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arvind_g - Burrp User


June 14,2010

Great ambiance, but not so great food!

Ode is one place where you can hang out with your friends or go out on a date bcos of the lovely ambiance. The food however is not worth the price and you will not feel content if you have come for a good eating experience. But if you have come only for the good surroundings and peaceful environment, then you are sure to be satisfied. Again, not worth the money if you order something substantial.
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Vivek Nair - Burrp User

Vivek Nair

May 25,2010

Soothing n Serene Ambience

Its an awesome place to be.. Thanks to Mr Gautam Menon for introducing this place.. This is one of those places where you can take ur girl for a date or u can go for calm book reading or surprise for ur wife.. Awesome.. Not so expensive; but less variety to try, especially muchin part.. Ppl, visit this place with ur partner.. Njoi
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aswinm - Burrp User


March 26,2010

Good, but not great!

I had been wanting to go this place for quite sometime now after a couple of rave reviews from my friends.Though i live quite close to this place I got around to visiting only very recently and that too twice in two days. The place was amazing,sadly the food was not. However i would go there again and again just to sit there in the afternoons lazily. The food does not justify the cost though. Wish they do something about the food. But otherwise i recommend the place to anyone who is looking to spend a lazy afternoon in a quiet, almost tranquil place.
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Praveen Kumar - Burrp User

Praveen Kumar

March 09,2010

Not so bad...A place for the hot summer days

I had heard abt Ode Cafe quite a few times before, but because of where it is i never found the urge to check out the place. But after seeing it "featured" in VTV, i wanted to see what so great about this after all.

If one does not mind the distance, then take a trip... Its a bit far from the city and in ECR.
As we went on a sunday , the place was almost empty, maybe thats how it is during the weekdays too, i suppose.

The place is beautiful...lot of greenery. A perfect place for a hot summer afternoon. Quiet and peaceful.

The biggest letdown was the service. We ordered 2 sandwiches and only one came. We assumed the other was being done, but after waiting for almost an hour, we had to call the waiter only to be told there is no bread and thats why they couldnt make the sandwich.
Didnt even bother to inform us about it in the first place :(
Finally someone went out to get bread and it took him ages to come back.

But whatever that came to the table was nice and good... Its a pity the service is very slow and unresponsive...

Maybe sunday's arent that busy?

If you dont mind the service or the food, drop in for a quiet, peaceful place to spend the summer afternoon.

Good place, but still lots of room for improvement!
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tempest786 - Burrp User


November 27,2009

Finally I found a place to taste good food

I would actually come back to this place even though its little far from chennai city.
Food is surprisingly good. Applying regular restaurant standard, I'd still give it four stars because it really deserves it.
Maybe we're just lucky, or maybe the Ode cafe location happens to have a good chef, but they were both perfectly done. The desserts were amazing too.
Service is professional but warm, but we happened to have a slow waiter who was paying too much attention to a table full of young.
The ambience is "trying" hard to be Caribbean cool, but just like Tommy Bahama style of clothing, it's more like a mix of Hawaiian/Souther Cal. Layout is great though - you don't really feel you're in a large restuarant.
It's on the expensive side (like the clothes), but not overly so. Given the quality of food and even their coffee and tea (Mighty Leaf, in case you're wondering), the value is not great but quite acceptable.
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nautankey  - Burrp User


August 24,2009

Damp squib..

They have an awesome place,out of the madness of city at the same time in a not too inaccessible place where we can chill and relax...bunch of ideas to make the place still cooler and better.. BUT only if all the cool things were backed with better & well-planned execution, ODE would have given a run for the likes of amethyst and anokhi.

Ambience - 5 stars is not enough for this. It's a really beautiful place with loads of greenery,even a hot summer noon can be spent with ease thanks to the trees. It's a perfect spot for a romantic rendezvous or a leisurely meetup with friends. The decors are also done well except for the shed with the dried up roof, its the only eyesore,they could have thought of something greener.They also have portable fans and mosquito repellants for the late evening guests.

Service - Yup this is the biggest biggest let down,sucks is an understatement. I accept that we go to such places for chilling out and wont be bothered about late turn around time but then 40mins for a cup of chai ? and the chai is no where hot or warm..its colddd..

After an hour's wait and not getting most of our orders we went to the counter from where we can see the kitchen...aah so there the mystery gets solved..they have just one chef/cook and 3-4 aides who create more chaos than aiding the cook.Surely you dont expect him to handle orders from 8-10 tables simultaneously.

Cost: Expensive..and mighty expensive. Their 'crumb of the day' which comes in the smallest glass bowl is Rs.140.And the hosts canvass you to try that out, we were punished with a banana crumb,it had sliced bananas and some crumbs on it.The sandwiches we ordered too were cold ,though the taste was not horrible,imagine eating a non-veg sandwich cold,the meat being rubbery.

The worst part - they add up whatever you have ordered to the bill,immaterial of whether they delivered it to your table.For 4 of us[chai,sandwich and that crumb] the bill was 800+..thank god we verified the bill else we would have ended up paying 2 grands.

They also spoke about opening a salsa dance floor which left us puzzled,the floor they showed us[till then] had a cement flooring and at the max can accomodate 4 couples.

Probably we went in a time when they did not expect crowd, should try going here on working days but then the first impression was no where encouraging enough to try it once more.

Heard the owners were ex-software engineers...its high time they bring in some kinda process to set things in place else change this place to a park/salsa joint with a cover charge..dont kill us with the food and service.

In short good intentions but bad execution makes us leave a sad ode for this place.
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Foodie Cayenne - Burrp User

Foodie Cayenne

May 10,2009

A nice place to hangout!!

Indolence café is a tastefully done place. It is very peaceful and a good hangout place. The gallery has very interesting stuff like wooden Buddha, floating water candles, candle stands and more. The food is good. The cakes are interesting. Do try the chocolate cake with dates and nuts. The green tea is pretty nice too. The roasted chicken sandwich is excellent.
A nice place to go during the evening.
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cameo - Burrp User


February 20,2009

PUB to be launched

i heard even 'pub' is gonna to be launched. now-a-days, food is quite good and a MUST place to hang out.
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vijayms23 - Burrp User


August 19,2008

Good Place Bad Food

This place has got a awsome ambience, I would say its a great place for a Coffee connect kinda hangout. Also the home furnishing stuff is great over this place. But unfortunately the food sucks here.
If you are not prone to vomittin, read below @ your own risk

I saw huge honey-bees and flies over the cakes and the pastries exhibited there, so dont ever think of ordering any food except for a water bottle
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britinchennai - Burrp User


March 18,2013

Cafe is closed

The gallery is open but the cafe closed 3 months ago
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