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Soma Pradhan - Burrp User

Soma Pradhan

July 29,2014

Nice Non Vegetarian Restaurant

A nice place with ample of sitting space. You might have to wait in a queue for your turn to come.
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yumzup - Burrp User


February 06,2014

Pretty Good!!!

I wouldn't say this is the best place around but ya its pretty much decent to go out with family or friends. They have yum biryanis and other things on the menu which are good as well. Definitely worth spending money.
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ashish_deb35 - Burrp User


November 27,2013

Just Superb!

Have been here so many times and every time I decide I'll try something new, but the Chicken Handi is so awesome that I fail to order anything else. I promise you'll end up licking your fingers with this one. Perfectly cooked tandoori rotis and chicken. Quantity I must say has been reducing over the years but taste is just the same. Have also tried some milkshakes on a couple of occasions. Great! No wonder this place has been a favourite of Puneris all these years!
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Natasha Diddee - Burrp User

Natasha Diddee

September 21,2013

Hit And a Miss

So, after my rave review of the chicken biryani of Blue Nile in Camp being arguably the best, I got a private message from a new friend "arguing" (not really) that the biryani from George's restaurant is by far better. The foodie gangsta in me arose... What? There's a better biryani and I haven't tried it?! That's sacrilege!

Today for various reasons which are not of any consequence to this review, I decided to order in the infamous chicken biryani from George's restaurant which is at East Street.

First minus: they do not deliver. They have no tie ups with either food on wheels nor tasty khaana so, if you want it, you gotta go yourself. Made me feel they were elitist even, wow!! These guys make you come to them! They must be good!
So, I sent my driver to bring back these parcels of proverbial heaven.

Once turned out into a bowl, first impression, What is couscous doing in biryani? Look closer, Parts of the rice were so overcooked it had broken into bits and turned to mush!! Great clumps of mush! Then came the breast piece of the chicken itself. Colourless, tasteless.

The accompanying raita if you can call it that, was the consistency of watered down milk with a few pieces of onions floating in it. I didn't even dare to put that in my mouth.

They say, The proof of the pudding is in the eating. I wish I hadn't eaten :( I basically had a mouthful of boiled chicken, boiled rice and haldi or some sort of non flavoured food colouring in my mouth!

I always see George's restaurant bustling with people during lunch and dinner service when I pass by and it is a Pune institution of sorts so they must be doing something right but it ain't the biryani. I hope they just had an off day but my money and my taste buds will be Blue Nile's forever :)
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prerna21patil - Burrp User


July 01,2013

Lovely Place!

Every time you visit this place you'll come out smiling and satisfied with your meal!! The place is almost always packed n i guess thats cz there are so many worshippers of their food!! Quantity of food is amazing! taste is just fab!!!10/10..every damn time!!
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riteshlahori1 - Burrp User


June 03,2013

Best Butter Chicken !

I have been going here since childhood. Their chicken is just the best! since so many years the quality and quantity has been consistent. I go here atleast once a month as I'm a chicken lover! If your new in Pune, please try this place once! you'll definitely love it! Cheers!
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EkBilangChota - Burrp User


January 30,2013

A non-veg Delight

George restaurant is in old by lanes of Pune, in the junction connecting M G Road and East Street. It has 2 floors to cater to customers, but they are mostly filled with customers and you will have to wait for few minutes to get to a table. Staff is polite and help you choose the dish.

Quick service and full of flavor Indian food for your palate. A must have food dish is Mutton Biryani, which will leave you with mouthful of amazing flavors and wanting to have more, inspite of full stomach.

