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  • Nearly everybody would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: Sizzling Brownie
  • Few people mentioned Saturday

daththa - Burrp User


February 20,2015

Haven for Veggies

I have been here twice for a party and an official get together. This place has an awesome serenity. Service was good and the pleasant.
The food tastes most authentic, Chola Poori and Batura, Biryanis and breads were very good. I will never forget the taste here.
Price as expected is a bit expensive but the food is worth the money.
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Maniac_maddu - Burrp User


August 30,2013

Good Food, Overpriced

First up: the taste is decent, even good, but not great - nothing to go gaga over like many of the others have suggested. We were a group of 7 + kids. Started with
Nachos with beans - OK, cheese was a bit runny, beans had an indianized taste.
Paneer ka baap and Original Paneer tikka - tasted good but no identifiable difference between the two, except for a few pieces of pineapple and potato.

Main course was Aloo Paratha, chana batura, two sizzlers, two macaroni, one dum biriyani.
Paratha - good, full marks
Chana batura - good, Chana too bland, needs some spicing up.
Sizzlers - good volume, tastes ok.
Macaroni - again runny cheese as in less cheese and more white sauce. Dried herbs - not fresh herbs.
Dum Biriyani - again bland, but full of flavor - the saffron shows.

Simple point is, for the money I pay, at least give me fresh herbs - not dried herbs I can get in a bottle at any department store (Italian seasoning mix, dried rosemary and thyme, etc.)
And the coup de grace was adding 10% as service charge + adding service tax and VAT on the service charge. No amount of arguing could reverse that.
The service wasn't worth 300 bucks they charged me. They didn't even serve chilled water. Delivery was prompt, though.
Seriously, I can get a NV buffet on a weekday at Mainland China for the amount I paid on one sizzler.
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A Kamalika Krishmy - Burrp User

A Kamalika Krishmy

August 19,2013

Value For Money and Wonderful Food

The best thing about Cream Center is that it is vegetarian. It is the best place where you can get Mexican, Italian , continental and Indian. Special mention about their Chole Bhature. It is the best place where you can get Mexican, Italian ,continental and Indian.
The ambience in RA puram is the best. Ragda patties is my personal favorite. Off late they have increased the quantity for sizzlers, which is really really too much for people like me. I miss their Thali lunch that they used to have, It is off menu these days. To finish off your lunch or dinner, sizzling brownie with ice cream is a must have.
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conquerer47  - Burrp User


July 05,2013

Value For Money

The place is slowly catching up on our frequent visitor list, as we do find that when we need to have quick and quality food, it better be time tested like Cream Center, as no other place comes anywhere near this one in terms of Quality, variety and value for money. Service goes w/o saying it is really very good.
I am looking for someone to recommend something similar to this one in terms of being a complete vegetarian and similar menu doled out.
The grill and pasta is always good, authentic products used, freshness very high.
Every one has a bad day, but we have been going on an average twice a month and till date that bad day has not come to because we choose just 2/3 dishes.
Most of the time we have seen that the tables are always full.
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vinurooban - Burrp User


June 15,2013


Best restaurant in Chennai.
Best in India.
Must try
1 . American corn cheese balls
2. Nachos with Mexican beans
3. Paneer tikka (world's softest paneer).
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markdult - Burrp User


June 05,2013

Terrific Dinner!!

I went to this place on a Saturday night and like any other place it was crowded. We were told to wait and the people there were very courteous.

We finally managed to get a place and we had an amazing dinner experience. The ambiance was really good and the food was absolutely delicious.
My favourite would be the sizzlers and American Cheese balls. I would never miss out on the cheese balls. They are the best there.

A bit too pricey but it is totally worth it for the overall experience.

Wish they add more tables and a parking space.
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Veda Vyass - Burrp User

Veda Vyass

May 03,2013

family and friends

Easily the best and the prices are high but it is worth every penny . My favorite would be the american corn cheese balls and there is nothing to complain about the quality and the taste . valet parking available . This is one place where both family and friends can hangout .
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Deepesh Tarun  - Burrp User

Deepesh Tarun

April 27,2013

For the veggies

Over the years the place has become expensive and the menu has been diversified, but the quality has always been intact. I have never liked spending plenty on Veg food, but this place makes me reconsider that. The Channa Batura is out of this world. The sizzlers are pretty good as well. But the nachos ( yes nachos in this place), are just superb with cheese. The biryani was OK. May be because I do not dig veggie biryani. The Sizzling chocolate brownie is also delightful. Definitely worth the hype
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Veda Vyass - Burrp User

Veda Vyass

April 01,2013

Chip off the old block!

Just like the one in Nungambakkam this place is a beauty! I loved the nachos here and also the dum briyani! Do try their variety of desserts especially the brownie sizzler!!
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nikhilsebastian  - Burrp User


March 31,2013


This is an awesome place for veg food and is right behind my home.

One afternoon, to avoid boring food at home, decided to hop in and have the world famous nachos and the brownie with ice cream!

The nachos are absolutely sinful with sooooo much of melted cheese on it.

The flavours burst in your mouth and you wont stop eating it till it is over.

Followed it up with a sizzling brownie and vanilla ice cream. This redefined 'sinful'! Melt in your mouth stuff that automatically brought a smile on my face!

Awesome service, as expected. And not very expensive.

Totally vfm. 5/5
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Vinoo Thomas - Burrp User

Vinoo Thomas

March 14,2013

Good veg dining place !

Location is near the Kaliappa Hospital at RA Puram.
The panner and aloo tikki sizzlers are popular options.
Be warned of the high waiting time though as I experienced it on both occasions!
The Paneer and Vegetable Shashlik Sizzler are good and so is the Dum Biriyani which comes as a huge serving,
Cost for two is roughly Rs. 750.
The Sizzling Brownie is a must-have for desserts.
Go for it !
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Veda Vyass - Burrp User

Veda Vyass

March 12,2013

One of the best eateries in Chennai

They claim to have one of the best nachos around, and it ain't an exaggeration one bit. Because their nachos are one of the best I have had ever. And, their starters are simply lip smacking - be it onion rings or the American corn cheese balls.

Also, their take on the Dum briyani is wonderful and the portions are quite sumptuous.

But, the desserts are the ones that make you exclaim legen-wait for it-dary! Because the brownie sundae is something you can die for.

All in all, if oyu are a veggie, take your family, have a good night's dinner and sleep with utmost satisfaction :)
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Clement  - Burrp User


February 26,2013

Amazingly good veggie food

I'm a foodie and a meat lover and it was unlikely that I would have stepped into a fancy veggie place if not for my wife's insistence. And I was in for a surprise. The menu was brief but the food was fantastic. We tried the a Dahi Puri, Penne Al Forno and a Paneer Paratha meal on the first day and I couldn't lose the taste of the food until long after :) The attention is personal too. I was about to order a soup, but the person who waited on us saw that my wife was pregnant and advised against it as it contained MSG.

We've been there many times after and have almost tried everything on the menu. Overall, a dinner out at the Cream Centre is a very satisfying experience with great ambience, amazing food and good service. Highly recommended.
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ustaadsubbu - Burrp User


January 14,2013

Tasty food, but very small portion size

We had been here after reading and hearing good reviews about this place. We were expecting something out of the world, but it was a bit disappointing. The menu is small, but all items are obnoxiously priced. The food is tasty, but the portion size is very abysmal. Not worth what we pay for. We had sweet corn soup, italian herb cheese toast, paneer hariyali tikka. Quiet honestly, we don't think it is anything out of the world. To top it all, we were given empty sachets of after-mint !! It was perfectly sealed with nothing inside it ! :0 :) Don't think we would come back here again!
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Mrithun Jayan - Burrp User

Mrithun Jayan

December 16,2012

My First Choice for a family dinner

We decided to have a family dinner and were quite happy to decide on this as the restaurant to go. The overall experience was amazing apart from few factors which can be improved. Food was excellent and especially the sizzlers were amazing!!! The starters were absolutely delicious and got emptied even before the plate was kept down!! I have no regrets or suggestions about the food. All I can say is "Keep it going guys!!!

