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BonVivantDude - Burrp User


January 11,2015

Relentless SMS Text Message Marketing by Little Italy...

Not only was it an okay experience when I went there over a year ago, I keep getting SMS spam marketing messages from these Little Italy guys. In spite of repeated requests to remove my cell number from their list. Besant Nagar chaps assured me, but zero action.

Never ever give them your cell or other contact info, if you value your sanity...

Obviously they don't care about their customers' opinions. Which is very bizarre. My friends and I would not go there again. And when other pissed off people stop dining there, surely these marketing geniuses will go out of business.

Next time, ask my permission before using reservation information for your greedy, yet counter-intuitively misguided, purposes.
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foodiemarie - Burrp User


March 23,2014

Great Veg Meal Yet Expensive

Loved the overall experience. Go here if you fancy Italian food! Meant for those days when you want to splurge on some good quality food! Had the free state pizza which is a cheese lover's treat!! Pasta is good too with generous portion size! Choc bomb is a must-have for desserts! Ambience- nice and well lit! True to its title this place definitely has left its mark in my memory of great meals!
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markdult - Burrp User


June 17,2013

Dine With Wine!

A really good place to dine with your family or a loved one. The ambiance is subtle and brilliant. The service is good and the food is at its best. A bit overpriced but totally worth the food provided.
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Sandy Bhasker - Burrp User

Sandy Bhasker

May 31,2013

A Place To Go To On A Date

This is one place I would love to take my girl with. The ambiance is too good and when it comes to the food its just the way I wanted it to be . The service is a bit poor but privacy at times is good . The starters are great . The only thing that pulls this place down are the prices , I personally feel some are over priced . Parking available . It would be a double treat for cheese lovers . A place to go on a date .
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Veda Vyass - Burrp User

Veda Vyass

March 14,2013

Italy indeed m/

Not the place I would visit regularly just for the price. Though the place as such has a very good ambience with a touch of melodrama, the food prices are high and the quality though good is not worth the price. But if you want to try Italian cuisine and you don't care about the price, then this is the place. There aren't a lot of varieties on the starters but the main course is splendid. A candle light dinner and some sparkling wine, Little Italy is the place you should visit.
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kvteen - Burrp User


January 10,2013

Dont go if u know nothing about Italian Food.

My friends and i decided to try something different for the weekend and in the end i decided to go to "Little Italy". Though i dont know anything about italian food.. i thought the waiters would guide us like the way they do in "barbeque nation ". We informed the waiter that we are very new to italian food and waiter after lot of thinking said we can order "Pizaa !!!!"... as if we dont know about pizza. We tried 300rs "Mexican rice" which was nothing but a tomato rice with very big grains(like kerala rice).All the food are very cheesy and its really not suited for the South Indians ( we like biriyani, tandoori and Chinese ). And all the foods are very costly and the place is little wiered (reason - its located in old building under basement or ground floor not sure). It has too many little little compartments so it is good for couples who needed privacy. Waiters go missing most of the time and it looks like even they dont know about Italian Food. Overall not a bad experience hospitality wise but taste wise its horrible and cost wise its horrendous. DO NOTE that this is the 1st time we have tried Italian food.
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kvteen - Burrp User


January 10,2013

Dont go if u know nothing about Italian Food.

My friends and i decided to try something different for the weekend and in the end i decided to go to "Little Italy". Though i dont know anything about italian food.. i thought the waiters would guide us like the way they do in "barbeque nation ". We informed the waiter that we are very new to italian food and waiter after lot of thinking said we can order "Pizaa !!!!"... as if we dont know about pizza.

We tried 300rs "Mexican rice" which was nothing but a tomato rice with very big grains(like kerala rice).All the food are very cheesy and its really not suited for the South Indians ( we like biriyani, tandoori and Chinese ). And all the foods are very costly and the place is little wiered (reason - its located in old building under basement or ground floor not sure).

It has too many little little compartments so it is good for couples who needed privacy. Waiters go missing most of the time and it looks like even they dont know about Italian Food. Overall not a bad experience hospitality wise but taste wise its horrible and cost wise its horrendous. DO NOTE that this is the 1st time we have tried Italian food.
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Cole M - Burrp User

Cole M

December 08,2012

Not bad but not great either

Beautiful space, very comfortable.