Biggest concern of visiting this place is lack of proper & accessible parking place coupled with missing decent waiting area.
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trishamishra - Burrp User


November 21,2012

Haven for the Non Vegetarian

I have been to George's numerous time and have loved it . Its a non vegetarian foodies paradise. The Mughlai dishes here are really good. I am the biggest fan of the Chicken Tikka Biryani . The ambiance is good enough for some serious gorging and the service is efficient and quick. The price ain't bad either.
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Philipmathew85 - Burrp User


November 21,2012

family place

This is a good restaurant espically for non-vegetarians eaters espically if you where shopping and MG Road, they mainly serve Iranian and Indian foods. They have a good and spacious setting. Their Tandoori chicken and Biryani is really famous in Pune
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RachanaP - Burrp User


November 16,2012

chilli powder wannabe schezwan

went there with a friend who wanted to eat jujeh kebab but I being a vegetarian ordered for veg schezwan rice only to set my tummy on fire. the rice was only a red chilli powder rice. The waiter was humble and courteous enough to acknowledge the same. recommended only for indian and persian delicacies.
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Grace Elizabeth - Burrp User

Grace Elizabeth

November 11,2012

Good place

Awesome food. Not very pricey. Good ambiance. Serving is quick .
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Anjum  - Burrp User


October 18,2012

Simply too good!

Everything here is so good, it'll be difficult to name all the dishes I've had. My favourite is their chicken clear soup with one tandoor roti. It's the best! Their tandoor roti's are one of few really nice one's I've had. Their chicken fried rice is also really tasty. No need for a a gravy with it if you don't have issues with eating just rice and the butterchicken is simply brilliant. Does't feel like its been drowned in oil/ghee and it is full of spicy masala.
They have deserts too, which aren't out of the world, but decent enough. The caramel custard and truffle pudding (a mixture of cream custard, jelly and fruits) is really nice.
They mitha paan and the dry fruit paan that you get outside the restaurant is a cherry on the top.
I make it a point to eat here every time I'm in Pune.
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punefoodie555 - Burrp User


October 03,2012


Rotisserie chicken beats all. I specially go here for this delicacy. Also every mondays they serve Irani Kebabs, for guys who want to try different kebabs this is the perfect place. Happy dining!
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Ambarish Deshmukh - Burrp User

Ambarish Deshmukh

June 22,2012

A place to have awesome Chicken Tikka Biryani

I've visited this place 2-3 times, All the time I have seen that, taste of George biryani has not changed. They are still serving one of the best biryani's in Pune. One person can easily have Chicken tikka biryani (which is simply delicious ) My friends also tried Mutton Biryani (which was also very tasty)

Overall Service, Taste, Ambience is excellent, Great.
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Akshay Peshave - Burrp User

Akshay Peshave

April 27,2012

Somethings that are priceless!!

It's been 3 years since I had last tasted George's food, before relocating to bangalore...and I walked in last weekend to have mutton biryani. The taste hasn't changed a bit. They still serve one of the most delicious and mouth watering biryani in town.
The service is splendid. There's the unavoidable waiting queue 8'ish onwards; but thanks to the swift service at tables you won't spend much time in queue.
All-in-all, 4.5 STARS!!!

P.S. I just can't wait to try the rotessary, caramel custard and double-meetha next time around.
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Sarvesh  Udgir - Burrp User

Sarvesh Udgir

February 14,2012

How can all of you miss the Rotessary

I am amused howcome nobody has reviwed on the Rotessary Chicken . It is available only 7-8.30pm ( reason being it popularity and demand).
The tenderness of the Chicken will drive you insane. This is a must try.
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Sushim Saini - Burrp User

Sushim Saini

October 20,2011


On Friday night I said to one of my friends, I wanna have some really good non-veg, then he suggested, let's go to MG Rd, after reaching there he said try George's, and our experience there was really good.

First the ambiance is good; not too flashy, not too bad.

We ordered a Tandoori chicken as an starter. The taste was good.

Then in main course we ordered for Keema and chicken kolhapuri. As I am a spicy food lover. The taste for both dishes was excellent. If u don't want it to be too spicy (which I like the most ;) ) you can order that also.

Service is good. Food preparation did not take much time.

