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sandip Gupta - Burrp User

sandip Gupta

April 30,2015

Happy eating. :)

This is one of the prettiest buffet outlets in Kolkata. Undoubtedly. Located in the 3rd floor of the South City Mall, adjacent to Mainland China, this place is a pioneer when it comes to exquisite kebabs. This is a big eatery and can accommodate large crowd . The lights, the decor, the jars of spices(which is a part of the decor only), the staff-everything about this place is amazing. They place a charcoal grill in your table to keep your kebabs hot. And the starters they serve? Grilled prawns, varieties of chicken kebabs, grilled basa, mutton seekh kebab...the list is endless. The main course also contains loads of choices for its guests including biriyani, chicken delicacies and what not! Well the choices in desserts are limited. And I would request the management to include more of desserts. This is an expensive eatery so eat your heart out when they serve as they serve you unlimited starters and you also get to eat the main course as well as dessert items as much as you want. ;) Give this place a sure shot the next time you are at South City.
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Adriana Eternity Hazra - Burrp User

Adriana Eternity Hazra

September 03,2013


The kebab grills on the tables are the main attraction at this place. And the kebabs they serve are pretty good too. But the main course is buffet only, which would be fine if the food were good. But the food is quite sub standard. There is also no decent option for vegetarians in the buffet. There is for kebabs, though. The ambiance is nice and so is the service. If they improved the food in the main course a little, then the prices would also be completely worth it.
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Sumit Tibrewal - Burrp User

Sumit Tibrewal

May 24,2013

Go For The Ambiance

The kebabs are okay as I am a veggie and not a big fan of kebabs. The potato kebabs were delicious and i repeated it quite a number of times. The paneer kebabs are also well enough. The main buffet after the kebab snacks doesn't get the deserved attention probably because people fill up their stomach with the appetizers only. The ambiance is good and good means one can take his crush and propose. The restaurant charges 'service charge' along with service tax which should be abolished, I believe.
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foodie614 - Burrp User


May 24,2013

Not worth it !

Had a buffet once in Flame and Grill South City. Have to say the food is not upto the standards at all. The ambience is good but at this price I would rather go eat at Barbeque Nation !
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tanmoy1911 - Burrp User


September 15,2012

Quality is going down

I vistied this restaurants few times, in fact every time I come back to India(Kolkata). Frankly I never been able to book a table through the phone number given in the website, although everytime I visit two guys at the reception just outside the main door says ¨Sir, you can book through phone¨.
As far as food is concerned the starters(Kebabs) are good but I guess that is the only attraction left these days. The main course are very ordinary but desserts are really disappointing these days. On a similar price The Barbeque Nation at Salt Lake Sector V is much much better and I even mentioned in the feedback card with my email id. However I did not get any reply so I feel those are dumped to waste bin.

The staffs are cordial and attentive on the weekdays but on weekends it is bit sluggish for obvious reason.

The only good part is ambience and as in Kolkata you get very few places to really sit with your family this can probably be tried
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Sammya Brata - Burrp User

Sammya Brata

August 28,2012


Being a purely buffet kind restaurant , it offers one with a wide spread of items. But it is always preferable to have the unlimited kebab platter which consists of real good ones.the prawn kebabs are just an ecstacy.The main course buffet is a little hefty one with often very common dishes and not much variation is found in the desert section too.Highly expensive so it is time for them to come up with few new items in the kebab section also.crabs are not available on a daily basis.ambiance is nice,
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kusal2011 - Burrp User


December 27,2010

What a wasteful service

I would like to bring to your attention my experience of visiting your resteaurant yesterday. Yesterday morning I rang you on
2320 2452 (the contact no, that I obtained from your website) aroung 11 am in order to book a table for 5 in the evening. I spoke to a gentleman who called himself Xyvet or yoseph (or similar but, all that I remeber was that it was a very unusual name). He informed me that as it was a booking for less than 10 people he could not take a booking, and he added that the price for the buffet was around 400 including tax. However, in the evening once we started eating just out of curiosity I spoke to Mr Gupta and his colleagues re: the price who informed me it was 575 + tax. I was surprised by this as it was in contrary to the information that was provided to me over the phone. Mr Gupta stated that he was not aware of any person of the above or similar name. Hence I requested him to provide me the contact details of your head office so that I could inform you about the incident in order to help you to improve your service. However, he never returned and I had to speak to another member of staff for the information. Based on this experience I would never return to any of you group hotels in the future. I think if you continue to provide incorrect information you are only going to loose customers. Having lived in UK for the past 10 years I can assure you that any business over there would have ceased trading by now if they were doing the same.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Guest

At the onset I would like to apologize to you for the inconvenience caused to you. Please do believe that we always try to give the best in food and service to our guests.

Kindly share your number with me at bhavana@speciality.co.in so that we can contact you to know more about your visit. Please consider the request as it will help us improve.


Poulami Mukherjee - Burrp User

Poulami Mukherjee

August 28,2010

Feels like a bazaar, costs a bomb

First thing you notice about this place when you walk in for dinner on a Sunday evening, is that is is horribly crowded. Tables have even been placed in the small lobby up front which was previously used as a waiting area for guests in queue for a table. If you manage to get a table, you will have people nearly breathing down your neck & will probably lose your voice from shouting to talk to someone sitting next to you.
There is no ala carte menu for lunch, & the buffet is your only hope. The kebabs are good on most days but the rest is all downhill from there. The biriyani we had was tasteless & smelled of oil. There is not much on offer either. Then you have to literally fight to get to the buffet counters. There was a lot of shouting & swearing going on amongst people lining up about whose turn was it & who was cutting into the queue. We were so horrified that we didn't even try to join the commotion & risk getting beaten up, & ended up eating very little.
It's best to avoid this place, specially with a new Indian restaurant coming up in South City mall.
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Avaliri - Burrp User


February 16,2010

Vapid kababs. Eat till u drop.

