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Vibhor M - Burrp User

Vibhor M

November 15,2012

Place sure for a visit...

I have been to The Crown some 4-5 times in past couple of years. If you are planning for a special dinner with your close ones, this should be a good option and specifically the open sitting area. They dont allow kids in the open sitting area, so plan accordingly. The view is lovely, on most days the gentle breeze really adds to the experience. Inside sitting is an option, but then I would rather go somewhere else.
On the food - its mostly good. They do have some items on their regular menu which are great and some are on avg or bit below. Its not a very elaborare menu however has something for everyone. Its as pricey as a 4-5 star hotel would be.

To sum up, a sure option for a special dinner ..,
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seethaks - Burrp User


November 15,2012

Amazing view

Amazing view from the corwn.. Loved the dhal and peas pulav. I think the continental dishes can be improved. Did not find anything great.. The desserts were amazing.. Over all an good experience..
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Hariharaprasad Natarajamani - Burrp User

Hariharaprasad Natarajamani

September 21,2012

You are making a blunder

What does one expect from a great place like Residency, on a rooftop, which is one of a kind in chennai. An exceptional delicacy, right? Whats wrong with you management, How can you recruit chefs, who dont know how to cook. Come on, as management, do you ever eat at the Crown. Dont you feel that none of the food has any taste in it. How long will you continue. I am sure you will keep getting your hotel guests / foreigners, who dont care what the taste it, or even if they care, they will just eat there once to feel the experience, and you will still make some money. But come on, dont ruin what you have. You are a respectable brand, please change the chefs, it doesnt take more than a week to make a sweeping change.

Coming to the servers, the poor guy doesnt know how to serve briyani with fork and spoon. His hands are shaking and he is unable to get any food. I dont blame him, he is trying to do best in his job. But how can you put such people on job. Are we not paying you enough to hire experienced waiters. I have never written such long reviews, but i am still doing it for you, because you gave me the first experience of what a good food and ambience is 15 years back in your old residency candle light dinner. I owe you this feedback.
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comsuj - Burrp User


September 18,2012


In Continuation to Management's request on Speaking to Reviewers....I would suggest , you as Hotel Employees or Chef's might lack the Expectation from your Hotel when you try it from Management Perspective..So i Suggest, whoever is in charge of Quality Control , Chef, PR's... come as Hotel Guest with Family and Judge what is lacking, you might feel if its value for money or is it not... This will give you a Good picture. My intention is not make you feel bad, Chennai as such doesn't give good value for money when it comes to food. Also we are almost converting ourselves to Chinese..in almost all the dishes we make losing our traditional touch..whether be it soup or Crab masala...we try to put Corn flour in it....anyway..I suggest you try to correct the basics.
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comsuj - Burrp User


September 17,2012

RIP the CROWN from them....

I frequently visit restaurants and this one was worst... Iam not sure they understand value for Money....or atleast to make their customers happy..the number of dishes were minimal...the taste was horrible..the food was cold..which made me mad... i don't mind if these things happen in some smaller joints..but when you have star rating..you have to work for it.... concerned...please visit GRT once...you will know what you are lacking. when Compared to Crown ...Main street is far better in its array of food. I agree to the point one of the reviewers mentioned here... "THE Cockroaches" ...Yes we do expect Non-veg in the food...but not Flying insects..while eating.....I will leave it to the Diners to choose or not.. Unfortunately..there was nothing below 1 Star i could choose..otherwise i would.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Valued Guest,

I have just read your review of "The Crown" and I am truly dismayed to learn of your experiences.
On behalf of my team, please accept our apologies for the lapses.
The Hotel Chef would personally like to speak to you and apologise and get your first hand feedback on the food quality. May I request you for your phone no?... Your insights will be extremely helpful to us.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards

sampy72 - Burrp User


August 12,2012

Cockroach company for free

Wonder if the hotel employees themselves write the reviews I find here. This place is really a nightmare. I was there on 10th April 2012 for dinner and was in one of the prime tables thanks to early booking. but shortly when the soup was served, we were visited by half a dozed cockroaches from every corner of the table.

The complaint to the waiter just made him bring a cloth and brush it aside, only for it to re-appear within 5 mins. What a health hazard and that too from a star rated hotel like residency, yuck!

