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Sudipto Bhattacharya - Burrp User

Sudipto Bhattacharya

June 01,2015

Foodies Heaven

very nice place, it is really worth to go there - i visited many places bec i am very big foody and love to be in different places for it. i found this place is really good
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rls51435 - Burrp User


February 25,2015

Food and only food

If all you wanna do is eat, go to this place. You can't even afford to go there with even a tiny thing in your stomach, it has to be all empty.
They start by serving you starters on small seekhs which is placed on the small grill on your table. I didn't like the Fish Tikka too much since the pieces were really small. Chicken Tikka pieces were also small but then it tasted better. They keep serving starters fresh from the kitchen, like the Mutton Seekh Kebab which amazing, Mexican Grill Veg which is a highlight with it's Mexican sauce.
Back to the grill, they also serve Grilled Pineapple which is another amazing highlight. Corn on the Cob is also yummy. Prawns are good in size and taste, as are Chicken Drumsticks.
Moving on to the main course, the spread is big here as well which includes Chicken Biryani which was pretty good. Mutton was well cooked in Mutton Rogan Josh and Chicken was also done fine in the Biryani and Chicken Lababdar.
To end it here, the spread is that big that everyone would find something or the other which suits their taste. The desserts section can definitely improve, that's what I feel.
But rest assured, if you want to go out just to eat, this is an awesome choice.
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vishalwadhwan - Burrp User


January 06,2015

keep it up

One never gets bored going to Barbeque Nation, this is a good place to go in a group. The starters here are simply amazing and so are the desserts. I wish they improved their main course items, there is surely room for improvement there. The service is excellent, servers have a smile on their face and are very attentive. The griller on the table is obviously what I like the most. Great Place
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priyankakhanna - Burrp User


November 18,2014

great place...

Without any doubt, this is one of the best places to got out
with friends and enjoy a buffet. But down the line, the food quality and main course items are not up to the mark. The service is still excellent but the buffet spread needs to be screened. I love the starters here and desserts as well.
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SN TheCRITIC - Burrp User


November 14,2014

Originator of the table grill

BBQ Nation has undoubtedly started the ball rolling for table grill restaurants with many now opening in different parts of the city. This is an experience to be had. Although food quality is not that great, the unlimited service and value for money definitely is.
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Jharna Bhatnagar - Burrp User

Jharna Bhatnagar

September 22,2014

The name says it all !

Food - GOOD !
Ambiance - inviting.
Price - Decent
Service - Quick

The Barbecue Nation, popularly known for its barbecue meat range, and rightly so... I enjoyed my Chicken skewer a lot there.
I especially love the way they make your celebratory moments like anniversary and birthday all the more warm and lovely. The prices weren't too heavy on the pocket, given the way the present and prepare food. Would love to go back soon.
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Sneha Sen - Burrp User

Sneha Sen

January 08,2014

True Foodie Place

Love their food its yummylicious ranging from paneer tikka to chicken kebab to prawns all are mouthwatering and eating this food with live music gives creates an Ethereal Ambiance for the Customers.
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a2dfunjabi - Burrp User


November 13,2013

Tadka Express

Love the dining table, with barbeque within table. Yummy panerr tikka, prawn, fish, Barbequed corn and the list goes on...
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Saanvi82 - Burrp User


August 16,2013

Great place to dine

BBN is a great place to dine. I am a fan of thier buffet and the assortment is just amazing. The place offers a variety of options of veg starters & I especially like the corn in the steak. Food is also great in taste & not over rich. Options of drinks exists which completes the variety. All in all a must visit place
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aidolee50 - Burrp User


July 25,2013


Have been at this place a few time and really love the starters. Must try!!!
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bikrambindra  - Burrp User


November 16,2012

Table top cooking

Barbeque Nation is a delightful concept that strangely enough has not really been exploited by other eateries across the country. The whole idea of having a dining experience in which the diner participates in the cooking process beyond the usual seasoning on the table is novel and tinged with a sense of excitement. Even though most diners end up doing precious little with the cute equipment and dressings that they are provided, I have to admit that for me, this is the USP of this place, and what always sets it apart from others.