My only concern, being a very famous restaurant and that too it is one of the very few veg.restaurant with great quality, they should have more space to accommodate more people. The waiting time is pretty long and I am ok to wait for some time. But when you take elderly people it becomes a pain. I cannot blame the elders as they are used to eat at regular timings without waiting. Hence, I am thinking twice now to take my parents the next time to this restaurant due to the wait time.
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aswynz - Burrp User


December 09,2012

Veggie delight in a nice ambience

Serves quite a variety of vegetarian food spanning across Indian, Mexican, Italian cuisines. While the food is quite tasty, it may not be for everybody considering that the prices are quite exorbitant. Should try once in a while. Nice food.
One tip- Do not ask for alterations in dishes. They mess up.
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priya16793 - Burrp User


November 22,2012

nachos to die for!!!

a restraunt i frequent sooo often nd never ever get tired of it!!!
we had to wait outside for an insane amount of time but by the time we started tucking into the food that just did not seem to matter!!!
the nachos are just the best ever!!! so chessy and crunchy at the same time!! but another starter i love are the corn chesse balls...yum!!
the sizzlers here are one the BEST in the city...especially for a fully veggie restraunt. the enchiladas were so well done and the pastas are amazing!!!
desert is good too but the sizzling brownies have sort of lost their charm on me
otherwise a brilliant meal always!!...
my only problem is that no reservations can be made and that results in extended waiting periods which sometimes sours the dinner mood...otherwise no complaints!!
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Sriram KG - Burrp User

Sriram KG

November 20,2012

Stylish Veg

It's a brilliantly thought out menu and the food is yummy.
Wonderfully located, classy ambiance, a compact menu and all of them are delicious.
I love the colors, the lighting and esp the waiting lounge.
Coming to the food, the menu may be little narrowly designed.. very few starters, filled with calories but all of them are pretty mouth watering. The onion rings and cheese balls are very few and you would be not satisfied with the quantity they give! Awesome biryani and side dishes. Desserts are few and I dint find anything interesting in that area. The place is very expensive but the signature dish or chola poori is worth that price!
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cthiruma - Burrp User


November 19,2012

decent food,nice ambience

Cream center has good ambiance and hospitable staff.The food is good for pure vegetarians but limited to Indian cu cine and any kind of starter,cannot expect too much on the continental sizzler and other food.Desserts are very good,as a whole little costly but a good choice for pure veggies.
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divyasree92 - Burrp User


November 18,2012

creammy & yummmy

I love their food... real yummm... Nachos, cheese balls, enchiladas will always be in my 'to-order-list' !! trust me, they taste outta the world... i love the sizzlers too... brownie sizzler is my favourite... pastas and pizzas also worked for me.
Moderately priced.. ambience is pleasant and inviting... service is pretty good.. sometimes they delay and dont get the orders in time... but hey, i think its worth the wait :) its a thumbs up from me...
Check out this place if u havent.. im sure u wont regret !!
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Prahalathan Karunakaran - Burrp User

Prahalathan Karunakaran

November 17,2012

Snobbish service

Very bad service. They made us wait unnecessarily when tables were empty inside, i guess to fool people on the roads that the restaurant was crowded. They refused to take a reservation. And at the end when we wanted to split the bill they refused to accept multiple cards. The food is excellent, but service is just the opposite! Go there only if you want to understand what snobbish means.
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Kartik Vighnesh - Burrp User

Kartik Vighnesh

November 17,2012

Veggie Foodie heaven!!

An awesome place for a veggie to enjoy different cuisines. Firstly the Nachos. and the onion rings. They are to simply amazing!!! The vegetable lasange is awesome. and the best way to end is with the choc brownie sizzler. A must place to visit for a veggie foodie.
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Preethi Raghu - Burrp User

Preethi Raghu

November 16,2012

Good food

None would miss the world famous nachos and american cheese corn balls. Perfect treat to the stomach:) CC has recently upgraded its menu as well.
Great ambience , u have a tatoo man right outside the place so that ur kids can enjoy:) would be good if they could add few south indian items as well especially cos its CHennai:)
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gdstar83 - Burrp User


November 15,2012

A world tour !

If you are a pure vegetarian and want to relish some world cuisines, this is the place. The sizzlers can make your day ans dont forget to try the sizzling brownie sundae.They often have some festivals for parathas, briyanis , sizzlers and that surely is also a good time to visit and explore the best tastes.
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foodie2485 - Burrp User


November 14,2012

Veggies' paradise

Cream Centre is unarguably one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the city. I have been there at least some 15 times in the last 2 years and I've never been disappointed with the food even once! I love their sizzlers, the pastas are great too. Im not particularly fond of their pizzas or falafels though. Their Nachos and Corn Cheese balls are must-haves. And dont forget to wash down all that delicious food with their signature Sizzling Brownie with ice cream. Consistently good!
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Hemanth N S - Burrp User

Hemanth N S

November 11,2012

Yummy Cream

Simply fantastic. A very good place for all vegetarian eaters. You can have all varieties of food here. Chola Batura is the pick of the lot as it comes with the channa masala. We have enjoyed great time here with my office colleagues.
You can also have sizzlers which was always served hot and also all types of intercontinental food were also available here.

One place to have all other varieties of foods. Excellent ;-)
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SRahul - Burrp User


November 11,2012


I just don't get why people think this place is very special. This is one of the few continental (or so they say) restaurants that's 100% vegetarian. And that's probably why people rate this place more than what it deserves. The food is way below average. And they have a fancy menu card that's got more pictures than actual dishes.
The Batura in Chole-Batura is very greasy, couldn't get past a few bites. Their Quesadilla smelled very odd (bad cheese, I'm guessing). The Sizzlers aren't worth mentioning. And to top it off, they're over-priced too. The ambiance and the Sizzling Brownie dessert are the only exceptions.
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Preethi Venkataraman - Burrp User

Preethi Venkataraman

November 10,2012


Been here many a time, and this place has never failed to disappoint me. The recent experience is definitely worth a mention. I went here with one of my friends and there was a big queue lined up(Ya you know the demand from here!), the attenders were very welcoming and found us a place in no time. The menu was great, and if you are a cheese lover, you have many a dish to hog. Good ambience, excellent service and yummy food. Definitely a place to visit!
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hkmurali - Burrp User


November 10,2012

A perfect Dinner Date

Cream centre has managed to consistently maintain its superb quality of food and service in both Nungambakkam and RA Puram
They have a very wide selection of menus from Mediterranean to Italian to North Indian . The thin pizzas to the delicious CHanna Baturas , the Onion Rings & the hot brownie are to die for.
Its a place where you can never be disappointed and definite value for money
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Gaurav Ghatiya - Burrp User

Gaurav Ghatiya

November 10,2012

Heaven for Vegetarians

They really do have 'World's best nachos'. Their Chola Bhaturas are probably the best 1 might get in chennai. Good service, good ambience and worth the money
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nikhilsebastian  - Burrp User


November 10,2012

Good stuff!!!

walking down with a friend on the road around my house and we saw cream centre which was just behind my house. and suddenly, we had a craving for sizzling brownie!!!

so, we entered just to have the brownie, but we then decided to have the corn cheese balls too!!! it was just too hard to resist!!! :p

the corn cheese balls are yummy! the gooey cheese when you break into one is just too good. and the way the flavour of cheese and corn bursts in your mouth is awesomely yummy! just loved it.

now, for the star of the show. the sizzling brownie!!! when the brownie arrived with the scoop of ice cream on top, we were already drooling and when the waiter poured the chocolate sauce over the brownie and the sizzling starts, the sound is pure bliss and the fragrance that fills the air is sooooo appetising in itself! :p

well, the sizzling brownie is simply awesome. period.

since we dint have a full meal, cant rate their food overall, but the brownie and the sizzling brownie definitely deserve a 4/5.

the ambience is like any other restaurant. very nice and chic. 4/5

the service cant be judged when one orders just 2 things. but for what we ordered, it definitely deserved another 4/5.

i hope to be here soon to try out some more food on their menu!
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mbohidar9 - Burrp User


November 09,2012

Slightly overpriced for vegetarian-only food!

