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1plus1equals3 - Burrp User


April 08,2014

Cheese Omlette FTW

A popular college hangout located near Jehangir Hospital, Vohuman's is easy on the wallet. The place opens quite early in the morning and I would suggest you to go for a black coffee if you need that quick dose of adrenaline in the morning. The cheese omelet is the jewel of Vohuman's and is something to not miss here. The bun maska like always is a Pune favourite and certainly meets the critical Punekar's standard. A back-to-college-days alternative to those who are tired of opulence.
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bhakti000  - Burrp User


March 07,2014

Olden Charm

This cafe is one of the few remaining olden ones in Pune. The interiors or the exteriors are nothing great.. You'll find a mix of people from all classes of society having a hearty meal under one roof. As soon as one steps foot inside this cafe, one is transferred to the olden Pune with the olden charm that this cafe still has. It's so warm and cosy . It's a great value for money place and throughout the day buzzing with activity. Everything on their menu is really tasty and awesome but nothing can compare to their bun maska . I think They serve the best Bun mhaska in town. Devour it with their hot cup of tea. Their cheese omelette is awesome and really creamy, though I prefer their anda burji, simple yet tasty, and last but not the least a cup of coffee which reminds me of my mom's coffee to finish the meal.
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Natasha Diddee - Burrp User

Natasha Diddee

September 21,2013

Tuddun Irani Fast Food ;)

My grand parents and parents are originally from Pune. I spent every summer vacation in Pune and even though in those times, the eating out options were limited ( Poona Club was pretty much it) I remember that ever so often, my chacha would slink out for a bit. I followed him once (my family house is in Bund Garden) just being a nosy kid and found out that he was cheating!! Cheating on us kids by not taking us along to this weirdly situated "tea shop". I was a foodie then and a foodie now so even at that young age of 10 or so, I walked into Vohuman Cafe and confronted my chacha as to why I was being deprived! :)
I remember taking in the ambiance. it's a bit hazy now but it was a basic Irani joint. Plastic chairs, Formica top tables, flies, a couple of dogs and a general buzz. But the one thing that over powered it all was the aroma! Oh Lordy the aroma. I don't remember what I ate then but I remember leaving a happy trooper and with a new partner in crime, my chacha.

Fast forward to the present.

We were out shopping at Fab India opposite Jehangir Hospital and hungry as hell. Odd time, around 4 pm...where to go? What to eat? And suddenly I remembered Vohuman Cafe. My husband is Swedish but I swear he has a stomach of steel and is very adventurous. He loves India and has embraced it in all ways from learning Hindi to eating all local food wherever he goes. He'll sweat like crazy with the spice and say he isn't genetically constructed to eat this kind of food, but he'll wipe his face and happily tuck in :) So, with that in mind, I suggested Vohuman.

I swear, it felt like time had frozen in this place and I was 10 years old again. Suddenly it all came tumbling back to me! From the same old Irani man sitting at the "galla", to the ancient menu board with a few wrong spellings which boasted of every artery clogging food one can think off( although the menu is VERY restricted around bread, bun maska , eggs and cheese) to the flies, the old servers and also the dogs!!The same chairs and tables, albeit more scruffy with time. I found it so cool that over time, the prices had obviously changed but instead of changing the board they had just taped new prices onto the board! LOL! Trust the bawas and Irani"s to be eccentric like that. Having part bawa blood in me, I should know :)

Also another memory flashback reminded me how busy the place had been then and it hadn't changed now!

My husband looked at me with that "Really?!" look. I just told him to sit down and try.

We ordered the two egg bhurjis, two slice butter and cold drinks.
The food comes really fast and the turnover at this place matches the service.

When the food came my eyes were like saucers. The bread slices had thick layers of butter and the egg bhurji looked like it had been cooked in it! But the aroma was the same and despite all my dietary restrictions, I couldn't help but dig in.
That first bite transported me back to my childhood. Nothing had changed! I suddenly remembered I had had this before and had at that time been given Bournvita which was still on the menu!