Coming to the food, there are two strong biases here, and which for me are big enough to warrant the 3 stars. The first is a strong focus on carnivorous offerings- and here the eatery hits a sweet spot with some excellent prawn starters and a very soft and melt in the mouth whole fish. However, it is equally unimaginative when it comes to the vegetarian starters, and with the exception of a cajun style potatoes (baby potatoes in their jackets with a creamy dressing), the others do not make the mark for me. No one wants to go to a place serving grilled specialties and end up eating paneer!

The other bias, though not so strong is the clear focus on the starters, and perhaps a little step-child treatment of the main course. Though very honestly, most diners have been so satiated by the time they hit mains, that their judgment does tend to get clouded. I have to say though, that the spread is very run of the mill, and for first timers, I would suggest sticking to pigging out on the starters and perhaps skipping the main meal and end on a sweet note.

A quick note on the service- quick, efficient and attentive. Now the place just needs to step up their game on the food bit, and this can be one of the nicest family places in Gurgaon.
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Mritunjai Bist - Burrp User

Mritunjai Bist

November 10,2012

fresh change

My dad loves this place and takes the family out here quite a lot.I love the concept of the tables with the inbuilt grilling station. The variety in their buffet is average but then you dont go to the barbeque nation fo buffet ryt?. I would suggest getting their seafood/non-vegetarian options where they give different kinds of chicken tikkas and kabobs with prawns. the size of the kabobs did bring me down but the overall quantity you get is well worth it. you also get differnt types of sauce from to sweet to barbeque to glaze on your kabobs overall this place is must go to..
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rashmi_uday - Burrp User


August 21,2012

BBQ is altimes fab!

when its come to awesome food. ...then it has to be BBQ nation. ....
amazing service ,amazing food...
i would rate them five on all counts. ...
any one who would wanna go to BBQ nation will not get disappointed for sure. ....
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Gautam Choudhary - Burrp User

Gautam Choudhary

July 05,2012

Private Event

I am looking for a place where I can have a family event for 30 people. Barbeque Nation fits in well but I need to talk to an authority about certain issues. Please contact me !!! My number is 9953781555 !!!
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Madhav Mishra - Burrp User

Madhav Mishra

January 17,2012

my favorite place to eat

if i was ever asked to choose a place where i would like to have the next meal, this has to be it. i mean not only the gurgaon branch but the whole concept is so good. and i am NOT giving away any taste details, because if you have not had the pineapple roast here, you will never know how tasty it can be. also, they were serving complementary beer when i was there last time so do ask for offers. calling up in advance and booking is recommended if going on weekday afternoon.and if its your anniversary, birthday , first date or any such occasion let them know.you will be surprised
buffet costs nearly 600-700 (not sure)
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for your, comments, we will try our level best to keep on meeting your expectations in future also.

Neelanjan Datta

sheetalbahl - Burrp User


September 11,2010

Novel concept; good value-for-money; average food

Short review: Barbeque Nation is surely worth one visit for the novelty of the concept – the ability to have a barbeque right at one’s table, and probably worth many more visits from a value-for-money perspective, but if one is going out just for great food, then I’d hold on to repeat visits. The food, finally the most critical element, is respectable, and at times good, but nowhere near the great category, or even a very good one. Summary: go here for the novelty, and for relaxed, large group, value-for-money outings, but not for ones where the food is the critical element.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Sheetal,

Thanx for your honest feedback.Taking this as an opportunity to improve. Would request for your contact details on supriya@barbeque-nation.com for us to understand the areas of corrections on the food part.

Looking forward...

Supriya das
Barbeque Nation- India.

harjeet.khokher - Burrp User


December 09,2009

Service at its worst!