Good service but they need to stop trying to serve everything. The waiters were sharing everyone's lunches by trying to "Serve" the meal. The waiter trying to explain Italian food to me was a bit annoying too. I speak fluent Italian food, just shut up and pay attention.

Food was a mixed bag. The Roasted peper appetizer was great. The croustini were a train wreck. French bread pizza is not a croustini. The pickled salad was way over the top with a strong white or cider vinegar. At these prices, show me some red wine vinegar or some balsamic. Actually, a blend of both is very good here. Way too intense and acidic.

The nacho's were just chips with Velveeta melted over them and a Very sweet salsa. Hint guys, there is no sugar in Mexican salsa. For the record: Tomato, onion, garlic, coriander leaves, hot chili's and a little salt. Let it sit for a little while and you are done. Cheap and easy. Rough chopped is Pico De Gallo and more finely ground is salsa. There is no reason to serve garbage when it costs nothing to make the real thing.

Pizza was thin crispy and perfect.

The pasta Arrabiata sauce was too sticky. I think someone stirred some cheese in and it got gluey. The pasta in cream sauce was very good but underseasoned. There are enough condiments to personalize it though.

The lasagne was weird. It seemed like bread had been substituted for the pasta layers. Good bechamel, weak over creamed tomato sauce. It was OK but just.

The pastas were cooked properly.

The desserts were very good, excellent panna-cotta and rum infused tiramisu. The molten chocolate cake was wonderful. Definitely a highlight

Certainly not cheap but it is very nice and I would not call it a bad value. It would not take much cleanup on the food to put this place among the best in town.
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Abishek Chandrasekaran - Burrp User

Abishek Chandrasekaran

November 17,2012

Excellent nachos. great tiramisu

Have always heard of this place as an expensive one, almost like star hotels. and the ambience wasnt great when i entered the place. But once the food arrived, the experience was just perfect! the cheese that they put on the nachos is different from the ones in other restaurants and was just delicious! and the quantity of each dish is huge too! and finally to complete the experience, the heavenly tiramisu was served, one of the best in the city, though the rum flavour can be reduced a little!
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priyabara108 - Burrp User


November 15,2012

Not just sunday brunch, but sunday SUPER brunch

The best place to spend eating on sunday is this place. The buffet spread for the brunch is very fulfilling.The starters and desserts were many , the pizza choices as usual but the best part was the live pasta counter where you could chose what has to go into your pasta.Overall, a must try and ensure that you are super hungry to relish all.
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Sriram KG - Burrp User

Sriram KG

November 15,2012

Expensive yet Excellent!

really surprised by the difference in Italian food!
Simply awesome! This restaurant is the perfect answer to all the pseudo Pizzerias and Italian restaurants in the city. They have some brilliant smoking pizzas and the crusts are so thin and crispy. I have a sweet tooth and the dessert that i liked the most was the chocolate bomb. It may bomb you with a bit of calories but who cares!
Overall Little Italy may be a very expensive restaurant, but its worth it!
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darvindnew - Burrp User


October 06,2012

First time and the last time!

Long Review, please forgive!

I always wanted to visit Little Italy but never got a chance. Then came a good opportunity.

My wife was pregnant. That was going to be our last day as a just husband and wife. The next day she would be admitted to the hospital for the delivery. I literally had to beg my mom and her mom to let my wife have one meal outside. My wife was pretty excited too as it had been months since she had food in a restaurant. So it was a very special day for us.

We wanted to have some good food to mark that memorable day. My wife suggested Little Italy. She had been to the one in Bangalore and she had a good opinion on the food.

What we wanted to be a memorable dinner turned out to be worst ever!

We sat in a place that was a little to the inside as we wanted some privacy. But we got too much of privacy. The waiters did not show up in that area much often. We had to wait for 20 mins before we even got our menu cards. Thank you!