Have been going to this place for three years now, the most recent visit being last week. They have increased their prices with the quality and portion of food remaining the same.
The World's Best Nachos are a favourite. Anyone who loves nachos must try this one at Cream Centre. Also go for the mixed platter that includes Onion Rings, Cheese Balls and another fritter. For main course, the pizzas are pretty decent as is the biriyani. Every once in a while, they hold special food fests, the last couple being the Kebab Fest and the Bake festival, where they almost always have really good food. So, do keep an eye out for those.
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sandhya_burrp - Burrp User


October 19,2012

Good but oily

I visited Cream Centre recently with my family. The ambience is really nice and instantly you feel like you entered a happy-family environment. We had the starters combination platter. The starters were really good and we thoroughly relished them. We ordered the famous chhole bature. Nothing fantastic about it. Was pretty ordinary and too oily. The rustic Italian pizza was excellent. So was the tandoori paneer shaslik, although the rice was a tad too oily. The sizzling brownie was heavenly and was a perfect end to a good, but oily meal. Sincere request- reduce the oil and you shall see us coming more often.
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hkmurali - Burrp User


October 11,2012

Reliable try

great food, with good ambience
slightly on the expensive side, but food never lets you down...
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Vignesh Narasimhan - Burrp User

Vignesh Narasimhan

September 16,2012

Good taste and reasonable price

Good taste and reasonable price, service is good, good north indian variety choices
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Ajay Anand - Burrp User

Ajay Anand

September 10,2012

Awesome Ambience

CC is a place with great ambience to have dinner..But mind you, it gets crowded for the same reason. The food is very good but the menu is limited.Again their recommendation and preparation are excellent, so no complaints. A very good place for veggies. You can enjoy your evening with your loved ones here for sure...
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RandomNumber - Burrp User


July 21,2012


Yes - it's pure vegetarian
Yes - the paneer is great
No - the food overall is not that great - it's decent at best
No - the food is hardly value for money

Among the items we ordered:
Mustard Sizzler (or something) - effectively fried rice with some flavored veggies
Channa Batura - awful stuff (200rs for that??), I've tasted better for 1/10th of that price
Corn and Cheese Balls - ok.
Panneer Tikka - awesome.
Some Shashlik - good.
Onion Rings - my heart aches - salty, oily, everything bad.
For ~ 600rs a person, there are much better places in town. Keep this as a last resort.
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Rajesh Choubey - Burrp User

Rajesh Choubey

July 14,2012

Worth trying once...

Anyone who have never eaten authentic mexican food outside of Chennai/India, might like the cheese nachos, but in real its a disgrace in the name of nachos. Margherita Pizza was good. American Corn cheese balls are waste of money. Twist on Ice Margaritas is the best. You must try it. Service is very fast and very good though. Overall it was a god dining experience if you don't mind the taste of some of the items on the menu.
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shriks20 - Burrp User


June 23,2012

Treat for vegetarians

Have been there thrice in the last one year...They serve superb Conti & Indian food..Need some patience to get tables during the weekends
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tanvishah - Burrp User


June 12,2012

must visit for their baked dishes.

I had been to this place and liked their variety of baked dishes.
good work. keep it up
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dhivss - Burrp User


May 20,2012

was goooood !!!

i had nowhere to go on a weekend.. so my friend along wid me thought we will visit some new restaurant to atleast have a good weekend wrap.. thats when i suggested creme center coz i too wanted to try this place.. Man, we loved it :) its vegetarian and we are non veggies;) never mind , was good food..
the place is good enough and worth the visit..
we were 3 of us and it hardly came around 400 per head and trust me we ate our hearts out...
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Sujaychandiran Sundaram - Burrp User

Best Veg in town

They serve the best vegetarian food in chennai. Enough said.
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Divya  - Burrp User


March 01,2012

Nothing better than cream centre

Without any doubt, Cream Centre is one of the BEST vegetarian restaurants in chennai! To start with the ambiance. Just beautiful, pleasant atmosphere. Clean!

The soups ( vegetable and the tomato ) are exquisite! Especially the vegetable spring soup! We dont have much choice in soups, but i guess we dont neeed a choice there.

NACHOS. AMAZIINGG! You can literally die for it! Perfect cheese balance.

Main courses :

Pasta : Our all time classic, penne arabitta is just yuumm..
and the pasta-in-pasta..best pasta i've ever had!!
and rest of them are quite good too..

Sizzlers : YES! They are yuumm too! Love the sauce they provide for the rice/noodles!

Pizzas : Well, its not toooo great! But good enough!!

Mexican : Brilliant! I used to hate Mexican food before i had one here! Must try..

Drinks : My fav - Twist on ice. You can never be bored with it :)
Sodas are really goo
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psb1407 - Burrp User


February 25,2012

Great Food!!

The quality of food is unbeatable.. Good portions & lovely taste.. Lives up to the CC reputation..
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Vikas Jain - Burrp User

Vikas Jain

January 14,2012

connoisseur veggies flock here

I have been to cream centre lots of time. I especially love their garden . Ambiance is really cool. They have great onion rings and baby corn fry. I loved their sizzlers as well. One of item which is must try is their Subz dum Biryani..... It has great aroma, Awesome tatse which is accompanied by yummy raitha. One of the most tempting and attention seeking desert is choco sizzling brownie...!! Its just sizzlesssssssssssss.....!!!
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bhojanalltheway - Burrp User


January 13,2012

Great place

Took my brother to Cream Center and we throughly enjoyed the place. The food was great and the service was good. A must go for a veggie in chennai.
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karthikkumar76 - Burrp User


January 05,2012

One of the best for Veg choices

Clearly one of the best resturants offering good Veg Food. Been at both the places R A Puram as well as Nugambakam.
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what me - Burrp User

what me

December 28,2011


this is the best place ever in my life i have ever been .
do not hesitate..
just go and give a try to all the items.
mainly - paneer tikka , american corn cheese balls , onion rings , nachos with mexican beans , briyani's the best ever ... Love this place ...
u wil b happy for spending.
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nautankey  - Burrp User


December 25,2011

Bland Centre..

This place has surely seen better days...atleast I have had some great binging experiences a year back.. its fallen from heights would be an understatement.

The Ambience - Crowded...they have indeed added more tables and when full(say on sundays) you are wondering if you stepped into some fish market...it so chaotic and err smelly too..

The food - Their nachos rocks...BUT..the other ones..especially the north indian food makes you feel like the chef forgot to add anything..anything in the sense anything...salt, spice..whatever..it was tasteless.. and we needed some kinda pickle to get things in. Guess in their endeavor to create north indian food which would appeal to all they ended up creating bland stuff. The service was too sloww and the only curse we cud hurl at them was....eat ur own servings...
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sujatha murali - Burrp User

sujatha murali

October 12,2011


Their choice of food is very different and awesome. I would have given 5 stars but for their service, they need to improve on that front. Great food. Must try here is sizzling brownie.
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shahaakash - Burrp User


October 08,2011

brilliant food

been here like a zillion times ...the big nachos and sizzling paneer chilli sizzler being my favourite ....finest restaurant in town!!
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husrash - Burrp User


September 20,2011

right place wrong dishes!!

The only time i have been to cream centre was with my whole family during 'A paratha festival'. just imagine me having just paranthas of different stuffings..
There were gobi paranthas,cheese paranthas, corm paranthas..and so on.they were good and filling.. but i craved fo the sizzlers..in the end had the brownie sizzler..hmmmm but good
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shreetheb - Burrp User


September 04,2011

Regular Adda

I went there for the Nachos and the Corn Cheese balls! I was drooling at the thought! And then they came -The corn cheese balls were brilliant - as expected! But the nachos were covered in something watery, pale and completely tasteless! EEKS! I complained to the management - Cream Center & New Yorkers have been a part of my life for eons. This just wasn't the nacho sauce I'm used to! The management (who are very nice and helpful) did attempt to get it right, but as yet, I don't see the awesome sinful goodness of the golden cheese sauce from Cream Center Mumbai.

