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Rockclimber - Burrp User


August 25,2014


We were in saket mall and where disappointed to know our favorite coffee joint- Mocha had closed down, so hopped to next best option for shakes- Big Chill
Been a regular and love their pastas, shakes, desserts. There’s always a minimum wait of 20-25 minutes hence we share our number and roam around the mall.
The staff is always quite attentive. We ordered the shakes as usual they were amazingly thick and smooth. They perfect the shakes for us as per our taste and request. Love the beligian shake, oreo and coffee shakes along with the cakes.
Short stopover, nevertheless a pleasant one .
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Bhakti Makhija - Burrp User

Bhakti Makhija

November 08,2013

I miss the the big chill

I had been to Delhi for a months trip last year and had visited this place while shopping in ambiance mall! I was shocked to see that the waiting time for this place allotted to us was 1 hour 45 mins! And my family from Delhi actually agreed to wait that long. Initially i found it really pointless waiting for so long to eat there we could rather just go to any other! But then, we got in and ordered for white sauce pasta and lasagnes. I have to admit i fell in love with the food and the ambiance. The service was quick and i just cannot get over the food here!

I want to go back, or please cme to Mumbai Big chill :(
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Rohit Mittal - Burrp User

Rohit Mittal

August 01,2013


Big chill is a place that will never disappoint you. Located in dlf mall in saket, there is always waiting going on here for at least 20 mins. But the wait is worth.
You will be mesmerized with their food. I had tried their Belgian chocolate shake and banana walnet shake and trust me you will not such awesome shakes anywhere. Their garlic bread with cheese is to die for. I tried their peri peri pizza and it was divine. Their must try dish is their variety of pasta , they are out of he world. My meal doesn't end without ordering blueberry cheesecake. simply yummmm...
A must try for all foodies.
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Bhakti Makhija - Burrp User

Bhakti Makhija

July 15,2013


The big chill is the best best Italian Restaurant ever. It is very difficult to choose between the white and red sauce pasta. They both are so so delicious. Being a white sauce pasta lover, i couldnt resist the red sauce either. The lasagne's are yummy. The service is average but they cover it up with the food. This place is always crowded. One has to wait for an hour to get a table. The ambiance is beautiful. They have classic pictures and posters of Tarantino's and Hitchcock's movies. Pricing is average. Even if you find it a little expensive please make sure you try this place.
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Mohit Bhutani - Burrp User

Mohit Bhutani

March 06,2013

Thumbs Up

A perfect place to take your friends for a treat... It has got class... Amazing food... and price is moderate...
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aishsharma - Burrp User


February 26,2013


Big Chill use to be best for pasta in the city but i feel the taste has been declined.. as there is too much of competition.. pasta is available in every restaurants dse days and i feel Big Chill is just a brand in the market with high price.. many other premium restaurants are offering better taste pasta which will def. turn off to Big Chill..
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vanirestaurants - Burrp User


February 07,2013


When you hear The Big Chill Cafe what image and word comes to your mind.. well only image with name that is PASTA.. as they still serve the best pasta in delhi/ncr.

PASTA is the Signature for THE BIG CHILL CAFE.. and my fav8 place too.
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PinkiDahiya - Burrp User


February 04,2013

Losing its charm?

I don't know if it's just me or others feel it to....this is one chain that I used to frequent quite a bit for the longest I remember for their super efficient staff and good food...but off late I've noticed that it's become too loud, the attitude of the staff has changed to 'dont give a damn', the waiting has become crazy, irrespective of which location you go to, and the food....well, it seem to have deteriorated in quality quite a bit....my fav chicken in black pepper seemed stale and smelled, the hash brown was gooie and the green veggies on the side were anything but green....the only saving grace of my last experience here was the Mud Pie which still tastes as divine as it did years back...still considering it as a one of case of food, have chosen to rate this experience as average....I sure hope the owners take note of what's lacking and do something about it alongside their business expansion else they would have serious trouble on hand with no customers stepping in eventually!
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Ila  - Burrp User


January 01,2013

Good but expensive!!

The place is simply WOW... every time i go there I fall in love again with this place...
Good place to hang out with friends though on an expensive side...The pastas are amazing..My personal fav being 112 which i have had like trillion no of times still love it..The shakes are awesome thick and rich....The soups are good too...Pizzas are amazing..
You can order anything blindly at this place and You are going to love it....The ambience is casual with Movie posters on the wall gives a nice feel to this place....If you go to this place you should sit outdoors its amazing...hot food and chilled weather awesome combo..
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anikaraja - Burrp User


November 12,2012

Perfect place for everyone

Ever since it has opened, Big Chill has set standards. It's perceived as a bit expensive but considering food quality, portion size and condiments, it's value for money. They have never deviated from their main concept. Perhaps it'd be a good idea to start german and swiss items that will really be a craze
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Gourmet Guru - Burrp User

Gourmet Guru

August 03,2012

Super busy restaurant

Waited close to 90 mins to get a table, so was starving by the time we sat down.
First up, there was nothing authentic about the food, however, it was good. I ordered a penne with bacon and blue cheese. It was good. Banoffee pie for dessert was pretty good too.

