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  • Most people would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: garlic bread
  • Nearly everybody mentioned friends

Additional remarks from reviews:

I just love to visit club rhino again and again. S
nice drinks & great food with nic crowd all around
. Wanted to add images as well but burrp doesnt ha
Nascent Oxygene - Burrp User

Nascent Oxygene

September 27,2015

AVOID if u hv good taste in music

nice big place. food is alright. music sucks big time, and if u head there in the eve, or when 1 of their useless djs is playing - you will have a terrible terrible time. no sense of music whatsoever. spoils your entire mood. NOT GOING THERE AGAIN!
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Rohan Shah - Burrp User

Rohan Shah

June 30,2015

Gr8 place to hangout with friends

Awsome ambience, amazing music and gr8 food, club rhino is one of the best restaurants i have ever visited in gurgaon
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Raj786 - Burrp User


April 21,2015

Best place for weekend

This is one great place - amazing food, excellent packages, and awesome ambience. Excellent spot for huge gatherings and parties. They have some excellent offers for you if you go there in a group or a corporate package. They offer the whole buffet option including vegetarian and non vegetarian options Even a simple dish as garlic bread is best well made and servedPortions are huge and service is very good .Do pay a visit on weekends with a group of friends to enjoy food, alcohol and dance.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

April 19,2015

Colourful hangout place

It was a wonderfull experience as we were looking for some place with dance floor with good ambience and food. Rhino had it all. Music was loud and dj was good. Food was good on taste. The crowd is amazing. The bartenders here are quite good with their cocktails and martinis.We ordered Salt n Pepper prawns, Vegetable Lasagna-which were great. Nice open colorful and a good place to hang around in gurgaon while keeping the cost in check.
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March 22,2015

Alfresco dining!

I had a brilliant time at Club Rhino when I was there a couple of weeks ago but unfortunately I could not try any of the food because we reached so late that they had to close. However, the maitre d' - Vinayak was kind enough to invite us all again for a three course dinner with drinks as the last time we had to leave in a rush.

Me and my friends were supposed to reach there at around 10 but we were stuck in traffic so we reached really late. Our table was held for us until 11 and we were greeted with the same friendly smiles that we remembered from last time.

We sat on the comfortable patio on the terrace with a lot of drinks - mojito, bloody mary, LIIT, everything brilliant.

The starters arrived and the Salt N' Pepper prawns just blew me away. The Crispy Potato and Corn could have used a little microwaving but it was a beautiful burst of flavours. I also really enjoyed the Babari Seekh Kebab.

The main course followed and we were delighted with the Chermoula Crusted Fish - it just melted in my mouth and the sauce was exquisite. Highly recommended!

The desserts were the best part of our meal - the Panna Cotta, the Chocolate Fondant, the NY Cheesecake and the Tiramisu were all loved by everyone at the table. We shared and savoured the desserts under the beautiful night sky and pleasant breeze.

The music inside was fantastic as usual and people danced to foot stomping new releases. Everything was wonderful but for me, the best part was their service, it was very kind of the chef to drop by to check on us to see how we liked everything - Kudos to the hospitality.

Can't wait to go back, Club Rhino is surely a must visit restaurant and nightclub!
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manni007 - Burrp User


February 05,2015


Guys.. i wont say much but if you looking for a place for 1 or 2 people it's kind of fine nothing as such wow....and if you looking for group or office party.. worst place ever i have seen.

No Sitting Capacity
Poor Service
No Management on how to handle multiple groups at one place
Food was almost cold
Illiterate Staff
No Courtesy even if they have messed everything up

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shailaananad - Burrp User


January 10,2015


This place serves variety of beer but that is the only thing that attracts customers. The food here is absolutely below average, bland and tasteless. Amritsari fish and chicken platter were not up to the mark. The ambiance is nice with quirky slogans and service is very slow. If you are looking for good food, this place is simply avoidable.
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Neeraj Seth - Burrp User

Neeraj Seth

December 05,2014

Neighbourhood unfriendly bar

Club Rhino mercilessly plays high decibel music out in the open and is a big nuisance for neighbourhood residences in Palm Springs, The Belaire and others in DLF Phase V.