I ordered Pale di Potato (crispy potato skins). The potato skins were crispy alright but was bit too salty and the garlic aioli served along side just had too much garlic. Some pieces of the potato skins were so small that you would think that they leftovers of chopped potatoes that was used for some other dish.

My wife ordered Ravioli with cream sauce with dil. The ravioli had been cooked so much so that she could not pick up a single ravioli without it breaking apart. Talk about al dente!

I ordered a custom made spaghetti tossed in olive oil, tomatoes and mozzarella. It was al dente alright. But after eating a few mouthfuls, I found hair in the spaghetti! I promptly sent it back and asked for no replacement.

We are Indians. We share food even at restaurants. So the waiter serves the food in all our plates. But in some places we prefer not to do that, especially in Italian Restaurants. But, hey, the waiter served the Ravioli on to our plates without being asked to.

Then when my spaghetti came, my wife told the waiter not serve her spaghetti. Without missing a beat, he served it on to my plate. Spaghetti on a plate! This was the farthest one can go from being an Italian Restaurant.

So, there was it. And what was supposed to be a memorable evening ruined by folks at Little Italy.
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sandhya_burrp - Burrp User


September 03,2012


I believe that in every gourmand, there dwells a weakness for Italian cuisine.
Seeing cheese bubbling on an oven fresh pizza margherita, makes your heart skip
a beat. A fresh bunch of oregano leaves is probably what you would prefer to a

And Little Italy is where you would want to dine every night. It has just the most
scrumptious name. You are already half there in getting the cuisine right. And
then, there is that Al Pesto Genovese. How did that pine nut fit in so right, adding
just the right amount of crunchiness to the slip-through-your-esophagus-with-
ease sauce? And then there is the ever-reliable Meditteranean pizza. It makes a
promise to tease with olives and fondle with the oregano in just the right spots
on your tongue, and more than keeps the promise. And if it all seems like an
astronomical gastronomical orgasm, then climax with the Long Island mocktail.
The tangy citrusy deal ought to do it.

Meal for two: Rs.1200
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Reply from restaurant management

The pleasure was absolutely mine! Love your branch at SG Highway, Ahmedabad, as well!

sksuhas044 - Burrp User


July 08,2012

Going through a phase of Too much and too many?

We have been regular visitors to this place; in Bangalore and in Chennai. Wanted to celebrate a family occasion and decided to go this tried and tested place and we found it extremely horrible this time. Everything was just terribly bad and it spoiled our mood big time. This was not that we experienced before from this place and therefore never expected too.

First off all, it took the staff some ten minutes to notice us as we were seated next to a group of youngsters those were high on their mood and the person taking order inclined to attend to them more than to anybody else in the hall. I had to go to him and request to look at us as well.

Then the way he took our order was as if he did not want to lose opportunity to serve the other group and as if we had come there as part of their charity mission to give away free food. I decided to call the so called Manager on the floor and he said he would look into it. After full thirty minutes of wait the food was dumped onto our table and again we were a ignored lot. The food quality was absolutely not at par and my attempts to tell this to the staff went in vain.

I again called the manager and expressed my unhappiness, only to get an answer that I was free to give my feedback in the feedback form. I did give my nastiest feedback with all possible details along with my contact details and now more than few weeks down the line there has been no response on it.

To rub salt on my wounds, just a minute before me getting into my car one of the waiters came running to me asking for the Credit Card payment slip which was already collected by the manager along with my Feedback form. I went back to the counter again and saw the manager completely confused and not even in a position and mood to rectify the mistake and apologize.

The entire episode was just pathetic at of course at a huge cost; had I had some guests or friends with me, it would have been a real humiliating experience.

Not sure if this was one off a case or this place is going through a phase of ‘Too much and too many”!

