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anoobhooti - Burrp User


February 06,2012


We decided to go to Taj Coromondal. Entry is quite grand and spacious, since we wanted to have a buffet we asked there and it was available in two restaurants..Golden Dragon and Anise, we opted for the latter as we like north Indian food.....

Since we hadnt booked the table, we waited for some time till he seated us, and we couldnt get the best ones..looking outside, so I think its better to book in advance.
For the appetisers they had..3 fruit juices, one milk shake and tomato soup...all good.
Starters...sadly there was no variety for vegetarians..there was paneer tikka and pizza, pasta...to me pizza pasta are more main dishes than snacks.
In the main course as usual some vegetables ,including one paneer, two daals..one methi daal and one daal makhaani, three types of rice...curd rice, plain boiled and veg biryani, dahi bhalla and plain curd and 4-5 variety in salad, with kulcha, naan and chapati.....kulcha was awesome, havent eaten so good anywhere else.Dahi bhalla was too sweet for me.Rice variety wasnt good. But all vegetables and dal were prepared well.
Dessert..2-3 Indian sweets, few mousse, puddings, fruits, cakes and icecream. Gulabjamun was too sweet, but chhena kheer was delicious, and so was the icecream. Even dry fruit pie was very tasty.

Ambiance...is good, and seating spacious, thats what other places lack..I dont like hitting others whenevr going to take something..or too much noise and crowded look.

Service..is not good, they were very slow, I found the service better in Connemara.

I would love it, if they prepare a comprehensive menu for buffet, otherwise, one is left at sea to choose and sometimes we miss also something.

Pricing..very expensive at around 1800/per person including taxes for sunday lunch.

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shreejadancer - Burrp User


November 16,2011

Its a Chinese choice

This place definitely keeps its Chinese traditions alive.Their food is pretty delicious.It is definitely a family place. You just wont be disappointed !
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redchilli1982 - Burrp User


October 16,2011

Pathetic experience ...

The 1st experience @ DYNASTRY turned to be the last try and the WORST experince one can have for chinese.

Right from the entry @ the restaurant the seating arrangement is bad - a family of 2 need to think 10 times before going there, as the manager denies to offer a bigger table for a small family :(
They just have 1no. of 2 seater table, 6nos. of 4 seater table, 2nos. of 6 seater and 1no. of 10 seater and if the customer walks out, they are least concerned about it !!!
Despite the restaurant being empty the manager denies to accomodate customers in a bigger table ...
Hot & sour soap was red in color due to chilli powder being added ... Manchow soup had diced vegetables instead of shredded vegetables and the crispy noodles were'nt a part of it @ all ...

Crispy noodle salad - another big disaster, crispy noodles but with huge thick slices of tomato, onion, carrot, cucumber - felt like we were having some dish prepared with full confusion in the chef's mind - he did not know if he was cooking Indian cuisine or Chinese cuisine. There is more to add to his kitty of confusion ... crispy vegetables - were soggy and tasteless and drenched in oil.
Schzewan fried rice, tasted horrible with the essence of "elaichi" in it - I never knew Elaichi was part of the Chinese food !!!

Oh you all must know this - raw garlic was added to normal tomato ketchup when asked for a chilli garlic chinese sauce - HUH !!!

Singapore noodles were fine out of the whole menu.

Suggestion to you all : If you are a chinese food lover, try any other option but not here ...
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Joshua Muthumani - Burrp User

Joshua Muthumani

April 13,2011

Amazing as usual

This restaurant is more like a family tradition!!! We've been going to this restaurant for as long as I can remember and have always walked out very happy!!! The food and service is brilliant and there are staff who I remember from when I was a kid and always get treated specially by them. They are also one of the few restaurants to serve Pork in Chennai. Overall a good Chinese fare at very good prices!!!
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Rohini Mohanraj - Burrp User

Rohini Mohanraj

March 17,2011

Definitely going there again

Chinese restaurants are everywhere! I’ve gone to places that claim to serve authentic Chinese fare and come out thoroughly disappointed by their overtly boring and bland fare. I’ve also been to places who go overboard with their “indo-chinese” concept and add tadka to Chilly Chicken!