Kids preparing for exams and elderly wanting a peaceful night's sleep curse them every day. Hope wisdom prevails over them before the residents approach the police authorities.
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WriterAyushi - Burrp User


September 25,2014

Club maybe NOT, its a Restaurant Only!

Visited this for a friend's treat.

The DJ took a while to play some goo dmusic, started with some boring songs and then after an hour or so the music was good. Food set in the buffet was delightful but nothing extra ordinary and the service could have been more professional.

Ambience is average. Overall experience was satisfactory if not for excellent!
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Ayush Bhalla ੴ - Burrp User

Ayush Bhalla ੴ

August 12,2014

Club Rhino in Gurgaon

Before you start reading this thing, please be warned: the next time you plan to go out with your family or friends, think beyond just good food or ambience. Maybe i didn't, and so it happened. I was out with my family & friends to celebrate my brothers birthday party at Club Rhino. After a while, we all decided to move to the dance floor. Are you still considered a stag even if there is a complete group(family)??? The staff showed their resistance, but then backed off. However, minutes later, when my family & friends were on the floor, the bouncers came over not to ask us to step aside, but violently push us away, without even listening. The situation got even worse when i tried to intervene and they had all the reasons to bash us up more. They didn't even have the courtesy to spare the old and the women of my family. Punches, iron rods, hockey sticks and what not, they used every possible thing around to hit us. And the members of my family are still in the hospital recovering from injuries. I never thought a family dinner would turn out to be a nightmare. Please don' t ever go to Club Rhino or any place you have heard such things about. "Sometimes you should not dare to take a chance" #rhinoingurgaon #bloodshots.
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Sapna Kapoor - Burrp User

Sapna Kapoor

May 13,2014

great place

It always a good experience to visit club rhino. I just love this place. Awesome Food, nice music and crowd was generally nice except sometimes. I love to have chili panner and chocolate brownie with lots of wine. These are my favorites at club rhino. Last week the xpose movie event was very good we enjoyed a lot. I just love to visit club rhino again and again. Superb Place to have fun?
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Soonam Kapoor - Burrp User

Soonam Kapoor

April 18,2014

Nice Place to Hangout

Club Rhino is a nice place to hangout with friends at weekend. The Ambiance and decor is fantastic. Music is rocking and it makes you tap your feet all the time. Drinks & Food are good, Every employee in Club Rhino knows about the eating & drinking habits of their customer. I love this place for their hospitality.
Over all One of the best Club's in Gurgaon to be at.
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Santosh Sharma - Burrp User

Santosh Sharma

March 18,2014

A Great Club

Went to Rhino & had pretty amazing experience there.

This place is wonderful having a lovely terrace and a great view from there. I really loved the food & drinks there and the service was also pretty decent.

The DJ is really good and unlike many other places you do not feel bored by any song. The lighting and the sound really works for you and gets you in the mood to dance.

Overall a nice experience with great frnds...
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Sandeep Desai - Burrp User

Sandeep Desai

November 11,2013


The Grilled Chicken and Melted Cheese Sandwich at Club Rhino is a must-try! I love the mayo dressing on it. It's out of this world! I enjoyed the music and the ambience there. It's one of my favorite hangout places.
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Saanvi82 - Burrp User


August 16,2013

Gurgaon's Gem

This place along with Strikers, Lemp & 7 degree brauhaus represents the breed of pubs that could be anywhere in the world. Great place & great options. Best place undoubtedly for Sangria & the open terrace seating is just amazing. A must go place when in Gurgaon
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Shamika Desai - Burrp User

Shamika Desai

July 11,2013

The Cosmos are my favorite

I go to Club Rhino only for their Baked New York Cheese Cake and their cocktails. I dare to try a new one each time I go there. The Cosmos are my favorite. I'm very impressed with their quality of food and service. A 10 on 10 from my side!
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Munit Singh Gaur - Burrp User

Munit Singh Gaur

July 02,2013

Loving it!!

