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DonQuixote - Burrp User


March 03,2011

best mughlai food in town

“Fortune favours the brave” - The saying might seem out of place for a food review but it sure is apt here. Now let me explain this - If you manage to brave the crowded metro and the bustling chawri bazar/daryaganj melee, chances are you will be cursing yourself; Why did I bother to come so far for a meal (I came all the way from Noida !).But the questions will start answering themselves, the moment you start laying your hands on the food served. For starters try the simple fare - the ever popular tandoori chicken and you will notice a marked difference between this and what is serve elsewhere. The spices are subtle and the flavor is rich. Recommended dishes include murg-musallam and the lip smacking butter chicken. For those who like their gravy to be spicy the butter chicken might be a bit on the sweeter side but I sure like the way it is. The one thing which sets this place apart is the distinct taste of each of the dishes. Mughlai fare is the speciality of this place and you will be better off giving everything else a miss - the soups , the lassi or even the gajar ka halwa to name a few. Inside decor here reminds you of the 80's and is not among the strong points of the restaurant, which by the way IS good food alone! Go here for its distinct and everlasting taste and you will find yourself coming back for more...
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Sandeep Kohli - Burrp User

Sandeep Kohli

October 21,2010

Too Hyped

I read the HT city Food guide and they rated it the best mughlai food and what not.
I decided to check out the place yesterday, it was a good 1 hour ride from my place.
The ambience was pathetic and the food was crappy.
We ordered amritsari paneer tikka, which was half burnt and half cold and i don't know why was it amritsari paneer tikka and not just plain old tikka.
Then after that i ordered the revered butter chicken which was sweet and tasted like puree.
I also ordered chicken pulao, as they didn't have chicken biryani. The chicken in the biryani was boiled and smelled.
My veg friend ordered shahi panner which was sour and full of coconut.
We just asked them to bring the bill which was ok for around 1300, but we didn't order much so was a lot according to the order.
We got the rest packed and gave to some children in the street.
Oh yes then they got us signed some pre-filled forms for some other contest.
So now i know how they get their ratings.

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yourfriend1 - Burrp User


December 27,2008


The food here is quite nice.....and the best part is the consistency in the quality.....the food comes piping hot everytime, the dal makhni, shahi paneer, dum aloo, palak paneer, tandoori items, naans etc....all are very tasty....

but to spoil the good food, there are monkeys and cats roaming freely....though the management has kept the area covered with grills, these menaces still manage to peep.....so my advise.....eat in the indoor dining room.....

besides, the management is not taking keen interest in this gem of a restaurant (shame on that) and has not painted /renovated probably even once after Mr. KL Gujral passed away.....the indoor dining room looks shabby, with moisture laden walls, paint chipping away....the linen is probably as old as the restaurant itself.....

to summarize.....if you are a passionate about food (like me)....then a visit to this place is a must......otherwise, its not a place I would prefer to visit with family or friends for a relaxed evening !!!
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