Little Italy - you have lost one of your loyal clients, not sure whether it really matters to you at all!
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Harini Venkatesan - Burrp User

Harini Venkatesan

July 02,2012

never fails to impress... :)

One of my favourite hangouts in Chennai...never have i gone here and not like something on the menu... their risottos & white sauce based pastas in particular are outstanding... & the desserts... tiramisu and chocolate bomb... yummy is an understatement...
What's more, even my parents loved the place (yes the traditional indian veg food only types).. my mom was more stunned by the fact that pizza tasted so much better than the usual Dominos & Pizza Huts... Its wonderful to see you guys going great even after so many years, when a lot of restaurants lose their touch after a while... :) keep up the great work!!!
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shivaangi - Burrp User


June 29,2012

price plssss

can some one please tell me the buffet price...if any?
i've called the numbers a million times...either not in use or busy!
plzz help! i am die hard desserts n pizza fannnn..i've heard this place...gud reviews but i need to know the price..din know u had buffet
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Divya  - Burrp User


March 01,2012

Best Italian place in town!

They serve the best nachos!! Amazingly cheesy!
Anything you order, you'll love it! Hell lot of varieties in pastas and pizzas - Something a veggie like me would really appreciate!
Longing to try their lunch buffet! Will definitely write a sequel to this post when am done with it.
Brilliant pastas and lasagnas. Mouth-watering!
Not to visit when you're in a hurryy!
Overall : A great place! A must try :)
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foodconnection - Burrp User


February 11,2012

Best Lasagna

Went there for lunch with my brother during a weekday. The food here is yumm but the service is really bad.. I can just rant about how awful the service is for 1 whole day.. They only thing that keeps me going is the food.. Had broccoli soup, potato skin for starters. I had lasagna for main course while my brother had ravioli pasta in cheese sauce filled with mushroom. Both our main course were good. I particularly love the lasagna here. I think its the best in town. Just cheese, cheese and more cheese.

You can check our my complete review at http://myconnectionwithfood.blogspot.in/2012/02/little-italy.html
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tenrai - Burrp User


November 28,2011


After having tried the chain at bengaluru i wanted to see the difference at the one in chennai.
Well for starters , its on the main board its only a ristorante( in blore its ristorante::bar), not that it hinders the food part
The buffet had good options bt i wud have preferred have more in the live pizza options like i get to choose a slice of each of the different pizzas rather than choose one pizza
Also the juice is only option and no other beverages like soft drinks were available( but the my other experience was better)
the desserts were good and also main course had a good rissotto.
Overall i feel it can b improved with regard to options in the menu.
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sancupid6 - Burrp User


November 24,2011

good food but poor service

i heard from my brother as a good Italian food joint :) which it is food wise... d menu is too complicated to understand :( tho'... d waiter who took our order did not completely take the order.. he vanished and din turn up with our starter :( unfortunately we ended up in eating starter with main course :|... they did not provide water on the table... they need to improve way too much on the service side...
Food - 4/5
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shreejadancer - Burrp User


November 16,2011

Truly Italiano !

This place stands out for its awesome taste and choice of dishes !
Its dishes are much worth of the cost ! You will walk out happy and satisfied ...
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AnkitC - Burrp User


October 24,2011

Poor service! Not once, but thrice. Not worth it.

I went to this place to get some pasta. While the pasta was mediocre, I had a TERRIBLE experience with the service. It seemed like the waiters only treat you well as long as you appeared and promised them a good tip. I found this on three different visits. On the last one, the waiter promised me few toppings but I didn't realize the same until half way thru my meal. When complained, he gave me the following excuses one after the other:
1. You should have told me earlier, as if it was my duty. I mean, I didn't realize until half-way thru.
2. On escalation, he went to his manager, comes back and tells me - it is bad for the taste and hence they did not put that topping. Who are you kidding to, seriously.
3. On further escalation, the manager comes and acts dumb again. Not willing to accommodate a genuine complain.
4. When I got serious, he is like - sorry, mistake happened, what do you want me to do. I mean, you are the manager, you decide.

This people seemed very insensitive to their mistake and wouldn't do anything to fix it. Very adamant, poor customer service. Slow too.

