.

I then told the Manager that if that was the case I would not have wasted so much time in waiting at the club and not ordered my food, to which his exact words were that "u can leave then" and he used the word "leave" several time and at times even in a mocking tone. Even the guests with him told him that we could have the table but he was adamant on not giving the table. The guests of the Manager left and we occupied the table and even after that he said "what have you done, now what should I tell my guests." The Bier Club has employed a very wrong profile for a service industry.

Also there were lots of guests who would take breaks and go out for a smoke and the table would be vacant for 20-30 minutes, but nothing was told to them. However were continuously nagged by being asked if the bill can be presented. It made us feel that your staff was in a hurry to have us leave.

I would like to state that you are in the service industry and customer service and delight is of utmost importance. Also if rules are set by an entity then it should apply to all and no preference should be given to certain guests, like what the Floor Manager did. We pay for the services and should be treated with respect.

I had send an e-mail to this regard on 20th Sept, but with no response from the club.
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hkga12 - Burrp User


September 20,2011

Horrible experience

Let me sumup my experience..

This place is highly over rated. The crowd is of 50's and so is the waiters around. The staff is rude, blunt and do not respond. The receptionist thinks she is a rockstar and does not want you to enter the place. I think she is taking cues from the floor manager Alistar or Victor who has no clue about the hospitality industry that customer is king.. He is rude, uncourteous, and if you ask him anything he will simply say you can leave the place ' I can get plenty of guests even if u don't want to stay..'
Well then all the oldies can have fun in this overrated, nothing great place..
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Daniel Thomas - Burrp User

Daniel Thomas

August 11,2011

Beware of using Debit/Credit Cards

Beers are mediocre at best, food is no great shakes, and we left it at that, signed our debit card slip and called it a night. Next day we received sms,s for duplicate charges from our bank. Got to the bank and got the passbook updated with the duplicate charges clearly detailed. Armed with this, we reached Biere Club at 11am, spoke to staff on duty, then a couple of managers, and after a frustrating half hour finally a Mr Vijay Kumar, who announced he was the owner and we will have to follow their procedure for the refund, which meant accompanying 2 clueless staff members to the HDFC branch on MG road, 12.40pm at the bank the manager could not find duplicate credits on their account, we were advised to contact our bank and dispute the charges. 2 hours of aggravation and frustration, if the bill amount had been any smaller I would have just walked away, Simply put, the Biere Club was a just a disappointment, which the management and block headed cashieriing staff have successfully turned into bitterness . If you do visit, do not use your credit cards or debit cards.
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kumar33 - Burrp User


July 28,2011


Really disappointed with this place.. thought finally found a good place for beer. But its only good for a one time visit. Nothing extraordinary about the beer to pay such a steep price. Been to many other breweries before...but this place nowhere comes close. There is never any place to stand forget even getting a place to sit. Food is very average n quantity sucks big time. But who cares about the food anyways...we come for the beer which isnt tat good either. Will never go back there again unless they plan to reduce the prices or up their standards of beer suitable to the price. Beer going the wine way of being too classy n snobbish. Looking forward for other breweries to come up soon.
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vinaybasutkar1 - Burrp User


July 19,2011

Good beer....that's where it ends

I went with a friend last saturday afternoon. The weather was awesome & perfect for some whiskey but hey we were in biere club. We ended up trying the ale, stout, lager & their specialty brew. All were super chilled & for the uninitiated like me , different from the KF premium & Fosters. It's a expensive since a pint costs 180 + taxes. The experience started out very well but the 2 things ...billing & valet service leaves a lot to be desired.

We were charged for 11 pints while we had only 8. The mistake was brought to attention of the steward who was serving us. He corrected the mistake by not correcting the bill but by bringing back 250 rs. we had to remind him that the overbilling was not for 1 pint but 3 pints. He went back again& brought back another 500 rs. A outlet owned by the chancery group should know that bill had to be corrected for the amount of tax , service charge et all & here this guy comes back with money but not the corrected bill. Very unprofessional & something the management needs to look at.

the valet took ....yes take a deep breath......40 minutes to get my car back. God knows where they park it & they ( biere club ) have the audacity to print " your valet doesn;t suffer from amnesia " on the valet parking ticket. it surely doesn't look like that.

