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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

April 30,2015

Perfect Hangout for young crowd

One of the core parts of theMumbai chill scenes.The perfect place to hangout with your friends / colleagues. They host some good standup comedy artists on wednesdays & promote indian musicians. Tues and Thurs are Vintage nights, Bladder burst and Sunday cookouts are the best.Don't forget to try mojitos at the bar. Grab a beer and just feel at home .
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ashish_deb35 - Burrp User


October 22,2013

Get Hiiiiiiiiigh!!!!

What an absolutely fantastic place! Went here for a little after-party post the crazy crazy Nh7 Weekender. The vibe is overwhelming. Even my friends from Mumbai swear by this place. Didn't feel like leaving man! Also, their cookouts are friggin' awesome. No other place can match this!
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Shivam Gupta - Burrp User

Shivam Gupta

June 07,2013

Every Hour is a Happy Hour at High Spirits

This is my favorite place in Pune and in my opinion, no place even comes close to it. High spirits has a very friendly vibe and its the most happening place in pune. I have been to 'Da High' many times and still not at all bored. The setup at high spirits is quite different from most normal cafes/clubs and this adds to the whole alternative experience.
They host events throughout the week. Tuesdays are baraoke nights, Wednesdays are for stand-up comedy/Open Mic Night , Thursdays are bladder burst and High housie and My favorite is the High Big Gigs on Fridays and on Sundays, they have the cookout.
The alcohol and food at the high is quite affordable and delicious. I love the Ranch style Nachos and the long island ice tea here.
The crowd at high spirits is outstanding and its a must visit place if you stay in pune.
P.S. - The lady talking on the phone can be rude sometimes but dont let that dampen your spirits coz once you go their you'll forget about it.
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Sneha Mittal - Burrp User

Sneha Mittal

April 30,2013

Most happening place in town

Recently, me and my friends did a High Spirits marathon...We visited High Spirits about 4-5 times in 2 weeks...and every visit was a different experience...i am telling you...I am just in love with this place...and there is no other place in Pune...that could beat High Spirits....On a wednesday night, they have Freakin Highlarious nights......a stand up comedian entertatinig you...You could just not have such events at any other place...It was a fun and different experience at a club....Then we went for the F16's and Pentagram's gig...Live performances of bands on the stage...Nothing could beat the live experience...It was lyk the best experience of all the clubs I have ever been in pune....You go here anyday, anytym....Its just awesum and amazing....Good job high spirits...Keep it up and we love you....I d advice this place to everybody...Just enquire about the event and be here by 9....and I promise you...you'll have fun....Just the negative part of the place is that it shuts down early, i.e. by 11-30pm...but the fun you have here, I guarantee you, you can neva have anywhere else....

You can also enjoy dancing inside as the DJ plays good music after the gig has finished....
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Sneha Mittal - Burrp User

Sneha Mittal

March 18,2013


High Spirits is built over a small area. From outside you may not even think, that there might be this happening a club inside...The ambience of the place is gr8, nothing out of the ordinary but the music more than makes up for that...

Ambience 4/5 for not being extraordinary

They host Bladder blast on thursdays, where you get free unlimited beer and 6 something shots for around 500 bucks...The offer looks great,but a little truth...they are finished with free beers by 10 pm, and the shots are really diluted...You might wanna go a little early to get the fun of those unlimited beers, if you need a lot of beers to get a real high...

Food is good and reasonably priced,

The place doesnt have a proper dance floor, but the crowd here is amazing...and the environment created here is like one of the best of all clubs...

They have one of the best DJ of the town and the tracks he plays are just wha you like...Overall a good place to go and have fun with your friends....
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punerockr - Burrp User


October 09,2012

Best party in pune

just give this place a visit on sat eve..ull know wat im talking about
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Praveen Gupta - Burrp User

Praveen Gupta

June 25,2012

Chill out and Let loose your Nerves!!