I am sure there are better options to Italian food in town, but this was a bad experience on all three occasions.
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nishabasha - Burrp User


October 17,2011

love u

i love u guys. i never get tired of going there and their service and food is as always the best.

yest i took my mom-in-law for their sunday brunch :)

work on ur tomato soup , but again... ur cream of mushroom is the best in the world...

i like their make ur own pasta too.

btw, ur fondue why have u reduced ur veggies in them and increased the bread portion. not fair :)

coming again this week.
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Raja Tata - Burrp User

Raja Tata

October 11,2011

Veramente Delicious - Delicious Indeed

This was my first visit to Little Italy and I was overwhelmed by the fact that the waiters actually learnt the pronunciation of the Italian dishes. The best dish I had was Cheese Foundu.

A must visit for food lovers. Don't worry about the prices, Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara :)
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grizzlymvr - Burrp User


October 03,2011

nice veg place

i am a die hard non veg fan.. so i was pleasantly surprised when i actually enjoyed myself.. the food was nice for being vegetarian italian. one con is that they put chaat masala on everything which turned me off!!!
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G@ur@v  - Burrp User


October 02,2011

Vegetarian Indians u would like to come here.. :)

This place is good... the pizzas and pastas are very good keeping in mind that it is vegetarian.... good variety... its a little expensive... but yeah the quantity isn't that bad... desserts are good especially the "chocolate bomb", one of my favourites.... They can
- improve their dessert menu
-service is good... just a little bit more improvement would be fantastic
-the menu is the same for a very long time.. a little bit change to it would do wonders..
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MalluMan - Burrp User


June 14,2011

Awful food. there's nothing Italian about the food

We were there at Little Italy hoping that the place would be as good as the Little Italy restaurants in Bangalore, Pune etc.

But the one in Chennai was a real disappointment. The food served was nothing close to what it should taste like. The 'Italian' tomato zuppa tasted like tamatar shorba, the brushcetta had cheese which was almost stale and the lasagne tasted like bread, cheese and tomato soup.

The place is managed by a bunch of people who know nothing about customer service. They can't even speak English properly.

Overall a complete waste of time and money.
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chirutha - Burrp User


March 20,2011

Don Corleone would turn VEGGIE........

Awesome place... Absolute delight........ Authenticity in even bite........ Must for PASTA lovers..... Service and Hospitality should be improved though. Need not mention, its expensive but its worth it.....
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Omkar Sankaran - Burrp User

Omkar Sankaran

March 14,2011

Really bad Maître d'hôtel

Our Friday evening (March 13, 2011) dinner was ruined by the poor service of the front desk manager (Mr. Rizwan). There were a handful of people waiting and the manager was nowhere to be seen. He briefly appeared and randomly took a headcount by raise of hands (not something you'd expect from a good restaurant). We were initially told there would be a wait of about 20 minutes after already waiting for about 10 minutes (He did not even have the courtesy to register our names/counts - apparently he considered himself an expert in visual memory) .

The Maître d was hardly available to take names leave alone welcoming guests. Someone just walked in or should I say barged in,they asked for a table for 3 and was escorted in (going by the conversation, they did not have any prior reservation). We were polite and asked the manager why weren't we offered the table after already waiting for 45 minutes, he apologized for the oversight. The next table was available after more than an hour after our arrival... which we politely declined and walked out to another restaurant near by. The only people to sympathize with us were another party of 8 who were waiting to be seated, they told the manager politely that he was disorganized. I strongly recommend Burrp! to reconsider the ratings that have been bestowed on this dysfunctional place with poor service. We are now seriously considering the quality of the food and the table service after experiencing the callous attitude meted out to us. We are unlikely to suggest this place to our friends and relatives. For better service and great Italian food, i would recommend Tuscana, which is also in Nungabakkam a few blocks away.

Disappointing night.
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v_harini - Burrp User


March 10,2011

Excellent Choice for Vegetarians

Am a big fan of this place. The Menu is pretty large and most of the items taste authentic. If you are a vegetarian looking for different food choices, this is probably a great place. Its definitely pricey, but the food is good and i feel definitely worth.

