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ishaan1972 - Burrp User


July 26,2014

Sexy, Masculine, Sensuous and Chilled Out

If you are tired of being surrounded by beer swigging, teeny bopper crowd jumping to obnoxiously high volumes of trance and techno, head to Leather Bar at The Park on Nungambakkam high Road. This place is stylish, sexy, sensuous and has the best crowd of Chennai, though they come in late.
The place is done up in leather (yes, even the floor is covered in leather), wood and glass and one wall has this giant mirror that lets you see the entire bar without turning your head, if you are sitting at the Bar counter.
The bartenders are friendly, polite and make some wicked depth chargers.The food is great, although the portion sizes are too much for a small eater like me. They have happy hours till 10 pm, where you get a free drink for every drink that you order. Oh, and they have chilled draught beer all the time.
The music is a refreshing blend of classic rock and retro in the earlier parts of the evening, that transcends to deep house in the later hours and changes to international club music post midnight. Don't be surprised to find yourself sitting next to a movie star or a celebrity suddenly in the late hours.
They also bring in some really super quality live bands from other cities - not the head banging stuff but the serious music kind.
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avwolv88 - Burrp User


February 27,2012

Ain't no Chipstead

As a person new to Chennai, I've gauged that this is one of the more popular hangout places for the offspring of Chennai's richest citizens. I'm only not so sure why they would call it "Leather Bar" as that's a term usually used for gay motorcycle bars in the US. Anyways, not so important.

They have a nice setup, with a dark indoors area and a nice deck outdoors that really needs a few more tables. There's also some great kebabs and food items that are made by Park's excellent cooks. Good music, that does get very loud and spills over into the lobby of the hotel.

I will warn you though: The prices here are deceptively low and not comparable to Chipstead. Unlike Chipstead, they don't include that extortion-esque 58% TN state tax on imported liqour and a 10% service charge on the menu. You are in for a shock to your bank balance if you like to drink several rounds of good liquour.
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Divya Jayaraman - Burrp User

Divya Jayaraman

February 06,2012

love this place

a very nice place, great ambiance, good place to be with frds
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sdhrs - Burrp User


March 19,2011

Great place!

Been to leather bar quite a few times and will continue to do so :) its a cozy little pub with good food and good music. the service is fine and the bar is aptly located in the beautiful Park hotel. going to the leather bar has always been a cool experience even though it does pinch the pocket a little!
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Shan B - Burrp User

Shan B

January 13,2011


The best place in chennai to chill and to relax ..... don't like loud music ... cool just step out to the terrace where u can smoke too ... and on weekends definitely not a stag crowd. U can't beat their waiters who r the best in town all dressed in black.
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Vimal Anand - Burrp User

Vimal Anand

December 31,2010

The happening place- By Vimal Anand.M,.

Well , i used to hang out to this place atleast twice a month ,, Things to say about this place , ,Star studded weekends , Very quick service , smoking and non smoking zones , heavy DJ inside and a corridor outside if u want to move away from music for a quick phone call ,,.Not too spacious inside hardly 30 can sit at the max inside , rest need to use the corridor in which few tables which are put outside ,
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KEWLHERC2JZ - Burrp User


December 26,2010

as mr. singh aptly put it : OYE! LAATHER BAAR!

Was over @ the leather bar for drinks the other day : and I prefer going alone ( not to score : but enjoy a good drink for what it is)
This is in comparison to the one in Bangalore (have been there so often I know the bar menu almost by-heart).