After my wonderful experiences each time I visited Barbeque Nation in Bangalore, my expectations were high when I walked in for a dinner with my office colleagues a few days ago. Just as you would expect, I was in for a rude shock. The apathy of the staff made even the sumptuous looking prawns taste like burnt jacket potatoes. If you are a first timer to this place, just visit for the novel idea of bar-b-quing on your own. However, if you liked the food and everything else at some other Barbeque Nation (read in some other city), please don't drop in unless you want to completely change your idea about this restaurant called Barbeque Nation like me.
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Rohan Khanna - Burrp User

Rohan Khanna

December 08,2009

Awful place

It was my first time visit at Barbeque Nation with my friends, and it was awful and simply bad, as staff and managers are simply illiterate and have no sense, Apart from that instead of that staff and manager were busy having dinner and making customer to wait to get food standing in queue. Never seen such a disgusting place and will never visit again nor I recommended any one to do so, Spend 4000 for dinner was simply waste, so beware before thinking and going to such place and ruin whole evening.
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parrma - Burrp User


October 01,2009

great place for indian food

all you can eat ... can being the definitive word. eat a little of everything ... seriously . good food and ambience.
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Mandeep Alag - Burrp User

Mandeep Alag

September 29,2009

Awesome place

Easily one of the best place to eat out in Gurgaon.
Great food and good service. Must try their buffet........perfect for those lazy sunday afternoons.......
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amitkapur - Burrp User


September 09,2009

Good Starters, Bad Main Course

I have been going to BBQN from the time it opened in Gurgaon mostly during lunch with colleagues. My first experience was pretty good, the service was excellent, the food was good and as I said in the title, the starters were the best. Over a period of time, their customer base has grown substantially. Unfortunately, the service and food quality has gone down considerably as well. The main course is too stuffy and heavy on the stomach (even if you don't fill yourself with the starters!) The desserts are almost every time not served the way they should be. Ice creams are almost liquid, gulab jaumns are cold, chocolate mousses are as hard as a brick, and the cut fruit is more like a cocktail.

I think the management seriously needs to re-look at what has made the food quality go down so much as compared to when it started. Also, they need to plan the "Festivals" much more carefully. The recent one was Hakuna-matata Africa BBQ and the food was pathetic (and overtly expensive because it was a festive buffet). If you want to go and try out this place before you take guests along, I would suggest go for the lunch menu because the same buffet costs 200 more at night. Happy Eating Everyone!
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Ankit Gupta - Burrp User

Ankit Gupta

August 29,2009

STUFFFFFFingg Stuff!!

yeah.. thts one of the things I can definitely assure any1 tking the buffet here!
Its happened to me more then once- u eat a full fundoo buffet lunch and u r forced to skip ur dinner! :P
when u r at BBQ-N, ensure that u take there Buffet.. Ala-carte here is foolishness!
I would suggest selecting the 300 + taxes option over the costlier 550 + takes thingy, coz the only diff is 3 extra starters!!!!!!! which ur tummy wont b able to tke anyway..
The food is amazing.. welcome drink.. superb starters.. ( specialty being the live grill on ur table) .

The service is pretty efficient!
Veggies cn eat without any worries- part of the USP of this place is the concept of Green plates fr veggies and Black ones fr the all eaters!
Mind it! DO NOT FORGET to put the flag on ur table down when u need no starters any longer.. they ll keep STUFFING you otherwise! :P

Main course.. lotsa variety in the buffet thing.. north Indian, biryanis, continental, bit of Italian / Chinese etc as well.. nice salads and accomponiments!

Hey hey.. hang on.. keep some space fr the wonderfully special deserts!!

After all the crazy binge on starters n main course.. u get the bliss of 4-5 different.. yummyy... SPECIAL desertss!!

Only downsides are not so nice ambiance and noisy crowd!

A wee bit of a soothing element like Live Music can turn this place into a perfect place!

All in all a perfect place for a team lunch / group meal......
Definitely more then worth it!!