Sad end to an otherwise expensive good beer place. Cannot comment about the food since we ate a veg platter ( nothing great) & fries. worth going once for the beer & that's where you should end it.
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jlnblr - Burrp User


July 08,2011

Different Tasting Beer, Very Average Food

I used to be a fan of micro-breweries (from my Boston days) - so was very excited to visit this place. The beers definitely taste different (so if you are huge KF fan, you probably won't like these beers). I would recommend folks to try out the wheat beer - you may be disappointed with the others unless the brew master comes up with some innovative new options soon. The pricing of the beers is reasonable for such a fancy place. Compared to the other micro-breweries I have been to, this place was a little disappointing - maybe because of the over expectations I went with.

I have major gripes with the food - especially the portions. The menu is normal, but for the prices, the portions are really small. Why don't folks learn from places from TGIF, where even if the food is priced highly, the quantity is so large that you atleast feel you are getting value.

Would I recommend folks to check out this place - Definitely yes simply because of the novelty. Would I go there for my regular beer sessions - no, unless someone else is paying and I don't want to eat any food with my drinks.
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ashanker - Burrp User


June 24,2011

Expensive and much ado about nothing

I had gone with a couple of office colleagues on a busy Friday night. Finding valet parking was difficult, then a table and then a beer. The place was very crowded and service sucked due to that as this place seems to be rolling in barrel loads of cash for the promoters. I had a couple of wheat beers and they were honestly good. the snacks were hopeless. Will I visit again ? maybe if someone else is paying as this place has just priced itself out of the regular hang out crowd market - maybe people will visit it for the novelty and pub grub needs to be improved..
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drunkenmonk - Burrp User


June 24,2011

Needs a lot of improvement

When I first heard that a craft beer shop was opening in Bangalore, I was quite excited. Being a total beer fan, I felt we needed a place where we could get to drink something other than the regular KFs and Fosters etc., But my two visits to Biere Club has left me very very disappointed.

The first time I went there, except a lager and one flavoured beer, nothing else was available. I put it down to the initial teething troubles which every place encounters in the first few days of opening shop. Therefore did not even bother to write anything on that.

The second time was a couple of days back. Even this time, the waiter said apart from a wheat beer and a lager no other beer is in stock. Surely, this cannot be due to the initial problems.

Food is another major letdown in this place. Whoever eats falafel and hummus with beer???

The seating is downright bad, it looks like someone hurriedly put a few tables and chairs together with no respect to the customer's comfort.

I dont know whether this is feasible for the owners to do, but here is a thought. Along with your craft beer, why dont you introduce beers from different parts of the world. All that we get in Bangalore is a few Belgian beers and we are done to death drinking the same stuff every where. I am sure there are hundreds of brands available world wide and even a small portion of them getting served here will give a major boost to your business.

Initial excitement is what is bringing people into the place right now. Unless they improve in terms of keeping all the beers in stock, they will drive away the crowd.
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Anu  - Burrp User


June 17,2011

Nice place!

Was excited when I heard that a new micro brewery was gonna open with in Bangalore. Have visited Doolally in Pune which was brillant; the beer flavors we had there were smoked beer, apple cider beer, wheat grass etc. So when I heard of Biere Club I thought it would be along the same lines as I'm not a true lover of beer. So the beer has to have some add-ons like a nice flavor to get my vote.

We went there on a Saturday afternoon with a bunch of frens...I ordered the wheat beer, while all the others ordered the lager. Both the flavours were good...but ordinary. The veggies ordered a falafel dish and I ordered the morocon chicken. Both the dishs' were good but slighly higher priced for the portions...

