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Siddharth Moghe - Burrp User

Siddharth Moghe

February 14,2014

A little bit of Faith is Restored in Hazzel

After being apologetically accused by one of the owners of Hazzel of not trying their specialties and giving up on them, I chose Valentines day to give it a shot.

The previous effort to try was met with a non-working kitchen hence this time I ensured everything was in order and landed at 12.45 on a Friday afternoon.

The place wasn't crowded at all with everyone doing their thing.

After going through their menu at length and trying to rack my brains to figure out how hungry i am vs the quantity of food served, I settled with the penne alforno ( veg ) .

It was later that I saw that Hazzel has introduced combos at some really cool pricing. The combo that i was interested in was the Lemonade + pasta + ice cream for 370/- odd Rs. A tad bit too late in trying to grab the offer, the bill was punched and i was told that i cant avail the offer with the current order.

The pasta was served hot. I didn't realize that the entire bowl was pushed into the oven as a result burnt my fingers.

The penne alforno is a cheese layered pasta with penne, capsicum and broccoli as the veggies. What i found missing/limited quantity was presence of other veggies and mushrooms absence. Because the capsicum was cooked from the start, it sort of over powers the dish - not that its bad, its just that you get capsicum everywhere. A little bit of Parmesan cheese ) in my opinion ) will level out the taste and make the sauce more cheesy and not just the top layer.

The quantity is sufficient for 1 person and will almost fill you up if you club this with some combo.

The next on the lot and on the house was the Chickoo devotion. I am used to eating the Chickoo ice cream from naturals and those who've had this at naturals will probably not feel anything else comes on par.

The chickoo devotion however is a decent try at that. The mixture of vanilla, does bring down the sweetness a little bit but the caramel fudge sort of complements is. I am not sure if i liked it or not but as time progressed, the almonds and the ice cream as a whole grew on me. Its not overly chickoo'ey not is it too sweet. I think the portions are just about right, its only the choice of the fruit that will elevate or deflate the creation.

I should have paid 370 for the 2 dishes, but later realized the chickoo devotion was on the house :)

Over all it was a decent outing and a little bit of faith has been restored in Hazzel !
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Nikhil Malhotra - Burrp User

Nikhil Malhotra

October 12,2013

Average Place, Didn't Like The Thick Smoothie

My wife and I went to Hazzel one evening few weeks back to satisfy our craving for something sweet. This was our first visit to the place. We had seen it from outside many times but never went inside. As we entered the place, it looked kind of empty. There was one more table occupied. We were not sure how this place will be. So I checked the ratings and we thought it was the right choice.

As we sat down, we were promptly handed over the menu. After discussions, we decided to order one thick chocolate shake (black forest I think it was) and a plate of samosa. Our order took few minutes to come as we watched TV on one of the walls. The overall ambience was pretty decent.

The thick chocolate shake was pretty disappointing. It was not thick by any imagination. So we were a bit disappointed. Also, the price did not justify the quality of what we got. I will definitely avoid it the next time. Coming to samosas, they were warmed but tasted stale. The filling wasn't good either. Will not order that again as well.

Ambience - 3.5/5
Food/drinks: 2/5
Service: 3.5/5
Value for money: 2.5/5
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Siddharth Moghe - Burrp User

Siddharth Moghe

September 23,2013

Average food , below average service.

Having read vishnus review i began imagining a tlc'esq experience where ice creams will be made from liquid right in front of our eyes.

When i stepped i was surprised to see a huge place and it was completely occupied but every 5 minutes tables kept changing people.

My expectations started to fall the moment i saw those two cream stone like blades and there was no sign of nitrogen anywhere.

I began looking at the menu on the wall. My wife aettled for nutty caramel fudge and i made my own creation and a birthday cake sundae.

Well that was the order decision making process but the execution was a long way off. I was redirected from 3 ppl making me stand there for 15 minutes because i dint have a seat and the cashier refused to take my order unless through a server. While the place was full, i could hear a checkout at least 10 times which showed someone was always leaving and someone was always coming.

Not one of these guys who came up to the cashier wanted to make me sit somewhere or ask what i wanted nor did the cashier take any interest in this . finally the bespectacled guy making the ice cream took pity on me and made my order.

If u have a server and a cashier and if u dont take direct orders from the customer i can expect some amount of cognizance from the establishment to seat the customer first and later take the order but nothing of that sort happened.

Coming to the ice cream i was not wowed by any of the 3 that i ate. The best of the lot may be the nutty caramel.

The cake wasn't great which probably spoilt the sundae and the bluberry addon was overpowering the litchee kiwi and chocolate chips..