P.S. - Ensure that you book your table beforehand!
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poojakhemka21 - Burrp User


July 13,2009

An experience to remember

A lot has been said about the food at Bar-be-que Nation which undoubtbly is very good. However, the reason why I highly reccomend BBQ Nation is not the food. It is because of the experience of dining at this place. Imagine red hot coals on your table and kababs being made on skewers right at your table. An event everybody should experience at least once.
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Rajendra Hirawat - Burrp User

Rajendra Hirawat

July 07,2009

Its their unique style - serves BBQ on Coal

Great setting with lots of tables. I have always been in the lower ground floor area. What amazes me is the setting of red hot coals in the middle of my table to keep the BBQ and kababs hot. They can get charred if you leave and forget about them.....

The setting is truely of a fine dining restaurant however it seems a little rushed...

Enjoy the food...their menu has a variety that can be tried a few times over....to distinctly remember the various BBQ items and the buffet thereafter. I am yet to try the rest....been there only a couple of times.

Their unique style and kind hospitality makes this place a must visit at least once. It is the happening fine dining restaurant in Gurgaon.
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snailie - Burrp User


June 18,2009

try it...

c i strongly believe what whenever people try something new, wither they love it or loath it..but BBQ nation is a safe bet in this regard.

If you haven't been already to this chain of restaurants in banglore and mumbai etc, then do visit it. You might like the idea of a grill on your table with snacks roasting in front of you and a nice layed out buffet..and for those you have been to these joints, you would know what i am talking about..its all same...

the food is nice, very good place for non vegi's..snacks r yummy and deserts r great..

try it..lunches are prices at 275 something and dinner is 500 something exclusive taxes...

pick it..
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CE McLaughlan - Burrp User

CE McLaughlan

March 03,2009


What a gem this restaurant is! I'm not kidding.

Since I've moved here I've modified my diet...I'm a beef, chicken and fish kind of girl and now I'm chicken and fish. I love the food I've been served here in India.

Every once in a while, though, I do crave a little more meat in my diet because I don't always eat chicken and fish - maybe once a week if I'm lucky.

That said, Barbeque Nation was such a treat - the shrimp, chicken and paneer starters were wonderful. They do tend to burn the shrimp a bit and I wish it weren't so rubbery - only 3 minutes on each side...and remember, people will be having that over the pit at their table, too!

The first time I went there, I made the fatal mistake of stuffing myself on the starters. Second time I learned my lesson and left lots of room for the buffet. :) I was not disappointed. The buffet and the starters vary, but you can usually find that they rotate out their most popular items.

Their dessert section was fine and adequate, but since I'm usually so full after the meal, dessert doesn't always factor in. On the occasions I've left enough room for dessert, I've found that I'm a fan of their gulab jaman. I'm not a fan of their mousse, though.

Overall, a great place to take colleagues for a nice leisurely lunch where you don't feel you have to eat and get out in under 15 minutes...and it's not harsh on the wallet!

I almost forgot to mention the service - absolutely impeccable. My glass was never empty and the service for clearing was so unobtrusive I didn't even notice my plates being taken away -- that was truly amazing! The servers and the hostess were always friendly; not once have I ever felt uncomfortable in the handful of times I've been here.

I haven't had the chance for dinner yet, but I'm willing to give it a go if others are.
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randomguru - Burrp User


February 10,2009

cheap and mediocre

the only satisfaction that you may derive after a trip to this "concept" restaurant is that is light on the wallet. The food is heavy, the angeethi tables uncomfortably hot and the quality of food just about average. No more, perhaps less. It is a very family kind of place with kids running around all over - the servers have little knowledge of service.
In all, a huge disappointment.
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Karanjit Singh - Burrp User

Karanjit Singh

January 19,2009

Good conceptual affair

A Wonderful place for foodies.

Nice food ranging from soups,salads,starters,main course and desserts in just INR 310after taxes ( lunch )
562 after taxes ( dinner )

Really economical place to dine in with delicious servings of foods.

