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eroteme  - Burrp User


June 20,2013

Truly Pathetic

I fail to see what the other reviewers found so amazing about this place. The decor is plain. The ambiance is jarring with loud unrelated music. The service is common & nothing unique. The menu cards on tablets is pointless as the tablet stopped working couple of times & the stewards have no clue about what needs to be done.

A restaurant is about experience starting with the food. If I wanted decor & music I would go to a Herman Miller showroom or a Bose showroom if not a concert. The food has to be good. If you are going to charge me sky-high prices, the food has to be mind-blowing. The food choices are commonplace. Nothing special about even a single item on their menu. I ordered their bruschetta & broccoli soup. The portions were of course small but the soup had garlic peels floating in it! Frankly, just a week ago we made bruschetta at home which was far better & of course huge in quantity. These 2 items for INR 800. Tuscana, Little Italy & most other joints serve far better food at much less the price. I don't care how the ambiance, music, etc. are (and they were all plain or bad) if the food is abysmal. Rhapsody should quietly shut their restaurant & stick to being a bar (if they are doing a good job there).
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mbohidar9 - Burrp User


November 15,2012

Best Tiramisu in town

Rhapsody is a dinner-only Italian restaurant at the Mariott Courtyard in Chennai. I've been to the place a couple of times for a drink and dinner and have never been disappointed by the food. They have really nice eggplant parmigiana, pesto pasta and salads. The chef is quite friendly and can customise dishes for you in case you are allergic to certain food items. They also have a pretty decent selection of alcohol. The only downside is that sometimes the music they play is not in sync with the ambiance at all. Also, Rhapsody serves the absolute best Tiramisu in town!
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sainthil - Burrp User


May 09,2012

Worst Bar for a Star Category Hotel

Been during Happy Hours, the Bartender was in no mood to serve us....The bartender didn't sanitize the glasses, didn't even measure our drink...Probably a Good TASMAC Bar would have been better. I Strongly recommend "Pls avoid the place, especially during HAPPY Hours.....
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Rajesh Sukumaran - Burrp User

Rajesh Sukumaran

October 31,2010

Beer is the reason

The boys hangout joint, Rhapsody is almost home to me
One of the classier lounge bars in town, you can sit back and chill out in the comfortable sofas, the super friendly staff make you feel at home. Just dont expect the crowd or music to be "happening" ; this is the kinda place where you unwind after a hard days work
A perfect place if you are looking for a quiteish evening with beer and banter.

The pizzas are great and a must try, pizza and beer..heaven!
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Ajay Kuruvila - Burrp User

Ajay Kuruvila

January 25,2010

Not a good experience.

The first time I went there was for a French food festival and Movie... Well like all 5 stars the quantity of food was so minuscule that I had to go back home and eat more... but what made the experience even sad was that I think they dint expect anybody to really appreciate good food at the event. The soup tasted like flavored water and happened to be the best part of the meal. The chicken was a little tough and had a very burnt taste to it...and I dont mean grilled.... the dessert was atrocious it was suposd to be have been a blueberry cheesecake but dint see a single blueberry and it had a burnt crust top... but then again wen they giving a discount I guess they dont really care how the food tastes...which according to me actually measure a good restaurant from a bad...The ambiance is lovely but I think they need to learn that if they givin offers and discounts it doesnt mean they can compromise on quality... A totally forgetful dinner.
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swarna barath - Burrp User

swarna barath

January 04,2010

Where beer is cheaper than water!

Rhapsody inside Courtyard Marriott, always wanted to check this place out since its considered the best Italian lounge in the city and more than anything i wanted to try the food! First impression was a real let down, the place really didnt seem as happening as i imagined it to be. Most of all, the decor and ambiance was very very ordinary to our disappointment. Unfortunately when we went there it was almost 11 30 and only the bar menu was available and most of it was unavailable too.

At first sight, the place seemed really inexpensive for a lounge inside a star hotel. We were all overexcited! Thankfully one of us saw the 60 percent tax thingie written in small print in the end of the menu, which made a lot of sense then!!! What a way to market, shud appreciate, wud ve been heartachin if we had noticed this at the end of the nite.

The shooters were named very funnily, enough to make us feel embarrassed to spell it out to the waiter. But i shud agree 'lick' which is white chocolate based was yumm! Otherwise the rest were typical. Beer seemed the best option since Kingfisher was priced much lower than evian mineral water to our delight! Tequila was available only in a bottle, no shots! The worst part is the waiter had a problem communicating this to us, wonder how they handle firangis!

The service is very biased, the non-indian group near us received more and faster attention than we did, we had to actually get up and bring the waiter to our table everytime, quite pathetic for a star hotel. Bar snacks was brought only after request. Also, around 11 45 they switched on the lites indirectly askin us to get out.. cant blame them for it tho..they had to show subtle signs..sad that even star hotels need to close their pubs at 12!
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Suseela MJ  - Burrp User

Suseela MJ

May 24,2009

A league of its own

I would go there just to sit and revel in its beauty! The place is absolutely stunning, from its bar to the furnishing and all the small details! The ambiance is very relaxing and is the perfect place to unwind after a stressful day/week. Though I do recommend going during "happy hour" as it can be a wallet-abator! The food, albeit delicious, is also a bit on the expensive side. But it truly is a rhapsody of style, art and beauty all wrapped up in one extremely attractive package. Do visit it at least once!
Note: The decor is made up of vibrant shades of violet, a cool colour which means royal, precious, romantic and sacred (which hold true in this case...)
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Sriram Iyer - Burrp User

Sriram Iyer

April 23,2009

Play On

Rhapsody is quite a class apart.

One of the best lounge bars in town, albeit the new Taj Mount Road now boasts of another new one by name BLEND.

Yet, Rhapsody retains its place, thanks to the music and the "Birmingham meets Persia" decor and ambience it boasts of.

The highlight is that they never play commercial music, and its pure House or Trance kinda stuff that you get to hear. Its expensive, no doubt, but worth it to chillout on a warm summer evening.
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Nimish Adani - Burrp User

Nimish Adani

May 04,2008

Feel good but uber expensive

Rhapsody is a great place to be in if someone else is footing the bill. It definitely has a feel good factor going for it thanks to its decor, the colours, the spaciousness, the high ceiling, the beautiful done bar and not too loud music. But the place is uber expensive - especially the food.

A point to note is that every day at 9 PM or 10 PM (don't quite remember) they play the Queen number Bohemian Rhapsody and shots are served on the house. So be there by 8:30. :-)

Also, heard that they screen the F1 races at Rhapsody and they have a good deal for Sundays. Never experienced it on Sundays though.
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