One thing is for sure this seems to be a popular place to kill time because a lot of ppl were seen just occupying tables long after their ice cream was finished. This is ok when the place is not full but when it is it should have been the establishments prerogative to see that everyone who comes in is seated as fast as possible.

The regulars here might want to shoot down my review but my bench mark has always been on how the service is when the restaurant has its hands full because even when the restaurant is empty and service is such its a total washout on my plate...

Food wise there is a lot to improve on the base flavor of french vanilla because the essence or input proportions looked skewed to me. I have made vanilla ice cream at home with natural vanilla and i know it tastes...this was probably slightly diluted batch

Service needs a lot more 360 degrees looking at or the manager to take charge...maybe a vishnu like experience might change my opinion but that doesn't look like a regular affair here....will have to give it another shot once this bad after taste goes away
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coolsandeee - Burrp User


August 20,2013

Slurrp slurrp ....Ice creams

There are quite a few ice cream parlors and cake shops in Hyderabad. And this is one of those which serve exotic cakes/pastries and ice creams. Like hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream, truffle cake etc. Almost all the items in the menu are worth try and I am sure one would up with more than one favorite items here. Ofcourse, this whole deliciousness comes with a price and is sure to burn a hole in one's pocket.

If one is looking to throw a lavish cake cutting party or if one wants to treat themselves lavishly with exotic cakes, then, yes this is the place. You are sure to get whatever you pay for. Apart from the food, the ambiance is good too and the seating arrangement too is quite appealing. Definitely worth a try when one is in a mood to spend exorbitantly.
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Sai Rajeswari R - Burrp User

Sai Rajeswari R

July 19,2013

nice place to taste ice cream

The place is beautiful
the surrounding environment too
Hot apple Pie with vanilla ice-cream
Amazonian Fruit and nut was tasty
there is LCDs at work and the cafe is Wi-Fi enabled
after seeing sizzler in Ice Creams, I Tried it out. A chocolate fudge topped with Vanilla ice cream in a warm boiling bubbles of Chocolate syrup.
Chocolate Truffle Sundae:
combination of warm dutch truffle pastry with rich chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles and chocolate sauce. awesome in taste.
Totapari Chilly mango : ( Hyd famous in totapuri) e chilli mashed with mango icecream along with cut mangoes yummy
reasonable cost.
coffee is also nice . my mom tried it.its tastes good with perfect mix.price i think its about 65.reasonable one.
price is little bit high.but there is Quality & Quantity too. Thats enough for customers like us
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nagsy - Burrp User


June 07,2013

The Best Ice Creamss

The place serves delicious and mouth watering desserts.
Really yummy ice cream is served here and a large variety also to choose from.
The staff is really friendly.
The ice cream parlor is easily accessible as it is at IT HUB.
The ambiance is great and also really neat and tidy place.
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sanjeeburrp - Burrp User


May 23,2013

Awesome Innovation of Ice Cream

If you are ice cream lovers, you will fall in love with this place. I been to this place 4 times with in 1 month and this is my 5th visit. This visit was special for me and forced me to write a review. First visit was for coffee and snacks , I have not tried Ice Cream. After that I visit this outlet with my friends to hangout . That was the first time I tried Ice cream in Hazzel and taste is superb. MUCH MUCH BETTER THAN CREAM STONE.

Last visit to Hazzel:- They are running an event called " MANGO TANGO " and innovate some exciting new flavors of ice cream which I never ever seen in other out let. we ordered TOTAPARI CHILLI MANGO and HIMAYAT MANGO BLAST. Both were fantastic in taste and quantity wise. TOTAPARI CHILLI MANGO is spicy and Yummy. The best this is the price , It is very reasonable. Ice cream lovers must try in Hazzel Ice Cream Cafe in Gachibowli.

Thanks to the Team :) :) :)
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ilovefood7 - Burrp User


May 15,2013

The Best Ice Creams I had!

So yeah, I love ice cream. Its my dirty little secret. I try to pretend that I eat healthy but I do give into my ice cream desires very often.
Im a huge fan of Hazzel Ice Cream Cafe. Why? For starters, I really like the topping selections. They offer plenty of choices so when I come back I can try something new. My personal favorite is Bubble Gum with white chocolate chips. Grrr, I love it.
My second reason, the service. They have always been really friendly to me and seem to enjoy what they do which is rare. Its nice to see people smiling when I walk in the door because its a good atmosphere.
Finally, the ice cream, yum. So many flavors to choose from and its so so damn good!
I would suggest you to try their Mango Ice Cream, I'm not kidding, I'd probably trade any other food item for the mango at hazzel. It is awesomeness. It is so awesome that I drive down 10 kms every weekend, just to eat the Mango Ice Cream.
The cafe has a very distinctive ambiance and is very cool! I like their nice comfortable seating. And the store is huge! I love it! Been there about 10 times now? yeah, atleast 10 times. I'm probably addicted now ;-)
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Ashwini Gadiyar - Burrp User

Ashwini Gadiyar

April 01,2013


Trooped in at Hazzel today for dessert. First impression is clean, airy and inviting. Loved the furniture. Not fancy, but very comfortable. Just perfect to sit around and chill.