Dynasty’s branch at Anna Nagar is dingy and rather retro, I’ve heard. Their outlet at Harrisons though not uber cool is decent looking. I usually eat out with a big group of friends but happened to go to Dynasty with just one. Not a big surprise then that we couldn’t try desserts :( We were too full for that. We tried the Char Kway Teow (Malaysian style flat noodles), Chilly Beef, Chicken with mushrooms (cooked Schezwan style) and a starter that resembled fried momos but had a unfamiliar name. The noodles was a little sweet and that’s not how I usually like my food but it was quite yummy, anyway. The starter and Chicken too were really good and we wiped our plates off with gusto. However, the dish that stood apart and made us cry out loud,”Praise the Lord” as we bit into each piece was the Chilly Beef! :D It was simply exceptional with the beef being crisp but yet with some amount of moistness in it and the right amount of flavour and spice. This is one dish you must try if you’re here. Try this tip of mine- have it simply with plain rice.

I’m no Chinese cuisine expert but trust me, Dynasty serves some pretty awesome food. I can’t vouch for the authenticity though and the dishes might be tweaked up a little for the Indian palate but you will never have it and go,”Omg, what’s with all the masala?”

A big thumbs-up for Dynasty from me.

Food- 4/5
Ambience- 3/5
Service- 4/5
VFM- 3.5/5

P.S: They serve alcohol. Yes, you can do what you can’t do at most other places- enjoy your meal with some good chilled beer :)
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Paavalan KM - Burrp User

Paavalan KM

June 25,2010

High Price-Low Quantity

I have been going to this place right from my childhood,This was my family's favorite chinese restaurant,It was a happening place in chennai which serves real good food at an affordable price even 15 years before.i always go there with my family and enjoy the good chinese food . My Favorites are Chicken Pepper Onion,Chicken Manchurian Dry ,Golden Fried Prawns/ Chilly Prawns.Offlate there has been a steep price hike followed by the very less quantity of food served on the main course dishes like Fried Rice and Noodles.The quantity has become so low that a fried rice could be had only by a person.
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CK  - Burrp User


May 31,2009

Old fave

This is an all time favourite, or used to be. Part of the Harrisons Hotel, has been in existence for a better part of my life. The old style hotel has now been torn down, and rebuilt into a multi-storey building hosting the same restaurants as before, Meenam and Dynasty.

If i remember correctly, i was introduced to the 'manchurian', thanks to Dynasty. Good chinese food, meant Dynasty once upon a time.

The services was mixed. I must thank Mr. Jeffery (forget his last name), who seemed to care, but boys in the red suit were not as friendly or careful. Mr. Jeffery with his black coat and all, is the head waiter (if you can use that title here), and obviously was required to override decisions or rules.

We ordered starters, main course all too quickly, hungry as we were. Crispy lamb, dry chilli chicken, veg balls manchurian, and crispy chicken and fuyong. For main course, it was two kinds of fried rice, and soft noodles....Lemon chicken....

More at http://mygoodeats.blogspot.com/2009/05/dynasty-nungambakkam-chennai.html
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madan80 - Burrp User


November 20,2008

Nice... but

The first thing that strikes you, when you walk in is the very dim lighting. The TV that runs anything from Discovery channels Shark world to cricket has everyone including the waiters hooked onto it. The averag per head cost is about 200-250 - where a meal for two with starters and a maincourse about 500.

You dont expect great service, but there appear to be some waiters who have grown with the industry and are very pleasant to deal with. They extend a warm courtesy to you such that you feel comfortable. There is a smile that greets you very so often.

Ambience gets a 3/5 because its there.

Now the food is quite another ball game- I was just talking about their stuffed omlets to a friend the other day and I would rate them as one of the best omlets I have had so far.

The food is good, nd the quality consistent. Its not too greasy and you dont walk out of there wondering if you are going to fall sick the following day.
The Quantities are also quite sufficient- to the point where every time my wife and I have gone there, we have had to pack and take the extra food home.

I do give the food a 4.5/5 for simplicity and taste.
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Krishna Kumar  - Burrp User

Krishna Kumar

August 07,2007

Wanna Wantons...

Gosh, damn good place for chinese cuisine starters. Good Service from the managers. Dont miss out the Wantons and the Dragon Chicken with the best chilly oil in town.
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