Date of Visit - 23rd June '12

Woaahh...A Stunner Overall!!
I didn't know that this place was so rocking and will leave many exciting and pleasurable memories. It is situated in a Lane of Koregaon Park, just adjacent to Burger king and at the backside of ABC Farms. There are two siting areas; outside and inside. Both are different sections and its upon you to choose the mood and settle. I was not in a mood to sit outside on those chairs, so went inside to lookout for a couch to rest upon but couldn't find any free as most of them were reserved, so we settled ourselves at the bar. It was good; waiter quickly gave us the Menu. SURPRISE !! Only Miller, Fosters and Corona beer and they didn't have others..now that was disappointing. So, i just went on with Miller and Corona. In Starters, we ordered for Setas Con Ajo y vino blanco and Bruschetta. I don't like mushrooms much so didn't like the former as it was just like cut mushrooms spread over a garlic bread, but latter; bruschetta was awesome and loved it, properly cooked. For main course, We tried Ratatouille, which again I didn't like. It tasted more like aubergines cut, dipped and served in Kadhi with Rice. I shouldn't have experimented here.
Now, Music....Hell awesome...the best thing in there. If you've got AC/DC, Stars, George Michaels and Village ppl's YMCA to dance upon, the party really sets in and with such an amazing crowd (definitely, the best ever i've seen in any place in pune), it surely guarantees you a memorable night. DJ was friendly and kept on spinning right tunes.
Service needs to be worked upon. REALLY. Staff with blank expressions and uneasiness to keep themselves holding up before handing out bills. They just ask you to shell out money for the order as soon as it's placed. GUYS!! WE ARE NOT RUNNING!!
Ambience is perfect as per the place and music. Crowd makes it more rocking with everyone dancing inside; near bar, near washroom, near sofas and on the sofas.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for hangout with Friends, Date or GF.
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piccolina - Burrp User


May 14,2012

If you want to feel unwelcome, go here.

High Spirits is a place that thinks that they're doing us a favour by simply existing. What they don't realise is that they're in the service industry and we are doing them a favour by spending our money there rather than anywhere else.

Staffed by people who appear to have no ability to think (I will single out a lady called Divya who claims to be their manager for a special mention for her poor attitude), they tell you one thing on the phone and another when you actually turn up and then make no effort to solve the problem at all. This kind of thing might work when you're doing well, but as soon as you get a bit of competition for High Spirits, people are going to go elsewhere. People already are doing that it seems in fact, based on the reviews I see below.

Interesting to note, btw, that all the guys who have given this place a 5* rating have only one review on their account.
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muskyhat - Burrp User


March 23,2012

what happend to my review?

dear burrp users/ high sprits guys!, i had written my reviews about the High sprits cafe last week and it is not here any more, is there any one to help me to get my review back?
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MakeYouBurrp - Burrp User


December 14,2011

One of the Best places to hang out!

High spirits is undoubtedly one of the best night hangouts in Pune. They have different kind of events happening throughout the week to cater to different audiences. I like the karaoke nights mid week or the bladder burst. But the best part about this place is the live gigs and performances on fridays and Sundays again in a lot of different genres from Rock, to instrumental to dub step.
Great place to just hang out and relax with friends.
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anusuya1 - Burrp User