If you’re calorie or health conscious, this place is not for you. The prices have changed but even for today, this is very very affordable. I think we spent just over a 100 Rupees for the both us and we ordered extra bread along the way to mop up the grease :))

They use butter like water and their hygiene is pretty iffy but if you, like me, want to go somewhere for a really good old fashioned egg bhurji or omelette and perhaps a walk down memory lane, Go to Vohuman. Trust me, they'll still be there just as they have been for decades ;)

P.S: Irani uncle sends you a hand written bill and at the bottom of the total amount, he draws a smiley :)) So adorable!!
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prerna21patil - Burrp User


July 01,2013


Had an Amazing cheese Omlette at this place. the Best I have had in pune. Bun maska and chai...... superb place
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tonymelwani - Burrp User


February 21,2013


If you want a perfect combo of price with value,Vohumans is the answer.Enjoy the Cheese Toast with Milky Chai and reflect on a world that passes you by.Cosy ambience this Cafe is perfect for that Sunday Morning where you want to get nostalic
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mechhabra - Burrp User


February 10,2013


Centrally located, charming interior, no obnoxious frills, pune spirit, Parsi uncle's blessings and smiles, guilt loaded cheese omlettes (yummmmmm), bun maska to keep ur company with coffee as u wait for ur omlette, relaxed seating, not heavy on pocket....

That is how u sum up this place, which u wud love to take along, whichever city u go to!
U MUST strike up a conversation or atleast greet the Parsi uncle at the counter, he is an amazing person, he completes the visit to the Cafe!
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tonymelwani - Burrp User


November 19,2012


We may live in a modern world but Here enjoy the simple chai with a cheese omelet and warm conversation.This is about retaining your calm in a chaos filled life
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Ankit K - Burrp User

Ankit K

August 29,2012

Heaven for Omlette lover

If you love Cheese and you drool over omlette too then this is your HEAVEN! Vohuman cafe offers the city's best Cheese Omlette I have ever tasted. On a fine Sunday morning, expect a queue to the restaurant.Most people prefer to go to this eatery around 6am. The menu serves as the ideal breakfast for anyone. Though omlette was a good one but I personally disliked the cheese sandwich. They put a large lump of cheese cut to the size of the bread and hand over to you.
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Grace Elizabeth - Burrp User

Grace Elizabeth

August 21,2012


tASTY BREAD, BUN butter jam, cheese ommlete, at times i have felt the salt a little more, restt is fine
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sspradhan - Burrp User


June 02,2012

Nostalgia @ its Best

We went there on Saturday morning after hearing a lot about the place for a heavy breakfast . The place is easy to locate situated right next to Jehnagir Hospital. The ambiance is just great. It reminds you of the 60 and 70s. Simple but which instantly makes a impact. Now the main thing .The food ... The Food is just finger licking ..Going to a Irani Cafe and now ordering Bun Maska Jam is a Sin ..Along with that Cheese Omelette was just too good. ... Going for something different we ordered Bournivita instead of Tea and with that Bread Butter and Cheese Bread Butter Toast ... Damn man ....that Cheese Bread Butter Toast had Butter in between two slices of break as thick as 3 cms ...and this with a Glass of Bournvita is what takes you back to School Days .... The price is moderate and is perfectly affordable ...Guys and Gals ...This place is must visit in Pune ... I call it a Time Machine which takes you in the past rather than a Cafe .... Just Wow ....
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Sai Iyer - Burrp User

Sai Iyer

December 27,2011


This place is for FOODIE's....
Kahan hai (The Place) - This place is next to COURTYARD MARRIOTT in PUNE.

Jagah Kaisi Hai (The Ambience) - The very simple ambience makes it a classic IRANI restaurant. Dont keep too much hopes with the restaurant in terms of ambience. The tables & chairs are old...but DON't bet on the food.
The must Try - 1. The CHESSE TOAST(cheese as thick as a slice of bread) is a musttttttt try for cheese lovers...btw who doesnt love CHEESE.
2. The Cheese Omlette or the Masala omlette is just awesome tasting.
3. The Maska Pav is yummy with a cup of tea.

BILL Kitna Hua (The Bill) - A good n heavy breakfast (can be skipped for lunch) for 2 would cost you around Rs. 300.
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ninja_talli - Burrp User


August 15,2011

Amazingly delicious omelettes

For a guy who likes a no-nonsense egg-based breakfast, Vohuman cafe's the place in Pune. They open up early, the ambiance is a plain simple Parsi-type restaurant setup. Mushroom/Cheese/Masala omelettes, maska-buns & hot piping tea - those are the items this place thrives on. They do have a host of other items, but I doubt anything else matters.