Having said that, I'm a regular here. The Falafel is crisp on the outside, soft on the inside with great dipping sauces. They have the best and softest Paneer I've tasted in Chennai, The newly introduced mock margaritas are fantastic! The Bhaturas are bigger than your head! The American Corn Cheese balls are WOW! The onion rings are crisp and delish! And last, but certainly not the least, the service is FANTASTIC! I think for the fact that they're jam-packed practically every night, the waiters do a great job!

Definitely recommend and will certainly go back, AGAIN AND AGAIN!
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ramani75 - Burrp User


July 21,2011

Stay Away

This place was great when it started out. Now the food tastes crappy. Stay away !!
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netcraze - Burrp User


July 03,2011

Good food. Bad price.

I have been here few times. Taste is good, but the price have soared up. Requesting the moderator to change the price from moderate to Very Expensive. The average meal for two should be Rs. 1000. I bet you could get an unlimited buffet in any 4* star hotel for the same price. Book a reservation to save time on the long wait esp during week end.
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nidhiss - Burrp User


June 25,2011

awesome foood, service can be better

Their sizzlers are awesome, for the starters cheese and corn balls are good, onion rings not nice, chole bature too has to be improved. service should be improved. overall, can visit for different cuisine. pls drop in earlier else you need to wait long for blocking a table.
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Ram Krishnan - Burrp User

Ram Krishnan

June 09,2011

amazing food

i have visited this place almost 3 times. the food is really very good, the service is fast. try the cheese balls they are amazing..if u r going as a group and on a weekend better reach the place early to grab the seats. the one this which is bad is that they do not have advance booking on week ends!
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tanvishah - Burrp User


May 17,2011

great food

I had been to this place for a birthday treat. we all liked the food a lot. Because it was a friend's treat i did not mind the price.
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sksuhas044 - Burrp User


May 14,2011

Is it beginning of an end?

I definitely agree with the fellow burrper on his comment “Isn’t it too early to fall flat?". The charm of Cream Center is going down a much faster pace and no one other than Cream Center is responsible for it. Now we can see unorganized and careless service by the waiters. The signature dishes are getting more and more tasteless and one can observe that freshness of ingredients used is missing. After visiting this place at least five times earlier, I took my guests to this place boasting about we having such a place in Namma Chennai. We were zapped to see the change now! The soups and main course came together and then after we reminding the staff, there came the starter dishes. To top it up, looks like the team has forgotten some basic words of apologies, they were quite normal by this kind of things. Falafel tasted as if taken out of fridge and microwave and it had some odd smell. Showing that to the staff brought a strange reaction from them; they were like, "it is THE authentic Falafel". I don't think I am going back to this place unless I hear some good reviews from others in near future.
Friends, please DO NOT go by your past experience with Cream Center, IT HAS CHANGED for BAD now.
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Jayraman Iyappan - Burrp User

Jayraman Iyappan

May 01,2011

Isn't it too early to fall flat ?

After heard one of my cousin complained about the food being half cooked & oil smell in batura was worse, thought, will check this myself - as i have been spreading good word about this place for quite some time to my friends. So, this second visit (or say third) been quite unwelcoming !.
As expected the wait time is 25-35 min on a sunday. after such long wait & too late in the evening, we were bit exhausted - we ordered usual & simple items. Definetly they all came-in-one [Soup, Tikki, Batura, Briyani, Aloo paratha) & surprise - just before we completed the puzzle. Thought, all of us know the difference in starter & main course !.
Asked for pencil (to try puzze) - which came in giffy. Asked for pepper & some breadcrumbs (for soup) - which came just before the bill !.

Yes - Batura tasted not-so-nice. And what was the briyani was made of - olive oil (or) some fried oil ?.

Isn't it too early to fall flat - from the expectation set ?. Understand the waiting period - but not diminishing rate of service & food quality - definetly NO !
Hope - it was just a bad day - either for me & my dears (or) the chef !.
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Deepshika  - Burrp User


March 28,2011

Blissful Sizzlers.

Calling all Vegeterians- This is THE place to dine in chennai..

I have been to Cream Centre many times and each time i order just one thing- their Paneer & Vegetable Shaslik Sizzler. I sometimes crave for this, and have driven all the way till R.A.Puram to have it. Im in food heaven everytime i eat it. This doesnt mean i havent tried their other items (i make the ppl who are with me to order other things so i can peck at it from them!)
From the Starters my fav. is their American Corn Cheese Balls. Dont get enough of eating it. I didnt really like their Onion Rings though my friends liked it, but it does have a unique taste.
Even though they have a wide range of Main Course to offer i havent really had the space in my stomach (or the will in my heart) to order anything apart from the Paneer & Vegetable Shaslik sizzler. But i have tasted their Indian Sizzler and Sizzling Paneer Chilli, and both are quite good. Their Methi Aloo Paratha is another recommendation in case ur in an "indian" mood, also try the dum biryani. Their Falafel is average, but maybe its cuz im used to the arabic (tasting) falafel i usually have outside. Im yet to try their pizzas n pastas n i promise myself to try it the next time!!
In dessert the only thing i have tried is the Sizzling Brownie and truth be told the chocolate was a bit too sweet for me. I prefer dark chocolate.
As for something to drink, their Margaritas are a good option. My fav being the Sunset Drive (Peach & Apricot flavor). Apart from this they have the regulars- ice tea, lassi, lime soda and the aerated drinks. Im yet to try their Ice Cream Soda, heard its good.
The service is pretty good too. The staff is very courteous but dont blame them if u dont get a table on weekends cuz it almost always is jam packed esp for dinner. So book ahead!
All in all, it truely is a Vegeterian's Food Paradise.
Taste buds Satisfaction Guaranteed !!
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CarolineIndia - Burrp User


March 21,2011

Dishes from all over the world

A wide range of dishes from all over the world. The presentation and the quality of the dishes is perfect. The service is efficient. Which make this restaurant perfect for your business lunches also.
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chirutha - Burrp User


March 20,2011

Treat for veggies..... Expensive though

Soups, Starters, Sizzlers,desserts---- delight at every step of your meal. True Justice to the term "Multi-cuisine". not so happy with the service though. Had to wait for long time, especially during weekends.......
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diviashk - Burrp User


March 12,2011

Dont Miss these..

These are absolutely delicious in cream center...
Mexican cheese nachos - The cheese and the mexican salsa is truly amazing
onion rings - its quite different from the regular onion ring that you have it any other restaurant.. But the quantity is quite huge so becareful wen u place the order
Penne Arabiata - quite common variety of pasta, but still the taste is classic and subtle
DUM biriyani - A must try in main course.. the panneer just dissolves in your mouth litrelly.. the taste is just perfect.. Not too spicy
Sizzlers - its just classic.. I never knew an veg sizzler can taste soo gud.
Deserts - quite common, nothing much to comment on..
Parathas - I tried their parathas during the paratha fest. It was not gr8.. I didnt like it soo much. It was just a normal paratha.

I am yet to try many other items.. Will try them soon ;) Guys,., It is the best vegetarian restaurant.. So i wouldn`t mind trying all the items in the menu card.
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Murali Das - Burrp User

Murali Das

March 10,2011

King of Veggies!

There was always a dearth of quality vegetarian food in chennai,ie other than the southern fare which is there in plenty. Cream Centre in a short span of time have established themselves as the virtual leader in this segment. Right from the ambience to the food,everything about them is awesome. The menu is one of the best you can see in Chennai. The food is scrumptious and filling. Even for a Non-Veggie like me, the place has much to offer and look forward to each and everytime.

