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nosebagger - Burrp User


January 28,2014

Oreo Shake!!!

I really love the burger barn cafe...Pretty amazing burgers they have and specially the wtf burger, that's huge. I went with 2 of my friends n still we could not finish it...But its fun...Perfect place to hang out with friends....Apart from the burgers I really love their shakes... Oreo shake n brownie shake are amazingly good.
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ashish_deb35 - Burrp User


October 18,2013


Considering the amount of hype my friend created about the place and the number of outlets that keep coming out, I was expecting something really impressive but it isn't! Ambiance wise place is ok, not great. Food too I found, was pretty mediocre. Had a taste of their burgers, rolls and fries. Out of which I really liked the fries. Actually, its nice to grab a bite if you are on the go, but not a place you could go gaga over! If you really are craving a juicy burger, there are other places where taste-wise you could find better a grub, but if your on the go, and you need paisa wasool food, then burger barn is is just right!
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Anand Shetye - Burrp User

Anand Shetye

August 12,2013

Great For Burger Lovers!!

I have been coming to this place since 2 years and the experience is still the same! The best part about this place is the burgers and rolls served here are really of good quality and surely bigger than what you get at McD and KFC. I had the Barn Xtreme burger, which was good! It is filled with tonnes of stuff like two chicken patties, cheese, salami, etc. For 170 bucks it is worth it. It will fill you up! Even the BBQ burger is good! I once had fiery barn burger, it is the MOST spiciest burger I ever had in my life! For a person who is not used to spicy food, this burger is suicide! Advice, order this burger at your own risk!
The ambiance is good! Experience is good! So, if you are a person who loves burgers, please don't miss this place!
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jiggy23 - Burrp User


June 19,2013

Best Hangout Spot!

This is one of the best hangout spots around KP! Love the quanitity their dishes have. Especially in the monsoons their meals are filling and very tasty!! Love their Chicken Rolls!! Thumbs up from me!
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prerna21patil - Burrp User


June 10,2013

Favourite Hangout

Burger Barn has always been my favorite place to hangout when I am with my friends! I always order the lemon ice tea, which is consistently mind-blowing!!! Oriental chicken roll and Fiery chicken Roll are all time favourites, plus the Southern Barn Fried Chicken Meal is freakishly awesome!! If you have a massive appetite, take the WTF Burger! You can get your name up on their wall if you can finish it. Me and my friends have failed at it miserably! :-p because the burger is crazy huge!!! Do try this place!
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Dnyanesh Bodhe - Burrp User

Dnyanesh Bodhe

May 21,2013

Worst Burgers In Town...

Really overpriced if you go by the taste of the burgers. I have tried to give this place so many chances, eaten almost everything on the menu. Apart from a couple of shakes and fries nothing really is worth it... bland burgers.... I wish this place was better though... with the ambiance good food would've been nice...
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Sneha Mittal - Burrp User

Sneha Mittal

April 10,2013

WTF burgers

Ambiance :

Ambiance wise the place is good to hangout with friends. Its a place where u can just chillout with friends or come for a snack while chatting over and having fun. Even though the seating arrangement is outside, you feel like you're inside a tent.

Food : 5/5

Amazing. The burgers here are big and are very tasty. One burger can easily fill you if you're very hungry. If you're not very hungry, there's a possibility that you have to leave your burger half eaten. The french fries are a must try at the place. They put mayo and cheese over the fries and they luk as well as taste very delicious.

Service :

You have to go and place your order, then the waiters will get your order. The service of this place is good and fast. They don't take a lot of time to serve the dishes.

Menu and Food :

The rates of this place are very reasonable. The menu is extensive with a lot of options in veg and non veg combos. Also they keep coming up with new burgers and new items like variety of iced teas, which is a good point of this place. The iced teas also, are a must try. There is a WTF burger available at this place. A large burger, which if you can finish in half an hour, they put your picture on the wall. Its a nice concept.

I loved the place for food, for ambiance and even for service.
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Siddharth Moghe - Burrp User

Siddharth Moghe

November 29,2012

Buffet between buns, tatste wise a let down

Burger Barn is famous for its "WTF" challenge, its more or less like eating a buffet between 2 buns.

