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Lakshmi G - Burrp User

Lakshmi G

June 30,2013

Sprawling, Leisurely hangout on Nungambakkam Hg Rd

On the 1st Floor, Ispahani Centre, Nungambakkam High Road with views facing the road as well as the side by lane, its probably the most vantage, sprawling and leisurely cafe hang out on Nungambakkam High Road.

Its a fairly big place and you can hang out - they don't hurry you or shoo you (even if you are a big gang and have been around more than a while :)

Ambience is good. Service is good - though, when it is full, you gotta push thru a bit to get your service. Their service is quite intelligent - for example, when they saw, once, that my entourage had seniors and we had forgotten (in all the banter the group was engaging in, to tell them sugar preferences) they were thoughtful to come back (after taking the order) and reconfirm how many sugar-free coffees :)

Price is moderate (not expensive). I am not saying value for money because I am not too impressed with their range. I don't get specialty hot chocolate & other discerning stuff. But, yes, very good samosas and cappucino.

A snack+drink outing for two could easily be done within Rs.400/- with oodles of leisurely hang out time with a view of the busy Nungambakkam High Road (that sure is premium :)
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Sai Rajeswari R - Burrp User

Sai Rajeswari R

June 07,2013

Best Place To Have Coffee

CCD is the best place to have coffee
where we can happily sit & drink coffee with family members & friends.
Cookies are tasty.
Good hygiene and reasonable price.
Cappuccino is really awesome in CCD,because they always do the perfect mixing of powder.
Thank you CCD.
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nikhilsebastian  - Burrp User


March 31,2013

Lovely place and coffee!

Visited this outlet after quite some time. This is a pretty big CCD. The sofa sets against the walls are really comfortable and my go to place whenever I visit.

Ordered a tex mex sandwich and a devils own.

The sandwich was good. The filling tasted good.

However, the best part was the Devil's Own. Thick cold coffee with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a scoop of ice cream. Divine. Just writing it i can feel Im putting on some pounds! ;)

It is definitely a must have.

The service is prompt. They dont bother you once you place an order for a long long time!

Easily a 5/5.
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Bharathiraja Thangappalam - Burrp User

Bharathiraja Thangappalam

February 28,2013

Fantastic Place For Meeting

I love to visit this place at least 3-4 times in a month. Most of my business discussions will happen here with my partners or even sometime with my clients. Good ambience, moderately priced & spacious. Sometime i even had 4-5 meetings in a day which i used to schedule @ CCD. Wonderful place which i really love it...i will visit again & again.
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Keerthivasan  - Burrp User


February 06,2013

Cafe to hangout

A cafe with a difference that's how I would describe this place. Spacious friendly bright nice ambience. Being in a very upmarket complex next to a happening college it's always near full. It can be noisy to people who want to have serious talks. The menu is quite good. The service is quick and pleasant. Rightly priced for the place. One of my all time favourites for a friendly meet.
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priya16793 - Burrp User


November 22,2012

good place to hangout

i still like hanging out in ccd with a good ol' cup of coffee and sum sandwich as well...
never will i get tired of relaxing out here!! its just that comforting!!
the service is alright and the location is qt perfect.its a good way to pass time off
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hkmurali - Burrp User


November 10,2012

Gr8 place to hangout

CCD Nungambakkam was one of the first branches to open in chennai and since its inception its lived up to its expectation
good coffee. decent service and gr8 ambience at a wonderful location makes it the perfect choice..Though you do wanna ask the waiters to make the coffee hot
as its never the case , even for a capuccion...
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Divya Jayaraman - Burrp User

Divya Jayaraman

November 08,2011

Ultimate hangout destination

i just love this place. good food, good ambience, moderately priced, quite spacious, can have some great conversations. overall one of the best hangout places in chennai!
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Sowmya  - Burrp User


November 02,2010

Nice place to unwind...

Okay... so till the last time we went to CCD, we never knew we were transparent. Every time we wanted to place an order, we had to wave frantically at the waiters like a couple of friends spotting each other in a huge crowd.
After managing to earn their attention, it took another fifteen to twenty minutes for them to tend to our orders. And finally, the food arrived. Pretty good in taste and quality. A nice place where you can hang out with your friends, retire on the comfortable couches and chat your way endlessly. And then again, we had to wave desperately for their attention to pay our bills.
Removing the very few flaws, it's actually a great place to unwind. Really nice stuffs in their menu.. just that it takes ages to see them on your table!
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fooody - Burrp User


September 19,2010

10 yrs of COFFEE

the ccd @isphani celebrated its 10th yr recently . the coffees r
nothing great . and all te snacks i guess is outsourced ,cos its almost the same in barista or elsewhere.
this ccd is nice place to chill out . the only place happening in isphani is ccd and marry brown
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Oxymoron - Burrp User


September 29,2009

A niceplace to hang out- Cafe Coffee Day (N'bakm)

Cafe Coffee Day
Ispahani Centre 123/124,
Nungambakam high road
Chennai- 34

I am a big coffee fan. Especially if its brewed well, given in exotic flavors, experienced with some classy pieces of exotic beats and mellifluous rhythms and not the regular dhinckchak that is inflicted on anything with ear drums, and , with very comfortable couches. Oh, and but course, waiters who dont try to telepathically induce me into paying my bill, by using the -eyeball her until she gets the idea and stops warming our couches- technique, also helps. A lot.