Nice place...but can do with more beer variants and more food options...! Will i visit the place again?!? Yes!
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ashwinacharya - Burrp User


June 07,2011

Crappy place

When I went there RCB match was going on. He played it in tiny TVs, but I still watched it. He was out of all beers except 2 kinds. One of them sucked. And when we cheered RCB and celebrated a Birthday, the manager whose name I don't want to write here humiliatingly asked us to shut up. Even the waiters and the bouncers were surprised at this behavior. Had a good fight with him . Will never go back again. Nobody should.
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Roopashree Narayan - Burrp User

Roopashree Narayan

June 05,2011

“Beer”y Ok

I was in this place recently as the need to check out the all new happening micro-brewery spot in Bangalore and especially the place being so close to where I live, this could not have been missed! My friend and I, with prior bookings, reached on time and the valet parking assistance never reached us. After seeking for it a few times and failing with that, the cops asking all of us waiting for the valet parking to make way for others, we decided to park the car in UB City and walk back. Upon reaching, they led us in on the ground floor. They showed us our table but, asked us to wait as the previous customer were just finishing and we need to wait for a few minutes. This treatment was after making prior bookings and reaching on time! For a moment, it reminded me of how I wait for the space and table in Vidyarthi Bhavan. After around 10mins, we got our table and we were given our beer and finger food menu. Always wanting to try out the Wheat beer, we dint think too much on selecting the beer and ordered for the same. To munch along, we ordered Crisp Fried Stuffed Jumbo for our finger food. They also serve other drinks for those who are non-beer people. However, their food menu is restricted only to finger food and for veggies, the choice incredibly less.

5 minutes later, we were told, the wheat beer is out of stock and to brew it all over again, it takes around one and half days of time and we were disappointed. That was what we wanted to try and we were told, we need to revisit to enjoy the same. With this, we ended up ordered a couple of Lager beers. This tasted the usual and the finger food to explain in the layman terms, I would say, it was Glorified Stuffed Chilli Bhajji with cheese dip and yogurt and pepper dip. Yes, it tasted good but, absolutely nothing different from any other regular Chilli Bhajji.

The place has three floors and I felt, ground floor was the best in terms of the ambience. They have a large screen and a couple of Wall Mounted TVs. It was the IPL finals that day and somebody by mistake ended up changing the channel that played a senti song of Dr.Rajkumar and after a few minutes of hiatus, it was changed back to the match.

According to me, its an ok place. If you LOVE beer and would love to get it brewed fresh and want to try out multiple variety without much choice of food, this surely is the place. But, not something that I would go frequently! Couple of beers and very little food to munch would approximately cost around 1000 bucks!
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tamatarfeko - Burrp User


June 05,2011

thorough disappointment

Its a pub. If the microbrewery tag hadn't been associated with this, it would've been like any ordinary pub. on a fancy lane.

So considering it as any regular pub I think this place is bad. It doesnt have a pub-feel.
It doesnt have a restaurant feel, because they've tried making it a pub.
Food is below-average. I ordered most of what was on the menu, and I think they're all too ordinary. I hear the owner of this is place also owns Chancery, so er...why is the food bad?

Most importantly, the beer...its below average. If the beer was exceptional, I could still put up with the bad food and bad ambience, but afsos!
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Chris1 - Burrp User


June 04,2011

Truly abysmal

"Misery loves company" and so I was tempted to write paeans to this place and push more victims into the maw of this microbrewery, but then I'm a decent human being and so I resisted that particular temptation.

We ordered every beer on the menu, and the first thing that came to mind was "flat". It lacked a punch that every decent beer possesses, had no head to speak of an precious little by way of taste. After that, things went pear-shaped. The brewmaster probably did an online course, was a teetotaller till late, spent most of his life in Saudi Arabia, or just took some of daddy's money to indulge in a misdirected passion.

Beer is truly one of the world's wonders and even a half decent one can set a bad day right. The ones from this place: after a few days in the Sahara, lost and without any liquids, I'd throw it into the sand and kick some sand into the face of person who offered it. It's mouthfeel was as if it had been used to wash water buffaloes. It's fine for those who're inured to drinking rubbish but for those who've enjoyed this beverage for a few decades it's an insult. The owners/ management should've gotten their craft right before selling it. The food is uninspiring, scanty and you're basically paying for the rent.