Having heard a lot about it and not actually getting a chance to visit was more or less a feeling of discontent.

On a tiring wednesday afternoon, i zigzagged my way through the South Main Road for the first time to BBC.

thanks to the lane markings, i followed the seemingly never ending South main road untill i came to the lane 5 board.

Having reached the place and careful about parking in the right spot, i landed inside to be greeted by the poster calling it the "Home of the WTF Burger"

I was definetly not in the mood for WTF challenge. I failed to notice the table number and did not see the menu either.

I reached the counter to be asked the first of 3 questions
1. table number
2. order
3. cash only pls

i dint know the table number so i pointed out to the table 4 that i was sitting on ( i saw the number later on ).

I ordered for Chicken x-treme burger and peach ice tea. That alone set me back by INR 220 ( 170 for the burger and 50 for the ice tea ).

The ice tea was thrust on my table. The first sip dint actually reveal any pach flavor nor did it taste like tea. It was a fizzy ice team. I was like #WTF is that ?!

The burger came a littler later. It was a humongous burger by all means. It was like a buffet between 2 buns. It had 2 chicken patties, some seemingly sauteed onions, some lettuce, 1-2 slices of tomatoes, a fried egg and some mayo. It came with a skewer right through it. That small piece of wood keeps the mess from becoming messier.

A first few bites of the burger were basically what was falling off after i pressed it to narrow it down. Major turn down these
why would someone lather mayo on the sauteed mushrooms ?
Not only the flavor of the mushroom is lost, the heat kills the mayo and it becomes funny to eat.

The egg and cheese part was fine but the moment i cleared some of the mess and went after the patty, it was a little disappointing. The patty was in decent portions but there was no flavor to remember. It was warm to cold as i went towards the center.

Not to mention the parts of the burger falling off the bun and the skewer. In the mean while i was trying to find some liking for the #WTF peach ice tea. i wasnt liking it one bit but the sodaish feeling was doing well in washing down the awkward taste of killed mayoed mushrooms.

Finally at about the 12th minute mark the burger went down the stomach and washed off with the so called ice tea.

I had major issues with the burger - the moment it was done, there was no lingering after taste - there were no flavors that i could positively distinguish. every thing was hidden.

At about 3 mins after i had finished, i still couldn't remember all the ingredients that i ate with the burger. The mushrooms were forgettable. The patty was in decent portion but i believe it should have been more focused on getting it right that just putting it on the order.

The ice tea - i dont know what hell that was. Definitely not the tea and definitely not peachy either.

Burger Barn has a good following and folks swear by it but i do emphasize on the product being flavorful and not just loads of food.

Burger barn has got the quantity right, now its time to take it a step further and work on better quality and emphasizing flavors not by dumping whole lot of stuff on the burger, but by selectively choosing what goes best.

If you are a student or on a tight budget - this is the place for a burger buffet, if you are looking to eat a tasty burger i am not sure if i would recommend this place for the taste the burgers deliver .
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Deepesh Chandran - Burrp User

Deepesh Chandran

November 23,2012

Food good...good crowd...!

Fantastic place for burger lovers. Little costly for a burger, but completely worth the amount. Good veg and non-veg option.
I loved the cold drinks offered as well.
It is clean, hygienic,good food, has good crowd and cool place to hang out with friends.
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freelanceeater - Burrp User


November 13,2012

Oreo Shakes!!

this place indeed has sumptuous burgers and hotdogs.one xtreme burger or hot dog is more than enough to fill your stomach.the variety of burgers and hotdogs at this place leaves you wondering what to have.they also serve waffles and pancake with different sauces to choose from.what i love about this place are the shakes especially oreo and brownie shakes.nice open seating arrangement is perfect to have burgers.the items on menu are over priced but trust me you wont mind spending for the burgers and cheese cake shake they offer.
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Anshita Koul - Burrp User

Anshita Koul

September 01,2012

Big Burgers :)

This is a good place if you want to try out a whole new variety of Burgers without the taste being compromised :) Good place to chill out with friends, eat some good burgers and enjoy your day :)
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Fahmim Hussain - Burrp User