The best option is to go for the Sunday Brunch Buffet. It would cost around 500 bucks. But, you get to taste around a dozen or so starters, your choice of pizzas, pastas etc. with around half a dozen types of desserts thrown in. Oh and you get a Juice too....
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chennai_man - Burrp User


February 15,2011

Good Pizza

I like the pizza as well as the bruschetta. the pasta is not my favourite. always a nice place for a not so expencive meal.
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ramchandar_s - Burrp User


February 03,2011

Little Italy - Priced Big

We did not know that it was a vegetarian restaurant. Disappointed initially, but impressed by their menu variety and authenticity. Ordered a Mexican quesadilla for starter, it filled us up 75% up already. Then ordered a mafia pasta, which had the tomato and white sauce mix, was differently good. The waiter said that most of the items were unavailable in the already small list. Ordered mango+strawberry ice cream and hot brownie with ice cream.

The bill threw us all aback. Pretty expensive place, that too for an all vegetarian restaurant.

Ambiance was not that great either. Waiters were friendly though.
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thefoody - Burrp User


January 22,2011

Little it it

Seriously wats wit this place.. Its a VEG restaurant in the basement of a dingy building with no proper parking or no proper signs.. Then is totally Veg and the prices are way to Expensive not worth a few veggis and pasta would prefer the new 2 min magge pasta(the same taste).. guys i knw the price of vegetables have increased but still.. Not worth it at all.. could go there only if ur folks want to waste money on some special occation and have to eat veg due to some reason.. But then again u could just go to saravana bhavan and eat and be done wit it..
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Arasi  - Burrp User


December 16,2010

my anytime favourite

its one of the best restaurants in chennai.
i lost count of the number of times i ve been here :)

love u ppl n open one branch in besant nagar pls!
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Jackie  - Burrp User


October 31,2010

i prefer bella ciao.

Little Italy....

Dining Experience: Lets see... this place might as well be called Anne Frank.. it his hidden in some building on the ground floor with no advertisements whatsoever... The menu is overwhelming with sooo many choices its to the point where its kind of frustrating

Fav Dishes: the spinach artichoke dip is prob my fav thing there.. the pastas and pizzas are quite average and not worth writing about...

Overall Rating: Would i come back here again? ehh.. prob not.. average food and no bar... no real reason to go back..
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preethik - Burrp User


September 24,2010

Good italian food

have been here a few times with the kids. they love the fondue. we also love the thin crust pizzas and the different pastas they serve here. the service was also very good and prompt.
the only down side is that we stay on OMR and the it is quite a long drive but well worth it.
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fooody - Burrp User


August 18,2010


the food at little italy is very average and also very expensive .
the quantity is also very less.
its been quite some time since i went there. i c from the reviews
nothing has changed.
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Andrea  - Burrp User


August 18,2010


My expectations of a place like little Italy is very simple- to be served good clean authentic food ! But i was shocked with the entire experience!

First the fork that was laid on my table was dirty - there was red sauce sticking onto it- YUCK! Wonder what hygiene standards they follow as to serve a guest an unwashed fork!
The manager person there did not blink an eye at our complaint and was busy watching WWF on TV in the restaurant.
Next coming to the food , the only thing decent was the new sizzler that they have introduced . The pizza we had was average and the pasta with zucchini I had was the worst with the sauce tasting only of milk. It cost about 350 RS. I couldn't eat more than what was served as it tasted bad and again the management only reasoned it out with me saying that the sauce was made of milk!
Finally coming to the authenticity the pasta i had is called tortellini pasta whereas what was served was penne and on inquiring, the manger tells me that the sauce is called tortellini and they don't have stuffed pasta ??????
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Ramki  - Burrp User


March 30,2010

Thank you so much!

we went to Little Italy, Nungambakkam las Friday. We ordered one salad - which was so fresh and plum!.

Then we went on to have a thin crust pizza - sicilia - yummy it was we loved it so much.

More than the food we found the warm receptive nature of the staff very pleasing.

Verdict : Little Italy is a very fine place to dine. Bon Appetit!
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R D - Burrp User


February 17,2010

Very ordinary, high priced, and the band...