Personally been there more than 15+ times.
Worth going everytime.
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Vinita Bhatia - Burrp User

Vinita Bhatia

January 15,2009

Good VFM

What struck me about this place was its spaciousness. It is on two levels and the lower one was pretty spacious, for someone who is from Mumbai and used to cramped eating joints.
We all opted for the buffet lunch with complimentary beer or soft drinks, which was good value for money.
The on table grill is a concept that is really catching on, but the grill on our table went cold and the coals were not replenished or flamed.
But I liked the little brass flag that they had kept on the table which you could turn down in case you had your fill of the starters. Nice touch that.
The paneer starters were good, and even a carnivore like me went for a couple of helpings for it. A word of advice though, don't stuff yourself with the starters, which is easy to do.
The main course had veg and mutton biryani, and the latter had just plain rice left when we went to the counter. They also offered a Thai red curry with some noodles. Surprisingly, some karela sabji was also part of the buffet, the first time I have come across what is probably the most hated vegetable making a star entry on the buffet menu.
Amongst the desserts, the butterscotch cake was strictly OK, but the moong dal halwa was good because it did not have too much ghee neither was it too sweet.
I would definitely recommend this place for a leisurely lunch with colleagues.
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Ajay Awtaney - Burrp User

Ajay Awtaney

December 26,2008

Barbequeing across the Nation!

Ok, well, I have been a fan of the Mumbai outlets for a very very long time. And I knew they opened up in Bengaluru, but I was surprised to find them in Gurgaon :) I was catching up with a friend after a very long time in Gurgaon, and it was an apt place to look out for to settle in, have an experiential meal and chatter up!

The location was slightly hard to find, because it is not on the main Mehrauli Gurgaon Road and tucked away into a sidelane without any markers on the main road directing towards it. But once you make you way, you are in bliss heaven.

We made it there on Xmas day. The whole place was full of christmas cheer, people catching up on a "kebabish" Christmas Brunch and the works.... The place had a nice decor with 2 floors, a basement floor and a mezz floor on top of that. We went into the basement floor, and for a walkin on a hol, we got a nice quick response.

Going on, my lunch partner was not very hungry and got a very courteous explanation from the staff about the Barbeque Nation buffet concept. They also informed us about complimentary drinks for the day - a slew of drinks and one drink per buffet pax was free. The food is a good 500 bucks per pax wth unlimited buffet and starters...Both of us, then walked into the food with our eyes open! They have the flag which u can turn down to stop them from serving u any more starters.

Going over the list of the servings of day, they served us some of the kebabs on the nice grill setup in the middle of the table (also doubling up as an Angeethi (heater) for my friend to keepp herself warm!) and some directly into our plates. The helpings were generous, and I love all the food there always anyways. When I asked for a Veg platter for the day, they replaced my black plate with Green to signal that I should not be served anything non-veggie even by mistake. Kudos for the little things you do to ensure people have a good time

Well, there were 14kinda starters served, so i cannot remember all the names, right? They were all good. In the food, since we were already stuffed on starters, we had some bites of the food. I took some chana and laccha parantha and some salads, and then some desserts... which were kind of getting cold as maybe they were wrapping up for the afternoon!

overall a great experience, very roomy and nice. And at the end of it all, they gave us a christmas plum cake because they were celebrating christmas. i still wait reviews from my friend and the family as to how the cake was, but it looked delicious! :)

Would love to come back some more!
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Vaibhav Gadodia - Burrp User

Vaibhav Gadodia

September 09,2008

Great Food, Great People

I went there for the first time yesterday, and I am sure I will be back again and again.

Food was great. But the best part is that everyone there worked together to make you feel welcome. The place looked clean and nicely decorated as well.

Someone said that they offer complementary drinks with the meal, but that happens only at lunch time.

Here's a larger review: http://www.gurgaonwatch.com/barbecue-nation-a-treat-for-your-palate/
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harsh123 - Burrp User


May 02,2008

Review Barbeque Nation

I had first come to know about Barbeque Nation when one of my friends told me about its opening at Janakpuri, which is 5 minutes from my office. I was not aware of Barbeque Nation till that time, and when I came to know that it is one of pioneers in serving grilled kebabs, it was just a matter of time before I visited it.