Fahmim Hussain

August 23,2012


I have been frequenting this place for quite a few years now and is my most favorite burger joint in Pune. There burgers are generously made and with spot on quality. A must have here are the italian, mexican and fiery barn burger which are absolutely delicious. The burgers are economical here for the amount of quantity they provide. Apart, from burgers they also serve breakfast, waffles and pancakes which are equally good. Wash down their burgers with their refreshing lemon iced tea.
The service here is quick even home delivery is pretty decent. A must visit!
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Nayana Parakh - Burrp User

Nayana Parakh

August 18,2012

Unique burger place in Pune

A good variety of burgers and fries..Fries are amazing here..You have a good option for a choice of mocktails...!!!
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Asghar Khan - Burrp User

Asghar Khan

June 10,2012

Full Paisa Vasool

This is one joint where u can hang out with your buddies or ur girlfriend or whoever.
Besides the awesome, plentiful and soul soothing food, the ambiance is also appreciable considering this place being famous for burgers.
A total value for money place. A devent burger meal can cost you about 250.
Must visit place in pune.
If u r like "I dont like burger", try the ultimate fries or their waffles.
U'l surely go back to visit once u'v been there.
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Praveen Gupta - Burrp User

Praveen Gupta

May 07,2012

Must have their Delicious Waffle

Date Of Visit - 14/4/12

I had veggie burger (dont remember the exact name on d menu) and waffle with chocolate syrup. Both were good and the best among all, was waffle which was properly cooked and soft. Chocolcate syrup could have been less hotter, but was okay. Ambience is nice, but it gets a bit crowded and not spacious enough to move around easily. Overall, nice.
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Anshita Koul - Burrp User

Anshita Koul

January 30,2012

Good One !

Big, yumm delicious burgers and lots of variety as well. Nice place to go if you have a temptation of eating good burgers.
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sachinten - Burrp User


January 22,2012


lived in pune for a year in 2009 and used to love hanging out at BB. amazing food and ambiance over a conversation esp fish fillet burger and oreo shake

So could not really leave without visiting BB when i was in pune last week. had an early morning 8-12 meeting. was hungry and looking for a good coffee. decided to check out their new place. the first impressions were good. nice comfortable cafe-ish ambience. settled down and went up to order, but somehow the next 2 3 mins conversation with the elderly sikh gentleman on the counter really flipped around my impression of BB. "what is your table no." ..."are u having sheesha? then sit outside?"...."everythin is in the computer. cant give u milk with black coffee, take capucino"...somehow i think all this could have been told to me in a nice pleasant tone rather than a grumpy and a curt one. I think i was unwanted at that place at that time. which i believe is the cardinal sin in hospitality industry. i left the place sad instead of happy and upbeat!

i don't know if it was a bad day or a -we-are-big-now effect, but i dont really think i am heading back to BB again now ever. For all those who are looking for some great food at great prices i would still recommend the place, only if you can overlook a rude staff.
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uabhinav - Burrp User


January 08,2012

Burger Bread

I was here last night.I ordered my usual 'Barn Veggie' burger, I was surprised to see that the Burger bread was not fresh. I called the waiter, and complained about it, he took the burger back, and returned with the same burger. And the change was- a heated burger with oil.
A Reality Check - What has happened to the quality of bread? Should it not be fresh and soft !
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swarooprooney - Burrp User


November 19,2011

Amazing burgers

Burgers here are as good as can get, the pricing too is a blessing. Morning breakfast pretty tasty. The ambiance is average.
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Ankur Choudhury - Burrp User

Ankur Choudhury

November 16,2011

WTF Challenge

I went to BBC in AUGUST and took the WTF Challenge and was able to win the challenge in nick of time. I hope my pic is there in the WALL OF FAME. Would surely visit BBC at the new location and try out the different burgers next time i am in Pune.
Guys please pay a visit to BBC once and u will really want to keep coming back.
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Shreyas Kulkarni - Burrp User

Shreyas Kulkarni

November 13,2011

Extra Large ! And yet never enough !