It didn't go right from the start, we had to drive around the NH road and a myriad of 'one-way' roads to find this place with a side entrance of a dimly lit building, perhaps the norm in Chennai. If I wasn't so insistent on trying this one out, thanks to so many favorable reviews, my friends would have driven a few more yards to Kumarakom down the road. Notwithstanding the difference in the cuisines. The price: I wasn't very surprised at the price, and was hoping it is worth some of it. The food: Very very average. The size and variety on the menu though was astounding for a vegetarian Italian restaurant, though I struggled to make out a few from others. In a vegetarian version of Italian I usually try the simplest of em' all as a sample point. I started of with Aglio Olio followed by Bruschetta with greens and pesto for the table of four after downing a herbal Minestrone. I didn't quite like the Aglio Olio, the simpler the dish the harder it is to hide. I really thought I made better pasta than the restaurant. I am really surprised at so many favorable reviews for this restaurant. Though I admit I haven't been to any another Italian restaurant in Chennai.
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j_mini - Burrp User


January 15,2010

Good Food, High prices!

Well, I visited this place to please my daughter who is fond of Italian Food. The ambience was good and the food quality was good but the pricing was on the higher side. It is suitable to visit this place as a family only if everyone in the family likes italian food (which is not the case in my family). Lack of other cuisines is a miss here and suggest a try only for those italian food lovers.
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Suseela MJ  - Burrp User

Suseela MJ

January 05,2010

Con Amore Da Italia

An unassuming little veggie ristorante hidden underground in the Eldorado building. For starters, as soon as you walk in you get a very homely and comfortable feel with the contrast of wood, warm and cool tones, bright blue and green walls and colorful flowers and photos that adorn the walls and windows. The seating is comfortable and the tables large. The tables are set far enough apart to give a very spacious feel and lots of room to move and you won't feel like you are eating on top of your fellow diners. The a la carte menu provides a multitude of food and drink options which leave those indecisive diners overwhelmed! The Bruschetta is a MUST TRY appetizer as is the spinach dip. When it comes to the main dishes, you won't go wrong with anything you choose, be it a pizza or pasta based dish. You have options galore! You can even choose your noodle for certain dishes (ie. penne, spaghetti, etc...). The main dishes are very hearty and filling, naturally as it is the Italian way of dining. Do save room for dessert because the Tiramisu is to die for! It is perfectly creamy and spongy with a rich, authentic and balanced flavor. It is not too strong nor too light. If you go and are at a loss for a decision of what to order, I highly suggest going for the Sunday buffet! You can get a taste of all the items on the menu-delizioso! There is a large selection of appetizers, main dishes and desserts. The make-your-own-pasta station is a wonderful part of the buffet. You can choose your noodle, one of two sauces (a tangy red sauce or a creamy white sauce), as well as your choice of veggies! A definite must-try! Though expensive, it is a must try pure veg joint; and don't forget to bring your appetite! Arrivederci!!!
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Faraz Mir - Burrp User

Faraz Mir

November 22,2009

A little expensive

Little Italy is a pretty decent place. Got lots of seating area and lovely, cozy interiors - practical, simple, stylish.
The service was really good and fast, but that could be because we went there at 10:45pm and it was close to closing time. Should check it out when its slightly crowded.
The menu was excellent, as was the food that was served - lots of wonderful Italian cuisine to choose from and being a huge lover of Italian food I must say - I approve!
The tiramisu I had for dessert could have been wayy better though.
On the downside, meat eaters might not like this place coz its pure veg.
Everything is good about it except the price... Its just a little too expensive and its might seem like its not worth it.
You could check it out though... Who knows, u just might feel its worth it...!
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taur30 - Burrp User


October 24,2009

Grande Italiano

When deciding a place for team lunch, this veggie Italian restaurant caught our attention. A well lit basement setting welcomed us. An artistic menu card with photographs of Italian artifacts and a list of mouth watering dishes got our intestinal engines revving. However, the team decided not to indulge heavily, primary reason being that it was priced on the higher side. So the team decided to order Combo which included soup, starters, welcome drink, main course and dessert. A choice of soups from Tomato, Onion or Vegetable could be made, More options were available in the starters including Spinach dip and Garlic bread. Wood Burn Pizzas which were non-mushroom based were available in the main course. Though the pizzas looked thinner than their ubiquitous equivalents served in famous fast food joints,the taste was far superior. 'Fantasy' which had toppings such as cottage cheese and onion just left us asking for more. The dessert department had only two choices, Tiramisu or Chocolate Mousse. Tiramisu tasted good. However, Chocolate Mousse took the cake. It was pretty rich and ensured that any vacant space in the stomach got filled. Also a mention must be made of the refreshing welcome drink which had a mix of lemon and cranberry.