A bit high on the wallet, but it's worth it.
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amolburp9267 - Burrp User


April 07,2011

cafe wow....but where are the babies

visited the cafe on the morning of 3rd april(the morning after India won the world cup).Had the delicious single cheese omlette(THE BEST) and bun muska (the muska was the thickest layer i have seen anywhere ,The chesse toast is also a speciality of the house with cheese slices as thick as the toast.would have liked to have had the special irani chai,but only regular irani chai was served that morning.service was a bit slow ...managed to read the entire paper about India's win in the final...but the wait was worth it...BUT WAS SHOCKED TO SEE ALL THE BABY PICTURES FROM ALL THE WALLS REMOVED...i really thought i had entered some other cafe at the start,also the interior is a bit changed .SURELY THE BEST BREAKFAST PLACE IN PUNE
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steffidias - Burrp User


February 12,2011

vo with a human touche

the cafe is one of the oldest in pune...... it stil maintains its charm wit d marble table tops..... n boy yes it stil is the same as i had visited it some 5-6 yrs back...... it feels like cmg home gain...... the best part abt the cafe is that though al rates may go up rates here are modest and the servings here are hearty an huge..... wonder do they have a butter factory or sm thin.....the cheese omelette n d classic BUN MASKA are worth dyin fr.....bt yes parkin is a prob . bt tat dos nt deter ny one frm cmg here gain n gain n gain.........
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ravyamaniac - Burrp User


January 02,2011

Still yummy..!!

I have been a regular customer of Vohuman's since 2002..and it's still one of my favourite places for sunday breakfast or brunch. I guess that sez it all!! The only reason it's got 4 stars, not five is because finding a parking spot in the vicinity on sunday is impossible and you end up parking about half a km away and walking to vohuman's.. if only they could do something abt it.. :(
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Ankur Borwankar - Burrp User

Ankur Borwankar

October 14,2010

THE place to be

I was introduced to this place by some good friends. And I can't stop going back. The cheese omelette is something taken straight out of an Enid Blyton breakfast feast. Filled with just as much cheese as egg, you find something truly tasty in your plate, a wonderful sight to behold for any hungry Punekar on any morning. The service is fast, the people are very competent. And they will bend rules if you want something made in a different way. The ambiance may not be the best, but then again, they don't claim to be that sort of place. Which is fine, since they charge you accordingly. As Bob Barker said, the price is right.
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Peeyush Chamaria - Burrp User

Peeyush Chamaria

September 15,2010

worlds best cheese omelette...

i often visit vahuman's cafe. the best time i think is early morning. must haves include:
1. cheese omellete
2. butter toast
3. chai
4. bun butter jam
also do not forget to have a small conversation with "pappa" at the cash counter. such a nice guy, he makes my day.
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Manish  - Burrp User


August 08,2010

awesome cheese omelette and maska bun!!

had been to vohuman's few months back and ordered a cheese omelette along with maska bun and chai

and as the fellow burrpers have commented about the cheese omelette it is indeed yum!!
the maska bun and chai is good too

a good place to have your protein-rich breakfast! :D
will surely visit again :)
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Suraj Prabhu - Burrp User

Suraj Prabhu

July 19,2010

Clogged Veins and Old World Charms!

You could use just a single buttered toast from Vohuman's to grease every cartridge of the British Raj! I went to Vohuman a month ago and I'm still trying to burn off the calories. After a trip to Vohuman's, I had to skip lunch and dinner!
The Oxford dictionary must have been thinking of these guys when they added the phrase "Old World Charm". This is as homely and snug as it gets. Don;t miss the cheese omelet. Fantastic...
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June 26,2010

too hyped!!!!!

Contrary to all puneites review....found this place really hyped...went there for my weekend morning brkfast as completely famished....to taste teh so liked cheese omlette....but where was the omlette...everywhere cheese and butter....thank god tea was ok ok....place was full of flies.....compared to many joints like goodluck...it was way below the chart.as per food and way ahead regards to price......neways cudnt get one thing wht were the dogs doing inside the cafe....neways bad experience for me.....though a burrp satisfied one.....
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Akash Mohimen - Burrp User

Akash Mohimen

June 23,2010

Best Breakfast

This place might look very unassuming. But the place is something of a cult in Pune. You get hot toast with generous spread of butter on it. The omlette and other egg preprations are perfect to munch on. And to end the perfect start to the day a glass of hot tea or coffee.

That is Vohuman for you! Simple, tasty and and easy on the pockets!
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Pushkin Gupta - Burrp User

Pushkin Gupta

December 25,2009

Old is Gold

With no one to give me company, my Christmas eve plans had gone kaput. But i decided to still do something different by trying out the very famous and never tried before - Vohuman Cafe. The cafe is a small place located near Ruby Hall Clinic and on the way from my office to home. I had heard a lot about this place on burrp, and had been looking for an opportunity to visit it since a long time, and finally i got one.

