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Lakshmi Prabha - Burrp User

Lakshmi Prabha

August 21,2016

Taste is good not doubt about it

Rate on the menu card is totally different when u get the bill amount. So please let them tel u what is bill before u order. thank u
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karimanal - Burrp User


July 24,2014

Not Even Worth a Try

I normally write online reviews only if I am very impressed with the quality or if I am extremely disappointed. Today I am extremely disappointed with 'Kimling' and so this review.

After reading the other reviews and ratings I went to try this place for first time.

I was very disappointed with the quality of food. The chef doesn't even know how to balance salt and spice. The entrees have no flavour. Besides that, the quantity of food they served was not worth the price even if it had been tasty.

The menu published at 'burrp' is not the correct menu and dine-in menu cost is high. Each entree is not less than Rs.230

Never ever try this place. Worthless!
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Satish SATOS - Burrp User

Satish SATOS

December 17,2013

My All-time favourite

Although a bit gloomy in terms of lighting especially at night, this restaurant has always been one of my topmost choices for an enjoyable outing with friends and family. The magic of the place is how much ever you seem to stuff your face the bill always comes up much less than expected which in itself is a huge plus!
In spite of being in Anna nagar parking has never been a problem here both for cars and bikes. The restaurant being underground seems secluded from the hustle around.
Starters - Gai rod (thai chicken dish- crispy fried shredded chicken mixed in sauce) and kaichi (japanese chicken dish) are the specialties if u want something different. But if u want to go with the normal, Crispy lamb, dragon chicken are wonderful.
Soup - manchow soup- wonderful though a bit garlicky. Supreme soup - Bit hot and more Indian taste. Wanton soup - very bland here ad the wantons are also not that good. so please stay away.
Main course - If u love rice , Dragon fried rice and for the noodle lovers- American chopsuey or Kaithow would be my selection.
I tried Roast beef in wine sauce once but beinf a teetotaller i totally hated the lingering smell of alcohol. So that's a personal no-no. The chicken main courses especially peking chicken is too good.
I have no idea about the vegetarian dishes but my vegetarian friends loved all the dishes they ordered.
Ending with their top class lime soda seals the deal.
Do not make the mistake of ordering Green tea here. although the kettle seems genuine (pic added) u ll find a lipton green tea bag in hot water inside the kettle. I dono why they did not even bother to remove the teabag or at least the label. Stupid.
On the whole, dining here has always been wonderful whether with family or friends. The hospitality is good. The place is not crowded which is surprising for such a wonderful restaurant in the heart of anna nagar. N personally I'd suggest this restaurant as one of the top choices in anna nagar for get-together's. Period.
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Nirmal Raj - Burrp User

Nirmal Raj

September 16,2013

Best Chinese Restaurant!

You get a wide variety of Chinese food here and it tastes good too. Friendly ambience and good service.
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raaj_barath137 - Burrp User


June 08,2013

Best Chinese Restaurant In Chennai

I am a Patron of this restaurant. They serve the most sumptuous & delicious chinese foods here. I regularly visit this restaurant twice a month with my family as well as with my friends. I am unable to resist the taste of food which is being served here.

I recommend chinese food lovers to try at least once in your life time this place.

My Favourite food here is Roast Beef in Wine sauce along with Thai Fried rice. Whenever I go first i order this dish.

Thumbs up to Kim Ling. I hope it will keep up its reputation forever.
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Veda Kashyap - Burrp User

Veda Kashyap

March 21,2013

Miss the old KimLing

I ended up with food poisoning both times I ate here after it was newly reopened. Food stinks like rotten fish and all the dishes smell the same, are oily and very difficult to eat. Don't bother getting here now, wait for atleast some sign that the old place is back.
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4quality - Burrp User


November 17,2012

Good Place to dine

Its a good place to try Momos and has a better ambience though its in the basement floor. The food isn't spicy and has good veggie dishes too. Decently priced. But the sad part is that there is no restroom and I had a tough time managing my kid. They share the common restroom in the complex and I don't wish to comment on it.
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Ram  - Burrp User