The variety in ice creams is good. Tasted the white chocolate, cookies and cream and happy birthday flavours. Settled for a double scoop of cookies n cream and birthday cake. Birthday cake is especially good. Its creamy vanilla with colourful sprinkles and sponge cake chunks.

The bubble gum, tangy orange and mint flavours looked alluring too. That's on my list next.

The thick shakes and sundaes look promising as well.

A must try for ice cream lovers.
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Sankalp Thee Foodie - Burrp User

Sankalp Thee Foodie

March 31,2013

Beat the heat @ Hazzel...... !

When everyone is sweating in the hot temperatures of Hyderabad, it was raining Desserts at Hazzel Ice Cream Cafe for Hyderabad Foodies.

It was a fantastic, overwhelming, delicious, fabulous and mouth-watering desserts at Hazzel Ice Cream Cafe. It was an evening to remember for Hyderabad foodies. The place is nicely tucked in the IT Hub of Hyderabad and very much on the main road. Even before the foodies arrived the place was decently filled up.

Firstly I thank all the foodies who made it today, Mr.Sunil Reddy & Mr. Vinay for organising such an extraordinary event. Everyone enjoyed the various desserts and above all firsthand experience of making one's own flavored ice cream on the "Coldstone".

It was a privilege for me to try out my own recipe as well on the coldstone, which was Milk Chocolate with Blueberries, strawberries & fresh red cherries. To everyone surprise it came out very yummy. Like me every foodie got their chance to try out their own flavors, it was so exciting and trust me, the kid in every foodie came out. It was an awesome experience to watch every foodie becoming kids.

I would like to elucidate each dessert I had on the menu;

1. Birthday Cake Ice cream - this is one of their signature ice creams made out of ice cream and crushed sponge cake. It really tasted yummy.
2. Bubble gum Ice cream - this is a bazooka in the mouth and out of imagination. One has to feel the flavor. I strongly recommend this to everyone who visits this place. You feel you are really having a bubble gum.
3. Alphonso (Mango) Ice cream - actually you can feel the delicate taste of Alphonso in every spoon of it.
4. Mint my day - it is a mint flavor ice cream totally superb.
5. White milk chocolate - this for those who like milk chocolate, done to perfection.
6. Malted vanilla Peanuts - this a very unique ice cream made with peanuts sauce on vanilla ice cream topped with roasted peanuts. It is one of the most amazing ice cream I had in a very long time. Though I am not a big fan of peanut sauce.
7. Orange ice cream - this has a very faint flavor of orange, to me the flavor is on the lighter side, I would have preferred more orange in to it.
8. Mango Milk Shake - this is truly a delight.
9 .Lemon & Chilly - I don't know how many of you can try this but if you want to try something spicy this is the one which you could have ever imagined. I love this drink for its unique taste and chilliness.

There were some ice creams which fellow foodies have crafted, let me give a glimpse of few of them;

1. Mint and Bubble gum - this was the creation of Harshit and what came out was "Centerfresh" an amazing tasty minty flavored bubble gum ice cream.
2. All chocolate with Choco chips, Chocolate syrup, Oreo biscuits & Chocolate fillings - this was the idea of Numan, and let me tell you foodies this is out of the world flavor for all those chocolate lovers.
3. Milk Chocolate with Blueberries, strawberries & fresh red cherries - this was my creation of eternal delicacy. It vanished in a jiffy.

After a very long time, I had to seen so much excitement in the eyes of every foodie. The ice creams were awesome, wonderful and amazing, coupled with very friendly staff and lovely ambiance made an evening to remember for a very long time. .

The tables and chairs are stainless and perfectly arranged. Wash rooms are neat and hygienic. Parking is currently an issue due to MCH working on the park space.

I am glad about the whole concept of Foodies day out at Hazzel Ice cream cafe and working on the coldstone. This is the first time to my knowledge a customer is given a chance to make his own flavor on a coldstone all by himself/herself.

Overall I am very pleased with ice creams, ambiance and kindness of the entire staff; I for one would advise every foodie to give a shot at this place to quench their thirst for unique and diverse kind of ice creams.

Ambiance 5/5
Food Quantity 4.5/5
Food Quality 5/5
Pricing 4.5/5
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