The service was efficient. They managed to do things right in spite of being super busy.

For the size of portions and quality, in my view this is very reasonably priced restaurant.

In a nutshell:
Food: B+
Service: B+
Ambiance: B+
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Pranav Goyal - Burrp User

Pranav Goyal

April 29,2012


I've already reviewed Big Chill before for the Khan Market outlet, this one is for the phenomenal pasta I had today there. Its good that its located at the mall,and staying where after a movie, you save yourself like a virgin only to get in to this place. Personally I feel, the Khan Market and Kailash Colony outlets have much better ambiance but the taste remains classy.
Heard a lot about this 'Pasta with Vodka' dish of theirs and had gone in only for that and it was smooth,and creamy and huge and all sorts of sexy.
The Classic Greek Salad was superb too with its fresh veggies and feta and heavy on the dressing.
For dessert, I tried the highly acclaimed 'Squidgy Chocolate Cake' which to my liking wan't that squidgy and not that perfect;not that it isn't good.
More power to you guys :)
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Sahil Wadhwa - Burrp User

Sahil Wadhwa

December 20,2011

Big Thrill !

The big chill cafe is the place i most love to eat at. I love the ambience & the food. I do agree with all the other reviewers that we shouldnt have to ask for water everytime. But thats just the one

thing. I love the food and havent been disappointed ever. The piri-piri fish, the pesto chicken and spinach and mushroom lasagne are my favourites. I also find their missisippi mudcake out of this world. Actually almost all the desserts are great. The fact that it is almost always full is a testament to the quality of food they serve. I am a big fan !!
The prices are a little hard on the pocket..other than that it is great.
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Madhav Mishra - Burrp User

Madhav Mishra

December 20,2011

nothing wrong about it

i went here when i had movie to catch and had some time to spare on a friend's recommendation. and i still thank him for the EXPOSURE.on a very serious note, you must be wondering yourself why its so crowded all the time if you ve been living under some stone. but once you go and eat inside, its pure AWESOMENESS :) a nice place to grab a bite when you arent looking for something too sophisticated.

top of the pic : pasta and chocolate oreon delite
thank me later
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neha.chopra - Burrp User


June 20,2011

An Italian's Delight!!!

Big Chill is like Blissssssss.... The pastas, the pizzas, the shakes... They are like the best ever any Italian restaurant could make. For starters, there is always a waiting at this restaurant, so kindly book your tables half an before your taste buds are about to give up!
The Four Seasons Pizza is a heavenly delight for Chicken lovers and Belgian ChocoShake can make way into anybody's heart. The Lamb Chopsticks with Blue Cheese are mouth watering and cheese dropping Garlic Breads and too good while waiting for your pasta to arrive!!
The ambience is bright and lively , always encouraging you to eat.. The happy satisfied faces around you to try almost everything on the LARGE menu!!! Staff is friendly and service is fast even in peak rush hours!!!
Do not even try to end your meal without having Missisippi MudPie... Its like attaining Nirvana..specially for a chocolate lover.... Three Cheers to Big Chilll!!!
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Gita Baratam - Burrp User

Gita Baratam

March 04,2011


Very good Italian, must say I wasn't expecting it, but thoroughly enjoyed my Spaghetti in Pesto and more. Love the feel of the place as it's not a fine dining atmosphere, very casual and good food, informal and enjoyable. Loved it as much as The Pizzeria in Bombay. Opening in Bombay any time soon??? :)
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sumita.rajan - Burrp User


December 03,2010

One of my favs

okay i am this huge big chill fan. I think Big chill should issue me a loyalty card or start giving me discounts. Everytime a friend is in town, we end up going to big chill.

so lets go in order - (veg)

shakes - love their belgian choc shake, even the columbian mocha & banana choc walnut is decent.

starters - try their platters, the mezze platter can put you off because of the cheese

main course - piri piri pizzas are quite good, the lasagne in red sauce also good, the white sauce pasta can be a bit dry. Veg there is not much choice in terms of a meal, but non veg there are lots of options.

Desserts - Mississippi mud pie is overrated, the mint choc cake is good.

and on weekends - big chill is always full, they dont accept phone bookings, so you can go earlier - book a table, continue with your shopping & then EAT !
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Sakshi Kumar - Burrp User

Sakshi Kumar

November 16,2010

Simply Delicious !!

If you wanna eat authentic Italian cheesy food, This is the place to go. Omg..from panini to pasta to pizza, everything was made so gorgeously. Cheese melting from every nook and corner.
Lovely ambience and great crowd too.
A brunch for 3 cost us 1500, so you can make out the prices yourself.
In our defense, we ordered 6 items. :P
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