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ashish_deb35 - Burrp User


October 03,2013

Great Food!

Went here last night with two of my friends. Just had a simple meal of Tawa Mutton and Roti, Rice and Dal Tadka. The food was very tasty. I found the place a little noisy, I prefer quiet places to dine. Will probably visit again for lunch sometime.
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Puneet Yadav - Burrp User

Puneet Yadav

September 06,2013


It is one of the nice place to visit .rates very reasonable and will find nice spicy food over here.
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riteshlahori1 - Burrp User


August 08,2013

Nice Food, Great Ambience

Been going here since quite some time now! Went again with a couple of friends on a rainy afternoon last week. The food is always tasty, quantity is also quite good. Ambience is nice, usually I prefer sitting in the open seating which overlooks the street, but since it was pouring, and we had had enough of the rains, we decided to sit inside. There's always pleasant music playing, which is great change for people like us who need to rush back to work after a quick lunch! For 3-4 people, the bill was also quite reasonable!
If you havent tried it yet,you are definitely missing out!
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prerna21patil - Burrp User


July 22,2013

Good Place, Amazing Ambiance

Wonderful place, Good food and great hospitality, truly an amazing fine diner.
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jiggy23 - Burrp User


July 06,2013

A Royal Place

This place is one of the very few places in Pune which serves amazing and authentic food. Great music and wonderful ambiance to go by. Had a wonderful evening.
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manali777 - Burrp User


June 10,2013

Nawabi Style

What a wonderful place.!! You are treated like a king. Lovely place and great food. the ambiance is just the perfect . What a concept - Truly a romatic.
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manali777 - Burrp User


May 16,2013

Treatment in Nawabi style

Great place to be, went there for lunch on holi..... I was certainly impressed with the way i was treated..... ordered a prawn gravy that was mouthwatering. great experience.
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rpb_india - Burrp User


December 07,2012

Lunch date with the Nawab

After a long morning we walked into this restaurant tucked away on the first floor of its building. Never heard of it before but we were too hungry to go anywhere else. The entrance to the building and the elevator was a bit grubby and we weren't exactly sure what to expect at the top. However the ambiance inside is quite nice. It had an outside lounge area and an indoor dining area. We decided to sit indoors since it was too hot to sit outside. The interiors are done tastefully though the lighting could have been better. The food was pretty good. We ordered some chicken kebabs and the Khumb Kurkure to start with. Followed by some decent Murg Makhni and Shaam Savera curry with rotis/kulchas. A brownie with vanilla ice cream was a nice finish to the meal. The service was ok and the prices were reasonable. They could improve the ground floor entrance in my opinion. First impressions and all that. Wouldn't mind trying it out again.
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freelanceeater - Burrp User


November 17,2012

authentic awadhi cuisine

im a regular visitor to this place because i love awadhi cuisine and there is absolutely no other place in pune like nawab which can offer you with an ambience to match.the interiors of the restaurant is breathtaking marvelous.the traditional lucknowi lanterns adorn the place beautifully with exotic carpet.the menu is made only for awadhi people as the kebabs and main course can only be understood by them but worry not the servers are extremely well mannered and guide you suiting your requirement.the quantity of food is very good and at par with the prices.
According to me the place is very very good and definitely not over priced.
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Nadia da Silva - Burrp User

Nadia da Silva

June 14,2012

Over Priced

The ambience is not that great. The walls of the restaurant r in a terrible shape. the wait staff are horrible. The service is horrible. Food is good but not money's worth. The portion size is too small!
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Oliver Fernandes - Burrp User

Oliver Fernandes

February 13,2012

too expensive

The buffet is ok, priced at about 650....but you can get a better variety at Mariott or Barbeque Nation.....a few things that caught my attention was that a simple glass of pepsi costed 50 bucks, ice tea 75!....a few of my friends who consumed alcohol found it expensive too....like something called blenders spride costed 3250. The non veg starters were not bad, but again, you can get more variety elsewhere....there were just 3-4 non veg starters. The music was good, but if they want regular cx's, they need to improve on pricing
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Dhara987 - Burrp User


September 28,2011

Terrible Service...Below average food!

I went to Nawab with my girlfriend...we reached around 8.15PM on a Saturday night...the place was nearly empty. We wanted to sit inside...but since it was empty the staff insists that we sit in the verandah outside...all the seating here is meant for large groups...so we were hesitant...but the manager insisted. As our drinks and starters arrive the place starts filling up...midway through our drinks the same manager comes up to us and asks us to move to a smaller table inside! Just because he wanted to accommodate another larger group and there wasnt any space inside! He argues that since we are only 2 it is easier for us to "adjust". We were willing to oblige...but he was insistent on us moving right away...so much for their hospitality!! We were out to have a quiet dinner...but it ended up in a frustrating tiff with the restaurant staff! We paid for our starters and drinks and left!
This is completely unacceptable in any restaurant!
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vickytuteja - Burrp User