Café Coffee Day Nungambakkam (CCD- N) gave me that.

I was meeting a friend after a year and chose CCD- N given its strategic location- not too far away from......err...anywhere! Its located right opposite St. Teresas Church, and Landmark Nungambakkam, and is in the first floor of Ispahani Centre. Very easy to spot from the road.

Now I am not sure how CCD in any other city works, but in Chennai, one thing is for so sure, that it is almost miraculous- whatever it is that you first fancy and ask for, will be met with a sheepish -That is not available- look. I mean, Every Single Time. So when I wanted to go healthy and asked for one of their strawberry flavored Iced Teas (Strawbrrrry), I got the scratch on the head. Their head, not mine, (and it was just 4 PM) Undaunted (as I was prepared for it anyway), I settled for the Mochachillo while my friend chose the regular Café Latte. Was delivered to us, in about twenty minutes.

I was not disappointed. Devoid of their suggestions of cream and ice cream, my Mochachillo was a lovely, light, coffe-ish, chocolate-ish icy drink. I enjoyed it! Going by my friends shrug of shoulders, I would assume that a regular Café Latte was just that, regular. By this time, we were introduced to their coffee scented candles and biscuit assortments, which if not for their exorbitant prices (150/- (for 10 tea lights) and 225/- for the biscuits) I would have probably thought of buying.

Now, when two girls meet after ages, one round of coffee does not suffice. Neither does sitting across each other in slightly smaller than average, straight backed chairs (making me feel like a female Hagrid) just cut it. So the moment a gang emptied their couch, my friend and I, literally jumped out of our seats and got comfy on the couches. I mean, comfy. Real comfy. So comfy that my friend almost snoozed. That comfy.

We were seated by the couches facing the road, so we had a visual treat, with the evening sun washing us up with its remnant sunshine, followed by a torrent of rain. Its the most beautiful thing ever. Raining outside, warm and cozy inside, a Mochachillo just half drunk (with the promise of more) and the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

After about an hour, and ages after we had finished our respective drinks, we ordered another round. My friend ordered a Black Forest Cake, while I, encouraged by Mr. Mochachillo, ordered a Cold Sparkle. But this time, we were disappointed. The cold sparkle was dilute (very little coconutty taste, or for that matter even coffee), while the cake was...... (being nice to it).....stale.

We did not enjoy our second round as much as our first, in fact, not at all. But we did get a lot of talking and giggling done.

In our several hours there, we never felt awkward, or intimidated for even a moment, we could just be our girly selves and enjoy the evening, sans any disturbances. The waiters were alert, and all it took me was a glimpse their way, for them to get their pens and papers ready to take my order down. They were professional and laid back, subconsciously encouraging us to be so. They had smiles on their faces (albeit it was to each other), but a happy bunch of waiters is a nice thing to see.

CCD- Chennai in general could do better to please have what they print they do. Had I been a new comer to Chennai or CCD, I would have given them the benefit of doubt for having caught them exactly on the day and time when they ran out of strawberry tonic and iced tea (hey, they are a coffee house, anyway). But Ive been visiting CCD- Roundtana, Nungambakkam and more recently Thirumangalam for almost seven years now, and some things like -having what you say you have on the menu card, and quicker service- would be the perfect things to add to their To Do list of perking the place up.

Oh, and thanks for letting us have a place to hang out without having to burn a hole through our pockets. The three drinks and the cake amounted to Rs.210.0. Add to the eats and drinks, a few hours of some cool hang out time, and we did really come out with a bargain.
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sachin_tttkn - Burrp User


July 16,2009

Heavy on pocket, not much on food

The main reasons our gang meets at CCDs is the availability of privacy, ambience, food on demand, and nobody throws you out!!

CCDs give that extra comfort over normal restaurants where they knock you off the table once ur bill arrives.

But CCD at Ispahani is quite different compared to all others - for starters, it must be the most busy of all outlets in chennai, loads of college guys come here. Saturdays and Sundays are packed!!

1. Service - half the time we hear of sandwiches/ cold coffees not being available.
2. Too few staff compared to the traffic that hits this outlet.
3. Orders are slow - cos of Point No.2
4. If you like to look around - scan the place for girls, this is not a bad joint actually, but be careful if they come with their boyfriends :)
5. Be choosey on what you order, some of the cold coffees are not that good.
6. Sizzling brownie is the best thing on the menu, but this outlet might very well sell it at the max cost - around 100 bucks or so!!

Not my cuppa tea (or coffee), but we hang out there anyway!!
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Ashok Krish - Burrp User

Ashok Krish

September 26,2007

You don't need a menu

This branch of CCD does not need a menu. Because they already have waiters who can scratch their sheepishly and say "Sorry saar, (insert menu item) not available" for pretty much anything on the menu. I have never managed to order anything in less than 3-4 attempts. Eventually, they only end up having the veg puffs in any case. So for you guys out there, save yourselves some neural choice-making activity and go straight for the veg puff
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