There have been countless occasions where I have been to BBC, and have come out feeling like there's still some place left for a quick plate of fries ! Every single time I go there, the food never disappoints, the taste is amazing, and the owner, is an extremely friendly guy to talk to. The cashier, as a few mentioned, was a downside to the amazing ambiance, But I could care less. I just have to talk to him for 2 minutes or less. And he aint cookin !
Hands down, one of the best burgers in town !
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pnqguy - Burrp User


October 02,2011

Average Place

Burger Ban is an average place which serves mostly chicken burgers. Most of the Burgers on the menu (chicken Patty) taste the same, its only the condiments and the sauces which are different. Wish if they started some real authentic Beef and Chicken burgers. The buns are dry and extremelly flaky. Tends to tear into many pieces while eating. We have on many occasions tried to explain to the cashier. They do not accept credit cards however they have a signage on the glass door (visa cards welcome).
Waiters are not trained and are rude. Water is not served. They have a can of water which is placed by near the tables with one glass over it.
Burgers have cucumber inside it! Rarely I have seen cucumbers inside burgers!
Wake up guys and serve some real authentic burgers.
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trulydeeply - Burrp User


August 10,2011

A burger beyond imagination..

The burger barn cafe may not be a very big and party kind of place..But indeed it has a great menu to attract the visitors..I have been here a lot of times and every time i go there i am more than satisfied. But this time i went here for the WTF! burger, newly added to the menu. The burger is too large and weighs about 1.5 kgs. The owner of burger barn asked us to wait for 20 minutes to get the burger ready. And when it came i and my partner were jus wondering where to begin. It is stuffed with five different kind of tikkis,fries, cheese, grilled onion, sausages and some veggies. It costs 300 bucks and the burger barn WTF! challenge costs 500 bucks plus you get an oreo shake and fries with it. I and my partner shared the WTF! burger and its just beyond imagination. With every bite you just say woww. It took us some one hour to finish the burger entirely and we both were too full. The owner of cafe is very friendly and came to ask how we found the burger. So if you want to add some fun to your boring day and fill your stomach do try it.
Also the burger barn cafe will be shifting soon from the place where it is to some nearby location which is quite big and would have hukkas too. So if you go there and find that cafe has moved dont panic. Its just round the corner ;)
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for your review and patronage.We look forward to serving you at our new location which will open on Monday 29 August. See you soon!

Subho - Burrp User


July 27,2011

Good Service, Good food

Ordered for home deliver y, the food was good and in the right quantities. Will order again.
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Pavan Misra - Burrp User

Pavan Misra

July 27,2011

Good, cheap plc fr food but excessive frying

The Burger barn is a nice dingy place, but doesn't have the air conditioning as claimed by burrp. The doors are always open and fans turned on.
As regards food, its cheap, but sometimes over done. The fried food especially, the chicken fingers, the chicken steak etc are over fried and one can taste the oil in every bite.
Burgers are awesome and so are the hot dogs and so is the Oreo shake. All in all a good place to spend 'some' money on food :)
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi Pavan,

Thank you for taking the time to review our establishment. It is unfortunate that you received food which you though was overcooked. I will look into this personally with my chefs to make sure that overcooked meats are not served as our chicken steak platters are some of our best sellers. The current outlet has outgrown the property we are currently housed in. We will be moving shortly (15-20 days) to a much bigger location a short distance away at Sanas Corner, which is located at the corner of South main Rd and Lane 5 in Koregaon Park. It has a massive seating area (90!) with a fresh look. Thank you for the kind words and we look forward to serving you again. Thank you once again and we look forward to serving you again.

elusion - Burrp User


March 18,2011

Not bad

Reasonable prices, decent burgers (mediocre to be precise). Good for a cheap quick bite.
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PUNE FOODIE - Burrp User


February 17,2011

It is the best

People - what else I can say than ditto experience - this place has the best burgers - was hooked to the place with my 10 yr old kid for his lunch and it was awesome - the chicken ones as well as the paneer burgers - with chesse sticks and chilly fires - awesome.
Not to mention the coleslaw as well as the chips that came along.. softdrinks never tasted so good ... Keep it up...
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Encore  - Burrp User