October 30,2012

Lovely Little Place

Been here a few times, though it is little and congested it is a well maintained Dimply lit chinese joint. The management people have a good reputation (I happen to have enjoyed another of their family's Joint in Ashok Nagar) they serve good Chinese all the time. Very good ingerdients, very consistent taste served fairly fast. Tasty overall!!
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bogusgenius - Burrp User


July 10,2012

Not authentic

Went to the place as a special treat for my sister. Big mistake. The reviews below would have me believe this is a class establishment with authentic Chinese food (the other option that I considered was Mainland China, but chose Kimling because of the proximity).
This place serves mediocre indian-chinese. Only one out of the 8 dishes we ordered was anywhere close to nice.
Would avoid.
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Sammy Khan - Burrp User

Sammy Khan

March 28,2012

Oldest Chinese resto in Anna Nagar

This place is one of the oldest chinese joint in anna nagar...
not only the oldest but also the best !!!! love having food here !!!!
Manchow noodles/fried rice along with peeking chicken are my favorite.
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Veda Kashyap - Burrp User

Veda Kashyap

February 25,2012


This pace is right next to my home. excellent service. excellent food. and the staff make it a point to recognize you once you've gone there a couple of times. love the variety. and there's no need to say I'll visit again, I always visit.
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AntonEgo - Burrp User


November 13,2011

Love it

My family and I all love the food, ambiance and service at our favorite Chinese Restaurant.
The food is always excellent, and the waiters are not just super friendly, but when asked for suggestions, they always make sure to find out what you are looking for instead of just suggesting the house specials.
Their momos are little pieces of heaven, and their crunchy lamb is worth fighting your table-mates for. My favorite dishes here have to be their Chop Suey, which is non-spicy without being tasteless; their Schezwan noodles and their Chicken Lollipops; and their beef bell pepper is absolutely brilliant.
The only down-side I can think of is that whenever we have ordered food for home delivery, it seems to not be as good as when we eat there.
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Divya Jayaraman - Burrp User

Divya Jayaraman

November 03,2011

Amazing Food Great Ambience Reasonably Priced

for the best Chinese food in town this is the place. i love the ambience, the service, the food, the rates they are all the best in town. u have lots of variety to choose from. they serve some of the best Chinese food. a meal for 2 would cost somewhere around 200 INR which is really too good for the kind of food they serve. this place is very close to my home and i would going there at any given time
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redchilli1982 - Burrp User


October 16,2011

Just Yummylicious .....

Any time we make a plan to go for Chinesse dinner the only name that strikes is KIMLING.

Amazing place with good food, reasonable price, decent ambience and excellent service.

Be it a vegetarian or an non-veg dish , we have covered almost the whole menu with complete sayisfaction to the taste buds.

Must have , i may end up writting the whole menu , but still my all time favourites
Crispy fried Veg
Chinese Salad
Chilli Tofu
Manchow Soup
Hot n Sour Soup
Schzwen Fried rice
American chopsuey
Drums of Heaven
Puket fish
Egg n Chicken Fuyong
And the besttttttttttttttt " fried ice-cream" ...

Folks you need to be here, if you are a complete chinese foodie freak like me ...

Cheers to the entire team of Kimling!!!
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endofdarkness - Burrp User


November 28,2010

A regular here...

Earlier, it was our most popular dining option locally. Off late, we have also been making use of their home delivery services (pretty quick for a Chinese restrnt)

The quality and quantity of food offered, comes at a very good price. The service is good, the ambiance pretty decent.

Maybe it's just me, but their food seems a little greasier (oily?) these days.

Nevertheless, it's an option you can count on.
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Rohini Mohanraj - Burrp User

Rohini Mohanraj

August 08,2010


From outside, Kim Ling appears interesting. Bright red exteriors with a very chinese-y look! I enter the place for lunch & I felt like I was there for dinner. Dimly lit & kinda a little creepy in there. As my eyes got adjusted to the sudden difference in lighting, I notice the cute chinese laughing buddhas, lanterns & the works & I decide that the ambience is not all that creepy after all.