Honestly speaking, when i entered the cafe my first reaction was that of disappointment. The ambiance was nothing to talk about. The menu was very limited - hardly 8 to 10 items. Also the restaurant was about to close when i reached so they had stopped serving the much talked about egg cheese bhurji. Finally i had to contend with a double cheese omelette and a chai. But one bite of the omelette and my whole view changed. It was indeed one of the best omelette's i had ever tried. Had my girlfriend tried it, she would have fallen in love with the place (She is a big fan of eggs and omlettes). The chai was 'kadak' and along with hot and yummy omlette, perfectly complimented the chilly Pune evening.

The place is indeed worth a visit and definitely value for money.
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Gaurav Saha - Burrp User

Gaurav Saha

December 10,2009

Cheesy Affair

No one makes cheese omlettes better than they do. The bun maska and the coffee are a perfect way to start the day. Total VFM. And yes, do not miss out on the Bawa's dirty jokes.
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Siddharth Bhowmik - Burrp User

Siddharth Bhowmik

September 06,2009

Great place for a quick bite

This place has been there for quite sometime now. One of the very few Irani Cafe's left in Pune.
The Menu:
Chai - Egg Bhurji - Omlette Double/Single - Cheese Omlette Double Cheese/Single Cheese - Cheese Toast - Bournvita - Bun Maska - Toast - Bread Butter.
The best thing to eat here is the Double Cheese Omlette (Rs.40.00) with toast butter (Rs. 20.00) If not interested in eggs, you could try the cheese toast (Rs. 30.00), the cheese toast here is something different. The slice of cheese is thicker than the toast! Just amazing. If you ask for bread and butter you'll get a really thick layer of butter on the bread. This place opens from 5:30 am until 6:30pm. Service is quick.
You may not be able to visit this place in a car because parking may be an issue. If on a bike, there is enough parking for 6 motorcycles in the cafe premises, i.e. if you find any.
The crowd that comes to this place mainly consist of call center employees in the morning, and then goes to doctors, because it is surrounded by the city's two largest hospitals, then in the evening you'll fine college students chilling out here.
While leaving, ask the old man at the counter to tell you a joke. That will make your day.
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chainedInsanity - Burrp User


March 15,2009


This place is out of this earth somewhere close to heavens.... believe me no exaggeration here. This place will give u an example of equality without bars of class, by class I mean ur economical status. I have seen Anupam Kher (bollywood actor ) to beggers to kingfisher air crew to college students to businessman.
This place is for egg lovers, their is absolutely great Cheese omlet, cheeze bhurji, ban mask n others. I have tried cooking them at my place to get the same taste but I have given up :)

Now about uncle.. THE BIG BOSS who is there till 12 in afternoon... typical parsi bawaji. I have seen uncle shouting at people for not eating their breakfast properly (attending mob calls) to............. make every one laugh out with tears holding their stomach.

I have been going to this restaurant while I started dating my wife to now from last 4years regularly almost every Sunday.
God bless Vohman uncle and this place :)
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rahulkamdar - Burrp User


October 13,2008


Vohuman is your typical Parsi eatery... amazing bun maska, perfect chai and great egg dishes!

I am a fan of the bhurji that they serve... the double egg omlette (cheese and plain) both are awesome! And the bun maska is pretty amazing too... The prices are standard, not exactly cheap and not expensive either...

All in all nice for breakfast and snacks!
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Ray M - Burrp User

Ray M

October 06,2008

The typical parsi restaurant.

This place has your typical parsi restaurant food. The bun maska , irani chai, etc. The cheese omlette is to die for. Ant the owner ..an old parsi guy is the funniest / cutest parsi person i've ever met who manages to entertain you with his funny jokes even at 6 in the morning. Truly worth a visit , atleast for the cheese omlettes and the funny jokes. :)
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Dinyar Mistry - Burrp User

Dinyar Mistry

September 29,2008

BEst Breakfast iN Pune!

This place is not for the Health and Calorie Concious people.
One of the best Cheese Omlets in the World!! I guess the only place wher I have seen more cheese than egg in the omlet...out of the world omlet....
The Normal Butter toast and Cheese Butter toast are also amazing!!
The Size of the Cheese slice in betwwen the breads is as thick as the Bread slice itself :)

The ambiance is a typical Irani/ Parsi Cafe with old Marble tables and Plastic chairs.

Over all an amazing Breakfast joint!!
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meyagga - Burrp User


September 05,2007

True Iranian experience

Go for a true Irani restaurant experience the most amazing Irani restaurant in the world. Cheese toast and cheese omellete like nowhere in the world. Your toast will swim in butter and the owner at the cash counter will have you in splits while you are there.

Warning - not suitable for people with high cholestoral and also very addictive
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