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5 Cool Cafes That Double Up As Co-working Spaces Too!

Tanvi Juwale April 03, 2017





For the past couple of years, co-working spaces have been mushrooming rapidly around the city. With the advent of startups and people who share an idea of a rather unconventional office setup, here’s a list of the cool co-working cafes in the city that provide you with all the official need and serve some delicious food too!

Razzberry Rhinoceros, Juhu
Now we know that Razzberry Rhinoceros is essentially a place for some breathy-taking views and parties, but the new avatar has something for everyone. The Bistro section of Razz is designed to be a co-working space during the day. It comes with fully stocked coffee and wine bar, Wi-Fi connection and a menu replete with delicious eats. Stunning view is just an added bonus!
Todi Mills Social, Lower Parel

Todi Mills Social, Lower Parel

We’ve all been to almost all of the Social outlets, especially the one in Todi Mills. Wouldn’t it be great if you could work here too? Well, once you apply for the membership, you can use this space to work here between 9am to 6 pm on weekdays and avail a great discount on the food and beverages.
Kala Ghoda Café, Kala Ghoda
Even wondered what it’d be like to work from, in the middle of the art district of Mumbai? Kala Ghoda Café is located in the narrow by lanes of Kala Ghoda.  A cosy little place with great Wi-Fi connection and plenty hearty and healthy eats is a great recipe for a good day at work, we think.
The Bagel Shop, Bandra
The Bagel Shop

The Bagel Shop

If you require some calm from the chaotic city that Mumbai can be; head to The Bagel Shop in Bandra and spend a day sitting in the cozy Goan bungalow in the cane chairs. Spread over three seating areas, you can also get your pet here and watch them whilst you work. Yummy bagels, furry company and a languid setting, what more could one ask for?
Prithvi Café, Juhu

Prithvi Cafe, Juhu

We’re not saying that Prithvi Café is a co-working place but you could sit here and work as long as you carry your Wi-Fi hotspot along. Placed right under a thatched roof shade, this lovely café shared the building with the iconic Prithvi Theatre. Even if they don’t have Wi-Fi to offer you, we guarantee that you’d love spending a day here.  Gorge onto some yummy Kheema Pav or creamy pasta and chug down some Suleimani Chai while you’re here.

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