Another important factor which i seek, consistency is pretty high on their list. Never have i been let down by the food. Such consistency has to be appreciated.

Chennaites rejoice, the King of Veggies is here on R.A.Puram.
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mansijm - Burrp User


March 05,2011

Worth a visit!!

There is a waiting list. Please be prepared for that. But, the staff is almost apologetic that you are being made to wait and try their best to get you seated. Turn around time is very short so they try to bring your order as soon as possible.

Please try the Paneer Sheekh Kabab....the paneers are just heavenly.
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v_v_varun - Burrp User


January 11,2011

Nice Restaurant

If you want a break from the regular Vegetarian restaurant, then this is the right one for you. You don't see the regular idli, dosa items. You get Mexican and Lebanese veg items here! Whenever you get bored of regular veg restaurants you can make a visit to this restaurant. Prices are little on the higher side.
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noname noname - Burrp User


December 14,2010

Worth a visit.

I went to Cream Centre with my family a couple of weeks back and had a fairly enjoyable experience. They have huge waiting line, so be prepared for that. They have a cute little waiting area with a play area for kids and wooden seats for the rest. They also have a tattoo artist who seems to be a big hit.

After wading through the vast menu we placed our orders. The Cheese Nachos arrived first and were consumed at lightning pace. The nachos were submerged in a bed of cheese and topped with capsicum. Despite the extravagant amounts of cheese, this wasn’t one of my favourites. The Onion Rings get great marks on presentation and quantity but a little salt would have made it taste great too. The Patties were my fav starter. The fried cutlets were served with a spicy chole which was yumm!!

In the Indian section we ordered the aloo and methi paratha and both were surprisingly good. The flavour of methi was not overpowering and the accompanying dal was a big hit with me. We also ordered the massive puri channa. Be warned that this dish is very oily. They serve this with generous quantities of spicy channa which I loved.

On the continental side, we ordered the Spicy Italian Pizza. This has a crisp, thin crust and loads of cheese. Herbs and sundried tomatoes complement all that cheese and I quite like this dish. We also ordered the Penne Arabiatta. This classic dish was nicely made but was nothing extraordinary. The pasta had a strong garlicky flavour and some found it a little too spicy. Frankly, I think their Indian fare is better and you would be better off sticking to that.

To end the meal, we ordered the Sizzling Brownie. Hot chocolate sauce poured on a rich dark brownie topped with ice cream & nuts.I wish they would add a little more ice cream though.

The ambiance at Cream Centre is prett­y decent (if you discount the loud families and the louder kids). The service was a little slow but that could also be due to the fact that the place was bursting at the seams. The quantities here are fairly generous.

I liked Cream Centre, specifically the Indian food here. It isn’t overly expensive or pretentious and I intend to revisit soon.

Price per person: Rs250-300

For more reviews and pictures, visit: http://couchpotatoesonthemove.blogspot.com/
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Smitha Sunil - Burrp User

Smitha Sunil

December 12,2010

Horrible Service

Horrible service. Food also was not so great. Nobody bothered to attend us even after for half- an hour. the order took another 1 hr to come. that too, sizzler was chilled out, onion rings completely forgotten, biryani bowl was kept on table without plates. when asked about what is happening the steward argued instead of apologizing. the manager never showed up in spite of calling him personally at the door. mr cream centre - people dont pay such exorbitant prices just for average food you r are giving. it is for the service and ambiance too. better train ur staff first on how behave with customers before you pay them.
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Xen Ophon - Burrp User

Xen Ophon

November 14,2010

A big let-down after all the hype

This was my first time here. We visited for lunch during a weekend. There was a wait-time of around 20 minutes. Incidentally, *their* website provides a very unhelpful map that points to the wrong location; the one on burrp is accurate.

Ambience: Nothing much to write about. The restaurant is a remodelled bungalow. We were stuck in one of the rooms. The décor was uninteresting. However, it was reasonably well-lit. There were a couple of other tables being served nearby and luckily, they were not being noisy.

Service: The service was below par. No greetings. No smiles. The food did arrive reasonably quickly. However, the entrées arrived at irregular intervals and the waiter forgot all about one order and had to be reminded. The main courses for each person at the table also arrived at random intervals. One of the orders was again completely forgotten until the waiter was reminded once again.

Entrées: These were interesting and pretty good on the whole.

Main course: The Channa Baturas, while pretty good, were nothing extraordinary. Whatever you do, do not order anything that is not desi at this restaurant. The faux Mexican and Italian food served is utter rubbish.

Dessert: Very limited menu. Average quality.

Price: Whoever stated on this site that you can have a meal for two for 300 at this restaurant was quite certainly typing under the influence of a banned substance. It's more like Rs. 600 per couple. I recommend also watching out for the fact that the bloody Channa in the Channa Batura costs extra.

Conclusion: Cream centre is an over-hyped, overpriced waste of time and money. Lacklustre service, below-par food, dull & uninteresting setting and a deceptive façade of posh dining has ensured that I will not be visiting again. Everybody in our party felt quite miffed by the experience - no bang for the big bucks.

The only reason why this joint is getting two stars is because the menu was completely vegetarian and the entrées were decent.
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KEWLHERC2JZ - Burrp User


October 20,2010


Me : hey , any place here that serves decent Italian fare.
Work Colleague :"cream center".
Me : "Cream center? doesnt sound Italian to me ?!!
WC: But the food there is great : its italian ..you'll love it!
and I was there.
Im no meanie. But I would not eat there for free!!
You got it right :
1) They have proper cloth napkins. For once in Chennai : I dont need Tissues that I would be using to wipe my posterior : on the table!
2) Cute Cruet sets! Decent bowls. Waiters with ties and helpful (enough).
You got it wrong :
1) Either I am the biggest nut job in the whole of Chennai : or this was a prank on me. The menu has one page dedicated to Italian. No Pizzas , no Zuppa, no Insalatas. only pasta! no gelatos/ no sorbettos. period. the other pages have mexican, chinese, phillipino, korean, jain(ian), iyer(ian), rajastanian.add your own from here on..
2) three pastas: self combinations not allowed! the guy serving me was throughly annoyed that I was "suggesting" combinations there . NO ONE DARE DOES THAT!!! they had a spaghetti, a penne and some farfalle! to go with arabiatta, some tomato based me-lee and then some more red goo!. HE VISIBLY JUMPED WHEN I ASKED HIM IF I COULD GET PESTO WITH CONCHIGLIATELLE COZ IT COULD HOLD THE SAUCE GOOD! I thought he would choke me to death.
3) Forget about non-veg. You will have to lay the egg!! this was a jain joint! with the next table ordering parathas and chat! HEYSUS CHRISTO! If you think "Little Italy" is funny coz they do vegetarian. you should come here.
4) Ordered Penne with Neapolitan. suffice to say it tasted like Sambar which was red in color.
5)Espresso ( and I checked the time) 35 mins .from order to when I received it. I dont think anyone ordered one ever.
6) Crowded and noisy with kids. terrible. there was a line so big : I thought I was in coach class on a plane hitting the loo : or waiting for an audience with the pope. (whichever sounds kind).
On the WC who recommended it : pretty looking thing! sadly she lacks taste. thought I would take her out.
After this : and her taste: "nice knowing you aunty". take care.
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Ram Kumar Ramaswamy - Burrp User

Ram Kumar Ramaswamy

October 15,2010


Nice service, pleasant setting. Go for the channa batura, sizzlers and Nachos. A little pricey, but worth all the experience.
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Richa  - Burrp User


September 25,2010

Food Vs. Patience!

Been to cream centre couple of times, doesn't matter which joint you goto, there's always a LONG Q! Making reservations or not, you will have to wait no matter what, I mean people throng to it literally specially during weekend dinners.

Right, so the Food is great - quality wise, taste wise and presentation wise. The prices have increased I must say from what they had initially, but I guess you don't have much choice in Chennai for a great multicuisine place like this which serves good food, so people don't mind shelling out a lil more.

