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Maharaja_23 - Burrp User


August 02,2013

Weekend Buffet

Really yummy buffet spread at a very affordable price (only 575+taxes per head). Enjoyed our weekend lunch very much. Would love to be back this weekend again.
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amtamim01 - Burrp User


July 05,2013

Just Wow

Food is my weakness and to my good luck we have this lovey place in Kolkata. Needless to say that food is very very good and I just love it. The ambience is WOW. Staff is courteous and its one of my favourite places in the city.
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foodiedeep - Burrp User


June 28,2013

Thai Express

Well at first I have to say Thai food is an acquired taste. To enjoy good Thai food you have to know what you are ordering. Benjarong is one of Kolkata's best stand alone Thai restaurant. With very classy oriental ambience, courteous staff and most importantly delicious food this is my favourite Thai joint. Though a bit expensive, but in the end its leaves you satisfied. The Pu Nim Tod Namprik Pow a crab based appetizer, Gai Yang with papaya salad poh pia je a vegetarian spring roll are appetizers to die for. The Phad Keemao woonsen, tohu samros, Phad manow khing Gai, Phad pong Kari talay are highly recommended. The restaurant has good vegetarian spread too which is highly appreciated by my friends. In a nutshell, its a high end restaurant where if you order according to your taste you would surely be a happy man.
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Sammya Brata - Burrp User

Sammya Brata

May 24,2013

Awesomeness Redefined!

Well well, this could perhaps be my 5th Visit to this powerhouse of extravagant Thai dishes but I never feel allergic to it! People have pitched in with random comments like - Its too expensive; the quantity they serve is NOT good enough; I would like to pitch in with a one liner -"it is magnetic"! If you love to GORGE upon some real delightful dishes, THIS is your ultimate destination. People are skeptical of the quality of fish they serve, I have seen them excel in every aspect. Sea FOOD man...super awesome; and once you'r in the flow, the bucks seem to be too less an entity to quantify!
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Harsh Srivastava - Burrp User

Harsh Srivastava

May 22,2012

Customer Service Sucks!!

this place doesn't even deserve 1/2 a star. They have this thing on their Menu that for Rs448 1-person gets a 5-course meal. We were 2 of us and my friend ordered this 5-course meal..and I myself got another entree.

While we waited for our order, 3 different waiters at 3 different times came and repeatedly said,"Sir you cannot share the entree.."

Even though I wan't going to do that (which is irrelevant here), and hadn't asked for their 'expert advice'..they were rude with the way they said it..and made it seem like I was back in boarding school..and they'd tell us exactly WHAT to eat, HOW much to eat..what water to drink..and even how much air to breathe.

I've traveled to 12 countries thus far, and lived in the US and India for 5years and 18years respectively..and I tell you, NO WHERE in the world do they treat you like you're a worthless piece of crap.

The establishment might've had their share of problems before with other customers coming and taking advantage of this deal..BUT THAT AIN'T MY PROBLEM. And to be told by the Manager,"Sir, if your friend can't finish her meal, we'll pack her food. But you can't eat it here.." (even if I was hungry after I finished my entree, this Bloke would decide if I can eat out of my girlfriend's plate or not..)

Basically, I could pack my girlfriend's food, and eat it right outside at the door of the restaurant..but not sitting INSIDE. Save yourself some grace and let the customer decide how much he can eat from what he has ordered..its almost like saying if you're 5people, then you can't eat out of a bowl of noodles and chilli chicken.
Will the OWNER of this place please address this issue in a way where customer's aren't harassed and 24year old grown Men aren't treated like they're living in their foster parent's homes..
To the Owner:
Get in touch with me at srivastava.hrsh2@gmail.com, man. We gotta talk.
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Shaun Mukherjee - Burrp User

Shaun Mukherjee

May 07,2012

Very nice, but a few things to say

I went to this restro with my mum nd grandma having been highly recommended about this, and I was not disappointed. Excellent ambience, very good food, service exceptional - we ordered the Pre-Set Lunch and it ws delectable, mainly the fish curry and the starters. HOWEVER, the portions of some items were really small, for such a price. The bill was a hefty one, still we weren;t complaining. But that small-portions-thing really cut the mood of what should have been an A++ experience.
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Rahul Arora - Burrp User

Rahul Arora

August 30,2011


Went to this restaurant out of the blue...
Being very fond of thai food i am always very skeptical to try it at most places. Kolkata as a city serves very bad thai food.

But This place took that notion out of my head. The food was brilliant. Especially The Chicken with Hot basil. simple, delicate and aromatic.

The thai curries in the place are brilliant and delicately balanced.

I wud tar it 9 out of 10 .....

Nice people , fabulous decor and tasty food....

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johndoe - Burrp User


December 28,2010

Good food, but...

1. Starter portions were very small, especially the spring rolls which were of the size of cigarrettes.
2. We were unlucky to have a very discourteous waiter. He would rush us up coming up to take the order after every 30 seconds even when we requested for a couple of mins to decide. He would jump to clear the plates even some of us were still eating. The one thing he did not seem to be in a hurry in was to refill our glasses with water -- we had to finally request him (twice) to fill them up.