Never go there unless you like your food flavored with cockroaches.
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viki1989 - Burrp User


April 04,2012

Splendid evening

I was in this place on Feb 19th. This is one of the best places in chennai. The ambiance is good. View of the city from the roof top is awesome. We had excellent time.

Speaking about the food, it was really good. We were not able to try out new dishes since we had little time. The service was good. Not too fast nor too slow. Waiter were friendly. We were not able to finish our dessert because we had to leave the restaurant in a hurry.

All together its an wonderful atmosphere. Will not regret the decision of making it to The Crown.

Hoping for my next visit to The Crown in a weeks time ;-)

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Sri Hariharan S - Burrp User

Sri Hariharan S

January 19,2012

The "CROWN"ing glory of Chennai

The Crown, located 200 feet above ground level, offers the best panoramic view of singara Chennai. The added advantage of having dinner while enjoying such a view is so appealing!

Unfortunately we weren't able to get a table in the Deck since we had few children in our group. But the majestic Dome is as good as the Deck with plush seating, candle light making it a royal suite. We spent a lot of time clicking photos of the Deck, Dome and the Terrace after we had placed the order.

The service was very slow. It took 30 mins for the starters to arrive. The same happened with main course. Also the food was average and nothing special. Their signature dish Dal Makhani was yummy and definitely the best I've ever tasted. In the desserts section the Chocolate Mud pie was simply delicious. We took breaks in-between to sneak out to the Deck to catch a glimpse of bird's-eye view of Chennai city :)

Overall it was a royal experience but the food could have been better considering the pricey menu and the service needs some attention.

Ambiance - Full marks!!!
Food - 3.5/5
Service - 2.5/5
VFM - 4/5
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jaya1954 - Burrp User


July 22,2011

Splendid food

Thank you to the team of the Residency towers,such a fabolous food and amazing pastas,its really amazing,and i like to thank two people espicially who made my evening Andrews the restaurant manager and executive chef Gopal,J.

Amazing food and you should try the murgh ke chaamp succluent and juicy chicken thighs,lasagne its a wow,pricing is normal comparetive to the oyher hotels and service is what we need to mention here as it needs improvement,but no hardfeelings

As i like to compare Up north of raintree,such a nice restaurant but floppy food and a pathetic service with attrocious price,but towers my favorite place always VALUE FOR MONEY.

Khudoos to tesidency family
Keep up the good work.

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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Dr Jayaramakrishnan,

It was a pleasure having you at The Crown recently and we thank you for taking the time and posting your feedback on this forum. I have conveyed your appreciation to our team and they were delighted to receive this recognition.

We look forward to your return.

Warm Regards
on behalf of Mr Lawrence Laxman
Deputy F&B Manager

Ramesh Narayanan - Burrp User

Ramesh Narayanan

July 19,2011


The Crown has an "undemocratic" rule that a minimum billing of Rs.600/person not including drinks or taxes is required. This is not displayed anywhere and no one tells you. We only found out in the middle of our main course. The response was obvious - It is hotel policy sir! I am curious if there is any forum to raise this issue.
The experience was not good either. We had to repeatedly keep asking before water was given. The cutlery was not provided even after the starters arrived. There was one piece of butter for 3 people.
We ordered Aloo Mutter which had Mutter so old that it was sour. We barely could take it to our mouth. The only good dish was Dal Makhni which is supposed to be their signature dish.
Prices were atrocious to the level of being obscene. Two scoops of plain vanilla ice-cream was charged Rs.275/-.
If you want to go there to enjoy the view, I would suggest you go to the Anna Nagar Tower instead. You can get the same view for 1/10th the price.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Mr nramesh,

At the onset.please accept my sincere apologies for the inconveniences and lapses you have experienced during your recent visit to The Crown. I have briefed my team on the issues highlighted and we are taking immediate corrective measures.

I would like to personally convey my apologies. Kindly send me your phone number so that I can established contact.
Once again, I am sorry for the shortcomings experienced during your dinner. We look forward to having you again to serve to better.
I look forward to hearing from you.