Well, so far so good. Then, the bill was presented to us. VAT, ok; service tax, ok; service charge, well not so but we'll let it fly; VAT ON the service charge. Sorry what was that again ?? Is this a joke ?? A good 45 minutes was spent clarifying this and calls were made to accountants and tax specialists, on both sides. The ones I called laughed at the egregiousness and wanted to know which dining establishment I was at.

The management offered one cretinous reason after another. Of course what do we know ?? We never eat out and most certainly never look at a bill. I was tempted to ask them to accompany me to the Gardenia and other restaurants in the vicinity and see how they did things.

I can't think of the last time I had such a terrible experience so this was truly memorable.
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dapfunk - Burrp User


May 28,2011

Vicitm of Own Success

Tried this place today, unfortunately they only had stout on tap, all other beers had run out! A victim of your own success, and it shows your tapping into the right market with fresh beer brewed right in Pub City. It's nice to finally see something other than a pilsner in this town. I ordered the kefta and 3 litres of the stout, to be sure I could rate it fairly in this review. :)

Agree with my fellow reviewers this was Good, but could be great. The stout was almost a porter, it was thin, but it was malty and quite tasty, clearly one of the better pints I've had on draft in this town as it wasn't a mass produced pilsner and didn't suffer from delivery issues.

The menu was short and a little unusual with a Moroccan theme. Ordered the kefta, it turned out to be sheek kebabs instead of keftedes, but very tasty none-the-less. I really enjoyed the marinated capiscum served with it. Next time I might eat before arriving given the limited menu and close proximity of great food choices.

The music was a little loud as mentioned below, but they turned it down on request. And it was a great way to spend Saturday afternoon at the window watching the beautiful people walk by on the street.

Toit may become competition, but there's room for 2 excellent microbreweries in this town and as the first start the flow of draft beers the Biere Club is obviously a winner.

The staff was plentiful and attentive, if some what relaxed in speed. Order a pitcher ( it's worth it ) and prevent the wait.

Please keep up the good work and bring in more variety in both beer and menu. I'll be back for sure, probably next weekend... I hope there's still beer on tap !
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mudpuppy - Burrp User


May 24,2011

Good beer, reasonable food, loud, bright.

I tried the stout, ale, and wheat beers.

The stout was bitter, with an overabundance of black malt and a lack of the roundness or mouth-feel you find in a Guinness or similar quality stout. It was thin.

The ale was hopped more like an american pale ale than an english ale. Not overpoweringly dry-hopped, but not subtle like an English or Belgian ale either. I liked it.

The wheat beer was unfortunately the third one I tried, and it was good enough. I need to go back on a warm summer day and try it first to really give it a fair review.

The food we had (veg) took forever to come out, but once it did it was tasty enough and nicely presented.

The music was entirely too loud -- more like a nightclub than a pub or brew-pub.

The lighting was way too bright. Upstairs on the first floor I felt like I was on an operating table with halogens blasting my eyes. On the ground floor it was better.

On the second floor the place smells like the south end of a north-bound horse due to the smokers. Avoid.

I will be back again. I hope they do well, continue to expand their beer variety and bring in some seasonal and specialty brews.
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Adarsh Raja - Burrp User

Adarsh Raja

May 21,2011

About time!

So it was about time that Beery Bangalore got its own little brewpub. Although the second to open in the city (Toit being the other), the beer flowed here first. They offer six types of in-house brews - Stout (must try!), Wheat (very nice), Lager, Pilsner, Ale and a Seasonal Special (which they hadn't started serving yet). The food, although limited, makes for good munching with cold, fresh beer in a big, chunky mug, just the way it is supposed be had!

The decor is a bit mismatched on the ground floor, but the second and the open-air third floor would be brilliant for a lazy Bangalore Sunday afternoon. One of the things that really felt out of place was the menu card - didn't at all go with the theme of the place. But this is just me ranting! The staff were a bit flustered and were still getting used to everything, and am sure service would improve soon. Also had a quick chat with the owner, Arvind, who informed us that we were their fourth table!

Overall, the food range definitely has room for improvement, as does the service.
If you like your beer, this would be your new favorite place.
Oh, and do look below your coaster!
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