February 10,2011

Best burger

We have been overfed with Mcdonalds. Mover over it i had my 1st burger in burger barn and i have to admit it its the best burger i have ever tasted. My American client was accompanying me and he told me this is really juicy tasty and sumptuous burger and he never expected such a great American cheese burger in India .. Thumbs up to Burger barn..i'm sure coming here again
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Rational - Burrp User


January 05,2011

Expect the unexpected

with my stomach sort of aching, I write this in the wee hours, I have to let you know about the my dinner, a raw burger patty, sort of unfried crispy chicken thing, I don want to know who liked these burgers from here but I didn't, the coleslaw looked like being a couple of days old (although tasted good ;) ), so maybe you should try it out, ehh....
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99probs - Burrp User


December 31,2010

big like a barn

they have one of the biggest burgers i have ever seen!!!!! d quality is decent....the service is prompt n efficient n d location is great for a quick snack with not much noise but it ain't lonely also!!! should try out their meals like the steak meal with the french fries n all (forgot the name)...all in all well themed n tasty food!!!
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Nazgul_King - Burrp User


December 22,2010

Nice, but needs more

The overall quality of the food is quite good. The bread is usually fresh, and they have a nice variety of burger and hot dogs. The starters are tasty as well, with mozzarella sticks, mushroom tops, and especially their cheese chilly fries. The only gripe is they don't have enough variety in meats, it's only chicken. Adding beef (burgers) and pork (hot dogs) to the menu would probably make me a more frequent visitor.
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Manna  - Burrp User


October 13,2010

need to go back!!!! now!!!

its the simplicity with which they deliver that gets me everytime!!!!!!

burger barn cafe boasts of atleast 25 different types of burgers ( all chicken) from the classic to the extravagant, they have a similar choice for hot dogs and not to mention other delectables like the all day breakfast menu, which include pancakes and waffles,salads, etc the list is kinda endless and i bet i would find something different to eat if i went there everyday for a month if not more...

its affordable...... their portions ample, its basic cafe food but YUMMY!!!! they deliver what's promised on the menu and its the small things that add to it.... its the garlic mayo, chilli mayo, its the cold coffee made totally out of ice cream,the french, the salad dressing with herbs and olive oil....

try their southern fried chichen with coleslaw, or the teriyaki chicken burger, the coney island hot dog is worth 2nds, we love the hot and crispy chicken that is an absolute treat and for those who dare.... try the fiery barn burger ( i had tears streaming down my face and steam coming outta my ears)

all in all its been a gr8 experience, EVERYTIME!!!

we love burger barn.... be it breakfast , lunch or dinner or anytime in between :))))
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Shrikala Kashyap - Burrp User

Shrikala Kashyap

October 13,2010


Burger Barn Cafe might be a small place, but my my it has a large menu. For a vegetarian , I was a little apprehensive. but I was not disappointed at all. The veg burgers are simply yum. A must try is the Chilly cheese french fries. You can never get enough of it. Another specialty is its breakfast (which includes eggs, bacon, coffee and the works) which is open from 930 in the morning. My only issue? Breakfast should be available from 8 onwards!
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stevo - Burrp User


April 14,2010

The Best Burgers in Pune

As far as I am concerned, Burger Barn serves the best burgers in town. Big, juicy delicious burgers. I'd recommend the Hot & Crispy Chicken, Mega Barn, Southern Fried Chicken and if you have a big appetite, go for the Barn X-treme Burger! Trust me you wont go wrong - make sure you keep enough tissues within reach :P

I haven't tried the other stuff though, it's mainly the burgers that interest me. Their service is good but at times it's taken a little longer than I'd hope it would. BBC is a small place with limited seating but I've read that they're coming up with a bigger branch soon - so that's good news!

On the whole, a BIG THUMBS UP!
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Dimple Jeswani - Burrp User

Dimple Jeswani

March 21,2010

Best burger place ever!!!

