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Razzberry Rhinoceros Is Finally Open And We Love The New Avatar

Tanvi Juwale March 22, 2017





Last year whilst we were heartbroken that Blue Frog closed its doors, news of Razzberry Rhinoceros making a comeback did the rounds. This year finally, after a whole long decade the erstwhile ‘band launchpad’, has opened its doors to the city!

We walked through the promenade and started by taking a short but lovely tour of the place. Spread over patio, deck, bistro, bar and an exclusive member’s-only area this lovely restaurants seems to have something for everyone.
Spacious deck at Razzberry Rhinoceros

Spacious deck at Razzberry Rhinoceros

The deck has a wooden flooring, faux cane furniture and statuesque cabanas draped in white. The Razz Bar flaunts a new age decor done up in charcoal black and lights that we loved! In the loft just above Razz Bar, is an exclusive member’s only area that overlooks the Arabian Sea. Done up in colonial style and in shades of light teal, brown and black, it has a very British post-dinner-Brandy-and-Cigar-room vibe. While going back to the deck, Nitin Tiwari, Director Razzberry Rhinoceros showed some photos at the stairway and said, “This place retains its former structure, nothing has changed since 1959”. He also added, “While reinventing this place, we imagined what it would be like if it wasn’t shut down and made it exactly like that” says Nitin Tiwari.
Razzberry Rhinocores

Razzberry Rhinoceros

After the tour, we settled on the deck, because who can resist the stunning view and the salty sea breeze? We started our culinary sojourn here with Sweet Lime & Sage cocktail from the ‘Root to Fruit’. Any dish on this menu uses fresh ingredients from the roots to the fruits and hence the name. Beetroot Wasabi Hummus was a lovely start to our meal here. The supple hummus had the much needed (but less experimented) wasabi in it. We were also served Kasundi Prawns which was another delight. Split in the centre, crunchy prawns were mildly spiced and robust.
Chunky Tomato Soup and Green Peas Shorba were next.

Chunky Tomato Soup

The ensemble of this soup was complete with the Lima beans and a slice of toasted bread. What we loved about the tomato soup was the dramatic contrast of the bright red and the shiny white bowl. Tangy, fiery and red the soup was served with toasted bread slathered with a robust aglio olio paste. The Green Pea Shorba was a comforting concoction, even on a sunny day.
As the sun perched over our heads and the mercury rose, we moved to the Bistro. Now, this part of Razz is designed to be a co-working space with Wi-Fi and a dedicated coffee and wine bar. The monochrome decor, goes in sync with the vibe and the paintings that add just the much needed spunk.
Lamb Seekh Kebab

Lamb Seekh Kebab

Our appetisers were Butter Fried Chicken, Lamb Seekh Kebab and Veg Galouti. The chicken was cooked just right in a creamy marinade. It came with a liberal garnishing of crunchy fried curry leaves. The Galouti kebabs melted in my mouth just as they were supposed to. We loved the presentation of the Lamb Seekh Kebabs that came in a pressing iron. It was lusciously tender minced meat in a beautiful spice with a smoky taste adding to the flavours.
We were also served Raaz Sour along with Rhino Daiquiri, their take on the standard cocktails. We loved how they had infused the spirit with fruity raspberry whilst retaining its distinct flavour. Over the cocktails we conversed with Nitin and Nirveen. “We’re also introducing a student menu. Very soon we’ll also have Zumba and Yoga sessions on the lawns” says Nitin, “it used to be a launch pad for bands but it’ll have something for everyone now”.
Pork Curry with Apple Couscous

Pork Curry with Apple Couscous

Next came Mixed Vegetable Tagine with couscous and Pork Curry with Apple Couscous. We loved the well cooked vegetables in a dense gravy. Pork curry, on the other hand was packed with intense flavours. Juicy chunks of pork shoulder are brined overnight in a secret spice mix. We loved the dense curry, but the pork was slightly chewy. It reminded us of the spicy Goan Pork Vindaloo. We also tried their Kucchi Yahkni Biryani, an ensemble of long grained aromatic basmati rice, delicately flavoured meat and condiments.
Kucchi Yahkni Biryani

Kucchi Yahkni Biryani

Our favourite cocktail on the menu was the Cold Brew Old Fashion. A lovely refreshing melange of flavours where the coffee, smoky whiskey and zesty orange together complemented the strong smooth flavours whilst retaining their individual intrinsic flavours.
Mango Expressions and Pink Peppercorn Mousse

Mango Expressions and Pink Peppercorn Mousse

Our dessert was Mango Expressions and Pink Peppercorn Mousse. Now, we expected Kulfi on a stick but when it was served, we were quite surprised. Cubes of raw mango kulfi with pieces of raw mango broke the monotony of supple consistency of the kulfi. This was served to us with juicy cubes of mango, mango puree and rolled up aam papad. As rightly put by the chef, we explored all the textures and flavour of the king of the fruits. The Pink Peppercorn Mousse was served with passion fruit curd and chocolate soil. It was another excellent dessert that played dramatically with textures, shapes and our palate.
We took a walk along the deck and the lawn, taking in the stunning view, the profound beauty of the beaches, the endless sea and the horizon that had just flaunted streaks of amber as the sun set. ‘We’re happy that Razz is back to the Mumbai scene. It’s come a long way from serving just daal khichdi and sandwiches to an exhaustive curated menu spanning over five seating areas. Razz’s history and iconic status is known to most of us, but we also, dig the new avatar. It really has something for everyone.
Picture Credits: Cryselle D'souza

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