The food vs. patience part comes in another time when you have fought the long Q's and got your table and then the food arrives finally...but its so DAMN hot, that you have to extend your patience and hunger a lil longer till you can have a bite - specially if you have ordered sizzlers or some italian dish!

All in all - a good place with some tasty food and but an average ambience - can really use some good music! Cheers!
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chirpy - Burrp User


September 16,2010

Great food!

We had dinner here couple of times during our visit to India. Good variety of food. Try their Channa Batura - excellent Channa in authentic delhi style. The sizzlers are also pretty good. Pastas -Malfatti Napoli was awesome. Expect a long wait even on week days. Or, get there early, by 7:30 or so, you will be seated right away. Service can be a little sloppy given the crowd. The interiors simple and cozy. End your meal with the sizzling brownie fundae. The best dessert ever!! For the pictures, check out my blog http://sizzlersandsundaes.blogspot.com/2010/09/cream-center-chennai.html
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Shree Reshe - Burrp User

Shree Reshe

August 25,2010

Really yummy.............;-)

The food and ambience is really so good. We heard about this place from a relative for its ice cream served on a hot plate topped with hot chocolate sauce(i dont remember the name of this dessert as in their menu) and the golden fried onion rings. We tried the dessert, really awesome.... Even few other mexican food that we tried was also remarkable. Though it was a bit expensive it was filling!!! My husband took me there when i was pregnant since am a great explorer of food. It is really one of my unforgetable experience among the outings and the dinners i went with my honey in that 10 months!! It was much better then what we expected it to be. A 'must go' restaurent in chennai. Its great for people who like to try new things and try things in a great and different variety and like to visit new places and eat outs....rather then the same old and the most common indian ones and chinese restaurents. I had been to RA puram, i recently discovered their branch in nungambakkam near Shasthri Bhavan. Since my little son is now jus ready to eat out, we will ve to soon go there to try that too. Though one cant go there frequently as the food is so cheesy and fatty, this place can be chosen for private celebration and special once in a while parties. Luckily i got a table with in a short waiting period as we just went at the right time, but otherwise the wait is too much for a table here. And it ll be great if they had a better place for the eager diners to wait instead of making all those posh people who visit this place to wait standing in groups till the road outside. I hope if there is some facility lik booking a table by phone. This facility will very much improve the service standards here which is already great apart from this 'LONG WAIT'
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Jananikrithsan - Burrp User


August 18,2010

Extensive menu!

They really deserve a pat on the back for the menu which has varied options and very friendly service!!! Even on a weekday the place was full of customers which talks for their goodwill! We ordered the 'Mera thali' which includes a drink, chaat, starter, roti, rice, 3 sabjis raita, salad, papad and ice cream all this for Rs. 235! They have a printed sheet on which choices in the thali are listed and you can choose what you want!
Food was waonderful!
Lage Thaaliyan!!!!
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vijaytv - Burrp User


July 15,2010

Becoming an too expensive place

The Sizzlers are reduced in quantity and one doesn't get a full stomach after eating a plate and paying R.170 odd. The other items are also priced much higher than what they were and certainly not worth the money they charge. The place and ambiance is good, but CC is becoming an increasingly expensive place for middle class to afford
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pradeep_kotari - Burrp User


June 22,2010

sizzling brownie n short skirts

have the capsicum rolls, they r the best. u may also go for the three in one roll(you get the onion roll, the capsicum roll and the corn cheese balls). if you order the three in one, you dont need to order the american corn cheese balls again unless you like them very much as the three in one has two pieces of the cheese balls. the schezwan sizzler was good. if i said the brownie was delicious i'd be downplaying, it was top of the world. best dessert ever. u can visit this place just for it. i have no words with a higher superlative degree to praise this. the hot brownie mixed with ice cream and dark chocolate fudge sauce is eye pleasing and it gives an immersive absorbing taste. u shld try it to understand what i am trying to express here. Also ive noticed that this restaurant is frequented by the best crowd in chennai. very posh. most of them, i can say almost all of them were dressed in either a skirt or a short :) that was eye pleasing as well. the ambience and design of the place is of international standards. i cant believe i didnt visit this place until now.
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Shubhamay Banerjee - Burrp User

Shubhamay Banerjee

May 18,2010

It was nice!

After reading the reviews here, we felt that this restaurant deserves a visit. The ambiance was better than expected; much better than Sigree or Mainland China.
The service was quick, unlike some of the reviews, and the staff was polite and attentive; though they did mix up one of the beverages. Finally, the food was good (though not excellent), and we felt that the American Corn Cheese balls was no great shakes.
Definitely better than the other hyped restaurants.
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snehajain - Burrp User


April 23,2010

good food can be better

sizzlers are good. chocolate brownie is yumm. ragda pattice and chole bature can be better. hyped a lot. waiting time too high. service is worse. can go for variety in the menu.
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Sugandh Garg - Burrp User

Sugandh Garg

April 22,2010

very nice ambience

if u have to go to cream,the centre then ra puram is better for its ambience , the food is same at both the places though
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Ramya R S - Burrp User

Ramya R S

April 16,2010

Must try 4 te 1s wo luv sizzlers..!!

The sizzlin brownie i had here will alwyz remain 1 of te best 1s i've evr seen..!! :)

The paneer ws really soft n gr8..!!

Te quantity is sumthin vch is really less 4 te price v pay..!!

Shd hurt colg students badly..!! ;)..he he..reerve tis 4 a frnz bday tr8 n mak te most of it..!!!
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Sridhar Sukumar - Burrp User

Sridhar Sukumar

March 14,2010

Lots of Ghee.Build appetitie before u enter

This is our third visit to cream centre and could notice that the Chef has changed.
The size of the batura has increased, so is the amount of Ghee in Channa. Very tasty, but to finish a channa batura you need good appetite.Sizzler is relatively light and tasty.Sizzling brownie is the best way to finish dinner here. Ambience is good, so is the service.
A must visit for a vegeterian.
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rajesh.rebala - Burrp User


March 13,2010

Veggie paradise

One of the best places for vegetarian food in Chennai, its sizzlers are out of the world good! Haven't tried the Indian dishes here but pastas and sizzlers are just brilliant!

A special recommendation- American corn cheese balls.
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gayath3 - Burrp User


January 20,2010

Great food, Lovely ambience

I love this place! Its good value for money... Perfect for a weekend lazy afternoon brunch and lounging around... The best thing about the place is the veg edge.. and their pastas and sizzlers are awesome...!! Must say that the pizzas are strictly so-so.. My daughter totally digs the cheese nachos.. One thing that Im not required to 'feed'.. she eats on her own.. :-)
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j_mini - Burrp User


January 15,2010


i had been to this place after reading the reviews with my family. i had to wait long after ordering to fulfil my hunger.(mind you i travelled from annanagar to this place, as m a foodaholic).Neverthless, the wait was worth it for, all of us could experience a variety of food. The taste was good and the sizzlers here is a must try. the ambience is good, though the service could be better. for the variety on the cuisine, i am sure i like to visit this place often.
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tomchacks - Burrp User


January 09,2010

Vareity cuisine

The food was good, ambience was nice. The price was a bit high. The staff were OK too. Definitely worth a try
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foodie_chennai - Burrp User


December 04,2009

Keep this restaurants for special occasions

Specials are
1. The chatpata onion rings...
2. Super soft paneer in the Paneer tikka sizler

CAUTION! - Avoid weekends...Spare the hard working waiters and dont get disappointed with the service
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Sangeethaa priya - Burrp User

Sangeethaa priya

November 22,2009

Simply Great!!

Oh friends i went with my papa, mama and sis, great place, good food and we throughly enjoyed the evening, only problem was very difficult to find a place for parking but good they have a valet parking. My favorite is SIZZLERS.
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niranjan - Burrp User


October 20,2009

nice place

nice ambience and very good food.... come here if u have a leisurely evening after a heavy day's work... i like the sizzlers here...
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vijaisn - Burrp User


October 10,2009

Awesome food! Totally rocks!