September 04,2011

Very rude service at the bar

I visit High Spirits on every Pune visit, from Mumbai. I have always been very fond of this place - great ambiance, good food and good drinks. Also, I love the music they play. But after yesterday's experience, I don't think I will rave about this place as much as I used to. The guy serving us drinks at the bar yesterday (Sept 3, 2011) was exceptionally rude, on the verge of being cheeky. First, he made a face when I asked him if my long island ice tea can come minus the ice. He refused, saying 'no' and turned away. I know this is an uncommon request, but didn't know that this is an unacceptable thing to ask, considering that's how I have my long island in much about every other bar in Mumbai. Then, after settling for Bacardi and Sprite, I get Bacardi and coke. Asked to change it, and got the 'face' again. Let that pass. So I have Bacardi and Sprite and a glass of water in front of me, being the smart drinker (sigh). I take a pee break, only to come back and find both the glass of water, and the drink (which was 60% full) gone! Asked him, so did my friend, who mentioned to the bar guy that those glasses were picked up and the drinks disposed. Bar guy vehemently states "I don't know what you are talking about. We haven' t seen or removed anything". I gather at High Spirits, the glasses sprout legs, if they feel like walking away. I mentioned this to the 'manager type' guy who then directed another drink to replace the one that disappeared. All in all, not only was the behavior super rude and nasty, the way the reaction to the missing glasses was handled was just not required. I don't expect to fight for a drink that was thrown away due to a mistake. Instead of admitting it, the bar guy behaved as if we were crazy, and got defensive. No apologies, no niceties, no nothing. I understand High Spirits is the hot zone of Pune, with a full house daily. But this kind of high handedness cannot be excused. It doesn't match the expectations of this place. Very disappointed.
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theoutsider - Burrp User


April 22,2011

Home - Da High!

I've been going to High as long as I can remember. I made a lot of good friends at High. The place is just very amicable and jovial. Everybody is having a good time and making sure you have a good time,even if your just hanging by the bar sipping on your drink. Come to High often and soon you will find that you will be there almost like routine and you will never get bored.
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saltpie - Burrp User


February 18,2011

Fun! Fun! Fun!

High Spirits is a great place for a night out. They have something happening almost everyday of the week. Great bands/ music, great alcohol, good food and great company. What more can you ask for? Its a perfect place for a fun night out in the city.
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manu  - Burrp User


October 10,2009

sets ur spirits high..

The place is awesome with no doubts..affordable..but the one thing tat i didnt like abt the place was the dance floor..maybe they can pull ot the couches that have been put in there so that people can shake a leg comfortably..on a sat night the place is so damn crowded and there were hardly 2 -3 guys on the bar counter..but the food drinks ans all were good..cover fee of 300 bucks.. nd a pint beer for 90 bucks..music is kinda gr8..so may b u can check out this place sometime..cheers
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p.nambiar - Burrp User


June 10,2009

Its Pune's best place! everybody's second home!

I disagree. High Spirits is a place where u feel some sense of belonging . You WANT to visit the place over n over again, its never boring! We've had some very memorable nights at High, celebrating everything from birthdays to graduations out there! and yes I'VE never faced any problem with the food. and hey, they have the best melon martini around! Spend some time there and you'll know what I mean.
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fewquickones - Burrp User


May 09,2009

Great Cocktails, Good Ambience

Its one of the better pub/lounges I've been to in Pune. The cocktail menu is extensive - try the Fresh Strawberry Martini and this beer-whisky cocktail they have. I've had pasta here once and I remember it being really good. But mostly its a great and reasonable place to drink and hang out with friends - its possible to hear and see them though its not quiet. And do ask to flip the coin on each drink (before 9 on weekdays and 8 on weekends) to win a similar drink!
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Priyanka P - Burrp User

Priyanka P

December 26,2007

Strictly for spirits, not food

Had heard a lot about this place and its extensive spirits menu, so decided to give it a shot. Bad decision, true rumors.The drinks menu is extensive and has everything from nearly 20 different types of martinis, some interesting mojitos and the regular drinks and cocktails. The food menu is impressive too. Has Chinese, Indian, Italian and some Mexican dishes to choose from. Unfortunately, we had to send back every single dish to reheat - all the dishes were served stone cold. And reheated and brought to table unapologetically. Took us a whole of 2 and a half hours to finish starters and main course. Didn't dare order the dessert or wait for the waiter to collect the bill.
Don't know if they are understaffed in the kitchen or the kitchen itself is small, the waiter told us he couldn't get all three pasta dishes we order,hot, because it can only be done one at a time.
The music is good and they have DJs playing during the weekends and the party scene there is supposedly rocking. The decor is good, the seating areas - both indoor and outdoor - are spacious and there are nooks that are downright cozy and romantic. Too bad about the service though. Oh, and doesn't hurt the pocket too much, considering it is in Koregaon Park.
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