Well, it's not only because it was Valentine's day. After all, u expect a lot from your boyfriend, and the chef wasn't mine.
But a big door with wrought-iron and dim lights inside somehow inspire the hope it should be something better than a street eatery. And "kababs" usually have good connotation in my (sure, urs, too) mind.Plus i am a fan of BBQ Nation.
So after 2 hours of squeezing through crazy valentined crowd in SC Mall, me and my hubby decided to call it a good day and hit on kababs. We opted for dinner buffet at Flame and Grill. Man, the food court- forget it, even the street stalls across the road would have been better.

1st thing, they kept everyone waiting in front of the closed door-even after the claimed opening time, and even then guests were ushered one by one, according to reservation journal (I am not sure, because we didnt have any, and still got inside)- while the rest besieged the counter like a herd of insane sheep (would sheep eat kababs? lol :) Veg maybe - but not here)
After 10 minutes of struggle we were finally seated. The ambience is good but hell, interior exhibition was last month in Netaji Stadium, to restaurants i go for food, and then for looks.

They started serving kebabs shortly, though not on the grill with an array of choice (grills were fetched 10 mins later), but offering 1st a skewer of prawn, then chicken, then whetever else kebab..Even when they brought the grill, still 1-2 kinds of kebabs (non-veg only, as we opted for that) would be brought and kept. That's so different from BBQ Nation, where you get choice of 10! (5 VEG, 5 NON-VEG) unlimited kebabs, that with lip-smacking polishes and sauces. I loved BBQN mango marinade.( Here u get meager tomato/pudina sauce plus oil for brushing on the meat.I am spoilt for choice)

Only prawns were good- more or less juicy, the rest- 2 kinds of chicken especially- was so full of masala and so juice-less...could have as well gone to my bathroom and chewed my shower sponge.

In the middle of dry kebab part we had to order for something to drink - mind you, they do not provide complimentary drinks, so what if other idiots have it as normal practice! Of the 2 chilled Kingfisher beers we asked for, 1 was tepid, i'd say warm. Why- nobody could answer. They offered "Tiger" can as substitute- we did not have the drinks menu at hand then - and only while paying the bill we found out it was priced at modest 200 something bucks. Tiger beer! I did not drink it even during my school days! Its donkey's pee, not beer? and i had to pay half of the buffet price for it! Still getting hiccups.

After kebabs we checked out the buffet spread.
It was even worse,not disastrous, but the food lacking flavor, -nothing worth being served in a restaurant in one of the best city's malls. The only thing good was chocolate ice-cream, and that cuz not made by them, i guess. To reward myself, i emptied half of the bowl of roasted cashews into my ice-cream plate.

The bill for 2 came up to some 1200 or extra, that with 2 beers and taxes. My 1st and last time there- and just to think, i love kebabs so much, i live in South City, and i have to face these food perverts all the time.
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Ashish Karnani - Burrp User

Ashish Karnani

February 12,2010

Kabab Kompany!

Being a vegetarian, I went for the Veg Buffet. The ambience is subtle and lights were relaxing. The music played is good and are all bollywood karaoke tracks. The concept is good as the staff out there put a chacoal grill on the table itself. The kababs are already ready-to-eat but you can put more olive oil/butter on them and grill some more on the table. The veg kababs served on weekdays are Aloo Hara Bhara, Veg shashlik, paneer, aloo tikki kabab.
The kababs are served on the table but the main course is buffet. So I headed for the buffet comprising of two types of salad, raita with bundi, Yellow Dal, Rice, Nan, Tandoori Roti, Three Vegetable preparations. The chinese items included ginger rice and veg n mushroom sweet and sour. These two items were indeed good.
Last but not the least, the desserts included Kheer (Payesh), fresh (not so) fruits, chocolate ice cream and hot small gulab jaamun. I tried the combination of the last two and it tasted yum. Price - 325+Tax (Weekday).
Notes: Reach early and take your time to try the kababs and main course. The management should provide a drink (maybe fresh lime sode) with the buffet, its a standard practise everywhere. The staff is courteous but not so fluent with english, improvement needs to be done on this. On the whole, an average experience, but do try!
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Abhisek Biswas - Burrp User

Abhisek Biswas

September 14,2009

Mindblowing Kebabs

I went to this place on last Saturday and that time they said they are providing only buffet. So we opted for buffet. Buffet consists of various Kebabs as starters and then Maincourse and ending with Desserts. They provided various kinds of Kebabs including Chicken, Prawn, Crabs etc. They gave two items made from Kebabs - Tawa Chicken and 1 Mutton item. Both items were superb. Although they did not provide any kind of Barbeque polish or Barbeque sauce still the Kebabs were good. The maincourse and the desserts were not in tune with the Kebabs. I checked biriyani and it was overcooked. Rest items were too not so good. Desserts were also ordinary. I gave 4 stars only for the Kebabs of starters. Ambiance was good and Service was fine too.
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Bhaskar Ghosh - Burrp User

Bhaskar Ghosh

July 19,2009

Kebab Keramati

They offer only Buffet. Rs. 450/- plus tax. All sorts of kebabs served in the grill kept in a hole on the table itself. Kebab lovers would like it. But, after savouring lots of kebabs, the main course of biriyani and dessert overtaxes the stomach. I would advise them to start buffet for kebabs only, say, at Rs. 250/- or so. Kebabs, biriyani, curry, sweets, ice-cream does not go at a time.
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md mohan - Burrp User

md mohan

October 11,2016


I am good parson I'm Indian you can trend sip me just call 7461991488 ok
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