the goods:
1) The seating is right next to the main entrance.This would prob, translate into the least effort for guys trying to get drunk : and for hotel staff in ensuring the "high ones" leave with the least fuss.
2) the doorman is very well behaved and trained in polite conversation while he frisks you away! . Which is a good thing.
3) Thankfully the interiors are dimmed in good contrast to the "laser show in the hall way". I guess the seating is sort of a cross between "private club meets neo executive lounge". which is nice for most part.
4) the dress code is pretty neat. except that Im guessing you need to overhaul the tight tees as most of these guys have (NOW) put on weight: and even black does not cover it well. more mass than muscle!
4) Decent display of their inventory on the rack! (always prefer going out on a weekday . mon-thurs.for bars and pubs. mon-fri for eatouts.
The bads:
1) The lounge is not "all leather". some of the accompanying pieces of furniture seems to have been hijacked from the restaurant division.
2) the Wine rack display @ their restaurant : is more impressive than the one in the bar. how come? You are telling me suddenly chennaites have started preferring to have a meal and top it up with a subtle drink? cmon.
3) there is a memento of some sort of Rajnikanth @ the fag end of the bar. I asked one of the bar tenders what it signified (definitely some film memorabilia) : and I got a shy smile : Im not sure what it (the smile) signified.
4) They do not have enough bar stools. a 3x3. one at each end of the bar. Either they believe stags should not be encouraged or they can serve people if they are standing. not sure.
5) I dont understand the need to display repeats of the same bottles. For eg: they have atleast three 12 month Chivas sitting like they were Gandhi's monkeys next to each other. You are telling me that an establishment like yours cannot have a better range than that? Same with the Old Monks and the Laproaigs.Why?
5) The Music was not lounge. It is Lounge meets funk with Banana chips masala throw in for good measure. Guys! Please.
check with DJs from around town : and download and burn cds. Please. do your homework. The stuff there is archaic. The DJ there is a glorified waiter who can fit in a nice police constable dress for all he cares.
The Uglies:
1) I prefer my whisky ( not scotch ) neat. Asked for a Jameson : the "aptly qualified bartender " says " yes sir : "canadian whiskey". Need not have bothered about that faux pas except that it was his job to know the difference.
2) After that nod: he goes on to pour me a Jim Beam (a bourbon). I told him I wanted a Jameson.(again). took some time for him to comprehend the difference. I told him I could have taken a swig and then told him that I wanted a Jameson :he would have had to NOT BILL the bourbon on me (which was a way of telling the moron I was saving his ass) and he tells me they would bill me for what I drink. Thank you very much sir!
3) The loo ( if You ever have the urge) is not located anywhere nearby. :) You will find you have to walk past the reception desk (where they have aptly posted guys) and ask them. basically the loo is common for the bar and the restaurant ( the same is the case in Bangalore as well with I.T.Alia being their restaurant : but somehow it is "placed" better and easier to locate. I asked the guy @ the reception if that was his "most asked question" and he smiled. Poor chap. i Believe You can actually get a traffic cop there and ask you to walk " the yellow line" there. he can pre-book you for DnD
4) Saving the best piece for the last: There were a trio on the bar stools. A guy and two broads. The other three stools were also filled. I had to take a seat on one of those rounded ottomans. Felt Funny. Tipped the waiter a 100 and asked him (politely) to check if the trio were comfortable moving to the sofas while I park @ the bar ( is insane if I have to sit alone in a booth). Im not taking this personally even though he refused : giving me the "customers have their right" thingie: But I guess he could have helped atleast in checking with them. I ended up waiting for them to leave (which they didnt). I guess college kids out to have a good time in the two hours or so I was there , their pint bottles were still standing while my tab ran an excess of 3 and a half grand. I am presuming if you say this place is expensive ( and I have no qualms about paying for the rt. environs) : then money should be a quotient : and you would have to get them to relocate: or atleast attempt it.
I'm going to try Chipstead the comming week and hopefully they will better it.
my verdict: Better "neat" than never .
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salted crisp - Burrp User

salted crisp

December 10,2010

love this place

It's nice cozy place to spend an evening. Its crazy costly but yeah, that would never stop me from coming here back again. The bar tenders are polite and the ambience is nice. I like this place!
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Jackie  - Burrp User


October 31,2010

A weekend hot spot.

Leather Bar..

Experience: the ambiance is contemporary... leather walls.. leather floors.. leather seats.. oh yes, to call it anything else would be wrong. ... the bar tenders are polite and when it comes to making mixed drinks they are experienced as they come.

Fav Drink: Whiskey Sour

Overall Rating: Would i come back here again? Yes.. but keep in mind it is quite expensive! so if your looking to get wasted bring your platinum amex.. or pregame at home with your friends before coming here!
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nautankey  - Burrp User


October 14,2009

Whats the hype about?

This is a cozy little bar inside the park..and by little i mean pretty tiny. Cant accomodate more than 40 people at a time though they allow people to sit with drinks in the lounge,its not something most want.

The place is also freakinggg costly,ok its a star hotel et al but whats so starry in it other than the price?[not accepting the celebs who turn up here :)]..the ambience,service and furnishing is as good as any normal pub and the space crunch puts off. compare to the reception lounge of GRT,residency towers or Taj the one here looks worse than a drawing room.

Cost of drinks and cocktails is exhorbitant.I took their asian bristo combo for Rs.500,the food was good but not much of a variety, especially in the desserts section.No wonder there were jus 3 people who were taking this.

There are costly bars and pubs in the city but they work on finer aspects to give the customers the feel that this experience is worth all the money paid.Thats the missing part in leather bar or as such in whole of "the park".
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Praveen Kumar - Burrp User

Praveen Kumar

July 30,2009

Ok, Decent

Been here last friday and after leaving Zaras, we came to this place.