We weren't really hungry so didn't order much food. We had:

Chicken fried rice
Gai rod chicken
Chilly fried vegetable
Vegetable manchow noodles
Vegetable balls in Hunan sauce
Lime soda

The chicken fried rice was decent. Nothing much to speak about. Gai rod chicken is a must have dish. It's basically crispy chicken in a sweet & spicy sauce. Perfectly crisp, not too hard to chew. Interesting dish! The chilly fried vegetable was much better than the one served at most other restaurants. The vegetable balls in hunan sauce was good. The hunan sauce had a distinct flavour of soya bean. The noodles was good, nothing extra ordinary but wasn't disappointing either.

The lime soda was a disaster. It was super sour & i had to request the server to serve me another glass of it which he did. Their second try was slightly better but still failed to impress me. There was something wrong about it. When a place doesn't get their lime soda right, it's a huge turn-off for me ;)

Service was mediocre. The servers, I felt were a little slow. Placing the order was a pain.

The menu is rather vast & there were quite afew interesting sounding dishes. the one that caught my eye was 'fuyong' which is basically the chinese version of an omelette. You can get it stuffed with chicken or sea food. Definitely going to try it next time I'm at Kim Ling. So yes, Kim Ling is worth more than just one try!

The bill came upto Rs566. Quite reasonably priced, in my opinion considering the generous portions.

So that's Kim Ling for me- reasonably priced chinese restaurant located at a nice place, serving good food.
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Harish Anand Thilakan - Burrp User

Harish Anand Thilakan

December 23,2009

In response to Mustang - Indo Chinese

Dai David,

Good to see you here and nice un'!

2 things:
- Kim Ling's been around for ages. I've been going there since 2002 at least! So not really a recent introduction to our city.

- Try getting a home delivery from there when in someone's place in Annanagar next - they are mindblowingly quick! Or so Venky says. We should try it.
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David Ebenezer - Burrp User

David Ebenezer

December 09,2009

Indo Chinese

An recent introduction to our city, Kim Ling brings to the city flavours from the oriental with a touch of Indian spice in it. The location of Kim Ling is bright and cannot be missed amidst the brightly lit Anna Nagar stretch. There is however a brief flight of stairs one needs to take to get to the restaurant.

The ambiance is dim lit, pleasing and is quiet. There is a distant hum of music, but cannot quite lay your finger on what is playing in the background. There is constant movement of waiters and in the midst of it all, there is assistance provided to help one get comfortable. I wouldnt call it explicitly hospitable and extra mile of kindness, but appropriate.

I struck a conversation with the waiter taking my order and got to learn a spot of how Kim Ling evolved. The head chef and MD of Kim Ling was an Ex Wangs Chef who wanted to move on and set up his own spot. The restaurant serves various flavours from the land of the orient with a dash of India in it.

The hospitality at Kim Ling is on positive curve of average. There is not much I would want to comment about. The menu is pretty direct and covers most of the food served in Indo- Chinese restaurants. Having its roots from Wangs, some of the food tastes quite the same. The portions are filling and are priced appropriately.

The waiters are quick to take your order and the waiting time is fairly decent. The food is served hot and tastes good. The plates are neat and are presented well. The napkin provided is however short and can be used only as a hand napkin instead.

The pricing at Kim Ling is average and not too heavy on the wallet. It is a healthly priced and a value for money restuarant. The lighting and the ambiance to enjoy a decent meal is what I would note Kim Ling for.

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1deepa - Burrp User


February 27,2009


This is Deepa
i have been to kimling many times
its one of my all time fav chinese stuff
the environment will be that much plesent with chinese vastus and stuffs......
it was really awesm and the taste of the food is really superb
but pls dont try Rice varities it wont be that much good
but try noodles INSTEAD

Give there a Shot ...
Hope u all will njoy
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