August 13,2011

Seat Like NaWAB & Eate LIKE Nawab

I really liked the place & concept of the restaurant, wanted to appreciate the owner of this place...we went their and had good time,with nice food, especially non veg .
the sitting is very comfortable, we feel as we are the kings of asian AGE..
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Radhika Jaising - Burrp User

Radhika Jaising

July 08,2011


Totally awesome place... Had two nice meals... once dinner and lunch was the next!
Lazed out seating and amazingly aromatic food thats totally tongu-illicious...
Loved the Kadak Kumb Kurr Kurr & Safe Sex on the Beach!
Also every dish is amazing... Have anything you like!!!!
Lighting in the interiors are very nice but can be a little more.
Loved it!
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Kaustubh Sanyal - Burrp User

Kaustubh Sanyal

May 13,2011

Kebab's and Ambience Nawab Style !!

Been here after the recommendations of friends, tucked away on the first floor of a saree store in the heart of pune, this place where Nawab's dine was quite a pleasant surprise !!

The restaurant is divided into two parts open air with the smoking zone and closed, with the AC. The open air one has a DJ playing nice commercial trance music which got me sitting out :) which we did not regret....

All of us being non-vegetarians helped as we gorged on to some succulent mutton starters (angari kabab and gulauti kebab) and a chicken starter on the recommendation of the waiter which were really nice .... though my liking of gulauti kebab has taken a dip it was good ....

The thirsty can sip on quite a lavish spread of cocktails ...

From the main course the Mutton Rara (Kheema) and the Chicked Makhni were also quite good though the former won hand's down in terms of the "Lazzizzzezz ness" ... The staff was courteous and so was the owner who was keeping an eye on all the guests on the house which was a big plus for me in terms of service. ..

only drawback was that some areas of the sit out( non-ac section) had no or very limited air ... and the menu card needs a revamp (the one's we got had lost its bindings and was taped up ) which looked tacky ...

Kudos to the staff/ambience and the Deejay which will make me surely visit this place again :)
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Satish CN - Burrp User

Satish CN

March 28,2011

One of the best Restaurants for Indian Cuisine

Yesterday was my sixth visit to Nawab's and I must say that the experience has never been a let down. Be it the ambience, or the food. Non-veg here, be it starters or the main course, is always excellent. Veg Indian food is something difficult to get right and I find this is one of the best places when it comes to veg.
The drawbacks; The portions are rather small considering the prices. And the service at times gets a bit off the mark. I hope the owners will take care of this soon.
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Bharat Jain - Burrp User

Bharat Jain

March 06,2011

Lovely Place

Live ghazal....authentic food....awesome ambiance.........juz a little expensive....great place for frndz, corporate meetings and also family......
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indianterrain - Burrp User


March 03,2011

The Best Mutton I had

The Place is one of the best for lunch and dinner. Not very famous among the people here but once you go it will become favourite. I had longed a lot for good mutton in Pune which ended here. Mutton Chops in Keema gravy. What a taste !! cant afford to miss. The other starters and main course were equally good. It has a bar also which has a nice ambience. Ideal if you want to go and unwind and relax and do not want crowdy place. menu has a lot of nice items other than buffet. The variety in the buffet is not a lot. But whatever the items are, they are very good to eat.
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theObserver - Burrp User


February 19,2011

Utter Disaster

Had an unremarkable experience.
Sub-standard food. Lack of flavours and appeal.
Dim lighted ambiance.
Average service.
Puneites, avoid this place.
Note to Nawab managers, do change the name of the place. It will CERTAINLY help ppl.
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comfort1327 - Burrp User


February 23,2010

Standards have gone down..

This place really rocked some time ago ... Name any kabab and they would be sumptous and melt-in-th-mouth... and so smooth and cooked to perfection... Galouti Kabab is my personal favourite here ... Matka Biryani with the flavour of that earthened pot was a wonderful experience !!
the Sikandari Raan needs to be ordered earlier which we did on fone.. May be the best in city that serves Indian cuisine..
The ambience is amazing, well lit not too dark not too bright.. outdoor especially with cool and windy breeze... A perfect evening can be spent here and not too heavy on pocket at all!!
But one of the days we came here for Buffet Lunch.. The Set Menu was served.. and apart from us they had no other customers.. obviosly we expected the service to be better but nobody to attend to us .. and the food was stone cold !! i felt it was stale and probably leftover of previos evening.. Disgusted by such unexpected experience i have'nt returned evr since ..
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real_cool_dude - Burrp User


January 31,2010

Decent place, good for an occasion.

I went to the place for a treat by a friend. Simply loved the comfortable seats. The food is good, but not the best. That is the most important factor in my rating. Tried a lot of things but I dont think anything stood out that much for a recommendation, but food was quite good none the less. Nice place to dine in style but be ready to dish out cash.

Food 3.5/5
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rexhdr - Burrp User


January 10,2010

Not worthy enough

My rating for the restaurant overall would be 5/10 given the choice and availability of food and service. Only thing i liked was the ambience.