Had it not been for that one waiter, I would be writing a much more positive sounding review coz the food was quite tasty and authentically Thai in taste. Go there if you are in a mood for Thai food and can spend a little more than usual. And pray you don't get the same waiter.
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Poulami Mukherjee - Burrp User

Poulami Mukherjee

August 28,2010

Best Thai in Town

Eating here is a fantastic experience every time. The staff is friendly, the ambiance peaceful & private for each table & the food is out of this world.
The starter of chicken wrapped in pandanus leaves is a must have. But if you want variety try the mixed platter for starters which has seafood starters & the chicken. For main course seafood is the way to go. Ask the staff for their recommendations, those are usually worth trying.
Disappointment though lies with the desert section. If you do not like coconuts, there isn't much to go for, but if you do, then the ice cream filled coconut balls are worth a try.
Going by the quality of food it is not very expensive & portions are quite large. A meal for two people will cost approximately 1000Rs, minus alcohol of course.
Undoubtedly the best restaurant in the South City complex & best thai in town.
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Abhisek Biswas - Burrp User

Abhisek Biswas

December 17,2009

Tasty Thai food

I recently visited this place for the 1st time with one of my friends. The foods were really tasty and authentic too. As heard before they served the paan like apetizer which was too good. We had 2 Mohitos as drniks with Fried Chicken Wings. Then we took steamed rice with chicken red curry and crispy lamb(which came out to be too dry to eat with rice). Every item was tasty although the bill became a heavy one - Rs. 1660/- for 2. The service is very good. The waiter seemed to be very courtious and well verse of the menu. The chef himself came out and talked with us and took feedback about food. The ambiance is nice too.
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Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri - Burrp User

Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri

December 14,2009

South East Asian food in South City Mall

I had visited Benjarong last year. This time we had gone for a second visit on a winter afternoon. We chose to try out the set meal which was Rs 350 per head including tax.

The meal started with a pan-like Thai appetizer, where you add ginger, roasted coconuts, nuts, chillies, jaggery etc to a piece of pan-like leaf and eat it. It seems to represent all tastes of thai food and definitely was something different.

The soup served was a spicy version of Tom Yum with prawns, bamboo shoots, baby corn etc. Good for a wintery afternoon. Then spicy chicken baked in banana leaf (styled like our paturi) was served. It really tasted great. The main course had Thai fish, chicken red curry and chicken green curry served with steamed rice. All were authentic and tasty. There are choices available for the main course - so my advise is that if you are there in a group, you can ask for a plate of each type and sample them.

Dessert had caramel custard and a sweet in coconut milk. I do not have much of a sweet tooth so my wife had both the dishes and especially liked the former.

I feel it is a must visit restaurant in Kolkata
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panushwari - Burrp User


November 25,2009

The Taste of Thai...

I decided to check out Benjarong, because I have heard plenty about it. The first thing I noticed was the colonial setting, and we were greeted with Orchid and Hot towels to wipe down our faces. the free starter came as we waited.. perfect little betel leaves served with a sweet plum sauce and an assortment of condiments, which we could pick and choose and make our own little morsel of happiness.

the starter, chicken wrapped in Pandanus leaves was served with a tart sauce, and sweet sauce. I had the chicken salad with basil and mint, and the paad thai noodles was brilliantly moist and hinted of lemon leaves, liberally sprinkled with seafood.
the chef came down and we had a lovely chat, and the final ingredient of the menu... warm lemongrass tea finished off the dinner perfectly.

just wonderful service, and great background music.
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Ritwick Sanyal - Burrp User

Ritwick Sanyal

November 23,2009

This is the place for Thai food

There are many Thai joint in the city and having eaten in quite a few I think this is one of the best in the city. Price wise its bit on the higher side and a meal for two would cost one around Rs 1000-1200.
But the food is just awesome. They give you a free starter which is like a paan. You have to put onion, groundnut, ginger, coconut, chilli, lemon, dried shrimp and jagary (gur) in spinach leaf and eat it. The moment you bite, you would be hit be an array of taste which is just mindblowing. I have never had this in any of the restaurants in the city. Rest of the food is as good as an Thai dish can be. I had come here when the restaurant opened one -one and half year back. The food since then has been tempered down a bit to suit the Indian taste. The pungent taste has been reduced and the result is dishes which will leave you wanting for more.

Service is prompt and good. Interior decor is subtle and creates a beautiful ambience. Overall the experience has been wonderful.
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Chanchal Jalan - Burrp User

Chanchal Jalan

August 21,2009

Naah not at all Gud'

I din't lyk the food at all !! May b ti's joint is not 4 indians who prefer a lil' spicy food....when u enter the restaurant...they'll welcome u in a very pleasant manner...vth orchid everywhere...givin tht thai ambience.....!!!!m sure not every one will lyk tis place!!!!!
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Ritwick Sanyal - Burrp User

Ritwick Sanyal

July 30,2009

Good thai joint

This place serves good Thai food. The taste is nearer to the authetic Thai dishes served in South East Asian Countries. This place has a wide variety of choice. The names may sound complex at first and if you are confused ask the captain. She will describe you and even recommend you.Service and ambiance is good. But the food may not suit everyone's palate.
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Gopa Sen - Burrp User

Gopa Sen

June 09,2009

Delicious Thai food

Menu contains much more than the commonplace yellow curry or green curry types. Exotic items served with care. All efforts are in place to give every diner that special feeling of being looked after. Expensive, like all good things in life.
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anjan ghosh - Burrp User

anjan ghosh

April 02,2009

Authentic Thai Food

Nice ambience,Very good thai food, bit expensive.Good friendly staff. TASTED NEW DISH------FRIED ICECREAM
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