We were a bunch of about 15 people who went here so we got order a wide variety of bite sized stuff. Every item that we ordered was ... oh my god awesome!! I mean it.. oh my god aweeeeeesome!!! Panneer tikka to the onion rings to the tacos to the paratha to the iced tea to the what not!!!

At the end of the meal we got a fat bill but I say what the heck! The food was worth it!!
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CK  - Burrp User


October 06,2009

Good looking menus ;)

I wonder if we should start ranking restaurants based on ratio of menus to guests at a table. By that category, i would give this place a four star rating - "****". Anyway, the menu presented, was breathtaking, mind-blowing, and fantastic....(please insert any other accolades possible). The pictures, the presentation, the sampling provided, simply amazing. An appropriate movie dialogue would be from Jerry Macquire, "you had me at hello".
In summary, it was a good place, good food, a tad bit expensive, but the service like most other places was just about average. In all this mess up, my waiter, was friendly, but his manager or bosses didnt make their appearance or even make apologies. I was tempted to have a small chat, and cancel, but i had not eaten, and i kept wondering if this poor chappy's salary would be docked because of some mistake in the kitchen. I only wish people in the service business took some more care. It would help attract and retain customers.

more at http://mygoodeats.blogspot.com/2009/10/cream-centre-ra-puram-chennai.html
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Parthasarathy SV - Burrp User

Parthasarathy SV

September 16,2009

One of the best place for Veg food

You can't go wrong with this place, when it comes to Veg food. I have been a regular customer of this place for the last 2 years, and have taken lot of friends there.
Quality, service, hygiene, good ambiance makes this one of the best place for veg food. They also have special dishes for the jains, which makes it a true veg joint. You would start drooling at one look of the menu card as it one of the highlights of this place. Go for it if you want to try different food under veg.
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suchijp - Burrp User


September 02,2009

not good not bad either.

i had been to this place a week back and had to wait for nearly an hour before i could get seated. this is the most irritating part. (not so good). Then i ordered for the food and though i liked the taste , the oil was toomuch in almost all the preparations (not so bad). there could be some more variety in the menu. but with not much choices for vegetarians, i suggest this place is worth visiting once atleast...
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sumati sr singhani - Burrp User

sumati sr singhani

August 17,2009

nothing creamy bout the place...

well on a last to last saturday it was drizzling n me n my husband decided to go for coffee n pastries n some doughnut... while we were surfing through the city we saw this board cream center, well lit n nice ambience n we immediately stopped as per the name suggested that we will be able to satisfy our need there....but apparently it turned out to be a resturant, n so thought of trying the food there... we called for aloo ka paratha , beans n tortilla chips n icecream with fresh fruit, well i would say the food was good n aloo paratha was really tasty n homely... but i would prefer to make homely aloo paratha at home , rather having it there for the price of pizza , the food is definately overpriced but nevertheless staff is humble n friendly n ambience is good.
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Sridhar Krishnamurthy - Burrp User

Sridhar Krishnamurthy

August 13,2009

The Channa was great!! But not the Bhatura

We had a farewell party for a friend of ours who was migrating to the US! Had a great time. The Manager (I think), Mr. Williams was very kind and offered us complimentary beverages (for a party of 16!).

The Sizzlers were great and the Channa was yummy. However, the Bhatura was very oily. It is preposterous to price the Channa and the Bhatura separately and 35+95 was very steep. However, I think that the Channa is the best in Chennai.
The Corn Cheese Balls and the Paneer Tikka that we had as starters were excellent but the Onion Rings was pretty average.
Overall the food and the ambience was excellent and all of us had a good time.
One word about the toilet - it was awful. It was smelly, there was water all over the floor and the bin could not be opened with the result that toilet paper and tissues were strewn all over the floor. It looked like the toilet has not been cleaned for over a day! A very poor image for a fine-dine restaurant. I hope that the management will take care of this.
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dabrahmin - Burrp User


August 10,2009

You think you eat "authentic channa bhatura here?

This is the most absurd restaurant - that prices bhatura and channa seperately (35 + 95)....beyond they are not even authentic. WHo cares for the ambience when you are in a restaurant for authentic indian food. This is the most disgusting, very expensive (read - NO value for money) joint.
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schander - Burrp User


August 02,2009

World's best best Chana Bhature

It was 29th July, my birthday. My wife, having enjoyed the Sizzlers at the Cream Center earlier wanted to go there for dinner. The Citibank Gourmet guide also offered a 15% discount.

We had American corn cheese balls for a starter, which was quite yummy. Having read in the above mentioned guide that world's best best channa Bhature is served here we ordered for a masala Bhature, a piece each, with plain chana, which had to be ordered separately!!!!. When I started eagerly at my Bhature my fingers were soaked in oil. On showing it to the waiter the plate was immediately removed and a fresh peace, totally flattened (indicating that the oil has been soaked out) was brought. This was, however, no different. Somehow managed to finish the dish, just to get the credit of having eaten the "world's best best Bhature".

The following three days were horrible with stomach infection and fever etc. Only today could regain my strength and immediately decided to warn people of the "world's best best Chana Bhatura". The sad part of it is the cost. Rs 35 for the Bhature and Rs 95 for half a bowl of Chana.

I recommend instead having Bhature Chana at Adyar Anand Bhavan, the joint at MG Road, Adyar, my favourite joint. Just for Rs 25 you have an excellent Bhature with Chana and salad as complimentary accompaniment. You will never regret it.
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Arun Krishnamurthy - Burrp User

Arun Krishnamurthy

July 14,2009

Excellent value for money!!

I've been to this place quite a number of times and have never been dissapointed with the quality or quantity of food served there!! Its a lovely old bungalow that has been converted to a modern restaurant of sorts. The staff is super friendly and courteous. The food is out of this world!! The closest you would ever get to home cooked food retaining authenticity of cuisine. Speaking of which, it has a varied cuisine of indian, mexican, italian and so on. The food is cooked to perfection and there is hardly any reason to complain about anything here!! I would recommend the sizzlers as they are of super propotions and taste heavenly!! Desserts are also good on the taste buds!! In fact, on one particular visit, I had actually paid the bill using my card and completely forgot about it and walked out!! I realised about an hour later and called up the manager who had actually kept the card safe and graciously returned my card (after verification of course!!) This increased my respect for the place ten fold!! When was the last time you heard of someone holding on to and catalogged lost items till the owner returns to claim it??!!! Super service, excellent food, great value for money!! I would recommend anyone who has excellent taste for a visit!!
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xsrahulgupta - Burrp User


May 24,2009

Great Food

Amazing place.
Loved the food and a the distinct homely ambiance about the place. The staff ....very friendly.
You would be spoilt for choice with the variety of cuisines they offer. Tried Mexican and Indian......... scrumptious!!. This could easily be amongst the best north Indian food i had in Chennai.
And their sizzling brownie.....awsome..
A must visit place for food lovers.....
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rahul v - Burrp User

rahul v

May 09,2009

my favourite ................

cream centre :
;i loved the place ,the ambience and the service ever since i went there .a very good place for a get together and a a small party. should mention abt the cost but its worth eatin there
i simply love the chenna batura there with the carrot pickle (the best pickle i've ever tasted).sizzling brownie and onion rings are my fave there ....
i advice ma frnds and relative to atleast eat there once.......
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aruka - Burrp User


April 29,2009

Veggie Delight

BURP! You probably won’t hear it, but you’ll see all the signs of well-fed, happy and satisfied stomachs that roll out of Crème Centre, after a meal there.

A lovely old bungalow-converted-to-restaurant on a tree-lined avenue, off Greenways Road, Cream Centre has not only captured the hearts – and stomachs - of Chennai veggie foodies but also managed to create a stir among hard core non-veggies. Well, it can be quite tough pleasing the carnivore variety right? But, Crème Centre has done well in making their taste buds dance in delight!