One of the best places to be in gurgaon. Great food plus music..service was also too good.
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Uttam Kumar - Burrp User

Uttam Kumar

May 24,2013

Its Good

Amazing place.
Great ambiance.
Good music!
One of the best Club's in Gurgaon to be at.
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Amrita Roy - Burrp User

Amrita Roy

May 23,2013

Had The Most Amazing Time With friends ......

I was forced to come to Gurgaon for my bestie's party and was sceptical on how Gurgaon will be, as for parties it ain't that famous and the crowd was something i was worried about.

Wednesday .. ladies night ... Expected few cocktails to be served as it goes everywhere with minimal liquor in it.

But i was in for a surprise as at club rhino ... it was unlimited IMFL drinks for the ladies .... and the mojitos that they served were the best i have ever had. The food was amazing. I do not recall all the dishes names but what ever we ordered was made to perfection .The Ambiance was amazing and The DJ played brilliant music which made us dance like crazy ....

Over all my experience was really nice and would surely come here for more.

Kepp it rocking .....
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Tulika Nahar - Burrp User

Tulika Nahar

May 22,2013

Nice place

Had been invited by someone for a party in this club, the experince was pretty decent, the place is big with good music and decor. The drinks were good and service was pretty nice. Would definetely come here again.
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apoorvamahajan_ - Burrp User


May 17,2013

Mixed feelings

We visited this place on a thursday night after seeing such nice reviews we thought of giving it a shot. This place is in south point mall which is now becoming a hub of bars & pubs, having more than 7 poperties on the 3rd floor might confuse someone which place to go for. But our plan was fixed so we headed to rhino. This place is huge with very nice interiors & lovely terrace. We wanted to have a couple of beers, so we thought of getting a package. The manager suggested us to take IPL combo, but the combo has most of the drinks missing. The food was pretty good and the music is too good. Wanted to add images as well but burrp doesnt have that feature. Overall nice place!!
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burrpersheetal - Burrp User


May 17,2013

Nice Affair...

We partied here a few days back... Although i wasnt very keen on reviewing it but thot of doing so on burrp!

It was a great place & pretty good when u enter.. the first impression was good... but somehow i judge the place wd its food & i didnt find myself getting indulged in their food wch we all ordered... It was ok types...

Service was prompt but still i would like them to know that bit more proximity is required...

everythiing else was nice...

Music was rocking & was making me tap my toes...

So all in all.. I m planning to come back again or may be it will depend on my mood... :)
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Payal  - Burrp User


May 16,2013

Ladies night

Had been there on wednesday night which is a ladies night in this club, i am familiar with this place as i have heard of it before as well, so thought of going there. The crowd was cool, DJ played some great music, overall a great time.
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paruldogra86 - Burrp User


May 10,2013

lovely evening

We are just back from rhino and had a lovely time. This place is wonderful having a lovely terrace and a great view from there. I really loved the food & drinks there and the service was also pretty decent.We ordered prawns salt n pepper and cheese naachos in starters followed by grilled salmon steak. This is my first review for any restaurant, i usually dont write but they had these cards on the table which says review us. So thought of doing it for them as the staff was really courteous. :)
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Sunny Wadhwa - Burrp User

Sunny Wadhwa

May 08,2013

Freaking Awesome!

Last week - saturday night at Club Rhino with DJ Shashank - was freaking awesome,

1st class crowd and music what a combo. one of the best saturday nights i have ever had :D

looking forward to visit again for a party at Rhinoo... The Discoooo :D
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Manav tiwari - Burrp User

Manav tiwari

May 03,2013

Great events & ambience

Have been a regular to this place, they have some totally cool events happening, Amazing April ,melodious may and all. Dj's are also pretty cool! Food & ambiance are totally amazing. Must go!!
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Prince Gupta - Burrp User

Prince Gupta

April 01,2013

DJjjjjjjjjj NYK...

He plays awesome & gals were drooling over him... Had good time at Rhino... nice drinks & great food with nic crowd all around... Service was prompt... Waiters were at a great proximity from us to serve us on their toes...
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Veerat  Marwah - Burrp User

Veerat Marwah

March 16,2013

Pretty nice affair...