Service quality is an area where there are opportunities for improvement. For instance, lack of information on menu items which can be ordered in a combo leaves the customer confused.

Overall, it was a satisfying experience for the taste buds and certainly good value for money. It didn't disappoint a neutral like me and am sure a visit to Little Italy would be something Italian food lovers will remember.
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MAK  - Burrp User


September 18,2009


one of the best veg joint for Italian food lovers of Chennai. The service is great and the ambience is also sooper. They have a very good menu and the quantity of it is also good. I have been going to Little Italy from 2005 (if I'm not wrong)... I have loved it from then on and this has not changed till date. There have been times when the service was very poor and the place started looking old, but I guess the management will surely get it done up soon.

I think this place is small to handle the Weekend crowd and will surely need a uplift in terms of looks and space.

Great going guys.. All the best for the good work...!!!
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Ashok Krish - Burrp User

Ashok Krish

May 22,2009

Where would Don Vito go if he was veggie

A vegetarian Italian restaurant is a bit of an anachronism. For most part, the expression "Italian" conjures up savoury sausages, meatballs and Chicken Parmagiana. But dont let that keep you from this gem of a place. With a menu as long as Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, you will find something new every time you visit. I especially liked the Bruschetta, their wood oven pizzas and their Vodka pasta.
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nsn13 - Burrp User


February 20,2009

good food but service sucks!!

Food was pretty good. I expected a better service for the price. Surprisingly none of the guys serving there knew about the items on the menu.
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littlebiker - Burrp User


September 12,2008

Very good italian

One of the best places in Chennai to eat Italian food. The Ravioli pastas are great (B29) and some of the pizaa's like the pesto are superb!

It is quite expensive but better than most 4**** hotel food. Sunday brunch is great too.

Usually no parking is available when you visit for lunch on Weekdays. Place has never been full - so not too hard to get a place usually. It seats a lot of people.
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swarna barath - Burrp User

swarna barath

August 19,2008

Got the dough? go ahead!

Little Italy is situated in the basement of a building u wud never wanna think of having lunch/dinner at. The ambiance is nice fine dining. The waiters are professional. But the word 'Italy' calls for a lota bills i guess.. freakin expensive place! But for the money we pay they can minimum buy a generator, the entire basement went dark wen the power went out and all they wud do to help the customers digging into their plates happily, were ancient outdated emergency lamps..

The food is awesome, i tried the 4cheese risotto - yummy and heavy, and the mexican starters viz the quesadilla was actually tasting better than the Mexican restaurants in the city, but yea it wasnt realy really authentic tho, but lip-smacking. The drink zig-zag (pronounced chig-chag by the waiter :P) had watermelon n lychee mix and was not good! All items are priced at 300 to 400 in main course, 250 to 300 in the starters and the drinks (non-alcoholic) cost around 100 bucks or more.

It's good to have great Italian food (and Mexican too) after long time, but the power-cut and the HUGE-bill makes me feel not so great about the place, mayb i ll try Osteria next time.
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mshruthi - Burrp User


February 24,2008

Worth the money

This is the BESTEST place 4 italian food.... looove it sooooo much.. must hves in little italy are
1.Spinach dip
2.garlic bread
3.pasta del barone

they r AWESOME!!!! good place to hve fun n burrp!!!!
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Ved Vyas - Burrp User

Ved Vyas

April 23,2012

Best Italian Food !!

Awesome food and awesome service.....u guys rock !!
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks Vedvyas!
For appreciating our efforts!
Therez lot more in store at Little Italy.
Do visit us with your family & friends.
Keep on buzzing at Little Italy


Divya Jayaraman - Burrp User

Divya Jayaraman

February 21,2012

Good Food

the food here is good, but the service is very bad
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