On Crèam Centres, platter is a wide variety of cuisines. Ranging from North Indian to Continental, Mexican and Labanese. I’m no connoisseur of food to comment on the latter two, but their nachos - generously lathered with creamy cheese – can leave you smacking your lips shamelessly! If you’re a north Indian food buff, then the channa batura is something you should not give amiss. The larger-than-life batura is served with a slightly tangy channa which has a distinctive taste. There are a variety of chats on offer too. While the taste is authentic the price is something that makes you wonder.

The choice of desserts is limited. The kulfi can leave you disappointed but the shakes are worth a try. But what takes the cake is the sizzling brownie. Sinstrously rich with a smothering of dark chocolate syrup, this dessert is served on the sizzler platter. And mind you, if you’re not in control, you’ll probably find yourself digging and scraping in till the last drop of chocolate sauce.

The décor is elegant, classy yet minimalistic and down-to-earth. There’s a special feeling of warmth when you step into this place. The greenery around has a soothing effect and is bound to leave a smile on your face.

If you’re planning to dine her – especially, for dinner, the least you have wait is 45 minutes. and mind you ... this applies for even on weekdays! (Unless you’re either lucky or land up early - around 7 ish). But afternoons are not that bad though. So do make sure, not to keep your stomach completely empty if you’re planning a dinner here.
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Usha Sridhar - Burrp User

Usha Sridhar

February 24,2009

Delicious Food and Great Ambience

Both my husband and I really enjoyed the food and the ambience. Place I would Love to take my friends and relatives.
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shrirambr - Burrp User


January 29,2009

Nice Multicuisine Veg restaurant

Cream Centre is a very nice multi cuisine veg restaurant near Park Sheraton. I have had excellent food and service every time that i have been there.

The first thing that you will notice is the friendliness of staff in the restaurant. The variety and quality of food is quite good.
North Indian, Italian, Mexican and Lebanese cuisine is served here. Servings are good on some dishes but moderate on others. Desserts are decent.

This place is slightly higher priced and very crowded on weekends.

Must Go if you are veggie and like to try different cuisines
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Abhi  - Burrp User


November 11,2008

Rich ambience, really rich!!!

The menu card claims that they have the best channa batura in india!

The menu had everything right from indian, lebanese, mexican, italian. But the choices in each cuisine is limited! Food is good, but they got to improve the presentation. Tried this place for lunch with my friends. The sizzlers look very inviting when they are served sizzling hot.
Not to mention the sizzling brownie!! It was awesome.

Good food, good ambience and a very rich atmosphere!
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mshruthi - Burrp User


November 07,2008

Loved it!!

A big fan of their amazing channa bhatura and topped it off with a yummy sizzling brownie!
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Sathya N - Burrp User

Sathya N

September 17,2008


Cream Centre belongs to the class of restaurants that think a cool ambiance and tasteless dishes topped by tons of cream or cheese, constitute a good dining experience.

Spare your wallet and your stomach. Find yourself a real restaurant.
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Paneer Selvam S - Burrp User

Paneer Selvam S

July 12,2008


Okay! This is purely my ignorance that I didn't know about Cream Centre.

A friend introduced me to this place. He said Cream Centre. I said what? At dinner time, Cream Centre? You've got to be kidding me-I need proper food. He laughed at me and said this is a proper dining place. Whoa! Cream Centre? Dining Place? Hmmm! Ice cream should be what they would be focussing on, I assume. I just had too many things on my mind.

Even from outside, as I saw, it WAS infact looking like an ice cream outlet. I had to wait and I waited.

Entering the place, the place made me change ideas. The menu wasn't very helpful for me to decide what I really wanted and the waiters were even worse in explaining to me what each of the dishes really was. My friend finally resolved to ordering Veg Noodles Sizzler and I just had to follow that blindly. When we were served with what we had ordered, boyyo! This is a damn good place. Drinks amaze me even more. Lovely. Everything that is food and drinks is more than what you can really expect.

Let down-From the name, how it appears to the passerby on the main road to the waiters/bearers everything that doesn't sound food is a let down. You wouldn't go there if you hadn't tasted their food or if you weren't told by someone about them, would you? I hadn't!

I don't know! As long as I get that tasty and great food, I really don't mind!
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Foodie Cayenne - Burrp User

Foodie Cayenne

June 28,2008

Just another Diner!!

The name cream center might give you a hint of an ice cream parlor but you are mistaken. It is a New Yorker replica. To begin with the menu, there is not a simple healthy option in it. All you can find is cheese. The soups are the same old boring ones. The nachos are not even close to being authentic. The bean sauce is like the normal Rajma made at home. The cheese sauce is good but gets cloying after awhile and where is the sour cream? I find it ridiculous that they serve sizzlers as appetizers. To make things worse the quantity of rice served along with it is so petite. I doubt if cream center's customers want to maintain a size 0. The same old onion rings, fries, capsicum rings, cheese balls (which is never available) it seems like a complete cliché. Coming to the pastas. I had the experience of trying the world's worst arrabiatta sauce. They should have named it marinara sauce. I guess the chef is not really aware of the difference. The white sauce is just as boring as everything else. The paneer paratas are truly terrible. And if you have a dying wish please do try the channa battura. The main course sizzlers are bearable but don't try any of the Lebanese or the Mexican ones. The desserts are okay but not great. The service is decent. The only thing nice about the place is the pretty good ambience. And ya not to forget, the prices are exorbitant. Not a multi-cuisine that I would personally recommend.
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Nimish Adani - Burrp User

Nimish Adani

April 15,2008

A notch below match the original Cream Centre

The original Cream Centre (at Chowpatty in Mumbai) is surely one of my most frequented restaurants in Mumbai - right from my childhood days. It also ranks as one of the best restaurants in Mumbai.

While Cream Centre has now brought the franchise to Chennai, and it is definitely a place I would recommend to all, there is definitely something amiss when I compare it with the original Cream Centre at Mumbai.

For starters, the ever-so-popular fresh carrot pickle is completely stale and has thus been sidelined. Then you have the fine dining experience here which is quite the opposite of the fun-filled fast-food service experience that you get in the original Cream Centre. Add to that the lousy service levels at the place unlike the top-class service levels you are dished out in the original.

However, these disappointments should not dampen the spirits of foodies who want to dig their fingers into some great Chana Bhatura and Parathas.
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swarna barath - Burrp User

swarna barath

March 27,2008

Sizzling Expensive

How do people get to this place? It is not quite visible from the main road and anyone could easily miss it. But this multicuisine? restaurant has good Mexican food (but dont expect the waiter to pronounce it rite for you, we sell them we dono how to call them tho!). The nachos are good and the best part is the drinks, they are absolutely incredible. We tried all possible sizzlers and they were served so well and appetizing to even look at. The dessert sizzler was good too but too sweet to handle. It all goes well until the bill arrives, it is an expensive place alrite but doesnt really matter on special occasions. Nice place to have fun for treats with big gangs.
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Venkat  - Burrp User


November 06,2007

Cool ambience

Jus recently visited the restaurant......the ambience is cool!!!

the food is excellent....i tried chilly paneer...which was ultimate!

n the Pastas are good...paranthas...expecially signature

paranta....dishes r a bit costly...but worth the money!!!!
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Somaditya - Burrp User


November 06,2007

ya right..

Cream Center in RA Puram offers a posh eating experience alright.. but this place is best known for its expensive fare.. pure vegetarian, which to my mind, does nothing to justify the heavy damage (to your wallet)..
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Dhiraj  - Burrp User


November 05,2007


Excellent variety of food, superb taste, and a decent ambience. I tried the falafel and the signature parantha. ThumbsUp!!
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Balaji S - Burrp User

Balaji S

September 03,2007

Treat for Veg lovers...

If you are a veg lover, then this place is a must visit...lot of new veg dishes to try...go ahead and enjoy..

Book in advance if ur visiting in weekends...else u have to wait for more than 45mins(as we did).....even though the place is quite big to accommodate many, its always full during weekends....
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