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March 22,2015

Nice musical gigs!

White Waters resembles a Greek home with its white Mediterranean feel and white décor all around. Although seemingly small it opens to many different mezzanine levels that make it a great party place. White waters, located in CP is a quaint café with great outdoors space is a great place to be with your family to catch up or friends to let your hair down.

Their menu is varied mix of all things tasty. Thai, Mediterranean, Indian all types of cushiness are available at the restaurant. Our first order was a couple of salads, the Classic Ceasar salad and a Roast Parmesan Salad.

The Caesar salad was a great mix of lettuce mixed with croutons, Parmesan, olive oil and a hint of garlic. The chicken was well seasoned and with the phenomenal dressing tasted great.

The roast parmesan chicken salad was a tad better than the Caesar’s. The difference between the two salads was that this had chopped sundried tomatoes in it along with a spicy basil sauce drizzled all over. An experimental item but the taste was very well balanced. It was hot, spicy, crunchy and rich at the same time, kudos to the chef for this creation.

Then came the dish of the night, Chili chicken. This dry dish will compliment all drinks beautifully; my recommendation will be a Smirnoff based cocktail. The chicken was spicy, sweet and sour at the same time. Importantly, it was still juicy and tender in the middle. A real delight this dish.

Our main was roast chicken champignon. For the uninitiated, a champignon sauce is a reduced mushroom sauce made in a bit of champagne and cognac. Fabulous from start to finish, this went down a treat. The mushroom sauce was aggressively seasoned with many herbs and spices. The potato mash was smooth and velvety and went well with our Smirnoff cocktails.

The final dish of the evening was a White Waters speciality called white waters chicken. It was very close to a butter chicken but the great thing was that the chicken was cooked in a tandoor and finished in tomato and butter gravy. I think this dish when paired with Kingfisher beers was a complete hit.
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WriterAyushi - Burrp User


November 13,2014

All White and So Nice!

While Connaught Place in Delhi is escalating with new lounges, pubs and restaurants, there is one new place that is well worth a visit.

White Waters is perfect for Corporate parties, get together with friends and couple dates. The serene ambience set in their rooftop area overlooking the CP Park and the flying-high Indian Flag swagging in the air is indeed a blissful experience.

For food, they aren't any different from the many Continental food in other places in this vicinity but their Cocktails and Mocktails are truly amazing.

Service is quick and music is up-to-date Electro and House.

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Mohit Gulyani - Burrp User

Mohit Gulyani

May 09,2014

Dark Horse amongst top restro bars

Situated in the inner circle, CP White water is a place where you can hang out both in a small group or just the two of you. It has very attractive White ambience on open top floor and nice dimly light closed first floor. I love the pictures of old CP hung on the walls while you enter. The most easily comparable one is the picture of the old Odeon cinemas and the one it has become now. The best seating inside the restaurant is the open air space especially on a starry night with a nice breeze. Their hookah is strong and great fun. Definitely recommended place
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cherry_18 - Burrp User


September 12,2013

Good ambience, okay food

Recently went here for a meal with my girlies.. It was my maiden visit to the place but had heard a lot about it. And I must say I was slightly dissappointed. We ordered veg platter, Lasagna, a pizza, pasta and some drinks. Lasagna and pizza were disappointing big time. Rest of the food was okay. Can't call it yum though. Will give a thumbs up for ambiance n music but food.. umm.. okish!
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Shweta Marwah - Burrp User

Shweta Marwah

June 28,2013

Good experience!

Heard about this place a lot from an office colleague and we decided to have lunch with our team there. We went at around 2:30 pm and the restaurant was quite full and there was no big table vacant to accommodate us. One of the waiter asked us to take a small table till the time another table is vacant for us. Meanwhile, we were admiring design and concept used for this restaurant with aqua theme and a huge waterfall behind the bar area. Just 5mins after that the waiter gave us a big table right opposite the bar area and next to the window. After long discussion on menu, we decided to order dry Manchurian, spring rolls & Honey chilli potato with soft drinks and mocktails. Each of the item on our table was well prepared. Our main course included veg pasta, lasagna and pizza. Again, all good to taste. However, the service was a bit slow which was intimated to the person serving on our table. Nevertheless, the overall experience was good for me.
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