Went with a friend here and committed the gross mistake of trusting google map over the address given. Guys, its opposite Poona club near Nucleus mall on Bund Garden Road. Finally after an hour of search, we reached at 2 pm for our lunch and mind you ihad nothing in my system since last night...so was very hungry.
My ratings:
Ambience is: 4 of 5 with brilliant wall decors, comfy chairs and divided into sections for parties and individuals.
Service is: 3 of 5 with service depending upon the waitor serving you

Menu choice:
1. drinks menu~ looks promising. But i was just interested in beer after an hour long search and there weren't much options. pint of kingfisher cost me 110
2. Starter ~ qasoori paneer tikka...nothing much to speak of...so very costly
3. Bhindi masala....heights of masala and fried bhindi..so again not for those who are eating healthy in the new year (but then so is beer :))
4. Paneer item was okay but it was my second choice as "shaam Savera" the first item in veg main food section wasnt there.
5. Same was the story with Roti section. Sheermal wasn't there. You can easily avoid Taftan..unbaked but sweet roti (nothing like Pooran Poli)
6. Story continued in the desserts section too...with Shahi tukda not avlbl...Ras malai ordered was pretty ordinary.

And waitors even didnt bothered to provide the washing bowl after meal. So, my advice go only if bored out of eating at home but dont go on first date or to impress anyone of your taste...you might not get a second chance :)
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Pratik Batra - Burrp User

Pratik Batra

February 16,2009

Pretty Good Biryani's

The ambience is good , the service is pretty good , good biryani's , starters , valet parking overall a good experience being here , have already visited this place 3-4 times so has repeat value too :)
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Priyanka Dandekar - Burrp User

Priyanka Dandekar

August 21,2008

Tasty but expensive

We liked everything we had in this restaurant but the prices were at the higher side .... If it would have been a corporate party I would have tried lot many things ;)
Worth visiting once .... may be on special occasion....

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Amit Raut - Burrp User

Amit Raut

August 18,2008

Nawab Asia - Gastronomic Nirvana

was really longing to eat some authentic Awadhi (Lucknowi) cuisine when my friend Rizwan told me about this restaurant in Pune called Nawab – Asia. Finally, last week during my visit to Pune I got a chance to go there along with a couple of friends for dinner. The Setting – As the name suggests, this place has two very different cuisines....one is authentic Awadhi food & the second one is a mix of South Asian fare. It has a lounge like feel to it & is quite spacious. Its divided into two sections....one where there’s lounge music playing is the bar called Asia and another where the music is much softer. We chose the later as we did not want to get distracted while digging in. Now the Food – The Menu boasts of a variety of Lucknowi kababs, curries (salan) & biryanis. It was so difficult to decide what we wanted as the description below every listing was so enticing that we wanted to eat everything we read. They supposedly serve good vegetarian fare but none of us even bothered going through that section. We started with Gilouti kabab which is a patty of finely minced meat with some light spices. It just melted in our mouth before we knew it. I perhaps would have wanted it to stay in my mouth a bit longer so that I could savour the taste. Next came the Barra Chops which were roasted chops with a spicy marination. The first bite and I was sure where heaven was – it had to be Awadh. As soon as I took a bite, there was an inundation of juices which stirred my taste buds. The meat was perfectly cooked with just the right amount of marination. The chops could have done with a little more meat on it as we were left scavenging the bones for more. Peshawari Boti was a boneless version of the barra chops and was ordered for obvious reasons. But I felt that the Chops were better. Needless to say, the starters were washed down by some chilled beer. For the main course we called for Kheema Hari Mirch Do Pyasa and Khasta Roti. The kheema though good, lacked a bit of spice which I feel is necessary for any Kheema preparation. The Khasta roti was crisp and went very well with the Kheema. We ended the session with Kacche Gosht ki Dum Biryani. I had a lot of expectations from this one but it failed to live up to the high standards set by its predecessors. Probably we had raised the bar a tad too high. It was the best meal I had ever had until I found myself back at Nawab-Asia next day for lunch. I just had to mention it once and everyone agreed to go back without batting an eyelid. We just called for Sikandari Raan. It can serve 2-4 people. It’s a whole leg piece of goat meat roasted and curried to perfection. The meat was succulent and and the thick gravy was something to die for. We had it with Pudina Paratha. None of us uttered a word apart from the occasional umm!!. The portion was huge and came on a big plate. After a while it was a no holds barred fight for the luscious meat. We were like a pack of wild dogs attacking a vulnerable prey. My friend Madhav paid tribute to the chef by swiping the plate clean & claimed to have attained Nirvana. That would have made Mr. Preet Singh, the restaurant owner, proud. I went & thanked him for the lovely food, great ambience and good service. One thing for sure is that any trip I make to Pune henceforth would be incomplete without a meal at Nawab.

Note - All starters are around Rs.200 & Sikandari raan is at Rs.490. Though a bit steep, its money well spent & am sure you won’t come out repenting.
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