It was crowded, music was good and kinda felt "stifling" as its a small place.

only notable event - namitha and arya were in while we are going out :D
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Raj Bahadur - Burrp User

Raj Bahadur

May 22,2009

My saviour!

My home town is Chennai though I am cyrrently in the U.S. and have come down for a vaction - couple of months.
All I wanted to was to kick back and get some red wine and this was the only place which had no issues and was classy and modern- Excellent Ambience, goos service and has a class!
After being shooed away from 10 Downing and shown to a seperate area coz I was a stage in Bikes and Barrell- this was heaven- music was great and then heading out to Pasha after some pre-drinking made this a perfect night for me!
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Namita Patel - Burrp User

Namita Patel

February 22,2009

Hot Spot

Every time I have to go out I stop by the leather bar and take a second to meet and greet my extended family... friends!! LOL

Then get drunk and everyone turns into family! The food at the park to die for esp after one too many glasses of red wine... LOL

Must try this place once a week its like a religion all must stop by before heading out to other destinations
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VWBuggy78 - Burrp User


January 08,2009


The place looks slick but rather small. I think our living room home is larger than this. The place cannot accomodate more than 15 - 20 guests at a time. Often times, you may end up getting seats without back support.

The beer and drinks are good.

The pros - slick looks
Cons - cramped space.

I think valet parking is the only option, unless you are studious enough to negotiate through all the pillars in the free parking area (which is in the basement).

This is one of the places you can frequently run into celebrities.
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magicalsummer - Burrp User


September 02,2008

if its lunch, it's got to be the leather bar

ignore the (unintentionally funny) name - 'owes the name to the leather on the furniture, floor etc,' the management explained when it first opened, and we tried hard to not think of what 'leather bars' really meant, and harder to hide our smiles...

forget the fact that it serves a darned good drink if that's what you were looking for...

don't pay attention to the deck outside where you could host a smashing sunday brunch party if you were so inclined...

just focus on lunch, and the good it does to your soul, without doing much damage to your wallet, or to your waistline.

Food - it's a (fairly large) selection of vegetarian (mostly) and non-vegetarian salads and sandwiches laid out on the bar counter most attractively.
healthy, and very very tasty.

don't let the word 'salad' put you off - the dishes are quite hearty, and far removed from the pile of lettuce in a caesar one would imagine present (yes, you could have that too, if you wanted!)

there also are two soups of the day, one main course (spaghetti, fried rice, etc) accompanied by two side dishes/sauces (to satisfy both vegetarians and the meat lovers)

for dessert, there is a good selection of fruit, and a on an average, about three desserts you could choose from. even though one is invariably a chocolate dessert, none will cause you to faint when you step on the scales

Cost - rs 500/- give or take a few rupees, i don't remember the exact amount. beverages cost extra

Ambience - cosy, with sofas and pouffes for seating, and sidetables to perch your plates on

Service - though its essentially a pick up your plate and serve yourself service, waiters are quick to attend to special requests, bring your drinks, etc

i had recently suggested it to a group of friends who normally visit only in the evening, and all of them were very pleasantly surprised. we had a blast!

the only drawback - it's a tiny place, and seats less than 20 - good if you are the first to get in there with your friends, terrible otherwise.

the leather bar for lunch is one of the park's best kept secrets!
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Chennai Ramblings - Burrp User

Chennai Ramblings

May 19,2008

Clear Winner

The best bartender in Chennai roosts here and when I say the best, I mean the darn best.
The bar is well stocked and you have a number of drinks available here which are not stocked by any other bar in the city.
The only good Mojito I have had so far here was at this place and the music is something that can be swung to.
Exorbitantly expensive, the bar boasts of certain well-known patrons who first hit this place before moving onto Pasha for dancing a gig or two.
The service was great and here's a little tip for single women who want to have a drink or two when in Chennai - you can safely sit at this place and know that you will not be troubled by any men through your visit, the bouncers there keep an eye out and the crowd is uber-chic, which means you will not find yourself the unwilling recipient of cliched pick up lines.
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miiraage - Burrp User


February 25,2008

Not worth it

The place is decent especially the outdoor seating area. In fact, if you are going there just go for the outdoor seating.

The drinks are decent but nothing great. The calamari was dripping in oil.... felt like we were clogging our arteries all the while we had it with the full mayo dip.

To top it all off, the waiter dropped my camera and dint even bother to apologize!

Good Service? I dont think so!
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