I had already read the reviews about this place !! and i was dying to visit this place!! and it turned out to be awesomeee!! the burgers are totally worth the prices!! i was taking a take away!! service was quick!! and the owner was really sweet in takin our order!! the only drawback about this place is that its too small!! Theres hardly place to sit in!! which was the reason for the take away!! but overall the experience was nice!! ill definitely go back to this place for their delicious burgers!! :)
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legolas - Burrp User


March 06,2010

Good Hot Dogs, Great Prices

Found out about BBC yesterday afternoon - went there to get last evening's dinner as well as Lunch today! Here is my take:


I have tried Salami Hot Dogs both times - they were really great!

Tried Buffalo Chicken Strips today - very tasty but need better packing for takeouts. Mine were soggy by the time I had them (in 15 mins since I picked them up). The mayo dip though is excellent!

I tried Double Barn Burger for dinner last night - Now I like my burgers juicy. I am not a fan of McDonald's style deep fried patties. But the patties in this one had a pasty, dough-like consistency??!! What gives? The bun was good. But my main crib is on whatever else that was in there in addition to the bun and the patties - it was BAD! Sour and pungent! It was definitely not something you put on your burger voluntarily!!! Avoid like hell.


Very reasonable! A decent meal for two would be around 250 bucks.


Now since both my trips were take outs, I have no experience of dine in.

As for take outs, the first time the server did not give ketchup or napkins for an order of burger and hot dog. Took 5 mins after I asked for both. Today again no napkins or ketchup plus today they packed my order in a tiny brown paper bag as compared to yesterday. Had to again ask for napkins. When I asked for a bigger paper bag like the one they gave me yesterday, the server *condescendingly* told me that that size bag was sufficient for a two-item order! Dude, where do you think you are? Badshahi Boarding in Sadashiv Peth? Chitale Bandhu??? I am going to find out if they deliver for free and then make sure I ask for delivery and not be too decent and go and pick up personally.


Again cannot comment. But the place is small and cramped. Should be okay for a burger and hot dogs joint though.

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aditya0401 - Burrp User


March 01,2010

Best burgers in town, honestly!

I believe this tiny place in KP offers the best burgers in town. When I say best, I mean taste awesome, are very filling and do not cost you a pocket full of money! The coffees are also very good. And so are the other items on their all-day breakfast menu. I always visit BBC in stead of Mocha which is pretty close, and charges almost 2 times for about the same stuff.
4 stars for a place that serves excellent food.
I am not sure if they should expand themselves and make a bigger restaurant, I just wish they continue to do that they do the best: Serves awesome burgers!

I would have given one more star, but for this incident:
I was sitting at a table in the open area and a guy on the next table started smoking. I politely told him that there was a no smoking sign on the restaurant, and that smoking is prohibited in public places everywhere. He did stop smoking.
However, while leaving I looked back at the no-smoking sign and it was not there. Someone obviously removed it.
I believe, the management should ensure that people are not allowed to smoke as it is inconvenient to others and 'prohibited by the law'.

Another point, for the first time when I went there, I was not sure if there was self-service or if someone would come and take the order. I kept sitting for a while but none came. Then I went to the desk and gave my order. I am not sure if there was a board saying 'self-service' inside, but I believe they should put one outside as well. When I went there the second time, I saw the owner coming out and taking someone's order from the table. Inconsistent!
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Yash Sinha - Burrp User

Yash Sinha

March 01,2010

Huge selection of burgers

This place has the largest selection of burgers I have seen in Pune. Though I'm a hardcore non-vegetarian, there are ample options for the veggies with the Florentine Burger being recommended. For the chicken fan, there is an endless array of options and though similar, each burger is also distinct in its own way. My personal favorite is the Barn Extreme Burger which is quite a mouthful. If you're looking for something really spicy, the Fiery Burger lives up to its name. Otherwise, the Italiano Burger and the Mega Barn Burger are pretty good too. The Teriyaki Burger had really pungent wasabi which depending on what you are looking for can be a good thing or a bad thing. I've tried out almost all the burgers on offer and the above are what I usually stick to now.

If you like fries with your burger, you must try the Ultimate Fries. Very cheesy and very tasty, though a bit on the steep end. The shakes are ok but they're well stocked on cold drinks so that's never a problem.