With Warm Regards
Andrews Jayaraj
Sr. Restaurant Manager
The Crown

zerish.nazir - Burrp User


February 16,2011

A very forgettable Valentine's dinner

Having read many good reviews and after a lot of deliberation, my wife and I decided to have dinner here. The valentines special package inclusive of dinner and complimentary beverages along with getting an impressive view of Chennai appealed to the both of us.
Unfortunately, things did not turn out that way. The food, ambiance and the music were a huge disappointment. Only 'Indian spirits' and mocktails were on offer - no cocktails (additional); there was only one veg and non veg starter, the salads were very bad, and the overall food on offer at the buffet was also very disappointing. The live musicians were terrible, ripping apart a lot of good music, the service was also poor and to top it all when the bill came, we had to shell out a lot more than we were informed by the restaurant management.
Very disappointing. Main Street is a much better choice!
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sbk_loyola - Burrp User


October 14,2010


I gave my birthday treat to my gal @ crown.. Wat to say.. she was awestruck.. the best location possible in chennai probably next to it i can consider Level-4 @ citi-centre(though it cant match up wit residency). You gotta pay for the serene view.. impressive service(bit late though) and okay food. A perfect place to blow down ur gal :D trust me !! try out their choc brownie its awesome.
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cstswamy - Burrp User


February 07,2010

The Best view of Chennai in Cool winnter evening

Punjabi Food festival from King Chef Sweety Singh was what we landed up in.. and it was fabulous..We ordered Tawa da Kukkad for starters and it had a quite different taste with an overtone of Ajwain and it was good..Haryali Paneer also appealed to our taste buds..The best was the Butter Chicken which was a class apart...The frequent interaction of the Chef with patrons added to the liveliness of the atmosphere and his cooking tips were well received.. The live ( Karaoke ?) band was anything but enjoyable...coz their Boney M numbers were a sad compromise to what we have heard over the years. What the management needs to urgently address is the indifference the waiters showed towards us. It was an endless wait every time we needed their services like demand of additional water bottles, refill of drinks, placing an order for additional rotis, removal of closed plates and to top it all we waited for 15 minutes for the cheque to be presented after we announced we were through.. (not before I called the F& B manager).. and the cutlery we had used for starters were not replaced with a fresh set but the waiter removed them from the used plate and kept in the quarter plate for main course..It would be better if they replace used cutlery for every course.. I have informed the manager about the improvements they need to do and I am sure they would have made sure they give us a better experience next time. Still I consider this as one of the best spots in Chennai and recommend wholeheartedly..
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Deepy *** - Burrp User

Deepy ***

May 13,2008

King Size Treat in Chennai

When I told my receptionist to book at the Deck, The Crown for dinner, she came to me telling that the hotel guys will charge a minimum billing of Rs.500/ per person.

I was taking my managers out for an official dinner, for a group of 12 I had a good budget with me. So I was bit surprised by the request of minimum billing.

Later on, realized in Chennai Rs.500/ is quite a sum to spend for a dinner.

The view from the deck is just fantastic. The fountain at the edge just makes the right barrier. Food is good with an elaborate Sea-Food section....only fine print was...Lobsters Rs.2.00 per gram.

I didn't know Lobsters also get sold at per gram rate like Gold!! The same Live Lobster I get at Mahabalipuram at Rs 1200 per kg. Anyways, you need to pay the price of getting it at THE DECK.

When we ordered our full course, the floor manager was quite happy with the estimated billing that was shooting well above their guarantee sell tag.

Half way thru on our dinner, the weather was really hot and humid, we were sweating even onthe open Deck. So the waiters immidiately arranged the table in the AC Lounge and moved our dinner inside. The Service that you expect for......

I visited couple of more times at The Deck...experience is alyways a King Size!!
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La Gourmandise - Burrp User

La Gourmandise

October 09,2007

An unforgettable view of Chennai

Book your table in advance. Else you end up sitting and watching a lot of television personalities sashay past. And it doesn’t help if you are hungry.

Welcome to 'The Crown' atop the Residency Towers. A magnificent view of Chennai. The twinkling lights, the orange glow and the zillions of people who make a living in Chennai- all these thoughts in your head, you don’t tend to concentrate much on the food that goes in. Which is just as well!

You get to sit out, feel the sultry air, hear the merry lil waterfall and drink on the sights and point landmarks.

I wouldn’t give too much credit to the food, the sparse menus and the exorbitant menus.

But if you wanna spend an evening in contemplation, rethink about a fight with a beau or wonder a career change or whatever gets you going- the Crown is for you.
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