Quality of food is also good as they served us fresh chicken dishes (I'm saying that because sometimes I feel non-veg is not fresh and it spoils the food as well as the MOOD )

Price-wise, it is OK; not too expensive and not too cheap.

Overall value for MONEY, If I will get a chance to visit it again, I WILL GO FOR SURE :)
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ArkatheGAME - Burrp User


September 11,2011

Had BEST BIRYANI (outside Kolkata)

First of all I am very thankful to George for such a great experience yesterday.I had no BURRP account before, but its George's BIRYANI that compels to create one and write a review.

Well,now let me share the experience.....
My Roommate and I were searching a good restaurant for dinner yesterday at pune.burrp.com and decided to go to George.Some days ago in Pune Mirror(TOI) I first came to know about George's Biryani.So we ordered Chicken Biryani ,Mutton Biryani and Malwani Kebab(Day's Special). And then we just became speechless literally within 7-8 minutes.In short BIRYANIs were more than excellent in taste and great quantity also.Almost 8 pieces of chicken/mutton and they were very soft,yummi.Medium spicy and all ingredients are are so good in proportion that u will just love this awesome biryani.All my fellow Biryani lovers please visit this place at least once , from next time George's Biryani will automatically flash in your mind if u r planning for Biryani.
Malwani Kebab was also equally satisfy the urge of our tastebuds.
Additinal Info......
1.Location is very easy,jst go to m.g road anybody will show you the direction.
2.Very Polite behavior(from manager to waiter , everybody is very much polite)
3.Very quick service(we got within 7-8 min)
4.Ambiance ..... well I care a damn bout this bullshit criteria and I just wonder y people really cares bout this...seedhi si baat hai "Dikhave pe mat jao" coz ambiance will not satisfy your stomach only food will.....so no comments on that BAAKWAAS criteria.
5.Loads of menu and hygienic.
6.Truly value for money...Chicken Biryani(180/-),Mutton Biryani(200/-),Malwani Kebab(200/-).all other menu also cost between 150/- to 300/-.
Approx cost for two 700/- to 800/-.

Lastly, George ... we are coming next Saturday again.
N.B. people from KOLKATA , plz dnt expect a better biryani in the world than kolkata.U will definitely miss that taste , that smell, that everything.But outside Kolkata , GEORGE's Biryani is the best.
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priyankpk - Burrp User


March 15,2011

Nothing Great

For all the hype around this place, food was average. Went there for lunch, ambiance was nothing great, service was decent enough, but the food was pretty bad. One of my friends had the fried chicken with fries. It was horrible.
I had butter naan and butter chicken. It was only average and it wasn't worth the prices.
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SpocksSocks - Burrp User


March 02,2011

Nothing Beats George's Biryani

Again one of those places which have been in Pune since a long, long time. Its been renovated though and looks all sparkly and new. I'v mostly ordered take outs from George's and the service is fast. The cashier is nice, well informed, courteous and freindly.

I'v tried out quite a few dishes, mutton curry, rogan josh and seekh kababs, all of which are well prepared and yummy, however, nothing is better than their mutton biryani.. The quantity is excellent, enough for 3 . Its so addicting that my 80 year old grandfather quickens his pace and aims straight for George whenever we are at M.G :)
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sanjay11 - Burrp User


February 01,2011

Good for Briyani

Its been their since ages and always loved the Briyani.
Rest... you can choose from better places :)
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Swapnil Made - Burrp User

Swapnil Made

December 25,2010

Not that gr8

2 day i visited this place with my friends. I heard lot about this place but total disappointment. Biryani was not so good as it claims to be, service is pathetic.
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Atul Pundhir - Burrp User

Atul Pundhir

December 14,2010

Biryani is OK everything else is ....

I went there yesterday with one of my friend and ordered mutton keema. Trust me we couldnt even smell mutton.. there was no mutton it was only Gravy...