Barbeque Nation, FYI, is in Gurgaon also. The one in Janakpuri is right next to Janakpuri District Center, and one-of-its-kind. Its concept reminds me of the Great Kebab Factory, which is in Punjabi Bagh, about 20 minutes from Barbeque Nation, Janakpuri.

It so happened last night that my friend from South Delhi had come to visit me and as usual we went out to eat. Barbeque Nation was a clear choice because of the hype that it has created in the area and of course because of our penchant for anything that is non vegetarian!

Read the full review at: http://www.contentmantra.com/mantrablogs/?p=120
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Harsh Vardhan - Burrp User

Harsh Vardhan

September 23,2007

A very Innovative Concept : Barbeque Nation

Although i'm not the first one to write a review for this newly opened joint in town, however the rating i would give to this joint is 5/5. In my opinion this is one of the best thing that has happened to delhi (read gurgaon) .

although the previous reviewer shared his own view, but i believe he missed out on the best part of this restaurant, which is the food (and not the drinks).

I recently had read its review in the newsline of indian express and was dying to visit this joint.

The place truly lived up to its expectations. They have a unique concept : Do your own barbeque. They have a grill in the middle of your table and serve you 95% cooked starters the rest 5% you have to cook yourself and customize it according to your own palette. This might be quite interesting for a chef like me, but i am pretty sure can be quite overwhelming for others, (who dont cook). but then again they have a personal waiter for your table who guides you through this simple step. and just in case you get bored of waiting the starter to be cooked , they have some pre-cooked starters as well , to keep you going through the meal un-interrupted.

Well, of the 10 starters , i sampled , well all of them.. and from my memory i can jot down , that the prawns , chicken , tandoori aaloo (in mustard) , another chicken kebab.. basically all were worth their salt. even the paneer kebabs were quite sumtuous.

this was followed by a full course buffet with i believe 5-10 different types of salads (of which the egg salad, and the sea food salad were simply mind blowing). and a full course meal. there too. the food was absolutely delcious. and of course this was perfectly rounded off with a round of dessert. and you have the option from 10 different deserts. and then again . eat as much you like.

all this for 500 bucks per head (that is for dinner, i believe the lunch buffet is for 250, but i have never gone there for lunch).

i've been there once (two days back) and am planning my next visit 5 days from now (the next weekend).


P.S : we did not have anything to drink here, as it was way too expensive.
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dilbertoid - Burrp User


September 20,2007

No à la carte

Barbeque Nation is the latest restaurant chain that has hit Gurgaon. It has opened up in Sushant Plaza where Nirula's used to be. The decor is excellent and it was surprisingly packed for a Tuesday. Also there is valet parking - a sure sign that you are entering an expensive restaurant.

The waiters, attendants and the valets are a little too overeager for comfort - but I guess that might be because the place has just opened.

I basically wanted to see how the place was and try out a few starters along with drinks - but unfortunately they don't have a menu. They only serve a fixed selection of dishes - thus all we had was drinks and the free papad! So can't comment on how good or bad the food is.

However, if you are going there for dinner - they seem to have a large and sumptuous offering. You get a grill on your table and can pick from 10 starters and a wide selection of main course dishes (primarily Indian and Asian) and desserts. It costs Rs. 500 per person - which I would consider expensive. [The other similar place I have been to - grill on your table and fixed menu buffet - was Kabab Studio in Bangalore - mindblowing food - for a mere 250 bucks per person]

Also, they took an interminable time to get the drinks and the bill - which seems inexplicable to me unless it was because they disapproved of us 'chillad' customers who refused their buffet.

Thus, overall three stars - But would definitely make one more visit to this place to sample the food.
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abhishek verma - Burrp User

abhishek verma

September 18,2012

Very Descent Place 2 EaT..

I have been there & tried Veg. Buffet which was very good.
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