Went to Rhino & had pretty amazing experience there...

food is scrumptious & drinks are well made...

Loved their outdoor seating...

Overall a nice experience with great frnds...
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Shweta Marwah - Burrp User

Shweta Marwah

March 12,2013

Ladies Night rocks!

Went here last Wednesday, ladies night it was with free entry and drinks for all of us..Club Rhino is a very well done place, with a big dance floor with amazing lighting specially above the dance floor. DJ Tripti played some good music and made us enjoy to the fullest. It is one of the best place to hang out with friends..rocking it was!
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enchantressng  - Burrp User


March 12,2013

My night couldn't be more deliteful...

Well i was longing to visit Rhino from long time... but recently i saw their event listed on Burrp & found it via phone. They had Maniac Nights & DJ Tripti was playing...
I made a call & swiftly got a table booked for me & my friends... We were four & there was no entry charges. We had real fun there.. She played really well.. Crowd was thrilling awesome...

Ppl were dancing & grooving on her music...
I think there were some in house DJs as well who were also playing well...
I think i wanna stay updated wd their upcoming events as well... :)
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Mandeep Gulati - Burrp User

Mandeep Gulati

December 15,2012

Pathetic is the word!!!

It can't be more pathetic!!! Cheap service at exorbitant price. We had a corporate party there and in my last 5 years it was the most pathetic event ever!!

To start with food... starters served cold. We asked to re-heat a plate of mutton seekh and they took bloody 1 hour to do so!
Chicken.. tasted like a rat!!! It smelled so bad it made me puke!

DJ - The worst DJ in NCR!!!

Bartenders - Rude and ill mannered!!!

Manager - Failed to keep his own commitments... what else I can say...

If you wanna spoil a perfect Friday evening, Rhino is the place to be!!!
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jyotshna sahni - Burrp User

jyotshna sahni

December 04,2012

It rocks!!

Been to Club Rhino on this last saturday with few of my friends and my family.. cool place to have a wonderful get-together. Service was too good since we were having a baby was with us..(even though it was quite busy out there.)
Cosmolecular drinks are amazing and the beetle smoked mojitos was really out of this world.. and rhino blast shots were mouth melting... and also the food was great!!!

Planning to hit the place very often.. Highly recommended to all foodis in town.. cheers!!!
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abybaby3 - Burrp User


November 08,2012

Club Rhino---Staff still in jungle age

We had a horrible experience,our evening ruined by unprofessional staff and their arrangements.We had a corporate booking(MNC and not call center) for 60 people, with cocktail,dinner and DJ with dance floor, all aspects confirmed in email by Harwinder Singh, Head–Sales & Marketing.At the time of delivery of the promised services,they were ready to deliver nothing.The head of operations Nikhil says "I dont know who is Harwinder Singh and you can go and talk to him, I will deliver as per my wishes". Harwinder Singh was missing after 30 mins of the start and not answering our calls.The DJ came 1 hour late and started playing only trans music,entertaining no requests from guests(at the time of booking we were not informed that they only play instrumental and entertain no requests),a small place was made as a dance floor,The lights available on the dance floor were not switched on as per the promise, the food served was cold and non veg starters still raw,buffet was laid on two tables joined together in plates,they did not have serving bowls to lay out the buffet, the waiters could not handle 60 people and the attitude of Nikhil and Harwinder was such a let down.I will advice all not to go there and ruin your day/evening.When they are so unprofessional in handling large Corporates, I wonder what they will do to individuals.Skyfall 2 will have Nikhil playing Bond(bcoz of his attitude) and Harwinder the bad guy because it was evident that they dont share a healthy working relationship.
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rashmikhullar - Burrp User


September 11,2012

Amazing place, great ambiance................

This is one of the best places in GURGAON to find ROCKING music in full bloom. Here, crisp and succulent vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare blended with the finest Beer, cocktails and mocktails. Every evening is a celebration at On Toes. Amazing place, great ambiance................
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