Then we ordered mutton biryani which was Good. But everything else was not at all good. Slow service, Ok ambiance. Overall not satisfactory...
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fooodaholic - Burrp User


August 17,2010

The Best Biryani

This is one place which has the best Biryani by far in pune. Had come to pune after 8 years and it was just as awesome as when i was a student here. The Ambience and service has also improved tremendously!!!! Go George!!!!!
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rawalsandeep - Burrp User


June 27,2010


place is fine & non veg food is normal. slightly high priced
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Ian Crasta - Burrp User

Ian Crasta

August 12,2009

Good steak

I liked the Chicken Steak from George's but its unnecessarily overpriced like all their other food.
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Gaurav Kumar - Burrp User

Gaurav Kumar

June 22,2009

Tadoori Chicken is awesome

Nice place to have tandoori chicken. they hv a nice variety of fish too. There's a daily special on the menu, you'll find always something interesting .
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Siddharth Bhowmik - Burrp User

Siddharth Bhowmik

June 06,2009


This place used to be really good a long time ago. But as of now the food is not all that good. The service is terrible. Had ordered for a mutton biryani, got 2 pieces of mutton and boiled rice. Really bad. Used to be the best, not anymore.
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twinks30 - Burrp User


June 04,2009

Indian food in camp

Food at George is just about above average but the place has it's followers for years & that is the reason for it being such a busy place. On a weekend you could wait for over 30 minutes! The worst is that the customer service is terrible...the employees do you a favor by serving you. Like a said, nothing has changed in years...the quality of food, the customers and definately the lousy service.
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khavayya - Burrp User


April 24,2009

Best Biryanis and Chello Kebabs too .

This place has stood the test of time , and even the suave manager is ageless , as it seems ,always polite , yet pucca professional to the core.
If you are there for lunch or dinner , their biryanis are always the best choice , and a good value for your money . if you want some thing less oily , non-spicy , try their typical Persian dishes , listed on the wall , like Chello kebabs ,or Chello Murg .One dish is adequate for two , but if you are real hungry , you can finish it alone,too.
However , never order the dishes made in the kitchen of the portico , as when i tried their fish-n -chips the other day , it was a dismal affair to my dismay , as it was just a skinny pomfret , over-fried and too crisp , with hardly 4 or 5 chips , costing 170 bucks !
I did report it later to the manager , and he said he would compensate for it next time , but the it's always better to avoid disappointment , by correct choices from the menu , and i made a mistake this time.
For dinners , one can try chicken rotisserrie , which is slowly grilled , and the spices are quite tasty .
They have also renovated their toilet facilities which are literally non-existent in Pune , in a restaurant of this type .
No liquors , no smoking , if that suits you , go ahead , when you are next in that area ; the pricing is also moderate , and a good meal complete with a dessert would cost about 350 rupees per head .
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nomad - Burrp User


February 13,2009

By George!

George is indeed a landmark and an institution in Poona. The meat/chicken/egg stuff is very good -- check-out the biryanis. Instead the usual kanda-neemboo, they serve a complimentary wholesome green-side-salad. Also has some great anglo-indian dishes on the menu like the roast-chicken and daily specials too. Comfortable to sit, including the main dining hall on the ground floor, a 1st-floor ac section and a portico section. The service is polite, attentive - like an old club. Good decent motley crowd - and the prices are reasonable. Do enjoy the George Restaurant.
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javshak - Burrp User


February 11,2009

Best takeaway place for Mughlai

Up front I'd say the place doesn't have great ambience but the food is good & served really fast. The thing that I keep coming back for here is the butter chicken. I don't know how they do it but if you haven't tried it then I fully recommend it. I've also tasted their chicken biryani but I like their egg biryani even more. Not too expensive for a evening dinner with family & friends. But make sure you ask the waiter to heat the naan!
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abhishek singh - Burrp User

abhishek singh

September 26,2013

Best Biryanis. Tasty Tandooris.

Best biryanis.
Tasty Tandooris.
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malvikas - Burrp User


August 11,2009

great food!!!!!!!

amazing biryani.....
do try out chicken kebabs....
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