The Hot Dogs are pretty much the same as the burgers, the difference coming down to whether you prefer a sausage over a patty. As for the all-day breakfast, the waffles were quite good while the pancakes were decent.

In my dozen or so visits, service has never really been a problem and has been satisfactory even when the place is packed.

My only complaint has been the non-flexible seating which means that when in groups of more than 6 (which tends to happen as students) , we have to sit at separate tables often across the cafe.
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comfort1327 - Burrp User


February 22,2010

Gr8 place... Expansion needed!!

I really like the HotDogs they served !!
Oreo Shake and Chilly Cheese Fries are simply Outstanding !!
but the Burger patty is what i did not find much appealing .. :(
this place was jam packed when we got in .. n aftr 10-15 mins of w8in [n ordering] they made ppl who wr uselessly sitting aftr thier meals fr too long, get up .. very co-operative customers come.. i must say :P
i mean if u can see ppl dont have place to sit, u can be considerate enough and leave if you're done, right ??
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upcomingbabaji - Burrp User


February 11,2010

shitty burgers..

not worth the money you pay...moreover all the burgers taste the same...well decorated though...the LCD too high,back hurts after sometime..so u cant even enjoy the matches....for me not worth the trouble!!!!!!!
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blatancy - Burrp User


January 11,2010

new customer

Recently I had the chance to use the provided home delivery, which is free. I was satisfied with the price. The shakes are awesome and the burgers are large. But the burgers are added with Indian herbs and spices which for those who are expecting a mcdonalds kind of burgers will be disappointed.The patties most of the time were soggy than cripsy fried. Never were the fries served in decent quantity and also, every burger shop is identified with its signature sauce specially mayonnaise which wasn't good. Apart from that, for the price it is, decent burgers - I would surely make more orders in the future
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santosh rao - Burrp User

santosh rao

December 23,2009

Awesome burgers

Easily this place serves the best burger in town. And are pretty decently priced. Burger king is nowhere close to this place, but yeah burger king is slightly cheaper than the ones here. Meal for two with a col drink would come around 150 bucks. We had a coney island burger and a manchurian roll or something and we loved both of them. Its a do it ureself place, none of the fancy serving and all. But whatever it is they have got it right. Love the place can't wait to try the other burgers.
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Sonia11 - Burrp User


November 18,2009

Good Food But...

The food was decent quality but my friends and I had a horrible experience here.

My friend ordered for a Mexican burger. the food came and we all started eating. My friend being hungry, dug right away.
Halfway through his meal, the waiter comes with another burger and says that they had made a mistake and that was his real order. My friend had almost finished the wrong order he had been given.
Nonetheless, as none of the parties could do anything about it, we finished the meal.
Then, when the bill came, they charged us for the wrong order. Being students, we live on tight budgets. My friend had ordered only what he could afford. And now, they were asking him to pay almost double.
When we confronted them as to why we had been charged for something that was their mistake, they said, "It wasn't anyone's mistake. It was just a confusion. You ate it. You pay for it."
We told them by the time the right order had arrived, my friend had already eaten the wrong one thiking it was his.
Same reply, " You enjoyed the meal, pay for it!"
And they weren't even ready to accept it was their fault.
They shoudl learn something called customer service and good hospitality.
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RAVI SHAH - Burrp User


November 18,2009

Cozy pace in KP

1 ) Friendly service
2 ) Being Veg its good knowing they have separate places 2 cook veg & Non veg food and that they use veg Mayo for Vegetarians
3 ) It has good food, Burgers, Rolls, Snacks(Fries Nuggets etc..)
4 ) And has a good Breakfast menu Waffles , Pancakes , All types of Coffee
5 ) Quantity of everything is also good
(light on the pocket 150 fr meal fr 2)
6 ) Great place it's cozy, good for a date or chilling out with friends

1 ) Its small so cannot accommodate 2 many people
2 ) It's pretty deep inside KP cross lanes
3 ) Though the breakfast is good it doesn't open till 10

Bottom Line
Its a great place good food , enough place for a small group & it'll take time 2 catch on but will be a big hit.

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